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  1. In the 3rd season finale, Penny came to Leonard drunk, asking for sex. He had sex with her. This is rape. Discuss.

    The law in most common law countries is pretty clear on what constitutes a sexual assault - it is the failure to gain and acknowledge consent.

    Not seeing where the lack of consent by either party occurred. So far the law in most common law countries has not found extreme intoxication to void the ability to consent. However, even if consent is giving at the beginning of any sexual act, once the consent is removed (iow, please stop - I've changed my mind) any continuation of a sexual act is without consent and therefore falls under the blanket law of an assault. Last time I looked, in a common law country, No still means No.

  2. i think he needs to man up, if i knew him in real life (yes id hate him even though i love his character lol) and he cried id remind him hes a grown man not a child

    Bit of a bully aren't you?

    If I knew you in real life, I'd tell you that archaic ,patriarchal structures and codes of behaviour are so very last millennium - right up there with witch burning, Spanish Inquisition, male privilege and stiff upper lips.. Grown men are just that, a grown man and quite capable of deciding whether to exercise their free will to show their emotions. If more men did, we wouldn't require advertisements and products that deal with headupbuttitus. An affliction you clearly suffer from by your knuckledragging response.

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  3. Flowers for Algernon is an AMAZINGLY good book !

    I feel displaced where I am.I passed 100% on the reading section of the placement test for college, to determine what classes I'd be in.Needless to say, I am not required to enroll in Reading Classes. And I am top of of my English/Composition class. I was in College-level Literature my Sophomore year in high school.

    I had a 110% in Calculus before my test, for one thing. I love doing math and math problems, and I have recently stopped 'wasting' my money on Sudoku books, forgoing them for online Sudoku.This also includes 'Monster Sudoku' and 'Killer Sudoku'.

    I excel in word problems, Cryptoquips,anagrams, crossword puzzles, etc.

    I have problems with social skills, especially knowing what people want me to say and how to NOT hurt someone's feelings. So I generally keep my mouth shut,so I am considered 'loner', 'weirdo' ,etc.I can sympathize with Sheldon alot when it comes to social aspects.

    I know I am capable of doing more but I am not sure how, because my own personality is holding my self back.

    But as Sheldon would say... "Where's the challenge?" if you were to always maintain a perfect grade? Have you thought about studying Cryptography/cryptanalysis for a hobby?

  4. Exhaustive study made in europe showed that circumcision is totally unnessessary operation in most cases.

    Indeed, docs had been cutting babes, not for medical reasons, but out of ignorance and superstition.

    And that is why circumcision is frowned upon in europe.

    Of course, things are a bit more backward in america, where docs still use eels and cantrips to heal their patients...

    Still, if you want unnessessarily expose your offspring to aggressive hospital bacteria, be my guest.

    Ah yes, the old "everything from Europe is better" argument.

    So how are those countries requiring economic bailouts doing these days?

    How are your natural resources doing these days? Still got lots to feed, heat and clothe your populations?

    How are those Freedom of Expression/Religion laws working out these days? Bet if we asked Finnish Romas/Sami how they are getting along, they'd have something to say.

    You seemed to have overlooked that the majority of Americans are in fact of European descent. Non cadit ab arbore pomum dicis?

    Things from this side of of pond aren't looking too good for little countries over in Europe right now. My government is debating whether to bail out yet another mismanaged European country. Best be careful where you toss your apple core when you cite "European studies".

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  5. I am supposed to be taking a test concerning fatty acid chains and COOH and CH(3) but my Teach is having problems posting the test. And I went to campus and took my Maths test Thursday and it still has yet to be graded. I've been obsessively checking my grades online every 4 minutes. Not good.I may have to take my OCD pills for a while after this weekend...


    Tugh !

    neH Heghlu'meH !

    ghuy' !!!!!!

    yIghoSDo' toad!

  6. ah, yes, the great USA. cutting up babies because some ancient folk tale tells them to. How very intelligent...

    Speaking of intelligence, you might want to try some on... your posting of late is very antagonistic, xenophobic, naive and misogynistic.

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  7. Sushi bars... don't get the fascination to eat raw fish - I mean I come from a culture that survives by the bounty of the sea... but we cook. smoke or can our fish.

    Those blue alcohol drinks from a bottle that smell and taste like jet fuel... why add caffiene to alcohol, all you get is a wide awake drunk then...

    Pink hunting cammo... yes, because Bambi is attracted to fashionistas in the bush wearing pink... as a matter of fact pink anything... isn't it time we stopped using colours to assign gender to people?

    "green" cleaning products. Unless it's lemon from a lemon, anything else is a chemical mixture... with a green label on it...

    Men who wear cowboy attire that aren't cowboys...

    Disposible electronics - it's cheaper to replace them than fix them. I like having my old VIC still working... wonder if my Alienware will last as long?

    The Princess phenom... my granddaughter was all about being a princess long before she ever saw her first Disney movie...

  8. The marriage would never work in real life. For cultural differences.

    I mean if they had a boy baby:

    -Howard would insist on circumcession (or howerver it's spelled...) because it's the done thing with jews.

    -Bernadette would refuse such barbaric mutilation.


    This is probably one of the most uneducated posts I've seen about mixed faith marriages.

    Male circumcision is not restricted to just being of the Jewish faith, many other faiths believe in it. However, in North America, Britain, Australia male circumcision rose to approx 72% of all male children regardless of religious affiliation by the 1950s. It was no longer seen as just a religious rite of passage for some faiths, it was seen as a health issue for men. Even today, those who work in the area of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV hold that a circumcised penis reduces the risk of infection.

    In your observation of Judaism versus Catholicism, you have factored out that this marriage has other social constructs that will affect their relationship. such as oh.. they are both American, highly educated and live is a society that simply doesn't care anymore who one marries.

    I've noticed that a quite a few of your posts are centred around Howard's Judaism... it appears that you aren't as concerned with the rest of the character's religious affiliations as you are Howard's. I think in my humble opinion that you have missed the social commentary of the show where religion simply has a different place amongst those who study science. Each character has demonstrated how one reconciles one's beliefs to scientific pursuits.

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  9. With most TV anf Movie product placement is about advertising.

    It's not just what is on the show but what commerical advertisers are paying to have their ads on during the airing of the show. So say, Dell was paying the show to advertise their product on the actual show you could surmise that another computer manufacturer would either not want to pay for further advertisement because of the conflict or they larger paying advertiser would seek to have competition items either blurred (if already in post production) or not used at all.

    Then you can consider that the producers of the show may feel that providing free advertisement for products is not some thing they want to do and if there isn't a deal with the company/product they will change the name. blank out the logo or place a generic cover on it.

    Then there is the "can't help using the product because it's part of the scene"... like a vehicle. Say the show had an external scene with a domestic brand car, if that car company felt that the brand name of the vehicle could or is being used to portray a negative response... like a serial killer murdering his victim on the car's hood with the logo showing, then that car company would ask for the logo and maybe the grill (if it's recogniable and part of the brand) to be changes/covered up or altered. If it's being protrayed in the positive light, then the car company will consent to the logo etc being shown. Most product use is covered off by the thank you credit at the end of the movie/show... it'll either read "vehicles supplied by" in the case of the car maker providing vehicels at no or reduced cast to the show/movie or a "thank you to xxx car company in the case where they show bought, rented, leased a vehicle for the show (and these can include vehicles used just for transporting the cast and crew around and not seen on screen.

    Then there is trademark use, copyright or patent restrictions. Sometimes they are caught during production other times they are caught in post. Reproducing or using a trademarked logo without permission can land the show in a legal battle for damages.

    Art work or works of art are also something that the prop dept has to deal with. If they are using an art work in a scene, they must obtain the necessary permissions to use it

    Now for the Apple stuff... Apple has a very aggressive product placement program and does not pay to have their products used in shows and movies. They will lend their product to the show/movie. If the Executives feel they don't want to give Apple free advertisement, they'll "greek "it out. Greeking is a term used in post production to blur out product names in post. (This term is borrowed from the world of print when they run boilerplate ("greek") text to fit where ad copy will eventually be placed.)

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  10. The amount of sex is not the measure here. You see, a man can be castrated, that is, under the heel of a bossy woman, even though he is having a lot of hanky panky with the said woman.

    MAny of my friends are in such relationships. They are getting it, but at the bossy womans terms. And they are very miserable in their marriages. Even though they are getting plenty of sex.

    But this is what many women think: man is happy when he is given enough sex. Not true. Man is happy when he is free from bossy women.

    Yes, because the character of Howard didn't already have a "bossy" women in his life. So what exactly has changed?

    Why does everyone think that the Howard character is going to change? Geeks and Nerds get married all the time - have you seen how many couples attend Comic Con? I see Howard getting to be just as obnoxious as before but with a different tact... he is now the only one with a permanent relationship and he's the only actually been to space. I see obnoxious written all over that...lol Recall if you will, the ISS and the state of being in a prolonged microgravity causes a) premature aging, B) loss of bone density and c) muscle tearing when returned to gravity, d) puffy faces, e) bird legs, f) risks to circulation, g) lengthening of the spine, and massive space sickness or what is known on earth as sea leg syndrome.

    I can see huge amounts of humour potential deriving from Howard's mission into space... he was taller so now he's obsessed with any more loss of height than before...yay, more Hobbit jokes... he looks older, he has worse bird legs than before, he has to walk on all fours to keep his balance etc...

  11. I like it... but I do miss being able to click on new posts or posts from today. If those options are still around, they are hard to find.

    I had to go back into my profile and upload my pic again and change a few settings to go back to some privacy needs. (birthdate showed up, etc)

    The new software is marginally harder to navigate through, it needs a few more clicks than the old one did and new posts options seem to harder to find...

  12. Mememememememememe!

    Hubby is more geekier than me... the kid and grands are way smarter than either of us...

    We taught our kid that the guys with the ability to tell the difference between a vertebrae and an exoskeleton are probably worth having a second date with.

  13. Maybe a cool twist in the story arc would be Raj has his selective mutism now only happen when Howard is around him and Raj discovers that he can speak to women that have a certain characteristic ... say ... they only speak a rare language from a teeny country with a small population... so the gang try the dating site to try and find the perfect match... turns out that the female is a dead ringer for Howard in drag. Since Howard sets off his selective mutism now, the female look-a-like causes all sorts of problems with Raj and his mutism.

  14. The very question implies you don't really want to hear what's great about the US because you already have an opinion, and we all know how easy it is to change someone's mind. :p But I'll put my two cents in.

    The USA IS great. Not perfect. No country is perfect. But let's start at the bottom. Even the poorest people here generally have a car, a microwave, a TV, and a cell phone. Our health system is seriously flawed, but if you are sick you WILL get treated at an ER. The poor here do not die of third-world diseases and everyone has access to clean water and electricity. It's a far cry from the Maasai kids I saw in Tanzania who used washed-out Prestone oil jugs to get water from the river. Oh, and most of these kids were under the age of 10 and will never have anything resembling an education outside of what they need to learn to survive the winter. The poorest people here live like kings compared to this.

    But more than that, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. There are plenty of flaws in our society, but this basic principle of individual freedom is what makes us great. You can say, do, and be whatever you want. You're not fated to be a shoemaker like your father. You can move wherever you like to pursue a job, an education, any kind of dream you can dream. Your life is completely in your own hands and dependent completely upon what you decide to make of it. What makes America great is this spirit of hope, of possibility, of absolute freedom to be whoever you want to be.

    Are we a society full of flaws? Inequalities? Poverty? Racism/sexism? Of course. Those things exist wherever there are people. But we are also the most generous people on the planet. We give more to charities as individuals, and to other nations as foreign aid, than any other country in the world. Sometimes we do this because it benefits us. More often, it does not. We simply have a spirit of giving because WE HAVE IT SO GOOD.

    So, yeah. That's what makes the USA so great. :)

    For the most part your comments on the conditions of poverty in the US are somehwhat accurate. However, the living conditions on Native Reservations put even that population below the condition you set out above. I suggest you watch the Diane Sawyer 20/20 documentary on Pine Ridge. Fresh, clean water eludes most of these communities as does indoor toilets and heat sources for their shacks. Disease is rampant and TB infection rate is high in every community along with cholera, samonella, e.coli. The education levels of these kids are on average below highschool level. The average income on Pine Ridge is 1500.00 per YEAR. While the rest of the US have stats about phones... 53% of those living on reservations don't even have a basic phone service the rest of the US are at 5% that don't have a phone. Hardly living like kings compared to your example... you don't need to travel to Africa to see real poverty, just look in our backyards.

    As an aside on the buffalo comment, they aren't buffalo.. they are bison. Buffalo like the name, Indian is a misnomer. The two species in NA are bison bison and bison athabascae.

    This is a bison bison...


  15. It's not "so great". There's a lot of crap actually, that makes it suck balls. For instance, in the USA homosexuals are denied many rights in most states. Obama supports gay marriage though. But, there are other countries that actually prosecute people for being gay.

    We also have a high child obesity rate. And generally, we like to cut down our forests, others' forests, and drill in wildlife sanctuaries for oil. But again, I'm sure there's other countries with similar problems.

    What I LIKE about our country is that I have a general freedom to express myself. I can wear what I want, listen to whatever music I want, and boycott whatever I want. But I don't agree that it's a "free" country. Not everyone is 'free'.

    So nice attempt at trying to generalize a country at being either great or sucky. It doesn't work that way. Every place in the world has both flaws and greatness. If you hate us so much keep it to yourself. Especially if you don't live here and don't have to deal with the problems I do.

    You need to come over to the dark side of the 49th...

    we have gay marriage, health care, poutine and maple syrup!

    On the darker side we have Celine Dion, Nickleback and the CFL...

    I hear they give cookies out on that side though... sounds fair..lol

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