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  1. The reason im hesitant on buying the dvds is because ill watch them al at once and then ill be bored. I like what they do on E4. A few episodes a day, keeps it fresh. Plus with a dvd I cant fall asleep while its on because my PS3 doesnt really do a sleep mode.. I may just buy the S5 dvd.
  2. My TV is a Philips 42inch Flat TV, HD Ready.. Capable of running HD. I run my PS3 in HD. So would normal DVD be fine?
  3. Thanks for that:) I also have a PS3 so I could get the Blu-Ray version and watch it on my PS3.
  4. Is the picture quality of the show on DVD good? Is it better than on TV? Or worse? Im talking about DVD not Blu-ray. Im thinking of buying the Seasons 1-5 Box Set but if the quality isnt as good as on TV I wont.
  5. Ill see.. If I cant wait I will.. Its only a month wait from when US season starts though. Not too bad.
  6. I emailed E4 and Tweeted them, they said they havent yet set a date however they will tweet it when they set one. I may have to watch online. Im not sure I can wait too long knowing something amazing has happened and all US people have seen it:(
  7. Thanks for that! Hopefully E4 come to their senses and I see an advert in the next week or so saying season 6 is coming soon, theyve started advertising season 5 dvd and season 1-5 dvd for september 3rd today so you never know! Lets just hope! And as for the last bit about breaks.. Apart from the starting late in the UK, I guess its better instead of having episodes stretched apart:) Just wish it starts earlier here! If you get anymore news on UK start date please let me know! Thanks for your welcoming as I only made my account today.. Big Bang is on in an hour.. (midnight) cant wait haha, hope to here from you again soon!
  8. Hmm, that sounds like just after CBS announced their date so im not suprised by C4 not having a date.. But they may have one now.. Im just hoping its not too long after CBS' date, I was really expecting us to get it at the same time.. Another thing, CBS series and E4 series both end in May, but we start later, and have a mid-season break.. How do they end at the same time with these elements in place? Kind Regards, Jack
  9. Does anybody know the Air Date for Season 6 in the UK, I cant find it anywhere. I dont mind waiting a week or two but a website said November but it also said (TBC) So its not very reliable. I was wondering if any of you know, because also CBS isnt available to watch on TV or Internet over here which is a shame. Any of you 'ravashing' people know the date?
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