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  1. Mom and I were watched the swimming on the Olympics a few weeks ago and she noticed their heads were popping in and out of the water so we kept saying "Bazinga!" every time their heads would pop out of the water. BEST OLYMPICS EVER!!!
  2. the one where Amy is in a coma right? love that one, is very well written Yes that's the one. I think I also found a sequel to it written by the same author.
  3. Funny enough I was reading a fanfiction today with the storyline where Leonard and Amy got in a nasty car wreck and Amy was severely injured. It also reminds me of the episode where Sheldon tries so hard to elongate his lifespan, and in a future episode, they will put Mayim's injury in the script somewhere and Sheldon will probably fuss at her for not being more careful. Does anybody know if the producers have considered putting her injury in as part of an episode?
  4. I just joined today and I just wanted to pop in and say hello to my fellow BBT fans. Looking forward to being a part of the forums.
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