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  1. Originally started in 2019, the show has now been bumped to have its premiere later this year. https://snipdaily.com/the-griswolds-release-date-on-hbo-max/
  2. Let me straighten you out on this right away. I have nothing to do with deciding to ban you or to give you a warning or to remove something of yours from this forum. As a moderator, I recuse myself from any and all decisions such as this, when I'm involved in the conversation. I will simply report what I think should be reported and Tripper will look at it. I may, if it's appropriate, temporarily hide it, if I feel it egregiously crossed the line. But all that is passed on to the Admin of the site, for his decision. And if you think Tripper is going to play favorites, he won't. He's unhi
  3. Actually pulling out one paragraph doesn't discredit my argument. You still haven't refuted the actual numbers in that paper. When can we expect that? Yes, that is basic genetics and those are the percentages for KNOWN carriers. What are the percentages for a pair of unrelated individuals who don't know their genetic makeup? In this case, there is a 2%-4% chance of genetic disease. How about a pair of second cousins, who don't know their genetic makeup? In this case, it's a 3.5% chance of genetic disease. A pair of first cousins? In this case, it's 7
  4. It was written in. The actors all said they didn’t improv lines. There was no reason for Kunal to say “ Good Story” if the line wasn’t there. Also, look through the gag reels, and Kunal never reacted that way to blowing a line.( nor were the other actor’s reactions indicative of Kunal blowing his line).
  5. The numbers are for children born with genetic defects. Non-related individuals have a 2-4 percent chance of having such offspring. Second cousins have a 3.5 percent chance. First cousins have a 7-8 percent chance. In other words, out of 100 children born, unrelated individuals will have 96-98 health genetic children. Second cousins will have 96-97 healthy genetic children. First cousins will have 92-93 healthy genetic children.
  6. Very good, now break I down individually. Never mind, I’ll do it for you: non-related. 2%-4% second cousins 3.5% first cousins. 7-8%
  7. I don’t see second cousins, or any statistical references in your quote. So I don’t see how it contradicts my contention that second cousins are as safe, statistically, as non-related people.
  8. Just show where the peered reviewed paper I provide is wrong, or provide a peer reviewed paper contradicting it. First cousins, yes, there is a significant statistical increase in genetic birth defects. But not in second cousins. Unless you can show us a peered reviewed paper that shows otherwise, it’s just your opinion.
  9. The chances of second cousins producing offspring with genetic diseases is, within statistical errors, the same as unrelated strangers producing offspring with genetic diseases. Generally, non-related individuals will produce a child with a genetic related birth defect 2%-4% of the time. Second cousins will have have the same 3%-4% of the time. The mean of the chances indicate children from unrelated marriages are at a 3% (0.030) risk and those from second cousins are at a 3.5% (0.035) risk. So there is nothing wrong with marrying or having children with your second cousin. In the US,
  10. Yes, he has mentioned it, but only in passing, when discussing other theories. Super symmetry is a requirement of string theory, and if added to the Standard Model, could solve most of the problems the Standard Model currently has. One of the problems with Super Symmetry, is that it postulates some more sub atomic particles, some of which should have been found by the LHC. Contrary to the show, as an FYI, super-asymmetry cannot behave as mentioned in the show, and the experiments discussed don’t really exist. But, the discussion did allow the show to get Sheldon and Amy the Nobel.
  11. I find this rather amusing, as while there are times where Leonard is those things, there are also multiple occasions (I can provide them if you wish) where Raj IS whiny and full of self-pity. And, he has shown he is the kind of guy that would do it with any women that was willing, even up to basically paying the woman(remember the first Emily and all his "presents"?) to stay in a relationship with him. The difference is that while Raj is willing, there haven't been all the many women who are willing to do it with him. Whereas in Leonard's case, most of the women were coming on to him.
  12. That's easy, Leonard's story is very similar to my story. Sci-fi, board war-games (we didn't have video games back in the dark ages when I was a teen), Chess, reading, science, comic books, all of that were part of me. Of course, I didn't have a girl friend. I finally met one, we dated, broke up, stayed friends, started dating again, and finally got married. So you can see why Leonard and Penny resonate with me.
  13. Welcome to the forum The Big Fan.
  14. If a member deletes their account, the forum software converts their posts (as there is now no account to link the post to) to guest posts. The only way to see who actually made those posts is if their posts were quoted. The software doesn't change quoted posts. So, at some point, Beate deleted their account.
  15. Sorry, I was just going by the 'Play Penny in her sleep" comment. I was just trying to clarify that even half-assed actors, like myself, can play characters in their sleep, given playing the character enough. It has nothing to do with the effort put in when playing the character.
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