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  1. Hahahaha yes, SO MANY FEELS at the bored-sounding bazinga out of the corner of his mouth. Amazing.
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    A part of me was convinced after watching the S4 finale and the Raj mess that her resolution the next episode would be to cut back on drinking. Instead it was to high-tail it to Nebraska. I wish they would make Penny less of a drunk because it's basically either continue that gimmick or actually give her room to develop and grow.
  3. The ball pit was pretty good, but it didn't have me in stitches like the scathing "bazinga, I don't care" regarding the shoe topic. I think even Jim was so amused by it in the scene he couldn't help but give a half-smile as he said it, otherwise the little laugh/smile/scoff in the delivery is just magic.
  4. Sheldon needed a girlfriend at some point in the series to show off just how someone like him, whose quirks, habits and idiosyncrasies we all became familiar with, would act in a relationship situation. Although I'm not sure why one of the writers stated that there was no reason for changing Sheldon being single when they proceeded to do so anyway, I think it was inevitable. Not having Sheldon play 'the relationship game' was just going to pique all the curiosity in the world as to how he would behave if he did, in that I found myself a lot more intrigued by and interested in a romance for som
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