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  1. KMN!!!!!! No! No no no. They are nerds! They will never be normal always awesome. My shelly is NOT gonna watch football and drink beer. Not voluntarily. And Leonard and Howard and Raj wont either. The Cornhusker Vortex, ya know? Nevah will they be like that.
  2. All my friends call me Sheldon. I love science, get straight as, and skipped 3rd grade. I am really not like him! They say we look alike talk alike act alike dress alike. I am apparently Sheldon with out the ego. I don't see it, as I am thirteen year old girl who is not known for being super understanding... although I am often called shy, which I am not. I just don't like people... why talk to intellectually impaired people? They wont understand, and ask me to refrain from using 'big words'.
  3. Wow. This is sort of out of place in a thread like this... but Amy is awesome. Funny without trying to be. Sort of a Sheldon who cares what people think of her. I find her annoying too sometimes, but you either love her or hate her. And she has grown on me. GO AMY!
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