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  1. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk 44003 LOL. Sorry Tony.
  2. And now the title has been changed. 44001
  3. The full series is listed at $200, for Blue Ray, but you can get the first 11 seasons for $69 and the final for $37. So, unless they have quite a few extras, that haven't been released before, I'm not sure the full boxed set would be worth it.
  4. I fell a bit behind. Both of these are rated M for some graphic descriptions. Chapter 47 and Chapter 48 are up
  5. Sorta like how they tossed an unrealistic bone to the fan base that was waiting for a Nobel?
  6. 43984 I'm watching, so I can change the title of the thread.
  7. Yeah, instead of 1203 showing Penny didn’t want kid, they had her tell Leonard she was pregnant. She would have been due in May, and they could have spent the season with a story here and there about her pregnancy. The caveat, to that would be that Leonard and Penny wouldn’t have been able to make the trip to Sweden.
  8. Hey, a Happy Birthday to @Swedish Chef
  9. But, that doesn't change the difference in how they were portrayed. Penny, and Dr Plimpton are implied to be sluts for looking for a quick lay, while Leonard is for some reason celebrated for the same thing. Or for another example, Amy is somehow sex starved because she wants sex, but Howard is creepy for the same thing. But, that isn't something that's specific to any one episode, most of the women have been portrayed that one at one time or another.
  10. Tensor

    Episodic Errors

    From Legal Zoom: So, with an annulment, the marriage was never valid, and so, never existed. If they had divorced, it would have meant they were married at some point.
  11. They had to finally have been OK with each other. She was at the apartment for dinner, and was evidently part of the girls night movie watching. She also went to Vegas on the party bus (The Empathy Optimization).
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