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  1. Lol! Sort of I suppose. One had great ideas and got lucky with last minute financing, while the other already had the financing and just got lucky with his idea.
  2. Very well written! However, all though I completely understand the history doesn't mean I will ever agree with most of the the situations Lorre had Penny succomb too. Nor will I believe that the road he took was the only route necessary for the success they have ultimately attained. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it! Not that it matters now. Better minds prevailed, for whatever reason, and they are now engaged! Theses are suppose to be among the best writers in the business. They can make Lenny just as interesting and funny without ruining Penny. Just look what they did in this las
  3. With all due respect to your very interesting yet agonizing Lenny story lines for season 8. I suspect that next season will inevitably be Sheldon / Shamy centric and Raj / Emily thrown in for good measure with the Lenny extreme drama coming when they are closer to their wedding day. But who knows? Just a guess on my part.
  4. I suppose you are correct in hind sight. But I firmly believe that the story could have still been told without Penny breaking up with Leonard. Also, no one can convince me that Penny sleeping with Raj was anywhere remotely necessary. That night she already poured her heart out to Raj saying she made a big mistake in breaking up with Leonard. She already had hit rock bottom at that point there was no need for them sleeping together. Then the next episode was just totally lame in my opinion how the writers squirmed their way out of it. However, getting back to Penny breaking up with Leonard a
  5. Since obviously Leonard will be having Sheldon as the best man he will be front and center. I wonder what he will plan for his little buddy's Bachelor Party. It can't be the same as Howard's. My guess is it will probably be on a train.
  6. That's a relief, because I want to be surprised!
  7. All I can say is that I just loved this entire episode. Everyone was excellent. Of course I loved the L/P interaction. I just hope they continue from time to time bring back PP to advise Sheldon. Bob Newhart is the best!
  8. Will Penny have Bernie be her Maid of Honor? She has been friends with her longer and Amy was the last one. Also, will Penny allow Amy wear her tiara? Bernie shouldn't even have let her wear it at her wedding. Or is it just going to be a running joke now.
  9. Considering in the tapping report when Penny tells her mom she is engaged, her mom says she will be the first girl in the family not pregnant when she got married. So I don't think the writers change their minds now and have her become pregnant before her wedding day. Also, I agree with those that believe it will be a small wedding. Lenny has always been low key. My question is will the rest of the gang marry them like they did for H/B?
  10. The big three will always be the big three! They began the show as the main three and will end it that way. Penny, Leonard and Sheldon (Kaley, Johnny and Jim) even negotiate their contracts as a group.
  11. The papers Sheldon wrote up in the episode with her dad were never signed. Leonard told Sheldon he and Penny weren't a couple and he threw all the papers up into the air. In 7.24 the tapping report states that when Leonard started to discuss with Sheldon living arrangements, Sheldon said he already thought about it. He then said that he will allow Penny to live with them one day a week for a trial period. Therefore, it couldn't already be in the RA.
  12. If that's the case, which is completely plausible, then Penny better get another acting job soon. Otherwise Leonard will be paying for 1-1/2 apartments. I'm a little vague on this but didn't Sheldon tell Leonard if Penny was going to be staying at their apartment an addendum needed to be signed to the RA?
  13. Actually what he should do when he gets back is give Penny and Leonard a big hug and thank them for taking care of him all these years. Then he can go and see if Amy even wants to continue the relationship? Maybe at first she wants to take it slow? On the other hand how much slower could it possibly get?
  14. I agree with everything you wrote and yet something inside me says when it is all said and done Penny and Leonard will be living with Sheldon in 4A until the wedding.
  15. Poor, poor Sheldon riding the rails on the pre-1980 Pullman-built Superliner Deluxe passenger coach. (I'm assuming it's a Pullman since the only 2 times they showed him actually on a train were Pullmans.) The only thing in his life that hasn't changed! Query...how is Sheldon going to grow up if he stays in his last comfort zone? I'm thinking not much will change with good old Shelly when he finally returns for the November sweeps.
  16. You may be right about Penny and Bernie. Bernie seems to be getting meaner, angrier and I think more cocky. I think it started first when she obtained the high paying job and then the writers start having her yell and sound like Howard's mom. But she certainly enjoys getting revenge.
  17. Wasn't it typical Lenny though in the episode report for the finale. They have this great news to tell the group and it's upstaged by Raj having sex with a girl. Then they are just enjoying themselves talking about their ideas for the wedding and they have to stop and go search for their runaway kid. It's like everything important that happens to them gets marginalized. I was just so thrilled that the writers allowed them to have the official proposal and acceptance sweet with no Sheldon bursting in.
  18. First of all with all do respect to the "SIGNS" Penny is far from alcoholic. Secondly, Bernie has "LIED" to Leonard before about Penny. I want to see the proof it really happened. Thirdly, every single character on the show has certain quirks that the writers use for humor. Usually it makes the character shown in a less than flattering light. Finally: this is a comedy not real life. Make Sheldon less annoying, Bernie less domineering and Penny less street smart to name a few and you will have one BORING comedy!
  19. I thnk she was more hurt with Bernie and that's why she called Howard. At least Leonard and Amy said they still loved her. Lol!
  20. Well Leonard must not have found it disturbing since he 1) didn't mention it to Penny in any of the subsequent episodes this season and 2) Leonard went down on one knee pulled out a ring and asked Penny to be his wife. Therefore, if she is good enough for Leonard then I'm not about to sweat over it through the whole summer. If they bring it up next season (which I seriously doubt) then I will rethink it then after watching the scene.
  21. I am still hoping that it was just a set-up by the writers. Penny told Howard about Bernie not being at work like she said. So now it gives Brnie an opening to get back at Penny. So she tells Leonard Penny took money out of his wallet to buy him a watch without telling him. So I'm hoping it ends up as nothing more than that. It doesn't come up in any episodes afterwards this season and they are engaged. So hopefully it was just for laughs.
  22. I have to agree the three will live together until the wedding. However, I think Amy will move into Penny's apartment. One step closer to eventually moving in with Sheldon.
  23. That's because we all know in the RA that Sheldon overrules all ties. With Sheldon out of the picture finding himself, Leonard RULES! All hail Sirl Leonard!
  24. You absolutely correct that it was Sheldon's apartment originally. So I believe that they should have Sheldon force his will. Penny and Leonrd will have their own place to live and Sheldon will have 2 lawn chairs in front of his TV and Amy (maybe). Sounds like a great deal to me and well over due. What did Amy tell Sheldon in the tenure episode? You may be more intelligent but I doubt you would obtain any new friends. Grow up Sheldon! You may be an egotistic but you haven't lived up to hour reputation! The real problem is that next season will be Poor, poor Sheldon and over shadow the f
  25. That last statement is very true. I've been thinking about the train station scene and actually it shouldn't have played out any other way. Penny and Leonard have been Sheldon's surrogate parents for years now. Who else but his "parents" should be at the train station as their child leaves to find himself and hopefully come back more of a man.
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