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  1. Personal attacks and nitpicking lead by the esteemed Mr. Impartial Moderator, which is the most disappointing thing of all. For if the site moderator, the #2 person around here, is engaging in behavior that would be called out and censured if anyone else did it, what hope is there for a forum? Shenanigans like this are why I've been doing nothing but lurking for a while now, and am seriously contemplating leaving for good. The atmosphere in these forums has become toxic, and I don't see a solution appearing any time soon. Sent from my HTC One M8 using Tapatalk
  2. Well, I may be exaggerating slightly. But it's definitely gotten longer during the course of S8, particularly after the finale. (I take no pleasure in it, believe me, since I'd rather have a productive conversation with everybody, but in my opinion, that's not possible right now. Ignore lists are blunt instruments, to be sure, but useful ones when situations become intolerable.)
  3. Why do you think my ignore list is now bulging to the exploding point? I come here to enjoy myself, but this season has made otherwise sane, rational people act like rabid jackasses on hypersteroids. Since I'm not obligated to put up with such nonsense, into the list they go (and they're more than welcome to do the same to me, if they haven't already), and they're not coming out until they calm down and grow thicker skins. I value my peace of mind too much.
  4. To be fair, it was Barenaked Ladies, not the producers, who wrote the theme song. I do recall one of the band members saying that the "autotrophs" line was intended as a joke. As for the second... c'mon, man, it's just a theme song. Say the word "Neanderthal" to Joe Average Viewer, and it's a pretty good bet he's going to have some idea what you're talking about. Mention "Homo habilis" and they're gonna go, "Dafuq?" Gotta keep it accessible to the viewer, 99.999999999999999999999999% of whom aren't obsessed with details and scientific accuracy like the hardcore fans.
  5. Didn't you know? Nothing says "move a relationship forward" quite like taking it backwards.
  6. Tensor already said what I would have, in a much nicer tone than I would have. Still, to address your points one by one: You're most certainly allowed to have your own opinion. Just like I'm allowed to have mine. See how that works? I have nothing to get over, as I'm not the one with the thin skin. You asked for a public opinion in a public forum. You're not guaranteed or entitled to only get the answers you like. Welcome to the Thunderdome.
  7. It's a running gag, for Christ's sake. Get over it.
  8. You HAVE been here before, right? Sent from my HTC One M8 using Tapatalk
  9. It's rants like that which confirm, in other peoples' minds, that fans are obsessive crazies that should be wrapped in straightjackets, thrown in a padded room, shot to the gills with Thorazine, and fed warm pudding for the rest of their lives. Posting something like that in one of these forums is one thing, but throwing it out in public?
  10. If they dare do a musical episode, I'LL grab a torch and pitchfork, and lead the rest of you into storming the WB gates!
  11. A better baseball analogy would be that the entire run of the series is a single game, with each season being an inning. (It's not perfect, of course, as this particular game will have more than nine innings.) In practically every game, a team can have a bad inning; in this case, Lenny had one bad inning out of eight. The game itself is still being played, with the important thing being how the game ends. If both Shamy and Lenny are married by the series finale, we can call the game even, as this particular game allows tie endings.
  12. They'll never get to that point. Emily will go all Sweeny Todd on them first. (See what I did there?) Well, not to us, anyway.
  13. In the 200th episode, Sheldon and Howard confess their secret, undying love for each other, run away, get married, and join a hippie commune. You heard it here first!!!
  14. Were they? And was it? The way it was written, it could be interpreted in many different ways. We have absolutely no information to go on other than those three words. Everyone is assuming anything and everything based on that, depending on their feelings and biases. A lot of supposition based on "tone" and whether something was "out of character," but almost no absolute, factual information whatsoever. (In fact, from what I can see, it's the people here who have hated S8 the most are the ones that are assuming the absolute worst of Leonard.) We have three words. Three words. We don't know exactly what happened. We probably won't know for certain until S9. I wish people would start using their heads about this. People who are otherwise sane and rational are going batcrap crazy over a few words and a LOT of supposition. It really, seriously makes me wonder just how much of a fan of the show these people are, if they're getting so totally unglued (to the point of threatening to never watch it again) over three words and some "tone."
  15. Both Tripper and Tensor have said many, many times to report posts rather than make comments and inflame the situation. Perhaps that would have been the better course of action?
  16. How about this one I just made? I'm gonna find lots of uses for this one.
  17. Looks like CSI's fate is sealed: it's cancelled, with a two-hour series finale movie to air in the fall. Reportedly, former stars William Petersen (Gil Grissom) and Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows) will return for the finale, with Ted Danson (D.B. Russell) moving to CSI: Cyber.
  18. That, too. I thought I implied that with my "different direction" comment, but the connection must have only been in my head.
  19. I figure that either the producers wanted to go in a different direction (i.e. Emily), or the actress who played Yvette (Tania Raymonde) wasn't interested in continuing the role, even on a recurring basis.
  20. Nah, I'm thinking that they'll get there, be on the verge of going through with it, realize that they were merely swept up in the moment and that eloping would be unfair to their friends and family, and back out at the last minute and decide on a more traditional wedding. All of this happening off-screen between seasons, of course... Sent from my HTC One M8 using Tapatalk
  21. For me, both Idol and CSI were the biggest surprises. Both shows seemed like they would roll on forever, but then, I thought that about the original Law & Order, too. It's probably time for CSI to bid farewell, though, because with the departure of George Eads ("Nick Stokes"), there's not a single cast member left from the start of the show (Jorja Fox ["Sara Sidle"] doesn't count, as she was brought in at episode 2]). Personally, I stopped watching it shortly after William Petersen ("Gil Grissom") left; it was also around that time when I broke up with my ex-girlfriend, and since it was a show that we both watched, well, you figure it out. I also lost interest in crime procedurals in general after that, which also meant I stopped watching NCIS and Law & Order: SVU. Nowadays, much of what my wife and I watch (from the DVR) is, believe it or not, "reality" shows like Chopped, Restaurant Impossible, Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef (you're seeing a pattern here, right?), Flipping Vegas, Hotel Impossible, Rehab Addict, and Storage Wars. (We were bummed when Kitchen Nightmares was axed. Gordon Ramsay is a perverse joy to watch.) Not exactly intellectual stimulation, but as busy as we are these days, we're merely looking for escapist entertainment. Oh, and TBBT, of course.
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