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  1. This is a comedy don't forget. Everyone was structured and prim and proper it wouldn't be very funny now would it ? One of Sheldon's uncles put is arm in a wood shredder just because re was warned not too, another went up a chimney to fight a raccoon, then there was his father who got on their roof and started skeet shooting Mary's dishes. So what, it's a comedy. If Penny had such a bad childhood then why did she want to go back and visit? We know for a fact she went back at least twice and she speaks to her dad on the phone regularly. You don't like Wyatt and I do. Let's just agree to disagree and move on. I just hope they bring him back because he's great!
  2. Personally I think you are giving Wyatt a bad rap. In the one episode he was in he showed nothing but love to her and was genuinely concern for her well being and future. From what he did and said at the end to help Leonard it sounded like growing up she was a typical rebellious child. Wyatt made it sound like he was truly angry at Leonard so Penny would like him more. As for wanting a son rather than a daughter, in a farm / ranch setting that is not uncommon. They prefer boys to carry on the strenuous work required growing up. Also, the father being more lenient and saying "yes" to girl more times than not is also quite common. You can have your opinion but I very much like the character Wyatt. One last thing, you have only heard one side of the story. If Wyatt told his feelings of Penny growing up I would bet it would be quite deferent. Just my opinion.
  3. Yeah probably both their "engines" were rev so high in the new car that the "check engine" light started to blink!
  4. Traditionally speaking, wouldn't the gang need to travel to Nebraska for the wedding? Isn't the wedding always where the bride is from and family / friends are?
  5. I love the concept but unless you tie him to a chair and place a muzzle on him I don't think that would be possible! Lol!
  6. Since everything important that has happened between Lenny has ended up low key I suspect the wedding will be also. However, I do agree that Wyatt must be there. He has been in only one episode but I just think that guy is the greatest! I also don't think he and Beverly would get along to well. Which is also a good thing.
  7. I wonder what they are doing with the extra space they gain from Penny quitting TCF? Wouldn't you think they have plans for that area? But I agree I don't see Penny and Leonard's living arrangements changing anytime soon. At least not until after the wedding. However, Sheldon does believe he will be going with them. I wonder if it's in the room mate agreement?
  8. Although I clearly understand what you are saying and agree. How about TPTB use Shamy this time around for the shock value. Lenny has been through enough these past seven years. (Just my 2c ) P.S.: Charlie did it to himself, no body crosses Chuck Lorre and survives. Besides he cheated on Rose and she pushed him in front of the train. (So don't mess with Rose either! Lol )
  9. Maddie forgive me for not thanking you sooner, you did an absolutely magnificent job on the tapping report!
  10. Where did I say Leonard was her only passion now? I clearly indicated that I believe her career in acting will happen. It appears you prefer wealth over love and that is fine. Until you are old and alone and all that wealth doesn't seem so important any longer. You do realize that Penny can have both and the career doesn't have too be before love?
  11. The proposal was low key just like the first ILY. That's how Lenny is and I like it! I also love that Leonard had a ring in his wallet for two years now just waiting for the right moment! But most of all, as many have already have said, Sheldon was nowhere to be seen!
  12. I really don't think Penny's acting career is over with. Perhaps that young know it all director realizes it's going to cost more money to replace both Penny and Wil then getting them back. Or maybe her agent calls and she got apart for something else? I just don't think it is over regarding her acting. What's important is that she realizes what's most important in her life. Not wealth and fame but her love for Leonard!
  13. What do you mean I don't care how it comes across? 1.) The writers have been setting up for some time how much Penny loves Leonard. Why would someone think she is just settling. 2.) just because a person is engaged does not mean their life is over and their career hopes are snuffed out like a candle. IMHO all of this is simply nitpicking on something Lenny fans have been waiting for for a very long time. I'm quite sure that when the scene airs it will be very sweet and heart warming...at least for those who want it to be.
  14. Boy am I glad I stopped reading the posts last night when I was still in heaven. I read the rest this morning and it's a bunch of nay Sayers raining on Lenny shippers parade. Boo Hoo Penny isn't independent and a success before she got engaged! Boo Hoo Penny is settling for Leonard! Boo Hoo Leonard is being used! What a total bunch of garbage! So now that Penny is engaged her life comes to a screeching halt! Like now that she is engaged to Leonard she will be shackled in the apartment only to go out when it's time to deliver their next smart and beautiful baby. Or will all of you gloom and doomers even predicting they won't be beautiful and smart since Penny's life has now been ruined by getting engaged! Oh dear! The absolute horror!
  15. When I read that the episode was about Penny's movie I just figured they were holding off the proposal till next season. This is such fantastic news I'm down right giddy right now and it's 3 o'clock in the morning here! No sleeping now! :) :)
  16. I'm speachless. This is such good news!
  17. This is just fantastic! For once in my life I was right. Hot Damn! I can't wait to see the episode! :) :)
  18. Congratulations Vasu you hit the mile marker! How does it feel to contribute 1,000 posts?
  19. I think it is pretty much ran its course when one says Penny is wrapped up in her self yet that person's favorite character is Sheldon. Talk about ironic!
  20. Please no...I can't possibly wait that long!
  21. Just to be clear. Is their first child Sheldon?
  22. Fascinating! How do you all come up with the gif's so quickly? Amazing!
  23. This is so true and the scary part about it is that he actually loves and gets comfort from their parenting!
  24. As a Lenny shipper that's one of the issues that worries me the most. I'm afraid that the writers won't move Lenny to the next level until Sheldon gets his act together with Amy due to living arrangements. But I'm sure it's just my Lenny paranoia peaking through.
  25. Perhaps since this is in fact a forum regarding a comedy series it is simply a release for them from the everyday troubles? Whatever it is, there certainly no harm in it. There is always room to be a child even as a grown up.
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