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  1. Yes I am very pleased with Lenny's situation. It's been a long time coming and they deserve each other. So I am going to enjoy the summer as far as Lenny goes. It appears that the wedding won't be until between the end of season 8 and the middle of season 9. Would that mean a smart and beautiful baby at the end of season 10? What's really annoying is all of this chatter from Amy and Shamy shippers bad mouthing Lenny and Leonard for not being more supportive. What show have they been watching all these years?
  2. Whatever the living arangement ends up being, the most important aspect was Leonard made it perfectly clear to Sheldon he was not going to be a part of it.
  3. What do you mean they don't care? They stopped what they are doing and found Sheldon at the train station. They tried to stop him and he didn't want to hear it. Penny was exactly right letting him go. Sheldon has to grow up and he can only do that by himself. He isn't a child anymore. Sheldon can only figure it out on his own. It was time for tough love with the big baby!
  4. It sounded from the phone call that Sheldon was doing very well without Amy that's why she yelled and hit Leonard.
  5. Thank you Kazzie, hope you feel better. Well at least we now know that Sheldon is fine and doing very well. What a season! What a finale!
  6. All we have so far are little bits and pieces. I'll wait till I read the complete report before making a judgement. After all Penny and Leonard have had 7 and 10 years each of this craziness from Sheldon so of course they will handle differently then Amy. Besides didn't someone say Lenny tried to stop the big baby? He's a big boy now he can figure it out and come home when he's ready.
  7. While you are answering Tensor, who was the "second choice"? Also, how come no one cares that Amy yelled at Leonard, hit him and blamed him that he let the big baby leave?
  8. I understand that the isn't real life. However I just can't see how Staurt could afford to pay for the special riders on his fire and hazard insurance to cover all the collectibles destroyed? When they showed him twenty years from now he was dressed very nicely. Perhaps instead of re opening the comic book store he also makes a change. He becomes an Art Teacher at a local school. He does have a degree in art. Another status quo out the window.
  9. IMHO the only way Sheldon could be considered a "benign" overlord would be in a parellal universe! My vote is for a big baby and I believe he knows exactly what he's doing when he acts childish to get his way.
  10. My only question that I have regarding your post would be why would you be worried about your grammar? I thought your grammar was just fine and the post as a whole was well written.
  11. After everything Lenny has gone through I say why on earth would you mess with fate? Remember, Penny goes to a psychic. She believes in the paranormal. If she found out the true story behind the the ring it would totally freak her out IMHO. Lets just go with traditional rings for these two please and forget about any possible humor that could be associated with it!
  12. Well if he sat on it for two years in his wallet I would suspect the diamond would need to be small.
  13. Penny wore that ring on a chain around her neck for safe keeping in that episode. She would have immediately recognized it when Leonard put it on her finger. Girls know their jewelry!
  14. If he was as broke as he told everyone he was could even afford to purchase insurance? Maybe now he has absolutely nothing! Poor Stuart!
  15. Does Leonard giving her a kiss after taking her to the wedding or when she hugged Stuart after their date count?
  16. I still say my vote is that the Romance Ninja was going to propose in episode 6.16. His plans just typically for Leonard fell apart with the other couple's proposal and Penny's bitchiness. But he had bought the ring after his first proposal during sex.
  17. Why would he buy a ring for Pryia if he never had for Penny? Even when he was seeing Pryia he couldn't stop being around Penny. Even when Pryia told him to stop associating with her.
  18. If he bought it for Pryia then he tells no one! He takes that little bit of information with him to the grave. No one in that group can keep a secret, no one!
  19. I hope they don't go there also. I'll need to see the scene and hear what he actually said. I'm thinking though that he bought the ring after the first bad proposal. When they were at the court house for H/B's wedding. The gang wanted to hear the details and she looked at Leonard not the gang and said it wasn't a real proposal. I believe that's when he went out and bought it. When he was going to propose on VD she didn't even let him get one knee on the ground let alone take out a ring. At least that's the storyline I'm hoping for. The Pryia scenario would be very, very bad. I would hope even
  20. In her defense she did raise up the volume of the music so no one else would hear her scream.
  21. As a guy I still say the ruler was never properly calibrated!
  22. I went to catholic school for 12 years Mother Supperior would have loved her. Less then one inch above the knee. But the guys would of hated it. Lol!
  23. I agree with you especially regarding her mother. I'm trying to remember to the earlier episodes and the only time her mom was mentioned was Sheldon made a comment. Penny ate the last egg roll that Sheldon wanted he said keep eating I've seen pictures of you mom. All the other remarks about family members were said just for the humor value.
  24. First off as everyone in this forum has figured out by now Penny and Leonard are my favorite characters. So it would be very easy to just blame the parent and side with my favorite. But a parent can only do so much but the child makes the final decision. No matter how much the parents want something else. As for Penny being "stupid" I totally disagree. Penny is actually very intelligent she just doesn't enjoy studying and / or school. What she did enjoy as teenager was having fun and plenty of it. Coupled with she hung with the cool crowd who also wanted to have lots of fun. Now the parents
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