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  1. I just didn't like how the show glossed over the theme of academic dishonesty. Leonard ought to have known better than to re-write a paper for another student. I wouldn't want to have someone like him marking my papers as a TA or Professor. .
  2. Not happy... it snowed today. We got 30cm and it's still coming down. Temps are hovering at -10c.
  3. Highway of Heroes - The Trews. When we wwere posted in Trenton, we had to drive this road everytime one of our fallen was repatriated.
  4. Nellie McClung Roberta Bondar Edith Cavell Mary Schaffer Warren Justice Bertha Wilson Mary Two-Axe Dr Harriet Brooks Lady Amelia Douglas Bill Reid Charles Edenshaw
  5. The law in most common law countries is pretty clear on what constitutes a sexual assault - it is the failure to gain and acknowledge consent. Not seeing where the lack of consent by either party occurred. So far the law in most common law countries has not found extreme intoxication to void the ability to consent. However, even if consent is giving at the beginning of any sexual act, once the consent is removed (iow, please stop - I've changed my mind) any continuation of a sexual act is without consent and therefore falls under the blanket law of an assault. Last time I looked, in a common law country, No still means No.
  6. Bit of a bully aren't you? If I knew you in real life, I'd tell you that archaic ,patriarchal structures and codes of behaviour are so very last millennium - right up there with witch burning, Spanish Inquisition, male privilege and stiff upper lips.. Grown men are just that, a grown man and quite capable of deciding whether to exercise their free will to show their emotions. If more men did, we wouldn't require advertisements and products that deal with headupbuttitus. An affliction you clearly suffer from by your knuckledragging response.
  7. But as Sheldon would say... "Where's the challenge?" if you were to always maintain a perfect grade? Have you thought about studying Cryptography/cryptanalysis for a hobby?
  8. Ah yes, the old "everything from Europe is better" argument. So how are those countries requiring economic bailouts doing these days? How are your natural resources doing these days? Still got lots to feed, heat and clothe your populations? How are those Freedom of Expression/Religion laws working out these days? Bet if we asked Finnish Romas/Sami how they are getting along, they'd have something to say. You seemed to have overlooked that the majority of Americans are in fact of European descent. Non cadit ab arbore pomum dicis? Things from this side of of pond aren't looking too good for little countries over in Europe right now. My government is debating whether to bail out yet another mismanaged European country. Best be careful where you toss your apple core when you cite "European studies".
  9. Making Cylon toast, Looming, More train rides, giving Amy a kiss, singing soft kitty
  10. Speaking of intelligence, you might want to try some on... your posting of late is very antagonistic, xenophobic, naive and misogynistic.
  11. Sushi bars... don't get the fascination to eat raw fish - I mean I come from a culture that survives by the bounty of the sea... but we cook. smoke or can our fish. Those blue alcohol drinks from a bottle that smell and taste like jet fuel... why add caffiene to alcohol, all you get is a wide awake drunk then... Pink hunting cammo... yes, because Bambi is attracted to fashionistas in the bush wearing pink... as a matter of fact pink anything... isn't it time we stopped using colours to assign gender to people? "green" cleaning products. Unless it's lemon from a lemon, anything else is a chemical mixture... with a green label on it... Men who wear cowboy attire that aren't cowboys... Disposible electronics - it's cheaper to replace them than fix them. I like having my old VIC still working... wonder if my Alienware will last as long? The Princess phenom... my granddaughter was all about being a princess long before she ever saw her first Disney movie...
  12. This is probably one of the most uneducated posts I've seen about mixed faith marriages. Male circumcision is not restricted to just being of the Jewish faith, many other faiths believe in it. However, in North America, Britain, Australia male circumcision rose to approx 72% of all male children regardless of religious affiliation by the 1950s. It was no longer seen as just a religious rite of passage for some faiths, it was seen as a health issue for men. Even today, those who work in the area of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV hold that a circumcised penis reduces the risk of infection. In your observation of Judaism versus Catholicism, you have factored out that this marriage has other social constructs that will affect their relationship. such as oh.. they are both American, highly educated and live is a society that simply doesn't care anymore who one marries. I've noticed that a quite a few of your posts are centred around Howard's Judaism... it appears that you aren't as concerned with the rest of the character's religious affiliations as you are Howard's. I think in my humble opinion that you have missed the social commentary of the show where religion simply has a different place amongst those who study science. Each character has demonstrated how one reconciles one's beliefs to scientific pursuits.
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