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  1. Tensor

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    Canada is looking at putting tariffs on Trump properties and companies, not on US goods. Which I find hilarious.
  2. Tensor

    Kaley Cuoco

    I spoke with him for a couple of minutes, during the taping I attended.
  3. Tensor

    Conspiracy Theories

    Why the polar circumference of Earth? Why not compare the solar polar circumference to the Earths polar circumference? For that matter, why multiply by 100? Why not 50, or 200, or 2.718? I can make the solar polar circumference equal the Earth's circumference just by picking a different number. As a matter of fact I can make the same comparison for any planet, just by using a different multiplicative and or different circumference. It won't in the future. It is moving away from the Earth, at some point total eclipses will not happen. NASA never said the moon rings like a bell. That particular phrase was used in a "Popular Science" article, not in any NASA papers. I'll also point out that the moment of inertia for the moon is not consistent with it being hollow, but is consistent with a increasing density as you go deeper. The moon is also the only other object in the solar system with it's own seismographic network, so measurements of the seismic waves, on the moon, have been done. Measurement of the lunar moonquakes indicate the core has a radius of around 160 km, the crust is no deeper than 45 km, with a mantle of around 1500 km. I can come back to these if you wish It's a perfect way to disprove it. The tides depend on mass. Less mass, less tides. Earth tides are consistent with a moon composed of rock, at an average density of 3.3 g/cm, with a slightly higher density (4.4 g/cm ) as you moved to the center. This is consistent with the density of the Earth's mantle. If the moon was hollow, then the rock around it, would have to be at a much higher density to match the density required for observed tides. The rocks returned from the moon are not of a density required to offset any hollow areas within the moon. I'm not saying you believe it, I'm trying to refute the article. 🙂
  4. Tensor

    Conspiracy Theories

    Actually, this one is rather easy to disprove. Just go to any ocean shoreline, and watch the tides. If it was hollow, it couldn't produce tides of that size. Not to mention the orbital mechanics of the spacecraft that orbit the moon, wouldn't be in the orbits the spacecraft are in. But the biggest thing it has going against it is simply that David Icke (he of the lizard people controlling the Earth) supports it.
  5. Tensor

    The 43,000 Replies Thread

    42234 Also, changed the title of the thread.
  6. Tensor

    2018 FIFA World Cup Russia 14 June - 15 July

    I was thinking a Germany - Spain final, but after the Portugal game, I'm not so sure about Spain. Let's just go with Germany winning. As for the last World Cup, I want to present nice gesture toward the Argentinian followers. A nice cake to sooth their followers, after the loss of the final:
  7. Tensor

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Most of the World Cup discussion has been moved to the World Cup Thread.
  8. Tensor

    2018 FIFA World Cup Russia 14 June - 15 July

    I was up early (well, for me) to watch the game. LOVED IT. I lived in Iceland for two years and was following them in the 2016 Euros. I even orders a sweatshirt from them, #icelandsmites
  9. Tensor

    Kaley Cuoco

    I think it's more of the other way around. I think early Penny was based on Kaley.
  10. Tensor

    Kaley Cuoco

    Yeah, I get it. I'm writing a story right now, where Penny is on a sit-com. When I'm writing about Penny on the sit-com, I keep typing Kaley, instead of Penny.
  11. Tensor

    Kaley Cuoco

    Well, actually, Johnny's friends are Kaley's friends. 😝
  12. Tensor

    Conspiracy Theories

    As for the Moon Landing hoax there is the following site: Clavius Moon Base. This site started out as supporting the idea that the moon landing was a hoax. Then several people provided the individual who started the site evidence and refutations that cause the individual to give up the idea that the landing was a hoax, and he turned the site over to those individuals who had provided the refutations. One of whom is (or was in his earlier life) and actual rocket scientist and spent his early years working with the engineers and theorists who developed the engines that powered the Saturn rockets. I find some of the claims by those supporting the hoax idea silly. For instance, one of those promulgating the hoax idea, found a LM, and actually measured the exit door. He claimed it was too small to allow an astronaut, fully suited, to exit the LM. And thus claimed the whole Apollo program was faked. However, he didn't know that the LM he measured was a boilerplate LM, used only for electronic tests and training on Earth, and no astronaut ever entered that particular LM fully suited, so his claims were worthless. Then there is alway the reflectors left on the moon (Highlighted in TBBT episode 3.23, The Lunar Excitation). There are pictures of the reflectors, on the ground, taken by the astronauts, laser beams have been aimed at the particular place the reflectors were placed, and those beams get a reflection. The range of the moon, based on the reflections has been measured since those reflectors were left on the moon. If you wish to read about the experiments you can find a wiki article here. You can also go to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter wiki, and look at the photo gallery near the bottom. The wiki has pictures of all of the Apollo Landing sites, along with a close up of the Apollo 17 landing site (while the closeups are all not on the wiki page, you can get the close up shots from the Official LRO site. I only brought up the wiki as trying to go through all the pictures at the official site could take hours, and if you want a quick peek, use the wiki page.
  13. Tensor

    Kaley Cuoco

    Interesting. Tatiana Houser is the wife of Randy Houser. Johnny and his band (and girlfriend?) Juan and Ethel opened for Randy Houser last night at the Troubadour.
  14. Tensor

    Johnny Galecki

    Johnny last night at the Troubadour
  15. Tensor

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Posts hidden or edited. This is a ship zone and is for supportive comments. non-supportive comments or discussions about other characters are not allowed here. Take it to the Dark Lenny thread or the appropriate discussion thread.

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