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  1. Penny and Alice are real world nerds. Amy and Bernadette are Hollywood nerds.
  2. I see many possibilities for Alex. She disappears from the show my least favorite. Alex is used to strengthen Penny and Leonard by Leonard giving a firm no. Alex is used to break up Penny and Leonard. Alex ends up in bed with someone but who we do not find out till next season. In that case most likely answer Raj but Leonard and even Sheldon is possible. I do think from Alex’s point of view the outcome with Leonard was if anything encouraging.
  3. In many ways Kaley has the most extensive filmograhy of anyone on the show even though she is about 10 years younger then the others. She has been a major character on three successful TV shows. Her appearances on these shows have totaled over 200 episodes. Only Johnny has a similar number. Kaley has also done extensive voice acting. Voicing characters in about 200 animated episodes. Not exactly something her looks have an effect on. Many 27 year old actresses are still playing teenagers. So the transition will not be as big for Kaley as some suggest.
  4. Thanks I added the line: Note these are from Alex’s point of view not necessarily the truth. For that very reason. I probably should have bolded it and upped the font as well. Did they give Dr Stephanie or Leslie Winkle even that much of a mention when they disappeared? I really hope they do not do that to Alex but can see it as very possible.
  5. Yes I always find people saying things like that scary. So far at least Penny, Bernadette and Leonard have all said some variant of this. In a mystery or a drama this would be a giant flashing neon sign. BBT is a comedy so just a small flashing sign. I do expect Alex to be back probably towards the end of sweeps. I am actually starting to worry about a cliff hanger with Alex. It is funny that in many ways Penny is the nerdiest of the three girls. Penny “Kirk Cheated” “Do or do not, there is no try”
  6. Agree enjoyable episode. Some plots unfinished but that may be on purpose. The Alex storyline may not be over. Alex is still working for Sheldon. Sheldon because of what happened is unlikely to take any action in the future. Then let’s look at what Alex came away with from the flirting session with Leonard: Note these are from Alex’s point of view not necessarily the truth. Leonard finds interesting the same things as her. Leonard was willing to spend time with her. Leonard made spending time with his girlfriend sound more like a chore. Leonard’s girlfriend does not share his interests and sounds dull. Leonard’s response to being asked out was largely positive. Leonard at no point and time discouraged her. It is also likely she will find out Leonard was very happy about her flirting with him. Not exactly the recipe for Alex to stop. For me writers having characters say someone would not do something over several episodes always makes me suspicious.
  7. Like is too strong a word. Two episodes earlier she was picking fights with Penny and Sheldon. Pretty much the opposite of what you want a character to do to be liked. If you take a step back and look at the character and actress without the negative emotion of fighting Penny and Sheldon she is a lot more interesting. Priya was beginning to make friends with Penny an episode earlier. Another Penny bonding episode combined with a good deed for Sheldon would have made her much more popular. Put another way Priya had a lot of potential that could have been explored.
  8. Even when he was talked into giving the gift of a child to the world by Amy Sheldon wanted Penny to be the surrogate and help raise the child. I really do not think it would take that much to get him to the next step. I actually find many of Sheldon’s insults of Penny intriguing. His Meemaw is a Texas country woman who grew up during the Great Depression and World War II, for example I would be willing to bet she can churn butter and sew a dress out of a gunny sack. Shedlon is kind, honest, feisty, and brainy. Pretty much Penny’s description of the perfect guy, The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. That is the one thing Penny and Sheldon have none of. I always take interviews with a grain of salt. The writers are know to lie when it suites them. Calling what Amy has done recently slow is just bizarre. She has used everything up to the kitchen sink. I can not help but wonder what the writers thought about “The Fish Guts Displacement” when compared to “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency”.
  9. I agree you need a trigger just not a talent. A big Halo tournament they win, a part in a sci-fi movie for Penny, Sheldon’s Memaw, another prank war all come to mind. Thinking about it Sheldon has demonstrated respect for two groups of people Physicists and actors who play science fiction characters. Penny does not really fit the first but could the second. I actually think that would be funny and allow growth on Penny’s part. Slow IMO is good. Penny is a lot more practical and knowledgeable both about both sex and Sheldon. Naked would not work with Sheldon but T’Pol, Padmea, Catwoman, Black Canary or Star Sapphire might succeed. P.S. thanks Google 10 minutes and found interesting females for most of Sheldon’s literary interests. Flash still eludes me only normal wives no costumed girlfriends. Sheldon already associates Penny and sex giving her an advantage. Remember his comment about Penny wet t-shirt contests and hypnotists. I agree too many have left recently.
  10. a) No. B It did not even make sense. For example how does Raj not know his sister is goig back to India? c) Everybody, nobody, alcohol, stupidity, Lorre take your pick. d) Priya yes. Everybody else no. e) It would have been better without the crash. Leonard living with Priya who is becoming friends with Penny and maybe Sheldon. Raj living with Sheldon being able to talk to Penny and having a real storyline.
  11. We do not know if Penny heard or not. From what she said plus the writers having her go to the kitchen it is very likely she did not. Otherwise the writers had no reason to send her to the kitchen. It can also be the writers will not follow up on what they did. Too much respect would be bad since the quips they toss at each other can be flirtish like in Moonlighting. Also has Sheldon ever challenge Penny and won? Video games, prank wars(even if Penny cheated), pictionary and wresting Penny wins. I know there must be a time but off the top of my head I can not think of it.
  12. I worry that all the chaos on Two and a Half Men may make them fear change. Forcing them into a rut where nothing changes. IMO the last real changes occurred late season 4. If they do not follow thru on Raj/Amy or Leonard/Alex then all story lines may become tease with no follow thru. I like to think the writers are better then that so I hope for some bite.
  13. The question for me is the show now all bark and no bite. I hope they are not now toothless.
  14. With the chaos at Two and a Half Men I would not want to bet on any changes. Ignoring that I do think Amy’s lack of respect for Sheldon, his friends and his hobbies sooner or later is a problem. So I stick with my earlier estimate of late February sweeps for likely break ups for both couples. Spoiler from preview Sheldon is not so much resisting as oblivious. Unless someone points it out to him he will not figure out the sexual component. Spoiler from preview
  15. Very good/ good episode. If there is a villain it is Seibert. Taking away someone’s parking spot, office or secretary is a slap in the face. Sheldon and Howard’s stuff was funny and largely harmless. Amy and Bernadette went overboard but funny Penny/Kaley was great. Just about stole the scenes she was in. Breaking Penny's nose helps build up good will for her. I wonder if Alex may have been at the lecture Penny could not go to because of the broken nose. Minor faults: Black eye make up could have been better at the Cheesecake Factory. Sheldon’s germ phobia seems to be in reemission.
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