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  1. I really enjoyed this episode, it was a funny one. Of course, Amy was as annoying as ever, but the main theme was based on that, so can't complain.
  2. I agree completely. They involve Amy way too much now. Many episodes wold have been better with out her.
  3. There are many. One that just came to mind is when Raj applied to work for Sheldon. The scene with Sheldon rejecting the conditions and interviewing Raj that was very funny.
  4. zoomerxvii


    Oh yea and she tried to sabotage and outlawyer Sheldon hope she doesn't come back
  5. zoomerxvii


    Yea me too that pissed me off, but she is gorgeous though.
  6. Yea they should off those characters. It's weird.
  7. Agree 100%. i guess there was only so much that could be done with the old format, so some things had to be changed. It will probably take some time, but i think the show will find itself again. Maybe they will kill off a character or two.
  8. That's ridiculous, he is a totally different character now but not as funny as before.
  9. I felt bad for Howard. He just came back from space and all his peoples ignored him because they were too busy doing nonsense things.
  10. Oh yea forgot about that one it was hysterical!
  11. Alright episode, but not much laughter for me. Amy is getting really annoying. If were Sheldon, I would say something like "Have you looked in the mirror?!" Raj is becoming more and more weird. Sheldon and the Russian astronaut were responsible for any funny moments in this one. I think the next one will be better though.
  12. They can just flush Howard out of the space station now. Ruined such a good character.
  13. I agree with you on everything. Except I don't know if the show is too light hearted for deaths. I think it might have what it takes.
  14. 1. Howard / Sheldon 3. Penny 4. Leonard / Raj 6. Bernadette (all the support characters and such) 7. Amy
  15. zoomerxvii


    I too feel like there is not so much comedy anymore, that is why slaughter of characters would fit right in at this point. Back in the earlier seasons I would not suggest that, because there were five main characters, and all of them were hilarious. Now the show is not that way. There has been a lot of very good story and character development, but the comedy is secondary now and that part disappoints me. Still a great show though.
  16. I don't think he is going to make it back. He might get offed.
  17. No a different actress does Mrs Wolowitz. Forgot her name, but she has been there since the early episodes.
  18. zoomerxvii


    I hope that they kill one of the characters off. That would definitely add make a deeper and most interesting story. It would also be a very unexpected twist. They need to get rid of some characters like Amy, Stewart, Bernadette or Raj. I am not saying all of them, but one from the list would be nice. It needs to be tragic too. In the current situation it seems the most likely candidate is Howard. Slaughtering him would also open up some room for the development of the Raj character, who can then realize his desire for Bernadette, and become the show's most hated character. The show needs one
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