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  1. Well, that was disappointing, wish it was about the entire group of friends , rather then being about Sheldon alone Penny being pregnant and being happy about it is a joke ! I guess it shows how much writers cared about Leonard and Penny .. not even one touching moment between them.. Raj was a total waste... Anyway I guess it was a good bye to The Big Bang Theory The Sheldon Coooper Show
  2. Only laugh - Raj steering the scooter away . Actress playing Amy does'nt feel like a complete actor. None of her issues felt genuine. On a side note , are Leonard and Penny full time personal assistants of Sheldon and Amy??
  3. Is it only me who finds this super asymmetry story super boring.... and such a long unfunny plot in the last season feels like a complete downer....
  4. Amy making fun of Bernie's body/voice , imagine the horror if Bernie made fun of Amy's bodily attributes
  5. picture was of penny.....but post was about two married people....and yet you only took the penny side of it.... I know the difference... but I just don't see it......... especially here....
  6. When was Penny punished for withholding sex?? Leonard got punished for his mistake... and before you say when did we see Penny withhold sex.... Penny herself said sex is for manipulate people...
  7. I said "she manipulates Leonard with sex" .,.. which clearly implies I never said she tricked into Leonard into having sex with her.... anyway ... why is only manipulating you SO into sex is wrong.... as far I go manipulating you SO into anything is wrong...... I don't have the desire or time to trawl your content... but I remember I was the one who raised the same point some time back....
  8. oh really ?? she was used to infidelity but not the deceiving to gain sexual favour... if I remember Leonard told her earlier in season 5??? that he used to do a lot of things he hated because he wanted to have sex...... and Penny we all know uses sex to her own advantage... and Penny would'nt even tell Leonard she was going to quit her job...that she had a guy to do her finances.... and also secretly goes behind Leonard's back and talks to sheldon and gets him to do favors for her and her only in regards to RA....
  9. Talk about sexism.... Leonard was punished when he took advantage of Penny ... punishment as in he really was in trouble... while Amy, when she took advantage of Sheldon... got a punishment ... which for her was enjoyment.....and no trouble at all....
  10. boyyy... u are incredibly talented.... the attention to detail is awesome....wow.......
  11. he was lying to all others on how he is as a person.... if one is ashamed of what he/she actually is ..... and Sheldon was not even telling the truth about him wanting to improve science like someone here claimed (I don't know if it was you @brilliantfool or not... sorry ) .... he only wants fame and recognition..... so he lies about so many things and is so ashamed of who he is is....that he constantly lies about himself to everyone....and apart from that constantly undermines and criticizes others for the same....
  12. oh and how about all the athletic , handsome guys from the gym who are incredibly dumb and stupid.... cause u know only nerdy guys have to be intelligent.... and how about all the situations when the girls/wives/girlfriends are right and men are wrong and have to aplologize.... rules doncha know??
  13. u lost me when u said that Sheldon does not get away from his acts and other people get away from their acts.... and what was @Serena_nyc1995 's point ... she was listing out points where she said why Sheldon is better than others (and why she likes sheldon more than others).... and I was refuting those points..... and regarding my litany of Sheldon's supposed faults......... really ???? ..... u don't see it??? I can't help you... but sheldon in his own words (might not be the same) ... admitted that he is not the person who he says he is... and is emotionally attached to things.... so clearly he is ashamed of himself... and that is the reason for lying.... and for all the arguments about how sheldon speaks what he thinks and other bs.... this right is the reason not to believe it... because he basically lies about what kind of a person he is to others...... so why should anyone believe him.....
  14. @Serena_nyc1995 @ATOB @wowbagger its funny that no of mentions or complains when in this show itself... women are most of time right and men are most of the time wrong and have to apologize..... isn't that sexist ?? isn't that an insult to men's intelligence... which is so common in hollywood.... and where were all this complains when Howard's mother dragged an unwilling Raj into her house ..... imagine if the roles were reversed and if some character's father dragged an unwilling Penny or Bernie into his house... It has mentioned so many times by Penny that she uses sex to get things done... and she manipulates Leonard with sex..... so clearly them having sex mostly depends on Penny wanting it or not.....
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