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  1. Thank you. 🙂 I don't discount some triggering event, (AAMOF, I think there was one) but short of either of them coming out and telling us about it, we may never know exactly what it was. This may go back to to what is going to happen in the future. Once Jennifer and Ben are done with filming, will they be together for some time, until their next project comes up? Will their next project coincide with the other being off? Will their next project be in the LA area? Those are all unknowns, to us. If their future projects allow them to spend time together in their home or they can be together, on location, while one or the other shoots, it's a lot easier to keep the relationship going, in general.
  2. There were some controversial texts, tweets and emails and the producer dropped out. Mayim and Ken Jennings will alternate hosting (Mayim has to shoot "Call Me Kat" also). Until they decide who will be the permanent host.
  3. Except to talk about how upset Johnny and Simon were, I haven't seen anything. Well, the writers were shipping Priya back to India. Then, in the latter half of the season you had Penny crying about Leonard and Priya, telling Sheldon the story about they guy she broke up with and that was even before the coffession to Raj that she screwed up. It may have been, along with the long distance relationship, a way to keep the from starting to go out again so quickly. I mean it was only five episodes from his breakup with Priya, until she accepted his asking her out. Although, it delayed it by seven episodes, so how effective was it really? A lot of us wish he had said no, but, from his reaction the next morning, I really wonder if by mentioning he destroyed dumb guys for her, he thought she was getting back together with him. I mean if they were back together, Leonard might think it was a normal reaction for her. With the Halloween episode, her kissing him was definitely not, in Leonard's experience at that time, normal behavior for her. All that said, the allusions and demonstrations of a drunk Penny engaging in sex can be a bit creepy now.
  4. Well, thanks. I’ve sent you a DM.
  5. I checked my file tonight and no, it was never referenced, except for the shirts.
  6. Not just hiatus time. The actors on the show would have to be in the building for ~26-34 hours a week (depending on how long a couple of things took (special costumes, pre-shoots, etc). And only about half that time was them being on set. That would give Kaley a lot of time to do work on other things versus the night and early morning shoots she is having to do these days. There's also a big time difference between being the executive producer and number one on the call sheet, versus being number three on the call sheet, in an ensemble. Add in the two weeks on, one week off schedule and there is a lot of free time for a sitcom actor.
  7. When you talk about not having time together, you also have to look into the future. Karl's ranch, his source of income is in San Diego. He doesn't just ride, he, along with his business partner, also breeds and trains horses and he oversees the running of the ranch. That particular job requires him to be in San Diego for long stretches. It may be only a two hour drive, but that is each way. Each day, he'd be looking at a situation where he would be getting to their home north of LA, in time to get to bed. A situation that would be like he wasn't there. Also, I'm not sure if anyone here has really noticed, but since last year, he has been on a rather lengthly streak of doing well in tournaments. He now has three horses that he competes with in the Grand Prix and FEI events. Continuing to do well, and moving into a higher bracket, possibly the Olympics, would require more training time, more time with the horses, more traveling, as most of the big events are on the east coast, in Kentucky and Tennessee, along with Florida, even while continuing to run the ranch. I know we follow Kaley, and we know her career is really going well. But, as an executive producer, she'll be responsible for overseeing all the details of the productions. You add in her acting (we now hear she's shot an appearance on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" in addition to everything else), and she may have to work on those production details, for the next production, the same day she was acting in a current production. As a result of that, she's also not home because of the long hours and traveling. I think the triggering event could have been them sitting down looking for when they would have some time together, and realized that it wasn't going to happen in the near future, or even the far future, unless one or the other gave up their careers. And if neither one of them wanted to give up their careers, there may have been a realization that there was no reason to stay married. As far as kids, if they weren't willing to give up their careers, kids should be out of the question.
  8. What I found funny about that article, is the title. While it's true we don't know a lot of story, true fans know pretty much everything that was in the article.
  9. And, so, what does that matter, considering Kaley, nor Karl for that matter, have removed the wedding photos and videos that are on the IG accounts. Not to mention, the images of them kissing cuddling and acting silly together that are still on there? Or is this another big deal by "reliable" media?
  10. Yeah, hard time believing this really means anything, when she still has the pictures from the wedding and the reception, along with multiple pictures of her kissing Karl still up. The last time, all but one or two, of Ryan, were gone before the filing was made public.
  11. That might actually be a bargain. There is another house on the same road as Johnny's, going for $50k a month. A couple more in the same area for 40-50k and one about a mile from his, going for 70k a month. All of these have 5-6 bedrooms and 6-7 baths. Oh, and a pool. He was in Tennessee when the lockdown started, in 2020. He can travel now, but I guess he just hasn't seen a need to leave. To be closer to his son, I would guess.
  12. Yeah, it won't sell or generate clicks without drama. There are only minor differences, word usage, Petitioner/Respondent forms, form legal requirements, etc. none of which indicate any kind of contentious legal proceeding.
  13. He's no longer with Warner Brothers.
  14. It's bullshit. In his response, in section 9, Separate property, section b is checked, stating: Confirm as separate property the assets and debts in the following list. The first thing in the list is: 1) Miscellaneous jewelry and other personal effects It doesn't say a word about him requesting anything. Kaley's has the same wording. The other two items in the list; asking to keep their earning from before, during, and after the date of separation and separate property assets and obligations are mandated by the prenup, are also in both Kaley's petition and Karl's response. Section 10 they both state that all community property and community debts should be divided based on the terms of the prenup, my guess would be both property and debts would be divided 50/50. Like Kaley may get the house, but also the mortgage, or something similar. There are still a bunch of pictures of them together, even their wedding pictures on her IG.
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