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  1. For petes sake yall, this was a stupendous episode!! FINALLY!! An awesome episode of TBBT! They went back to their roots on this one, totally classic episode, lots of science and NO relationship crap! BEST episode they've had in a LONG LONG time, hilarious!! Don't nitpit about the pig, LOL,. Pigs that are well cared for live an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years -- compared to wild pigs, which are estimated to live only 4 to 8 years. - http://animals.mom.me/average-long-pigs-live-6144.html
  2. I thought Amy was wearing some sort of yellow life preserver when she's sitting in the bar in Vegas talking to Bernadette about how 'hot' they are. If Penny can start geeking out, working for a pharmaceutical company, STUDYING when she's in VEGAS, then we're already through the looking glass and may as well jump the rest of the way and they can put Amy in some better clothes and do something with that hair. Even the gorgeous Mayim wants this. It's getting beyond ridiculous now, if we have one why not the other?
  3. Bit of an old topic, but just in case anyone else was wondering it was actually confirmed in Seaon 7 Episode 14. When Penny, Amy and Bernadette are out being "grownups" and having tea, and talking about how they don't feel like grownups yet. Amy says "Imagine trying to feel like a grown up when you've never even been with a man." So I guess that confirms it. (And Penny replies "Sex doesn't make you a grown up" and Bernadette says -to Penny - "Yeah or you'd be the oldest one here" lol thought I'd include that bit of dialogue as well).
  4. I think he's going to come back and realize that if he really loved Amy he'd have far less of a problem thinking about being with her than he does and break up with her. Or maybe he'll meet someone more compatible on the train, someone who's not holding him back by being a female him, someone more like Penny and way less like Amy. Of course this could just be wishful thinking on my part, lol
  5. Omg, I just saw the part where Sheldon used the thingy on the window, I swear I had to pause it, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, so funny!!
  6. I'm rewatching the show again from Season 1, and I've noticed between Season 1 and this past season, Johnny Galecki really really cut back on all that stuff he used to do, those weird little tics he used to have. I wonder if he had to work with someone or if they had gotten pointed out to him and once he became aware he stopped doing them? The finger thing, the mouth thing, the eye thing, the head thing, he rarely ever does any of them of them anymore, not saying it's a bad thing, it was all actually quite distracting. Has anyone else noticed this and how well he's done with it?
  7. I was curious and I had to go frame by frame to get the exact location (picture on left, google earth on right) but they should have known eventually someone would do this, lol. (Or has someone already done it? lol)
  8. I really think Amy needs a make-over. Mayim Bialik is such a pretty girl, but they make her look SO bad on the show, like they're playing up every fault they can find. I think she wears padding too, because Mayim doesn't look that big. I would love to see her with a little makeup and pretty hair, it wouldn't ruin her. Remember when she dressed up like Dr from Star Trek? She was ADORABLE! What do yall think? Edit - I think I need to clarify my opinion here. I, personally, think she could do with some better fitting clothes, and maybe a little body in her hair, NOT like Penny and Bernie. I don't want her to be all made up all the time and totally concerned with her looks, I just think they could do a lot better. They don't have make her look so frumpy just because she's smart. She IS female after all, and Penny and Bernadette would have, in a normal girlfriend relationships, been a little bit more of an influence on her by now.
  9. By the last season of Friends, the cast had become caricatures of themselves, Joey went from dumb but handsome to mentally challenged, Monica went from having a thing about cleaning to diagnosably OCD and so on. Because there was no growth, all there was to work with was the various personality tics, which got blown WAY up into over the top personality disorders. The same thing would happen here if there wasn't the growth that we've seen so far. Can you imagine just the 5 of them now in season 7? These people have some seriously unique personalities which without change and without growth would be so over the top and so overdone and so overused that if they'd made it to season 7, there wouldnt be a season 8, they'd have no more audience to watch them.
  10. I mean seriously, Amy is a very intelligent lady, and we're beginning to see a lot more of her playful fun side, but apparently the only side Sheldon has anymore is exactly the same side he's always had. Everyone's character has grown while Sheldons has just stagnated, and he treats her so badly, it's just not funny anymore, it's creeping slowly into abusive and sad. And just unbelievable, Amy is far too smart to allow this treatment to go on much longer, or even as long as it has. It's killing me because Sheldon is my favorite character, but this is really making me NOT like him. I hope they address this in Season7, otherwise just this one thing is going to totally kill the show for me.
  11. I guess that's probably it, lol, probably the same reason why in the first couple seasons they had her checking 2 different mailboxes, lol
  12. It just occurred to me as I was re-watching Season 2, in the episode where Penny meets Leonards Mom the first time, she says something like "My Mom could have said Bob get over it, she's a girl", but in another episode where we meet Pennys Dad, everyone calls him Wyatt. Maybe Wyatt is his last name and Bob is his first name? So that would mean Penny's last name is Wyatt? My sons paternal Grandfathers last name is his nickname, that's why I wonder about it. I dont know if anyone else has brought this up before, if you have sorry, lol
  13. I was so disappointed with the last episode that I actually did something I've never done before. I called TBBT Production Office and left a short, polite message with my name and number and asked them to call me back. I haven't received a reply but it's also been the weekend, and who knows, I might not even get one. I'm glad because I haven't quite finished typing up my talking points yet. I want to say as much as possible, in the shortest time allowed in such a way as to point out the issues with which I'm most disappointed yet in a way that will be intelligent and non offensive. lol I have my work cut out for me.
  14. Let me say that right from the start, TBBT is still my favorite show and I won't stop watching anytime soon. However, I'm getting a bit more disenchanted with each passing episode. The shows premise has gone from scientific, intelligent, fish out of water humor, ~almost~ to just a run of the mill romantic comedy. It's changed so much that it hardly resembles it's original self at all. I did not like the last episode at all. The opening was weak, and then Sheldon actually volunteers to take care of Amy when she's sick. SICK. A confirmed germaphobe does not roll over that easily, no matter how much you care about someone, a phobia is a phobia, and it takes years of therapy to deal with it. I could see him doing it while wearing a haz-mat suit, lol, or mask at the very least, but for Sheldon to just turn around and walk right back in like that, without doing the least little thing to prepare himself at all, was just a little too much. Sheldon is becoming a little too normal to have had the issues he started out with, Leonard has gone from being adorably shy to spineless and effeminate, everything funny about Howard is gone, just... gone, and the two people who actually needed to change have remained exactly the same, Penny has done nothing as far as her acting "career" and it's getting to be a bit a of stretch at this point, and Raj is almost invisible now. Yes I realize these are a lot of complaints about a show I claim to still hold as my favorite, I just don't totally give up that easily on something I've enjoyed so much for so many years. I still have hope that they'll revive it and remember what it was that made the show so awesome to begin with.
  15. Yeah Bernadette, lol, sorry why did I say Penny???
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