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  1. Oh lovely thanks Johnny is my favourite too I just think he is so gorgeous
  2. there is a proper promo here http://www.spoilertv...pisode-602.html looks good
  3. I love that one one of my favourites though is this one Leonard: What would you be if you were attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis? Sheldon: Screwed. Leonard: There you go.
  4. aww I think Johnny is so adorable and sexy thanks for posting
  5. I'm really tempted by this I don't know of this organiser but I have been to many conventions with the same set up in fact I'm going to a Doctor Who convention in December at this very hotel (I get to meet David Tennant again ) so I'll know what the hotel is like but I think I will have to wait and see what other guests are announced first but its so very tempting but these things get expensive once you add in the cost of staying at the hotel and the travel
  6. thanks everyone I think I'm going to like it here
  7. new here just been through all the pages of this thread and loved all the pictures especially the Johnny ones oh he is so gorgeous
  8. Hello everyone I'm new to this fandom discovered this show about 2 months ago and been obsessed ever since (I watched all 5 seasons in the space of 2 weeks I just couldn't stop ) I'm from the UK and have many obessions my main one being Doctor Who and David Tennant but the Big Bang Theory is rapidly catching up with that. I love all the characters there isn't any I don't like but I have a real soft spot for Leonard in particular and Johnny is just gorgeous can't wait for the new season so Hi
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