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  1. Sheldon is already broken, and needs to be fixed in order to have any sort of healthy relationship with a woman. Denying that is like denying that water is wet, the sky is blue, and the sun rises in the east. Sent from my HTC One M8 using Tapatalk
  2. Funny, as I was reading it, all I could think of was, "I know what's gonna happen, neener-neener-neeeeeener!" in a sing-song voice.
  3. Absolutely. Go to any chapel in the larger casino resorts on the Strip; they're very nice, and can provide a beautiful, dignified wedding. There are also off-strip places that can provide the same, like Chapel of the Flowers (which is one my wife and I looked at when we were originally planning a small Vegas wedding, before logistics forced us to have a small ceremony and reception at home). Vegas gets a bad rap for "cheesy weddings," and there are indeed plenty of cheesetastic places for it, but it's not at all difficult to have a nice wedding there.
  4. Believe me, there is no shortage of Elvis-themed chapels there. There are, in fact, several of them on Las Vegas Boulevard just north of the Stratosphere. The cheese factor is so high that your cholesterol will jump into the five digits just driving past them.
  5. I don't know how this forum software works, so I don't know if Tripper can make an individual thread "members only." But, if it's anything like other forum software, it should allow the creation of "members only" subforums, where taping report threads can be stored.
  6. Well, sure. It wasn't really necessary for him to bring it up, since he wasn't the instigator and stopped before anything got started, but you know Leonard and guilt... and how much the writers and producers love to pull these things out of their asses thin air.
  7. You do remember the wild party they were having in 7x01, don't you? What makes you think that was the only one? Why do you assume that it was a "Leonard and girl alone in room and she decides to inhale his tonsils" thing, and not a "drunk girl at party kisses Leonard and he backs off" thing? Is it your natural inclination to automatically assume the worst possible scenario?
  8. Agreed, though I have my doubts about the "still getting married" part, at least with regards to eloping in Vegas. Too cliche, too anticlimactic (to use their own words). I say they'll come to their senses at the last moment and call it off, preferring to wait until they reach episode #200.
  9. Really, the only thing Leonard can be faulted for in this situation is not telling Penny about it sooner. That's an unfortunate lapse in judgment, but then, Leonard is just as human as the rest of us. We'll see how it plays out in September. And the next person that says "Leonard kissed the girl" (when what happened is the complete opposite and he stopped it from going anywhere) is gonna get punched in the kidneys.
  10. Re: the Twitterwar over the taping reports This is why we can't have nice things.
  11. Leonard has never been able to deal with guilt very well. Two examples: his tryst with Priya (which he eventually confessed to Howard and Raj), and his indiscretion with Alice (which he confessed to Priya). At least this time, according to Michy, he wasn't the one who instigated it, and he called it off as soon as it happened. I'm imagining a drunken girl lunging at him and sticking her tongue down his throat, all the while his arms are comically waving in the air in a wild "stop, stop, get off me!" gesture. I do agree that the timing is odd, but of course, from a real-world perspective, it was done deliberately to create a cliffhanger for next season, and we all know that the writers and producers aren't adverse to sacrificing realism for the sake of storytelling.
  12. You win the Completely Missing The Point Award for today. Congratulations.
  13. Yeah, but is he ready for marriage? Out of all the couples, I'd say that he's the least ready for it, and Amy getting fed up with Sheldon's Sheldonness is a Mount Everest-sized indicator of that. It's fairly obvious to me that despite the growth he's experienced over these past few years, he's still a rank amateur (and still fairly clueless) when it comes to matters of emotion and human interaction. If he doesn't show more improvement in that area, a Shamy marriage will fail, and neither of them (but especially Amy) deserves to go through that.
  14. You make it sound like Mayim is some glass figurine that needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap and cushioned from any and all harm. Quite frankly, if she's so paralyzed by grief after a three month period that she's unable to return to work, then she's not the professional she's supposed to be and doesn't belong in the cast of a television show (this or any other).
  15. Thank you so much for the taping report, Michy. My thoughts on it: Shamy: Quite frankly, I could see this one coming from half a continent away. After 5 years, with only micro-steps forward in their relationship and Sheldon still being Sheldon, Amy finally having enough and stepping back makes perfect sense to me. Shamy is a quirky relationship, yes, but even so, Amy has had to put up with a lot of crap that most women would have had enough of a long time ago. Sheldon's been needing something to knock some sense into his head for a long time; perhaps this is it. (And yes, Sheldon wanting to propose is a big deal, but it still doesn't solve the root problem of Sheldon being Sheldon. That's going to take some work to fix...) Lenny: According to Michy, the drunken North Sea girl kissed him, and he backed off. It's not exactly his finest hour, but it's a much different situation than him initiating it willingly, ala Alice. Of course, Leonard being Leonard, his guilt won't let him keep it a secret for very long (whether it was a good idea to keep it a secret is debatable). I'm thinking that they'll realize they're acting impulsively and call off the elopement, but the engagement and eventual wedding will still be on, although tension will hang over their heads for a little while (ala the start of Season 6). IMHO it's not the end of the world, the sky isn't falling, and Lenny isn't going to break up over this. The only real negative of this development is that the Vocal Fan Minority will probably continue to bitch and whine all summer, which means my ignore list will start growing exponentially... Howard/Stuart/Bernadette: Still a little confused over where things stand here. Seems like Stuart is still The Houseguest That Never Leaves, from my reading of the TR. Raj/Emily: Sounds like an afterthought plot to me, though I'm glad to see that Emily will be sticking around and, hopefully, providing further development with her character. Perhaps we'll see some development beyond the one-dimensional Creepy Emily persona... All in all, I'm very curious to see how this will actually play out on the screen. It sounds like an interesting episode, to say the least...
  16. According to Wikipedia and IMDb, yes. I can't check the episode credits right now, but I'm pretty sure it is indeed him.
  17. Yeah, I did, except for the part where I completely didn't. Try again.
  18. I prefer "beating the horse into liquefied Alpo," myself.
  19. There are a lot of them, but to date, I think my favorite still has to be her drunken antics in Vegas, from "housekeeping!" to "twirl their junk in the opposite direction."
  20. Then IMHO she should have kept her mouth shut and not said a damn thing, at least until she's come to terms with her grief. A simple "my father died, I'm still grieving, I'll be back soon, thank you for all your well wishes" would have sufficed, rather than saying something thoughtless (again) and pissing off some of her fans (again). Honestly, I love her work, but she's an absolute disaster when it comes to knowing when and what to say on social media. I flashed back to the death of my father, too, but to put it bluntly, nobody cares what Mayim is thinking and feeling. They're just offering their condolences, they're not in the "grieving someone's death" equivalent of a dick-measuring contest.
  21. Grieving or not, that was a pretty callous and disrespectful thing to say to people who are simply trying to offer sympathy. (And I'm going to stop right now before I let loose with some rather choice expletives...)
  22. I could see that happening in a dream sequence, ala "The Transporter Malfunction." Though I'd really hate to see what the formerly-svelte Shatner would look like now in one of those movie-era Starfleet uniforms (or, heaven forbid, a TV series-era gold shirt)...
  23. "The Scavenger Vortex" revealed that she has five brothers and sisters.
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