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  1. I can't wait till this episode! Sounds like some really cute Shamy will happen, if Adhesive Duck Deficiency is anything to go buy Sheldon is pretty good with the damsels in distress
  2. I had mine on pre-order from hmv. Got a Bazinga tshirt on special offer for £9 with it. I've watched it all already along with the bonus features (I have a love of gag reels!)
  3. Hi, I'm good thanks. Thank you for the welcome
  4. I have my college ID card on a 'Bazinga' lanyard - does that count?
  5. Hello, I'm Fizz. I live in England, I'm a computer science student and I love The Big Bang Theory! My favourite character is Amy, my favourite cast member is Kaley Cuoco and I ship Shamy and Lenny (plus a little bit of Shenny but mostly as friends). My favourite episode is The Adhesive Duck Deficiency. This place looks awesome, I can't wait to settle in here Please enjoy one of my favourite gifs
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