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  1. *Season 7 Episode 11, The Cooper Extraction. The Anything Can Happen Recurrence, dealt with Amy and Bernadette wanting some time away from Sheldon and Howard. Also Penny because she was complaining about the set of her movie. Leonard got caught up in this when it became obvious that he agreed about a Penny complaining. Penny and Sheldon went to dinner, then a psychic.
  2. Lorre sent Johnny about 5 or so pages, asking him what he thought of being Sheldon, but Johnny felt he was more suited to Leonard (remember Leonard is similar to David, his character from Roseanne). In the original script, there was no neighbor. There was a woman (Katie), basically living on the street who the two guys find crying on the curb, and invite into their home. There was also a friend, and coworker, of both of them , Gilda, (who had some similar traits to Leslie and who supposedly was dating Leonard, but had sex with Sheldon). It wasn't until the second pilot that Penny showed up (along with the writers using Kaley's personality in writing Penny). It was then that Leonard's attraction to Penny surfaced in the writing. Yeah, he mentioned he didn't realize how great working on the show would be, until he got the new script, and found out they cast Kaley. Funny part, for me, was Kaley talking about finishing the pilot shoot, and how her and someone were involved in a lot of kissing. Considering her saying her and Johnny started dating about three weeks after shooting the pilot, I have a feeling I know who that someone was.
  3. Hope you are staying safe also. Iā€™m just staying home, playing video games and working on my fan fics, still. šŸ™‚
  4. I have to disagree. As I've stated several times before, one of the reasons I was so in tune with Lenny, is simply because the early seasons (say through season six) closely matched what happened in my life. I was very much like Leonard, through my teens and early 20s. Wargaming, chess, science and science fiction, were all there. About the only thing that wasn't the same, was video gaming, simply because it didn't exist at the time. I was taking programming class, at the local college, while in high school. Women were something I was not comfortable with. I found one line of Penny's extremely pertinent. "Leonard would look at the ceiling or down at his shoes." That was a good example of me with women in my teens and early 20s. Then I met my wife through friends who lived next to her. We hung out with the gang, became friends, started dating, broke up, dated others and got back together. If we had simply met somewhere, or I had finally become able to ask her out without knowing her, I'm not sure we would be together. I know Lenny's chafe at the idea that he wore her down, (I hate it myself, because there was a lot more to it than that). But, I could see "wearing her down" as a shorthand of her simply being around him a lot, which enable them to get to know each other better, Her losing her friends did (and does) bother me a bit. I'm not sure IRL, that she would have abandoned her other friends, even if she did get with Leonard. I know my wife didn't lose her friends, well, until I went into the Air Force and we left our town. Oh, I agree with this. But, I think they did it rather well, (if a bit too fast for me, in the case of Howard and Bernie.
  5. I saw that also. Nothing remotely like Lucy. šŸ˜œ
  6. . While Leonard fell in 'lust' with Penny right away, them living near each other, gave both of them time to get to know each other and become friends, and then get romantically involved. Something like this happens quite a bit in real life. Amy and Sheldon, now, for real life, that is going to depend on if there is someone like Penny around for them. Amy started off as a counterpart to Sheldon, behavior wise. Neither one of them care for physicality in the relationship. Then, Amy came out of her shell, due to Amy's friendship with Penny and Bernadette. Without those two, I'm not sure there would have been a large enough change in Amy, to force the changes in Sheldon to the point where he would involve himself with coitus and get married. So, without someone similar to Penny and Bernadette in the show, for her, I'm not sure they would have gotten together in real life. I don't think Howard and Bernadette would have gotten together in real life. Howard was pretty creepy when they met, and Bernadette seemed rather ditzy when she first started on the show. I know they had her says she acted dumb, to sooth Howard's ego, but why would someone like Bernadette even put up with it? She is great looking, smart, educated and is making quite a living for herself . I'm not sure she would have put up Howard's antics in real life and if she did make it to getting married, I'm not sure how long it would have lasted with the way Howard was as a husband the first couple of years after they got married. Of course, if things happened something like they did on the show, in real life, then all of them make some kind of sense. What do you think of this Stephen, and I'd be interested in your take on it?
  7. Maybe looks matter to you, but not everyone is so close minded on it. Raj seems to be a bit more concerned with her state of mind, rather than her looks. Raj himself said he like a woman who was more messed up than he was, something that fits Lucy. And, while she may not be attractive to you, she could be quite attractive to others. I consider her attractive, not to mention, since she is married, her husband probably considers her attractive.
  8. Using the season one characters as a baseline, I don't see any of them getting together in real life.
  9. Loved the chapter. šŸ™‚
  10. Tensor

    Penny's Bra

    I can buy a tweak, but the way I read the post was that she got another enlargement. I just don't see it.
  11. Tensor

    Penny's Bra

    How a woman's breasts look can be changed by what they are wearing over the bra, the type and size of their bras, whether it's a push up or not, how low the cut of what they are wearing is. I can find some some photos from season one that make her look much bigger than photos from the last season. You would pretty much have to make comparisons from similar clothes, and similar shots and angles to prove anything. I really can't see any kind difference between early seasons and later seasons. Not to mention, having rather openly admitted to having enhancement surgery, there would be no reason to hide a second such surgery.
  12. Tensor

    Penny's Bra

    She had the enhancement surgery between seasons two and three of "Eight Simple Rules", three years before she started on Big Bang.
  13. The beginning of the Penny/Amy conversation was not shown, so we don't know how Amy reacted upon talking to Penny. Bernadette's firsts reaction to being told was, "That's fantastic," and then she moved onto slapping Penny for not telling her.
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