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  1. Roxanne is going to the 7x2 taping.
  2. Thanks for all the news! The press release lists the episodes airing on 9/26 as the 7th season premiere at 8pm and an "original episode" at 8:30pm. It sounds to me like there will be two independent episodes that happen to air back-to-back, much like the premiere night of S5. I'll take it, though. :D Navigating the romantic advances of the guys? That seems a bit of a stretch.
  3. True The next person drinks coffee every morning.
  4. I absolutely agree that 43 and Parking is particular would have been my preferred choices over Egg Salad. However, I can see why they chose it. It has all the elements of over the top, broad, non PC comedy that balance out the other more emotional episodes.
  5. I like that picture. I like it a lot.
  6. Louie CK has not won any major award against Jim Parsons. By major award, I mean Emmy, GG or SAG. Critics love Louie CK because he directs, writes and stars in his own show, much like Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm and Garry Shindling from The Larry Sanders Show. Combined number of Lead Actor Emmys between those 3 stand up comedians: Zero. It could change this year but odds are against it.
  7. The critics and pundits who do predictions take "growth" into consideration, but the Emmy voters don't. They judge the individual performance in the episode, not character arcs. This is true for the guest performances, not the regular acting categories. The voters will get to see the whole episode. This is why many people think that the MF cast benefits so much from multiple noms in the same category: the voters get to see the same actor in multiple tapes due to the submissions of other actors from the same show. As a matter of fact, Vergara is now infamous for submitting episodes that help Julie Bowen more than herself, lol. Although I too prefer Jim's performance in Closure, Habitat is an excellent choice for this category. Historically, Emmys love their "drunks".
  8. Here's a possible explanation as to why the writers used DnD again. Or maybe it is just a weird coincidence. http://insidemovies.ew.com/2013/05/07/dungeons-dragons-warner-bros/
  9. Nice, presuming that it was a "personal attack" based on someone else's opinion. For me, people in the 'Neverland' of this forum are those who think that characters shouldn't "grow up" if that means they're no longer funny in their opinion. As Pomita said, anyone who has read posts in the Shamy thread (or any couple thread for that matter) knows that there is almost as much disagreement in those group as in the US congress. But it looks like some people pull opinions out of air. Anything works when it comes to making others look like non-thinking drones, right?
  10. Not sure how you would know what happens in Shamyland since you seem to spend all your time in Neverland.
  11. Thanks Cait and bbs! You are lifesavers! :D
  12. Thanks Cait! :D CTV promos are 20-30 secs long. Like this one: Good times.
  13. Feel free to record it with your phone's camera or something like that. I, for one, will appreciate it anyway/. Regarding Australian promos, the one for The Closure Alternative featured Raj and Lucy's date only. So I guess they're great if you're into that.
  14. She just waltzes into his bedroom because that's kind of her life now, just like the afternoon tea time at his apartment, bf/gf singalong, late night calls, impromptu hugs and hand holding. :D
  15. Hmmm. More evidence that the producers probably got word about the renewal some time in the middle of the season and changed gears for some of their story lines....curiouser and curiouser.
  16. Who is this rubyanjel and what did she do to my jeanalice? Yeah...that watershed moment quote was included in an article about DnD but the context is the finale. It is definitely referring to Raj, and Molaro is definitely overselling Sheldon's reaction is particular by all accounts, unless he thinks that the fact that Sheldon didn't lock Leonard into a room in order to prevent him from leaving shows Sheldon's fondness for Leonard. I thought that it was pretty clear in 6x14 that they intend to move Sheldon forward in the physical intimacy department at some point. It was like the writers flashing a "Warning: It's happening" sign. The follow up in 6x23 is great, but I still expect this to be a loooong, somewhat tedious journey that will have us banging our heads against the wall at times like what happened between 19 and 22.
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