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  1. I would suspect not much IMO. Do you really think that as smart as Leonard is that he didn't realize that there was money missing from his wallet and low and behold Penny gives him a watch as a birthday gift? Especially since they were fine in the Proton episode. Leonard is too nice of a person and cares to much about Penny to say a word that would embarrass her. However, now that Bernie was vindictive the cats out of the bag. So does he now bring it up to Penny or doesn't he? I sure would like to see the rest of the report. Is there any Lenny alone time at all? So far not happy, but I'll live
  2. First off we haven't read a complete report as yet. However, at this point I'm not holding much hope for any Lenny alone time in this episode of any consequence. But on the other hand I wouldn't read much into Penny leaving with Sheldon angry. The writers put that in because of the group only Penny believes in psychic powers. Therefore, she would be the choice to take Sheldon to one. It really had nothing to do with Lenny but everything to further the Sheldon issue (what else is new.) As for the Penny that use to stand up to Sheldon. I think they are now showing a much more grown up Penny.
  3. That's what I was hoping it was from the first picture she showed with the scissors.
  4. So I'm confused. Did she cut her hair short or not? She posted pictures on Instagram afterwards with her group of girls and her hair is long.
  5. I understand what your saying but fortunately in regards to the overall show the ratings continue to be excellent. However, from a Lenny fan's perspective it's just annoying. When it comes to L/P and their relationship the writers always take the absolute most time consuming route possible to get where their going. This doesn't happen with the other couples just Lenny. The rest have their bumps and growing pains and they're rectified not later than the next episode but usually the same episode. With Lenny they have a normal growing pain and the writers break them up for almost three years. Why
  6. You missed my point entirely because you felt compelled to bring your private life into the conversation. Personally I don't give a rats behind how long it took you and your wife to get engaged or whatever you two decided. You did it your way and plenty of other couples make a decision contrary to yours. So what? This is a sitcom it's suppose to be funny. Having Lenny's relationship in limbo for years and them being snarky to each must work for you. Great, I am happy for you. But it doesn't for me. That's my opinion and preference. Once again, its a sitcom, it's not real. They only have a c
  7. That's very nice for you and your wife wanting to be sarcastic to each other and took for ever to make a real commitment to each other. For every one of your examples there are plenty of couples that get engaged in a "reasonable" amount of time and speak respectfully to each other. So what? This is a Sitcom. The fans are suppose to be jovial and actually laughing and pleased with the scene. Their not suppose to cringe and be bewildered as to what the hell is going on. It's been 7 years already! Make a frigging decision. If it's Sheldon then kill him in his sleep and move on!
  8. I understand what you are saying, however, even a 200 bowler only keeps that average if they keep rolling strikes. The only problem with this is sooner or later the lack of showing affection as they had in the past presents the possibility that Lenny looses that essence that made them so special.
  9. Amy would jump at the chance to move in with Sheldon no matter what the circumstances. She tried to trick Sheldon into moving in with her in the table episode. She wouldn't care why, she would just care that it happened.
  10. My sincere condolences to you and your family.
  11. I said 7.23 for Lenny because I was giving Shamy 7.24. However, it is just as plausible the other way around. I mean if they want a cliffhanger with Lenny. Then they could do it in the finale with Penny then getting a job where she has to leave for months. But the last two episodes will be mainly Lenny and Shamy in whichever order with H/B and Raj as the plot B. But that's just my guess.
  12. Nothing scientific. Just my wishful thinking. Plus, because of my wishful thinking, I got the impression that she was so determine in the next Prof. Proton episode that her proposal wasn't official because she had already began planning how she was going to seriously ask Leonard to marry her. I've been wrong more times than right. But I'm just feeling it's still happening this season.
  13. Congratulations! I hope you have a fantastic time. That being episode 7.23, my money is on you seeing Penny officially as Leonard to marry her! If so, what an episode to be able to be there in person! Good luck and have a great time!
  14. I actually enjoyed the episode very much. I have watched it now a number of times and laughed more each time. The murder mystery really wasn't, it was only used to have them discuss their futures. Actually Bernie never did get to say what her future was going to be in Raj's opinion. Tell that to the hundreds of Christians murdered in Egypt by Muslims for no other reason but because they are Christians and their churches that have been burned down. Which is what is also happening in Syria, Libya and other mid eastern countries currently.
  15. Nice generalization against only Christians. As if followers of other religions don't from time to time have doubts regarding their faith or inner feelings. I was under the impression that no one on this earth is perfect and that we all make mistakes or seem hypocritical during certain points in our lives.
  16. Our Penny is an actress! And along the way she learned a life's lesson. No job opurtunity is beneath you (within reason) because you never no what the future holds. That opurtunity you just declined because you felt wasn't good enough could be the last one you will ever receive. Respect all job opurtunities and weigh them carefully. Penny is growing up! ...Now propose already!!
  17. Exactly! It's the nerd falling head over heals for the street smart beautiful girl across the hall. News flash: You don't become street smart being prim and proper!
  18. I know she has said at different times she was a poor waitress for a laugh. However, I don't ever remember the writers having her call herself lazy. Since you indicated it difenitely happened would you please refresh my memory by providing references to those scenes. I appreciate it, thanks.
  19. Although I don't disagree with what you said, I just don't see the writers giving up the dynamic of the two apartments and hallway in between. There's been a lot of serious discussions in that hallway. Specifically between Lenny. That's why I think they will give Penny some modest success in her acting career to be able to keep her apartment. I believe they will also have her propose to Leonard properly in the final or the episode just prior. However, they will have the engagement go all next season and then figure out what different living arrangement can be accomplished. Perhaps the Shamy ca
  20. Actually you're right Penny didn't introduce Amy to alcohol. When the girls and Raj were at the bar in episode 6.11 Amy admitted: Amy: You think that’s bad? In college, I passed out at a frat party and woke up with more clothes on. So not only has she drank before she met Penny, but she also admits she passed out because of it.
  21. Don't forget in Episode 1.06 The Middle Earth Paradigm – Raj has casual sex with the girl in the butterfly costume. Also, in episode 2.20 The Hofstadter Isotope – Raj picks up a women at a bar when he goes with Leonard and Howard. He makes out with her at the bar and wakes up in bed with her with a smile on his face. Some people like to pick apart Penny's life but conveniently let slide what the guys do on the show.
  22. I don't think it makes much sense at all, but then I'm not the one making excuses for a fictional character's drunkenness either. You would have to answer why you feel compelled to do so not me. The two excuses you stated by the way are ones a person with a problem use. Namely, blame it on anyone but themselves. Penny slipped him alcohol in his diet coke? Excuse me but Sheldon has an eidetic memory. He knows what diet coke taste like and everything he ever tasted his entire life. He could and would have sent it back when it tasted funny. But the eccentric Sheldon didn't do that. Oh bu
  23. Sounds to me like you are an enabler for Sheldon. Its always someone else's fault. Just my opinion.
  24. Since certain posters seem to not want to let the theory that Penny is an alcoholic go. Tensor’s statement about Sheldon being drunk once got me to thinking. I tend to believe that the evidence shows that there is a bias against the female Penny that is not shown against the male Sheldon. I thought about just how many times has Sheldon actually been drunk on the show? Let’s count the times shall we? 1) 1.08 The Grasshopper Experiment – Sheldon is so drunk that he is at The Cheese Cake Factory playing the piano and singing “To Life” from Fiddler on the Roof. 2) 3.18 The Pants Alt
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