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  1. Haven’t been on the post much this season, really busy at work but mostly because of my disappointment with Lenny in season 8 (I’m not even going to mention Kaley cutting off that beautiful hair of hers). It’s like the TPTB know now that they are in engaged they can’t break them up (I hope) like they did in season 3 to drag their relationship out but they need to do something until the “nutjob” child of theirs grows up. So they give us  just enough to keep our hopes up and keep watching but not enough that they have to either get married or at least move in together. Because if they showed intimacy that naturally would be the normal progression (and we all know Lenny is the most natural couple on the show). So they are now playing a stalling game and playing with fire at the same time. They are well aware what the Lenny shippers want, I would think they perform all kinds of studies to keep the show relevant with the different sections of the audience and still be able to tell their story as they see it progressing.


    The problem is that although their ratings show them still on top they are in fact lower. Therefore, one could surmise that the audience is getting as weary of a certain aspect of the show that I will keep nameless as we Lenny shippers are. I have no idea what the writers and TPTB are thinking but I personally haven’t been as dismayed with a season since they broke them up in season 3 and that dreadful season four final. The fact of the matter is that Lenny is the main couple yet this season they aren't being portrayed that way...very disappointing. :( 

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  2. I really liked this one,  I found the scenes with Penny and Leonard really good, real chemistry between them.

    I have to agree the Lenny storyline was excellent! :)

    I thought though Howard and Bernie's lines seemed a bit forced.

    But in my estimation leaving Raj down alone with the rats was pure gold! Just loved it! :)

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  3. I can't thank you enough Batman for the excellent report and in depth BTS commentary! Very well done from a Lenny point of view! :)

    What an awesome episode for what I believe is the first for the sweeps period! How can the writers top this with the balance of the sweeps to go? I guess they wanted to return to Thursdays with a Big Bang! :) :)

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  4. Thank you very much Batman, you did a great job! The episode sounds absolutely wonderful! :)

    I noticed there wasn't any interaction between creepy Emily and Penny. That's how it should have been, it would have ruined a wonderful Lenny and Shammy episode IMO.

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  5. Aside: Does anybody care that Raj is in for a tough time?

    If Raj is in for a tough time then he has no one to blame but his self absorbed self. So to answer your question...I would enjoy watching it  immensely. In life a person usually ends up getting what he or she deserves. I just hope the writers feel the same way.

    Just watched that part again. The comment about acne and contraception? I'd say she was a fish out of water. A waste of the dermatologists time.

    I'm getting the distinct impression that you would be one unhappy viewer if the writers end up having Penny become an extremely successful sales rep. Personally I hope they do. She deserves some success in her professional career. Then after a successful stint as a sales rep she can become a successful actress too before it is all said and done. 

  6. You do realize his mother's net worth is close to double that of Kaley's, right? As Cindy Sweeting is the president of Templeton Investment Counsel, LLC and the director of portfolio management for the Templeton Global Equity Group (TGEG), and as a result handles over and estimated $200 million of the companies assets, I'm quite sure his tennis winnings and early endorsement deals have been well invested. She didn't marry a pauper, but someone who is quite capable of keeping up with her finances.

    So what you are saying is between his mommy and his wife the the boy never has to work again in his life? Except of course to take care of her dogs when she is on a shoot?

  7. But there was no reason to since Emily never met Penny. Why bring something like that up? This appears to be the longest relationship he has had with a woman.As beauty mentioned he had to tell in case someone else mentioned the hook up to Emily.

    Who would bring it up? The only one that ever talks about is Raj. Like some perverted badge of honor considering his performance or lack thereof.

  8. @sodidiwin?, the great thing is that Leonard never let it bother him. He acted no differently. And I don't see that as denial, I see it as rationality.

    You are right Novgravitasatall. But that's one of the many reasons the Leonard character is liked by so many.

    I was just going back in my mind throughout the seasons of the show, maybe one of the posters can remember a time, but I couldn't come up with a single instance that Raj did something nice for one of his friends just because it would be nice to do. I thought about the Holloween Party he threw at the comic book store because Stuart couldn't afford it. But then he just complained up a royal storm when Stuart was telling the girl their it was his ideas. So all he wanted was compliments not being nice. Then there was the Valentines Day party at the comic book store he arranged because again Stuart couldn't afford it. But no he ruined that also when he met Lucy and yelled to everyone there they were Losers! and then walked out. Even when he let Stuart stay with him for awhile, I believe was only because he was lonely himself.

    The question: When did Raj ever doing anything nice for one of his friends simply to be nice?

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  9. Chrismo are you forgetting Lucy and the hearing impared chick, also Raj has inferred through the show he has had girlfriends, it is only when the writers want to make him more pathetic, for certain story lines, that the bring up throw away lines how no one loves him. He also has shown and admitted on girls night that he has no problem hitting on his friends girlfriends, he is an ass through and through. So this episode was more of him being a bragging ass than anything, as I see it. I think it would have been really funny if he would have been stepped on hard by everyone for his actions, there has never been a problem with doing that to Leonard and Howard, so is now Raj exempt like Sheldon from doing bad things and getting away with them. Does anyone really feel sorry for Raj?

    SRAM I so totally agree with you. Raj, the one character on the show with absolutely no character. He cares about himself first and foremost at all times. He plays on his friends feelings when he needs sympathy, he fantasizes about his best friends fiancée, he manipulates an extremely impaired and angiushed Penny into bed and in his supposedly good friends bed no less, he has ripped on his father in an excessive rant because he couldn't get seat heaters for his new Mercedes. he hit on Penny to the much annoyance of Leonard when he was in the magazine. Do I really need to go on? Well maybe one more very big one. After that mistake of a night by the writers and Penny and Raj talked it over, Raj asked Penny to please not tell his friends what happened and she asked him not to bring it up that she will explain it to the group. So what has happened since then? Raj keeps bringing it up to people in front of Penny and you can see that she is totally embarrassed about it. Does that matter to Raj? Not one bit. He just keeps doing it. Like I stated before the Raj character is absolutely devoid of character.

    I just wish we could see Penny tell Leonard that nothing happened that night!

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  10. Just can I say I love Kaley's new hair, she could wear overall's and still look hot to me haha, but it suits her.

    Personally I will always prefer Kaley with her long hair. However, how it was styled at the Critics Choice Awards was very ellegent and I thought she looked great. The hair cut she had in between the long hair and now I really disliked. It simply looked choppy and a mess. But that's just my opinion. She really did look good at the awards show.

  11. The proposal scene from the moment L/P walked into the door right through the hug and kiss was done so wonderfully perfect that I did something I can honestly say I haven't done during and episode before. I continuously rewound the just that particular scene ten times before watching the ending. Kaley and Johnny absolutely nailed it. And that smile Penny gave when Leonard said he had the ring for about two years was simply priceless. They both were superb! Another words I really liked it! :) :)

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  12. I know it's none of my business, but why would Kaley get it in her head to cut her hair so short? The picture above as a couple doesn't look bad. However, most of the pictures they show of her now her hair just looks messy to me.

  13. There may be, but it was mentioned that he was just lucky.  Once or twice, could be, but my point was his overall production cannot be attributed to luck.

    Just to be clear, when I insinuated Lorre got lucky, it was ONLY in relationship to having Lenny break-up and Penny subsequently sleeping with Raj. Since that was what the whole discussion was about. Considering this is the Leonard and Penny thread and not the I Love Lorre thread I wasn't going any farther into the other episodes or anylizing his work history.

  14. That means Sheldon is Kurt or Mike, so that doesn't bode well for Amy. I'm grateful to Anita for being reasonable, I've offered opinions on S7 Spoilers that aren't "Sheldon is burning with intense desire for Amy" and gotten ridicule.

    I can see where you are coming from in regards to Kurt and Mike. They both kept hurting her and she kept hoping for the best and trying make it work. She even cried on Leonard's shoulder how she always picks the wrong guys. You can't put Stuart in the equation IMO because by then she was already stuck on Leonard even if she didn't fully realize it at the time. Stuart never had a chance just like Zach didn't. Also, although this a Lenny thread not Shamy, I agree with you that Amy actually does put up with a lot of abuse that Sheldon says to her and she just takes it with nothing more than a hurt or frustrated expression on her face.

    Perhaps it would have been more appropriate if you had attached your post to Hamerman 55 rather than Tensor (just an operservation.)

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  15. Penny came to LA to break into movies and TV, with no preparation, track record and only maybe latent talent. She was depending on lottery style luck.

    If Tesla flopped, Musk would tried again. He had skills and capability. Nothing to do with fortune - he had a plan for making money and he persuaded others to join him.

    Lorre had other projects, wrote songs (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, French Kissing in the USA) and was experienced. So not luck for him, either.

    But I think the issue I have is on the point of "ruined". I don't think she was "ruined". She had problems and had to work through them. Maybe the drinking was a latent thing, because absent mum is a boozer. I don't know, but I'm good with watching her work through her problems, because all in all it's entertaining, frustrating though bits of it are. MAYBE Lorre made those changes because it was good commercial storytelling, without which there would be no S10. That's good for everyone. :)

    And maybe Lorre could of let it run and we'd all be done, as BangerMain said. Penny as Mrs Cleaver, perhaps, by now. LOL.

    I never said she needed to be Mr. Ward Cleaver. All I said was IMHO they could have made it funny and still not have Penny break up with Leonard. But most importantly I still don't see why they had to have her sleep with Raj. With her doing the walk of shame and Raj acting like his normal jerk self even when he knew he couldn't do it when it counted.

    However, all of the rationalizing over the past means nothing but peoples opinions. The main thing is that they are now in a wonderful place and are engaged. And I'll continue to fast forward over the Pryia scenes whenever I watch episodes with her in them. Everyone has an opinion and everyone's opinion is just as good as the next person's.

    P.S.: Tensor, I didn't mean any disrespect to the all powerfull Lorre. :)

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  16. Both have been consistently successful in different ventures. Id hazard luck isn't the factor, more ability and preparedness. Which is what screwed Penny, she wasn't prepared.

    Tesla Motors was on the brink of bankruptcy, at the very last moment he received the necessary backing financially to make it what it is today. Without that "fortunate" turn of events his other great idea SpaceX would never came to being. I hazard to believe you can compare his accomplishments to coming up with an idea of ruining Penny's character and it just happens to turn out good for Lorre. 

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