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  1. Memorial bench is ready. Lilies will bloom at some point. Every time I see the message I wrote on the 30th October, I'm literally in floods of tears...
  2. It's not the same without Mike...
  3. I'm finally getting myself together to work on an area for Mike, a wrought iron bench with a plaque with Walnutcowboy stencilled on it, and lilies on either side of it. An area of which to sit and think of him (Better stop now or I'll be in tears just thinking about him.)
  4. Oh Mike, I'm so so sorry for not seeing your message..! 😭😭😭 Am sitting in the Garden, crying my eyes out at Mike's last message to me, and I failed to see it as I hadn't been about for a while. I'm really sorry, Mike - I hope you can forgive me ..! 😭😭😭😭😭
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