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  1. I don't eat spaghetti, so no. The next person travels light.
  2. I have played-and still do occasionally play-my fair share of Magic,the Gathering. Have you ever played D&d?
  3. Sour cream onion Pumpernickel or rye ?
  4. Interesting....I am physically unable to burp. No, I have only been to the ocean once, and the first day I got third-degree burns. The next person has slurped their spaghetti.
  5. True...One is 12, and the other is 5-and-1/2 The next person burps after drinking soda.
  6. Yes, dogs do not like me :/ Which is just as well, as I do not like them either. The next person has at least one friend that is a vegetarian.
  7. I have returned them too, including the one I found at work with,it turned out, $3,568 in it. They offered $10 reward but I declined. No Have you ever played with pogs?
  8. Yes, truly they would. I would like to eat at one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, and if the food is not 'exquisite' (his own words), I would LOVE to give him a piece of my mind. Yes I love Mexican food,but (authentic ) Vietnamese is my favorite. The next person has eaten tapioca pudding.
  9. YUM as long as they are soft but not chewy, lightly salted with kosher salt, and slight dash of a cinnamon and nutmeg mix. Corn Smut ? ^ (bet no one else has tried it....)
  10. Zelda- Windwaker Never tried this, but will half to. Am playing Zelda: Wind Waker but soberly.
  11. Slag. Apparently this has a different meaning in England that does NOT have to do with the smelting process.
  12. Housefly I have one that will not stop buzzing against my laptop screen and is about to be sandwiched to death.
  13. Darn it..! Um... I ... couldn't think of one..? Xena, Warrior Princess!
  14. Yes Have you ever found a wallet containing over $1,000 and returned it to its owner?
  15. I SO wanna say Python...but I have O so : O'Neal
  16. Jack of Jack in the Box....he is only slightly less creepy than Ronald.I have a thing against clowns,not helped by Stephen King's It...the book is far creepier than the cheesy movie, and I am a very visual reader. I read It by Stephen King when I was in 4th grade, and my imagination got the better of me so much, that at one point I screamed and threw the book across the room (I finished the book the next day). Pizza. Chips with dip or without dip?
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