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  1. They both are repped, for some things, by the same company, so that is one possibility.
  2. You mean a beard like this:
  3. For those of you who haven't put this story on your alert list, Chapter 2 is now out.
  4. Hello, first off, welcome to the forums. Just to let you know, your first few posts have to be approved by a admin or moderator. I saw you posted this twice, probably thinking it didn’t post. I approved this one and deleted the other. As for your topic, season three was a bit of a change as Leonard and Penny start dating. Some of the shows were going to be about that, this might be the change you mentioned. The addition of Bernadette and Amy were major turning points, no doubt. While their introduction was in season three, they were added to the main cast in season four. So the major turning points would be, in season three, episode 5, The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary for Bernadette’s introduction and episode 23, The Lunar Excitation, for Amy’s introduction. For their addition to main cast in season four, episode 4, The Hot Troll Deviation for Melissa’s addition and episode 8, The 21 Second Excitation, for Mayim’s. These were major changes as it gave two other guys ( besides Leonard) regular interaction with other women. It also opened up storylines with just the women and allowed the show to show more of Penny’s life. But, it did change the show to more relationship based. Now, relationships were always there before, and the geekiness was there after, but the relationships came to the forefront and the geekiness fell more to the background. Finally, while you are correct, this subject has been discussed, it’s new to you, so feel free to discuss it. In those discussions, there were those who disliked the changes, and felt the first three or four seasons were the best. They didn’t like the more relationship based episodes. As these became more frequent, those folks drifted away from the show. Others liked the change and still others just went with the show where ever it went. Everyone was drawn to the show for their own reasons and liked what they liked.
  5. The funny part is their friendship doesn’t have to conform to the wants or doubts of fans. Personally, I would prefer a good Skype call from a friend to a quick greeting on IG. Here’s a thought, some people (not just here) were wondering if Johnny and Kaley were still friendly last year, as they hadn’t seen any public communication between them. When, at the time they were doing multiple joint interviews for the upcoming book.
  6. She’s got to keep one of the bedrooms open for Johnny, right? 😜
  7. Hey all, TBBT78, who reads the first drafts of all my chapters has a new Lenny story out. Its called Forever Young. I thought I would put this here, to try to gin up some support.(I will also mention it in my author's note when I publish my next chapter next Sun/Mon. With the reader base shrinking, it's getting harder for authors to justify writing Lenny stories these days. So give it a look if you haven't already. Here's the link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/14073088/1/
  8. According to the article, it checks in at 5600 square feet (over 500 square meters for our non-US members). That’s over 3 times the size of mine and I have my own menagerie, that fits quite comfortably in mine, so I’m sure hers is big enough.
  9. Kaley’s got a new house: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/kaley-cuoco-buys-home-from-taylor-lautner?utm_source=onsite-share&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=onsite-share&utm_brand=architectural-digest
  10. One thing from Kaley's recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, they asked her if she knew Penny's name and she mentioned, in her mind, it was Penny Penny Penny, all three of there names being Penny. She was thinking Sheldon knew her first, middle, and last names. Then she paused and said, "But, her last name is Hofstadter, now."
  11. Could be they are getting close to finalizing the divorce and these are just some, some, lets say loose ends.
  12. Okay, this is a tough one. I've got a couple of leads, but it may take me a couple of days, especially as I've got some things to do this weekend. I'll let you know by Monday.
  13. She’ll be on Watch What Happens Live, with Rosie Perez, tonight, Thursday, at 9:15 PM, eastern.
  14. Here’s the clip with her on Seth Meyers last night:
  15. She did Good Morning America, this morning. ETA:
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