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  1. Unless Howard and Bernadette have kids....can you imagine, that hair, but blonde, on a baby ?!?
  2. I'd like to do... ^And I am going to stop right there,lol The way Simon looks at 'Raj' @ 9:47 *sigh*
  3. Oh, you won't even taste it ! ...shake? I am being forced to go over for dinner with my Bitch In Law next Thursday and I was going to bring a dish along.....heh heh heh :icon_twisted: :icon_twisted:
  4. Oh,dear...A moth flew into the house and the first thing I thought was of grinding it up and adding it to my husband's dinner
  5. Oh,dear...A moth flew into the house and the first thing I thought was of grinding it up and adding it to my husband's dinner
  6. When Rajesh wanted a desk as well in Sheldon's office...,, That whole episode had me laughing non-stop.
  7. Mwahahah ! Let me know how it goes, and I will do likewise! My husband has been trying to eat healthy, so he eats shakes made of berries and yogurt.I have been tempted more than once to slip a fat,juicy caterpillar in. The only thing stopping me is it is too cold for caterpillars right now.
  8. When Sheldon admits to grinding up moths and adding them in small increments to Leonard's food Then in the last scene of that particular episode, the Mango-Caterpillar snow cones. Priceless. I have 4 brothers,all of whom I am going to try the moth experiment on.. There IS Thanksgiving coming up....
  9. I HOPE we don't ! I don't think I could handle the sight
  10. I think Amy doing experimental electric work on Raj's brain, namely the amygdala, by attaching electrodes or via hypnosis (or a combination of the two, electro-hypnosis?). And hey hey ...it could be called (get ready for this)...The Thrilla In The Amygdala!!!! ( yes I stole that from Amy,sue me.No,actually do not sue more as I have no money). @phantagrae : I LOVE that movie! I had the whole "The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle. The chalice from the palace has the brew that is true!" scene memorized, and I still do for the most part My father rented all the Danny Kaye movies for us kids.I LOVED the Inchworm Song from Hans Christian Anderson and The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty reminds me of me. He rented other musicals as well, such as Carousel, Bye Bye Birdie,etc. My favorite has to be the original Music Man, as well as Brigadoon.
  11. This episode had quite a few laugh-out-loud moments: Captain Hook eyelash curler scene spreading scent scene (sooo gross) Howard freaking out in space the lunch table scene when Leonard baits Raj to talk to Alex (which was kinda mean but funny) etc
  12. @Phant--->Did you have Strawberry Quik with it?
  13. Why must my son wake up at 5am every day of the week?

  14. The Werewolf Transformation ! Excellent episode ! What about "I play bongos walking down the stairs" *thump thump ow" pause... "Never play bongos walking down the stairs" Then his visit to his barber in the hospital...lol lol lol
  15. I love sweater vests with button-up shirts under neath them mixed with Sheldon's JLA, etc shirts and little zip jackets like Penny.
  16. Sheldon, Howard,Penny,Raj, all together, in that general order.
  17. I would be glad to wager that it was a close contest between John Cryer and Jim Parsons. Both are VERY extremely talented men.
  18. I quite agree. He seems,to me, more of a lead character on TAHM then Charlie Sheen when Sheen was still in the cast. Jon Cryer reminds me of a less neurotic (if you will) Sheldon. Maybe he could do a small guest spot on BBT ?
  19. Nothing for BBT But Jim Parsons was SO adorable.....that smile = me melting And I could have SWORN they were going to say Mayim's name for the Emmy RIGHT before they announced the real winner. I am very disappointed !
  20. Anyone else think Jon Cryer's anal retentive quarks for Alan on Two And A Half Men would fit him in as a guest on The Big Bang Theory , with the same slight tendencies?
  21. The whole 'Hamburger Toucher' incident
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