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  1. Not quite Steven, think of it this way. x-axis (Left and right) (Length) ⬅️-------------➡️ y-axis (forward and backward) (width) ⬆️ ⬇️ The z-axis (Up and down) Normally you would think of the z-axis, as the height or how tall something is. When it's written on a piece of paper, (or a screen, like here) the y-axis is not considered up or down. To really understand the axis, think of it as standing on a floor. Then the forward and backward of the y-axis, and the height of the z-axis is easier to understand. So, when Leonard mentioned moving in the z-axis, he was thinking of moving up and down.
  2. It did to me at first, but I eventually learned a bit of it. I did spend two years there. I confess I did learn more German, than Icelandic. Unfortunately, at this point most of everything I learned is gone now. Well, except for Canadian, I can still speak that. 😜
  3. It's easy, Eyjafjallajökull, is pronounced as eye-yav-yat-la-yo-kull. A couple of things, the ey, is is pronounced like eye. j is pronounced like a y, and the f is pronounced like a "v". The ll is pronounced like "tl", hence the yat-la.
  4. I don't know if you remember when the volcano in Iceland was erupting, but the news people couldn't even come close to pronouncing Eyjafjallajökull
  5. Please note there is a new sub-forum under Cast and Crew. It's for the discussion of new shows the cast and crew are staring in or working on new shows.
  6. Please note there is a new sub-forum under Cast and Crew. It's for the discussion of new shows the cast and crew are staring in or working on new shows.
  7. This topic is for discussion of the new series The Squad, which is currently in development, for NBC. Written and executive produced by Anthony Del Broccolo and executive produced by Johnny Galecki. Anthony was a writer and a co-executive producer for TBBT.
  8. This topic is for the discussion of the show Call Me Kat, which has been pick up for the new season by FOX. Staring Mayim Bialik and as Executive Producers, Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons.
  9. Topics in this sub forum are for discussions about new shows, the cast and crew are working on. Personal items, guest staring appearances, or shows the cast worked on previously to TBBT, should be posted in the individual actors own topics in Cast and Crew. Please keep discussion about the particular show in the topic.
  10. This topic of for the discussion of Kaley's new Show on HBOMax, The Flight Attendant. Kaley is the lead actor and executive producer.
  11. This Subject is for the discussion of Celebrity Show-off, on TBS. Mayim Hosts.
  12. HBOMax released some statistics for the various shows. The number one show on HBOMax is "Friends", The number two show is an HBOMax original "Love Life" and the number three show is "The Big Bang Theory".
  13. Tensor

    Episodic Errors

    Lol, it just might be. Or, they changed the name to Delicious, posthumously.
  14. Tensor

    Episodic Errors

    Penny mentions another pet pig, by name, other than Moondance, in one of the early seasons. Give me some time and I'll have it for you.
  15. I thought I would drop this in here. Most of you know I'm writing a fan fic about Penny's pregnancy. One thing that a lot of people don't know or realize, is that Penny, in the show, would have been due, either last week, or sometime this week. While the show ended in May, episode 23, The Change Constant, depicts the 9th of October and one or possibly two days after that. Nobel prizes are announced on 9 October. Episode 24, The Stockholm Syndrome, depicts the week before and up to, the 10th of December (The prizes last year were handed out on the 10th). With Penny claiming the sex with Leonard, after she got drunk with Sheldon, as the occurrence that caused the pregnancy, conception would be sometime the second week of October, which gives her the due date during the weeks mentioned. So, for all the Lenny lovers out there, by next week, their child will have been born.
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