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  1. I'm watching the episode with the Penny Blossoms and Sheldon drinks coffee =) Wheat toast, lightly brown, 4 tablespoons butter (2 tbs per side), 1/2 tbs white sugar rubbed into the toast that has been buttered, topped with a tsp of cinnamon and a 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg. Soda Crackers or Graham Crackers?
  2. This is myself. Link :https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/s720x720/310204_159644837462828_428674489_n.jpg Or thumbnail below (you can click on it to open the image in a new tab, make it larger)
  3. Yes I do all the time Have you ever eaten the inside of the Oreo only and left it for a sibling ?
  4. That is a hard one.... Aretha was the queen of soul, while Diana Ross was the Queen of the Supremes.... I have to say Aretha. Diana Ross tend to be rude and have a bad attitude, and said herself Billie Holiday was 'nothing special'. And she is BB King or Eric Clapton?
  5. False ! The next person drinks coffee.
  6. No Have you ever been to lazy to go to bed, so slept on the couch?
  7. False The next person eats out at least once a week
  8. Luther Vandross ! Barry Manilow or Barry White?
  9. Do you mean such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia, or even obsessively calorie counting? No The next person has all their (real) teeth.
  10. Fruits, as they provide more nutrients then vegetables, prepared or no. Mopping or sweeping?
  11. Wow, I am sorry to hear it, but glad that you are OK. That is a serious infection and you're very lucky. Cryptococcsis starts as a small lung infection, and progresses at a speed depending on your immune system and lug capacity capabilites. Especially as it generally is inhaled, for it causes severe and direct infection to the lungs, to start. Glad you're here !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Newton
  12. Peaches tend to have a slime, while nectarines tend to 'crunch',and pears are just crunch and mush at the same time...sickening. I try to stay with fruit such as pomegranates,grapes (peeled first),tomatoes, and kiwis, with the occasional citrus fruit. Seedless grapes are genetically modified. So seeded, though it is a pain to de-seed them after peeling (tends to get slippery). Vine fruit (Tomatoes,etc) or vine vegetables ?
  13. Yes that is Dr Crane =) NO The next person eats certain things only when no one else is around.
  14. Oranges. I can't apples. Their texture is just...wrong. Nectarines or peaches?
  15. What's wrong? Or would you rather not talk about it? It means my head contents went boom boom. Lennon
  16. Two shirts. Ankle socks or knee socks?
  17. Dr. Johnathan Crane. He is my favorite Batman 'villian', and My son's name is spelled the same way. I didn't tell my husband that it was spelt the same, by the way,for my own sake,really =) True ! Up to a point.The same with Rodney Dangerfield. He is gross,foul, and he also resembles a very large toad,yet in each of his movies he gives a touching speak, mainly on human emotions or human nature. The next person likes Rodney Dangerfield
  18. OK My cephalic appendage has grown from the inside out, expanding rapidly over a long distance in a short span of time. ..Really though, you OK? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jackson
  19. False. The next person knows Scarecrows REAL name WITHOUT Googling it (I do).
  20. Love seat.There is more room and no one can sit in my spot (dontcallmeSheldon). Gaggle of geese or murder of crows?
  21. I am not going to dignify that was a response. Instead.... *head explodes* There. Now you are obligated to clean up the various pieces of grey matter, amygdala, pons, etc. Carter Hall....aka Hawkman
  22. Hm, never had pumpernickel chips, are they good? Sourdough bread....my husband makes the best sourdough bread ever. He even raises the yeast and feeds it,etc, instead of buying activated yeast. Mustard or grey poupon?
  23. What about Einstein? (just teasing). Fitzgerald
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