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  1. Actually, no they're not. The Schrödinger thought experiment is dependent on having two separate states. If before the end of the show, TPTB have her say she may or may not want kids, then you would have a situation that would be a Schrödinger situation. Right now they have specified that Penny doesn't want kids. If the show ends, without TPTB changing Penny's desires as far as kids go, there is no Schrödinger situation, just Penny not wanting kids into eternity. There is no paradox. Schrödinger Cat is a simplification to try to explain the collapse of the wave function in Quantum Field Theory, in a human language. The Cat thought experiment ends in result A or result B, but the result won't be known until it's observed. For real particles, say, one electron in orbit around a nucleus, the electron could be in any position, in any of the orbitals (many more results than in the cat experiemt), but it's actual location isn't known, until it's observed. In the case of Leonard and Penny's kids, there is only one state, no kids. So, until TPTB say she either wants kids at some point, or says she may want kids, there is no Schrödinger situation to compare to the cat experiment.
  2. Single, married, it doesn't matter. And there are all sorts of cases where friends donate sperm or eggs to other friends. Penny and Zack definitely have a say. Any time Zack and Penny had sex, Penny and Leonard were not in a relationship, so Leonard had no say, just as Penny had no say in Leonard having sex with Stephanie, Leslie, Priya, or any other woman he had sex with when he wasn’t in a relationship with Penny. Yes, Zack and Penny were married, legally, but if they didn't know about, and they didn't, it's hardly a relationship. If anything, Penny was cheating on Zack, with Leonard, although I have I hard time thinking this was the case, since their being married to each other was unknown to them. Leonard and Penny are married, Zack and Marissa are married, so yes, this is completely different from Zack and Penny having sex. Leonard having sex with Marissa would constituted knowingly cheating. Unless you want to postulate that the two marriages are both open, which I can't see Penny agreeing to. And, what exactly are you basing your guess that Zack didn't tell Marissa about those things. Yeah, if it was with Marissa, bringing Leonard in would make no difference. Unless it's one of those rare instances where neither are to blame, it's just the man's sperm and the woman's eggs are incompatible. I'm seeing this as the mirror image of the earlier episode where Leonard's not happy with the idea of Penny not wanting kids, but he feels it's up to her and Leonard just accepts her decision. In this case, Penny's not happy about the idea of Leonard providing sperm, but she feels it's up to him and she will just accept his decision.
  3. Hmmmmmm, as a Lenny, I'm hoping they continue that next taping. 🙂
  4. First off, thank you so much for letting us know. Second, question, was the Lenny plot self-contained in this episode only, or is there a possibility that it will continue into other episodes? I'm just wondering as I'll be going to the next taping.
  5. As they are out, I will be closing this thread. See you all on January 8th.
  6. Great GadgetGirl, that's where it should go. Thank you very much.
  7. I didn't think so, that's why I spelled it out so you didn't wonder what happened. 🙂
  8. A post has been hidden. We only allow links to images, as this allows the owner of the image to control it. IG story images cannot be posted, since those cannot be linked (along with disappearing after 24 hours) and an image would have to be captured, uploaded to the forum, then posted, which is not allowed.
  9. Taping Chat thread is open for tonight. The last taping of 2018. The next taping will be on Jan 8th, I'll be there. 😀
  10. It doesn't say anything about TPTB being concerned. It's a supposition by the article's writer, and only mentions CBS. As far as ratings, it's is tied with This is Us for the number one entertainment demo (and this is after This is Us beat TBBT in the premeire by a half a point 3.0 to 2.5), and is number one for viewers.
  11. Tensor

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    OK, this is a shipping thread. Don't make derogatory comments about other characters, don't complain about the writers, don 't complain about what's on the screen, don't discuss other TV shows, don't discuss what happens in life. Do, discuss in a positive or supportive manner, the interaction of Leonard and Penny. Quite a few posts have been hidden, some of them due to quoting hidden posts.
  12. Oh, I’ll have fun, but you know there’s going to be a taping report. 🙂 Not going to do the tour report like I did last year, unless I see something new having to do with the show.
  13. Got mine. Wife and I will be traveling to California.
  14. Tensor

    Lenny story: Broken Threads

    Chapter 25 is up

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