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  1. TPAM Missed me loads :D Oh and he's sweet and funny and keeps posting in the wrong threads
  2. Hi Kitka !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<hugs and dances>> Hi nutboy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo My finals aren't untill the first week of December but I am still worried.Thanks for asking !
  3. True The next person hits snooze repreatedly
  4. Depends on how it is prepared. Steak,10 ounces, medium rare, with sauteed mushrooms and mashed potatoes on the side and mushroom gravy ? mmmmm...my ideal dinner !
  5. YES *shudders* Have you ever had a daddy long-leg crawl in your hair? Nasty,foul things...
  6. Chocolate Mousse Velveeta or Spray Cheese? Choose the lesser of two (....delicious) evils
  7. Unless Howard and Bernadette have kids....can you imagine, that hair, but blonde, on a baby ?!?
  8. False The next person has played Black Ops 2
  9. TNP Missed me Oh and she is vair nice and sweet.
  10. While everyone is yammering on about missing the wonderful ME, I sneak up to the top of the hill. I AM QUEEN OF THE HILL Nice to see you missed me ! I missed you all too.I have been busy cramming and testing as Miracle Walnut said. But I am back ! This is my triumphant return ! Umph ! Umph ! Umph !
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