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  1. I don't wanna and you can't make me!
  2. Yes, when Raj broke Lenny up in the Murder Mystery game I received a very cold chill go up my spine. (Funny how it was Raj having their relationship not last considering the finale of season four.) I was worried that the writers were sending a signal of future doom for the Lenny. But then Stuart saved the day! I've always like Stuart. A very intelligent human being!
  3. That scene and the one where Penny drops the rose petals as she took Leonard to her bedroom and even though the book was a bust she ends up having the perfect gift all along and didn't even realize it. That she kept all of the nice things Leonard did for her through the years even when they weren't a couple just told volumes about how she really felt about him. Excellent scene in my estimation!
  4. Oh I agree with you. I wasn't knocking Vasu at all. I'm sure I have to be wrong but I don't recall a post where Vasu said the scene was actually enjoyable. I'm sure it happened, but that's why I asked the question. Personally I enjoy Vasu's posts and hope they continue ad infinitum.
  5. Vasu, I have always wondered, are your constant counter views for the sport of it or just for the giggles? Either way I do enjoy reading them.
  6. If I remember correctly, the next morning Penny said to Leonard he was right in hesitating because she was a complete mess at the time. Also, in the upcoming episode I believe the report indicates that Penny says it's not the right time for proposals. Just like when Leonard proposed during sex wasn't the correct time. I have no doubt Penny want's to marry Leonard. The proposal will come. However, even though this is a comedy, I believe when that time comes the writers will make it special with the humor directly preceding and after the big moment.
  7. I'll give it a shot! Well the 7th season is almost over so I thought since some felt the Lenny was placed a little in the background this season I would look back and list the positives for Lenny this season as I see it. Series 7 Episode 01 – The Hofstadter Insufficiency: Penny is missing Leonard terribly. Series 7 Episode 01 – The Hofstadter Insufficiency: Leonard is so proud of Penny he is showing his new friends Penny in her Serial Apist movie. Series 7 Episode 02 – The Deception Verification: Leonard missed Penny so much while he was gone that he came home early to spend time with just her without telling their friends. Series 7 Episode 03 – The Scavenger Vortex: Leonard felt so bad not picking Penny because he thought he hurt her feelings that he was willing to get out of the competition. Series 7 Episode 04 – The Raiders Minimization: Penny felt so bad for Leonard and his traumatic childhood she would do anything he asked to make him feel better. Series 7 Episode 05 – The Workplace Proximity: Leonard and Penny cuddling and sharing a blanket together watching TV. Series 7 Episode 05 – The Workplace Proximity: Leonard and Penny ganging up on Sheldon taking Amy’s side of the situation. Series 7 Episode 06 – The Romance Resonance: Penny dropping rose petals as she and Leonard walk into her bedroom. Series 7 Episode 06 – The Romance Resonance: Penny showing Leonard the box of all the keepsakes she saved through the years they have known each other. Series 7 Episode 08 – The Itchy Brain Simulation: Penny begs Leonard to take off the itchy sweater. Even stating to Leonard every night you don’t kill Sheldon in his sleep he wins! Series 7 Episode 09 – The Thanksgiving Decoupling: Even after all the bickering and angst regarding the real / fake LV wedding to Zack they end up kissing and apologizing to each other. Series 7 Episode 10 – The Discovery Dissipation: Penny giving herself to Leonard as his Christmas present. Series 7 Episode 12 – The Hesitation Ramification: Even though Leonard in his usual speak before thinking self truly tried to console Penny after her scene was cut. Series 7 Episode 12 – The Hesitation Ramification: Penny comes over and apologizes to Leonard for getting mad and proceeds to present her first failed proposal. Series 7 Episode 13 – The Occupation Recalibration: After all is said in done Leonard gets Penny to believe he is behind her 100 percent. Series 7 Episode 15 – The Locomotive Manipulation: Lenny had sex, however, the length of which is still up for debate. Series 7 Episode 16 – The Table Polarisation: Penny helped Leonard stand up to Sheldon even if it was short lived. Series 7 Episode 17 – The Friendship Turbulence: Leonard buys Penny a car asa gift so that she can continue to go to auditions and not have to go back to TCF. They hug and kiss. Series 7 Episode 18 - The Mommy Observation: Lenny have a serious discussion regarding their future together. Stuart states he believes they won’t break-up and that they are the best couple he knows. Series 7 Episode 18 - The Mommy Observation: Stuart states he believes they won’t break-up and that they are the best couple he knows. He feels they make each other better and together are an awesome couple. Series 7 Episode 19 - The Relationship Diremption – Penny and Leonard teasing each other about the brown bear. So although Lenny wasn’t centric in many of the episodes there were bits and pieces throughout the season that showed (to me at least) that they are currently in a real good place.
  8. I know I only do it to study the subtle nuances of her scenes.
  9. May I wish you a Happy, although belated, Birthday. Glad you are feeling better.
  10. Second from last episode of the season. Should be eventful. I wonder if it will be a stand alone episode or a set-up for the finale?
  11. I like Sheldon and I understand his extremely annoying personality is part of his character. Although, they are definitely going overboard with Sheldon this season. I mean he is everywhere. There is a saying “To much of a good thing and it no longer is a good thing” . However, I see this season’s Sheldon character in total chaos. He is no longer the arrogant, confident, know it all from seasons past. He still tries to act like that person but he simply isn’t. He can’t make a decision to save his soul, he is so easily manipulated that even what Kripke says he takes to heart. He is questioning everything in his life this season and he is in total bewilderment. Episode 7.18 wasn’t that a deeply religious mother strayed as much as it was just another crack in this solid foundation he built for himself. A person who can’t tolerate being touched is holding hands, hugging and even kissing a girl. Amy has totally disrupted his thinking and it is affecting his whole existence. He is an internal mess and for the first time in his life, the intellect that comes around once maybe twice in a generation, doesn’t have the foggiest idea what the real problem is let alone how to rectify it. I really think now that the finale this season will be Shamy centrist with cliffhanger.
  12. I agree with you. I disliked that whole scene myself. Penny, feeling bad for Sheldon, tries to have a serious discussion with him because he wasted a good portion of his life pursuing string theory and what happens? He totally humiliates Penny regarding her acting, her education and her relationship with Leonard. Then for good measure the writers make fun of one of Leonard's medical problems so that Sheldon can tell Penny she should break up with him. What a wonderful friend he is. Especially coming from someone who is such a great expert regarding relationships with the opposite sex.
  13. Everyone that keeps harping that Penny should have backed Leonard regarding the table at the end of that episode do realize that this is a sitcom don't you? A sitcom that has the group eating at the coffee table for seven years now. A table that they use showing the group eating at in the beggining of every episode for seven seasons now. They could have had a two part episode to give Penny the time to side with Leonard and it wouldn't have change a thing. The table was never, ever going to stay in that apartment.
  14. Unfortunately when one person cares so much for another but the feelings aren't reciprocated misunderstandings happen. I really don't blame Leonard or Penny. That was a time in the show when they both were muddling through their relationship / friendship with each other. Latter on in one episode Penny tells Sheldon how she once had a boyfriend and she never told him how she really felt and now he has a new girlfriend. Or that infamous night when she confided to Raj that she made a terrible mistake when she broke up with Leonard. Then there is Leonard where no matter what the situation is with Penny he always talks to much and ends up saying the wrong thing hurting the relationship. All of this is in the past. Those issues were their growing pains. They finally found each other again are now in a really good place. I am now just concentrating on the present and future for Lenny not dwelling in the past...or at least trying too. Still can't get over season 4's final. But I'm working on it. LOL!
  15. My interpretation of that scene was that the girls (Penny and Bernie) felt bad for Amy having to sit alone on the couch with Sheldon not that they cared about Sheldon's feelings on the matter. If Amy would have stood up to Sheldon instead of caving in to his childishness then "it wouldn't have been over".
  16. Not to change the subject, but I would just like to throw this out there regarding the posters that say Penny doesn't defend Leonard when Sheldon makes those comments toward him. I firmly believe the girl from Nebraska that can bring down and hog tie a steer in 60 seconds would defend Leonard in a heartbeat if the proper situation arose. The reason she doesn't with Sheldon is because it has been mention more than once this season that she wants him to stand up to Sheldon and stop taking his comments. That is part of the process as Stuart said Penny is bring Leonard out of his shell. It's not that she doesn't care, but just the opposite. She wants the more assertive Leonard with a backbone. Together they make one beautiful couple!
  17. Clearly getting Sheldon to do the unthinkable and see a Physchic was done for a reason. So do you think the finale episode of the season ends with Sheldon deciding about his relationship with Amy in such a way that everyone talks about it through the summer? Even though we all know it won't be a break up.
  18. Also, when L/P were going back and forth regarding the bear issue,. When Leonard said to Amy he would see if his bear had a friend for her. Leonard then looked over at Penny and she gave him the cuteist smile. They were so having fun teasing each other. I really liked that. P, S.: I don't know why it took me a month and a half to finally read this thread but I love it. Thank you Tensor for initiating it!
  19. You know, it really doesn't matter any more! I just watched the episode at the beginning when we all fell in love with Lenny, and you know, I just don't know what the writers are looking for but it is nothing like what the Lenny is now. I am so disillusioned i know the writers have their agenda but can they just give us a little intimacy that they have shown in the originally episodes?
  20. I was hoping that when the girls said that line the writers were simply setting up Bernie telling Leonard that Penny took the money from his wallet to purchase his birthday present.
  21. No problem! Everything is copasetic! I'm still hoping they didn't throw that in for a specific reason. In any event Bernie just ruined Penny's gift at a time when she is strapped for funds. Whether Leonard says anything or not.
  22. Please give me one example where Penny stole L/S food, WIFI or anything else. Leonard willingly paid for her food and he helped her use the WIFI. Even when she BORROWED money from Sheldon she paid him back and was upset about it until she did. As for the dress, she purchased it for interviews. Funny how Bernie is always saying how much more money she has yet is upset about a cheap luncheon bill to the point of bringing up the dress. Bernie is the bad one if there really is a bad one, which there isn't.
  23. Don't see how telling someone's boyfriend that his girlfriend just took money out of his wallet to buy him a birthday gift is at the same level of some saying they are still at work so they could have a quiet dinner with a female friend? I'm sure it's just me.
  24. 1.) Bernie threw the money she makes in science in the other's faces in the mommy observation. 2.) Bernie said that to Leonard for no other reason than to be vindictive. My question is why would the writers throw that even in the episode? According to the tapping report they never showed Lenny together for the rest of the episode. Will it be brought up by Leonard in a subsequent episode? If so, will Penny get totally pissed off at Bernie and deservedly so? Right now it just shows a very mean spirited Bernie. They have shown her mean streak, maybe this is simply another example and nothing more. When's Leonard's birthday? Will there be a blow up at his birthday party. Ruining it because of Bernie?
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