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  1. Thanks, guys! I had a small stroke during surgery, so I'm now on disability. I can't really play the bassoon and I can't type or write as well as I used to, can't drive or ride a bike anymore, although I do have plans to possibly be able to drive again and possible get an adult tricycle. We'll see. Anyway, I've gotten back into cross stitch, which I used to do back in the day. I discovered that there is a vibrant online community of cross stitchers, so that's a lot of fun. So, I do hope to come around here more often.
  2. It's been a long time - about 2 and 1/2 years, I think - since I posted on this forum. I had that whole brain surgery thing, and then I had a lot of internet issues, but I have kept up with watching the show. I haven't had as much zeal to get online and discuss it or anything like that, but I just had my computer worked on and I'm checking out my old hangouts. I don't know how much I'll be posting because I live with my older sister, her son, and my parents, and my computer is out in the family room now, so the situation is less than ideal, but I'd still like to see what's going
  3. If she didn't have any lines, she's probably not credited in the episode.
  4. I enjoyed the episode, but I didn't like the implication that Mary may have hooked up with Alfred. Because they've made so much of a deal about Mary's beliefs and all that over the years, I kind of dislike the way they've kind of taken her down this path. What happened to, "There's no alcohol in this house..." Mary? She was drinking wine all night long and then apparently goes off to sleep with a man she just met. Makes me a little sad. I know that they've always given Mary a little edge along with her strict beliefs, but I hope they don't go that far and that there's a different
  5. I'm not saying that people aren't allowed to want what they want and talk about it. What I'm saying is that though the question may be a valid sort of sociological question in general, as in, "Why can't there be an asexual character portrayed on TV without him/her becoming like everyone else?", but to ask why this particular character can't be portrayed as such is a different question, which then touches on the intentions of the writers. Of course viewers can choose to interpret things as they wish, but then they should realize that what they want is not necessarily going to be what
  6. I wonder if we'll see any Jim spottings posted online while he's down in Atlanta.
  7. They may want or choose to see what they will, but that doesn't mean that the writers are somehow obligated, or "should" portray a certain character in a certain way in order to "represent" anyone. If it's not the writers' choice to do so, then they're not going to try to do so, and the question of why the character isn't this way or that way is essentially moot. Some people wanted JK Rowling to put Harry together with Hermione, rather that Ron and Hermione. That wasn't the story Rowling was telling, so it didn't happen that way. Whether or not one likes the story, the writer i
  8. I think this is a question of what specific people want out of specific characters. Just like some people want the guys to be more nerdy, or more science-y, or more romantic, or more "manly" or whatever. People want to claim a character to represent what they want to see. The problem is that it's the writers who are deciding what story they're telling, and that includes how or when or to what degree any of the characters grow or change or mature or whatever. If they had intended, for instance, to have Sheldon be truly autistic, or asexual, or any other label or representati
  9. Why is it that Sheldon and Penny playing a game together is some kind of slap in the face? So, they're friends. So, L/P have agreed to stay in 4A for now. So. Friggin. What? How does it damage anyone's relationship? Had Leonard ever cared whether or not Penny can identify a Venn Diagram? Has Penny ever cared whether or not Leonard can tell a Kardashian from anyone else? It's like Amy's made up languages or the various little Shamy games. They exist between the people who play them, but have no real bearing on the other relationships around them, for better or worse. It's s
  10. You mention the episode where Raj was considering dating both Lucy and Emily, if the situation arose. I just watched it yesterday and the WHOLE gang was telling him to date both of them. As long as he wasn't pretending to be exclusive, they even gave him permission to lie to either girl about whether or not he was out with the other the night before or whatever. So, Emily knew that he was still maybe going to see Lucy as he was beginning to date Emily and she was okay with it at the moment. Now, though Raj and Emily have gone through their relationship and BREAK-UP, their relations
  11. We usually use sparkling grape juice at New Year's since we don't really drink.
  12. I don't think it really was so much about working with Amy, in a "spend time with my girlfriend" kind of way--when she mentioned the romantic aspect of Madame Curie and her husband working together, Sheldon said that it "killed the mood". He was there for an interesting shift in science focus, emulating Feynman working in his friend's biology lab. I'm sure he'd rather spend his vacation time hanging out with a friend, or Amy, to being forced to being idle, but I think that Sheldon would probably find ways to entertain himself if he were forced to be alone. He likes his alone time, too,
  13. Yeah, I was the only one in my family that has never had pollen allergies (I'm apparently allergic to things like adhesives on Band-Aids...), but I grew up in New Mexico. While living in Arkansas for the past 25 years, I did find I was allergic to the different pollens out there--especially on those days when you walk outside and the world is covered in green dust... I still never had the worst of it. When the pollen count was really high, I'd start to get a cough and it would often turn into a chest infection. Fortunately, that stuff hasn't seemed to follow me out to Arizona so fa
  14. There's a BIG difference between fainting (losing consciousness) and getting dizzy/falling over. Have you ever done either? I've never fainting, though I've come close to passing out on occasion with a blood sugar issue. But I have a tumor that has affected my vestibular nerve, which means that I can get disoriented (not necessarily dizzy) very easily--like if I look up or around while I'm walking. It tends to wax and wane a bit, but I don't know if I'd be able to pass a field sobriety test because I can't really walk heel-to-toe or stand on one foot. If I were looking at some spinnin
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