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  1. Where's Mayim's nominations for Blossom? The Secret Life of an American Teenager? How about her portrayal of Nancy Kurshan? Or her part in Curb Your Enthusiasm? Or, are you saying she just happen to become a good actor when she started playing Amy? But, that a wouldn't explain The Flight Before Christmas, as that happened while she was playing Amy. So which is it? Are you saying her acting isn't very good, until she plays Amy, when it becomes extraordinary? I see it, as a happens a lot, that she is a good actress who happen to land in a role is different and noteworthy enough that she got noticed for her work. Or, as is far more likely as it is for most actors, actors like Kelsey Grammar and Don Knotts (among so many others) who only got Emmy nods for a particular character and for none of their other work, the character has quite a bit to do with award nominations?
  2. Which really means nothing. The character she plays has a lot more to do with the nominations than the acting. In the comedy awards it's much more the characters, than it is the acting. This is not to say Kaley is a better actor than Mayim.
  3. Heres's our chance to tell CBS how wonderful things are going with our favorite couple. If you rant or are aggressive, you are less likely to be taken seriously. So, don't rant, be respectful. Simply give your opinions on how you feel the last few seasons have gone and explain what your actions will be, or have been, if things continue to be the same.
  4. No, it wasn't. Centered on two physicists. Sure, they live together. But that doesn't mean the story isn't told from Leonard's point of view. Why would it? As I said, it can be centered on both of them (after all, quite a bit of the action takes place in their apartment, which would be centered on both of them. However, the viewpoint with Leonard was interested in Penny, not Sheldon is from Leonard's point of view (explaining it to Sheldon). Leonard being interested in Sheldon, not Penny, it also told from Leonard's point of view (Leonard explaining it to Penny). Raj and Howard started as friends with Leonard and state in the first season that it's because of Leonard that they hang out with Sheldon, that's from Leonard's viewpoint. It was also described, by Bill Prady as Penny pulling Leonard out of the nerd world, and Sheldon pulling him back into the nerd world. That can't be told from Penny's point of view or from Sheldon's point of view. Only from Leonard's point of view. Can you explain why saying the show is centered on two people, HAS to mean the viewpoint of the show has to be from both of them? Early in the run of the show, it's Sheldon reacting to mostly Leonard. That's not Sheldon's viewpoint, that's simply Sheldon's reaction.
  5. I can't do GIFs, so I do numbers. I did it over various parts of four days. It also coincided with a fibro flare up, so there wasn't much else I could do.
  6. Fixed, thanks. There was 5:10 in total time for episode 10-7. There was 5:10 in alone time for 10-8, somehow, I got them mixed up. I thought I had already put it up. I did a quick check and I think that it. But, I'm more than willing to be corrected again, if anyone finds something. I think accuracy is more important than me worrying if I got it right. . Starting season nine today.
  7. OK, I've got the Season Ten screen time's finished. I created the various posts for each of the seasons yesterday, and when the image is put up, most won't see a new post in that thread. However, you will see a new post here, and I'll link to it. You'll notice that I have the main cast members, then the three main ships, then the gang, guys, and girls. Then finally, any other pairings. One thing to note about the show times, the introduction runs 20 seconds. The end credits run 30 seconds. So, if you take 50 seconds off the show time, you'll get the actual running times for the episode (this includes any "Previously on The Big Bang Theory) that may show up. I'm not going to offer any guarantees for times, but it all should be damn close (I'm talking within 20 seconds or so). I'm quite sure the rounding introduced errors here and there. There were also times where I had to make a call as to when someone entered or exited. And I won't rule out addition errors. But, if anyone wants to correct any errors they think they've found, feel free to contact me via PM and we'll discuss it. I still have all my paperwork. All the raw numbers are in the image of the spread sheet. Here are some percentage numbers, (there were 460:45 minutes of total screen time for the year). I've also added a few other things that interest me. Name % of total time. Sheldon 56% Leonard 45% Amy 43% Penny 37% Howard 35% Raj 32% Bernadette 25% Stuart 09% Amy had almost as much time as Leonard and Howard had almost as much as Penny. In terms of couples, Shamy was on screen for 134:05 minutes (29%), Lenny for 100:20 (22%) and Howardette for 63:35 (14%). The interesting part is that of that 134:05 of Shamy time, 62:10 of that, they were the only two people on screen, over 50% of their couple time. For Lenny, 22 minutes of their screen time, were just them on screen, only 22%. For Howardette, 22:30 of their time were alone, 35% of their total time. A couple of things in terms of the raw time numbers. Shamy had more time as a couple, on screen (both by themselves and with others) than Bernadette got by herself. Also, Howardette, although getting a third less total couple time than Lenny, actually had thirty seconds more screen time by themselves than Lenny had. And finally, the most important couple CinnaRaj, were in scenes for four minutes, and forty seconds, more than quite a few other pairings. Feel free to ask me questions, if there are things you don't understand, or want to know.
  8. This is not a knock on you bfm, just some examples of how we have to look at things. And how, exactly, do we determine which comments were made out of love, and which comments were not? One of the reasons for the supportive statement restriction was exactly this problem. Because, for example, we were running into the problem where if one person, who was seen as a Lenny supporter made a negative comment, it was generally thought to be okay. Where as, the same negative comment, made by someone who wasn't a Lenny supporter, was considered a problem. And, of course, we got why was this one allowed, but not the other. Generally, we allow anyone to post in ship threads, even if they aren't members of that ship. All they have to do is follow the rules of that particular thread. We would also have to determine exactly who gets to post. Do we allow only declared Lennys to post? What about those who aren't shippers but have a complaint about Lenny? Do we allow supported statements from non-Lenny and neutral people, or only from Lennys? I think you can see some of the trade off we have to have.
  9. Guys, a Ship Zone is for generally supportive statements for a particular ship, and does not allow negative comments about other ships, or other characters. This is to prevent debate about other ships or characters in a particular ship's thread. Or to prevent negative comments about the particular ship. This thread is a perfect example of the opposite to a ship thread. There were negative comments about Lenny. There were critical comments about Sheldon, and there were rebuttals to the comments about Sheldon. All those would not be allowed in a ship thread. To turn this into a ship thread, all the negative comments about Lenny would have to be removed. All the negative comments about any other characters would have to be removed, and all the rebuttals would have to be removed. A suggestion would be, if you don't want rebuttals to your posts concerning other characters, don't post negative comments about other characters. It may not stop all of the rebuttals, but it will lessen them.
  10. That's a false equivalency though. TBBT is making a huge amount of money, for Warner Brothers. But, CBS is the entity that pays most of the salaries and the licensing fees (another source of income for Warner Brothers). CBS reportedly will be paying approximately 5.5 million for salaries, and 4 million in licensing fees. There's the nine, or so, million it costs CBS for the show. At ~289k per thirty second spot, at an average of 12 minutes per new show, that's around 7 million per show in ad revenue. Hmmmmm, CBS is losing 2 million per show. However, add in the rerun income, and CBS ends up with a profit. If the original five wanted a raise, it would have ended the show, as CBS really can't afford give raises (or an increase in licensing fees,(not that WB would raise it, if they could continue the show, and cover the costs of the crew). If ad rates fall about the same as last year, CBS is looking at around 250k per ad spot. Again, at 12 minutes per show, that would be 6 million per new show, and with reruns, they should make a small profit. For the twelfth season, I'd say they will be right around breaking even.
  11. OK, I finished recording all the times for season 10 tonight. I'll be tabulating them and I'll start posting tomorrow night or Friday. Then it's on to season nine.
  12. Hell, watching TBBT, tracking time, numbers, spreadsheets...what's not to love?
  13. It depends on exactly why you lost your inspiration. For instance, I lost inspiration around season eight, because of how the show was treating Lenny. I got it back, earlier this year, when I realized I could give Lenny the stories the show seems to not want to give them.
  14. The Big Bang Theory finished the season as the number one non-sports show in the 18-49 demo, total viewers, and the 25-54 demo.
  15. Part of the problem is, as you say, they developed the characters. Now, when they try to go back to the pre-development humor, it doesn't work as well. Leonard falling back to groveling, or the "he wore me down" doesn't fit the characters anymore, so it seem incongruent, and not as funny. Their dancing, in episode four, although too short, was funny, because it showed a different side of them. Unfortunately that wasn't a lot of that this year.