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  1. Hey Monique! Glad you made it. Say hi to the person without gravitas for us.
  2. Thanks for the deets to Monique and Dana. We will love you forever. :D So they did it it in one take? That means that they actually pre-taped it and did a live run just for the audience. They do that sometimes. What you saw last night might not be exactly what we get when it airs, but it should be pretty close.
  3. Congrats on getting three tickets! That's an accomplishment in and of itself. I hope you are having a great vacation. People with standby tickets need to be in line as early as 11am. People with guaranteed/standard tickets need to arrive at least 90 minutes before the show. If you go into the studio with the rest of the 'guaranteeds', it is unlikely that you will be seated with your friends who have standby tickets. You'd probably need to wait with them outside until they get checked in. Have you emailed Audience Unlimiteds to see if they can switch your friends' tickets to guaranteed? In the past, people traveling from abroad have been able to get the tickets of other people in their group changed to guaranteed, but you need to ask before you get there. As for the cell phones, they strongly encourage people to leave them in their car before the check in but the truth is that they will just take them away at the stage door if you get that far with them. They'll give them back to you at the end of the taping. Enjoy the show and report back here if you have a chance. We'd really appreciate it. :D
  4. I think that getting in line between 11am and noon is good enough on most taping days. Good luck and enjoy.
  5. Whoa. Wheaton and Kripke? Curiouser and curiouser. 7X10 is not even going to be a sweeps episode. It will air in December.
  6. Carlos, read all about the infamous Streetcar scene at the end of this post here.
  7. Hi leela and welcome. If the person on the phone said they put you on the standby list, you're most likely on that list regardless of what the postcard says. You could email AU to confirm anyway at [email protected] Use the subject "Tickets". They usually reply within the hour during business hours. Good luck and enjoy the show!
  8. Thanks! That person wrote a very brief summary of the episode here. I guess the beloved scientist is Bill Nye. Apparently, they didn't get the memo that this was common knowledge.
  9. Chrismo, I meant ordinary as in normal or standard. Normal or standard things are not worse by definition. I'm not sure how it was extrapolated that I was saying Shamy or their fans are better than anybody.
  10. I wouldn't exactly call it "being thrilled over nothing" although I can see why other people think that what little happens between Sheldon and Amy is not significant compared to other so-called regular couples. Sheldon and Amy are no ordinary couple, though, so what seems nothing to some people is huge for them.
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PHANTA!!!!!!! Have a healthy and blessed new year of your life.
  12. My plan is to go to bed and wake up to either total nirvana or mayhem tomorrow morning.
  13. I take it spooky is getting herself spoiled silly tonight?
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