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  1. In one of the articles about it, she was asked if the amount and type of language bothered her. She just laughed and said no. I thought of the Peoples Choice awards when Johnny reminded her to keep it clean...
  2. They did. There was a scene shot, after the Shamy wedding where he sent Shamy a watch. The scene was cut for time. You can see it in the season 11 extras.
  3. Well, we were talking about Sheldon, so I’m not sure what either of them have to do with it. I’ll be more than happy discuss the foibles of those two, in separate posts, so it doesn’t deflect the Sheldon discussion.
  4. I see, when it to his advantage, he has an eidetic memory. When it's not to his advantage, they play fast and loose with it. This has nothing to do with Sheldon, so it really doesn't mean anything here.
  5. Actually, it’s closer to the Löwenbräu lion. The color is closer too.
  6. Really? So, you are saying you have to use the word slut, to be slut shaming someone? You do realize that the phrase slut shaming simply mean shaming someone for their sexual activity, right? Can you explain how disagreeing, with my agreeing with you, exactly works? it seems like you think my agreeing with you is wrong. As for the rest, if you can give another explanation for Sheldon to continue to say mean things, after it was explained to him that it’s wrong, after all he had an eidetic memory, right, by all means I’m listening.
  7. I might, if the mailboxes weren't the same size as the ones for the regular mail. Not to mention it was shown a package for Penny, was left on the table just below the mailboxes. The other problem is that there is a fifth floor, referenced in at least two episodes. The labels should have read 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D through 5D. And yeah, the whole thing is flawed Penny's apartment (all of the 'A's for that matter) hang out over the street.
  8. But Sheldon continued to say them, even when it was explained to him that it wasn't proper. And, he would continue to know it was wrong because of his eidetic memory. So, he knows it's wrong, but he continues to do it, it's intentional. You don't have to use the word slut, to be slut shaming someone. I don't believe she was kidding either. Neither was Bernadette, after all, they did a fist bump. However, everyone fantasizes at some point during sex, during their lifetime.
  9. The problem, is that Sheldon's eidetic memory, is an on and off thing. Hell, they built the whole Amy and Sheldon get back together on him not knowing a song. In the case of bitcoin, the only reason they had to rely on his memory, was because he move the bitcoin files out of the computer it was in.
  10. Amy was introduced in the season three final. I’m quite aware that Amy and Bernadette weren’t introduced until later, my comment was in reply to someone who believes Sheldon and Penny made a better couple than Lenny ( and later Shamy). And, who believed, TPTB were trying to force Lenny (and later Shamy) to prevent Sheldon and Penny from getting together.
  11. Lovely here in Sarasota. Sunny, high right at 80 (about 25C), a beautiful day to work on finishing up painting the house.
  12. That was just on tonight on TBS.
  13. Thank you to all for the birthday wishes. It was my Beatle's birthday.
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