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  1. Tensor

    Lenny story: Broken Threads

    Chapter 34 is now up.
  2. 242. 244 , if both wheelchair spots on the floor are used.
  3. Yeah, I had to make sure about getting tickets before booking my flight from Florida.
  4. I think it’s more a function of how many regular tickets are being used. Several posts up, there was mention of only 6–10 standby getting in, for the last taping. About the same,for the taping I attended. I think it being more difficult to get tickets, those who get them really want to go, so more regular tickets are being used, equals less standby.
  5. While we (and others on the internet) call them guaranteed tickets, they aren’t. They are usually two kinds of tickets, available to the public, regular, and standby. There have been instances where regular ticket holders have not gotten in. However, if you get to the studio, by the time indicated on the ticket, you almost always get in. The difference between regular and standby, is that “Standby” is printed on the ticket. You have a regular ticket, congrats, have a great time.
  6. Yeah, but, he was willing, wanting to donate for Zack and Melissa, evidently thinking he would be involved as the father. It was only after it was pointed out he wouldn’t be involved as the father, that he decided not to donate. This is a strong indication he really wants to be a father. They really screwed up with this one(well they screwed the whole thing up, but I’m being specific here). As fast and unrealistic they depicted Leonard’s aquiencence to not having kids, it was an ending. We knew Leonard was ok with not having kids. Now, we find out he’s not happy about it, (and to top it off, Penny feels bad about disappointing her dad and Leonard)and one way or another someone in their marriage isn’t going to be happy over something rather large. Penny having to change her mind, or Leonard not having kids.
  7. Veejay is not from the US. So they may not be familiar with US specific holidays. Presidents’ Day actually honors all presidents. It used to be that there were two holidays, Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays. The government realigned holidays in the 70s, (moving most of them to Mondays, for a three day weekend) or consolidating them, such as in the Presidents’ Day case.
  8. Tensor

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    I wanted to watch, but my parents controlled the TV, when it was originally on. Got to see some of them during the summer rerun period. In the 70s it was on every day, so I watched them over and over. I also bought the books that turned the scripts into basically short stories. Also, the Saturday morning animated show.
  9. Well, we only got three new episodes in January and February last year. It's a function of how the schedule is. They usually start with the last week in September, and then run October, November, and half of December. That's not quite three months. After the new year, you have January, February, March, April, and half of May, 4.5 months for basically the same number of episodes that are run in three months before the holidays (along with the two weeks off for March madness). Which means more repeats in the second half of the season.
  10. [Sarcasm] So, we would get comedy again? [/sarcasm]
  11. No some of us want to take what we consider the worst characters out of the show and make a new interesting show with Lenny. Your mileage may vary. What she ^^^^^ said.
  12. Well, we had that in 12.3, and several other things with Lenny, so it would really be no surprise, if that is how they did it.
  13. I really agree with you that a divorce won’t happen, it could simply be the fan fic writer in me, and the dark place they are at in my current story. But, I think it says a lot about how they’ve been portrayed over the last several years, that my mind went there.
  14. Tensor

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    What, in particular, are you talking about? If it’s the shirt itself, in the original series, a typical open would be a landing party would beam down to a planet, they would be attacked, and someone would die. It was, invariably, the regular crewman, (who was an extra that week) who usually wore a red shirt. After all, they weren’t going to kill Kirk, Spock, or any of the other stars. There was a joke shirt several years ago, that had Stormtroopers from Star Wars, and red shirts, from Star Trek on it. The comment was, Stormtroopers shoot and miss everyone, red shirts die anyway.

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