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  1. You may actually have a point. This panel took place in season 7, and there were still a good number ( and content) of Lenny in the show. The next season everything fell apart for Lenny’s, reduced time(Shenny had more for more until the final) , reduced involvement ( the island) . What it doesn’t explain though are the negative things they introduce that year, (return to groveling, wore her down, Leonard’s kiss, etc), unless you go with the idea of tearing them down, to make Shamy look better.
  2. Oooooohhhh, oooooohhhhh, ooooohhhh, is bricolage the word of the day?
  3. Well, I'm of the opinion that they are going to use this to get Penny to change her mind about kids. I still think it was an error to have written 12-3 the way the did. On the other hand, since we didn't get an answer to whether or not Leonard is going to donate, and since I'm going to the next taping, what I'm I'm hoping for is that she will be part of the next taping, when Leonard decides he doesn't want to donate. Then have Penny decide she want's Leonard's kids. I can dream can't I?
  4. What I find interesting is she's appeared on The Conners and Living Biblically. Both shows Johnny's been on and produced.
  5. Well, you can attend twice a year. If you get into two shows on Standby, those are probably your two shows.
  6. I'll answer for Kev. Yes, current rules only allow you attend twice PER SEASON. If you look at the taping Kev attended, you will find one in season 10, one in season 11 and one in season 12. So, he's only attended once each of those seasons. It used to be that you could only get two regular (what are erroneously called guaranteed ) tickets per season, but were also allowed to attend on standby as long as you were there early enough to be part of the standby ticket holders that made it in. Toward the end of season 5, there were complaints that there were people who were getting more than two regular tickets. That wasn't the case, though there people who were attending more than two per season, which was allowed if you were attending more than the two on Standby tickets. There was one person who attended every episode from 3.18 throughout 5.24. They would get their two regular tickets, then use standby tickets, and just get their early (around 8 AM) every taping Tuesday, so they were getting in with standby tickets. Another was was to get two tickets, then write in to change the name on the ticket. After 5.24, while they didn't outright limit anyone, they were watching more closely. Basically, if they started to recognize you, and you got another ticket, they would send an email telling you you had attended too many and your ticket had been rescinded. In season seven, there was a problem with some regular ticket holders who didn't get in (there were a lot of VIPs that day) and Bill Prady had a huge problem with that. So, Audiences Unlimited, the company that handles the tickets, started limiting tickets. While you could still get two per season, when signing in to get tickets, you could only get one per person, (for most shows you are allowed to get four tickets per attempt). After you got your ticket, you had to re-sign in, to get another one. And, names on the ticket could no longer be changed by writing to Audiences Unlimited. They also started watching much closer to how many shows you attended, and two was pretty much it (although there were people here and there who got in for more than two, they were relatively rare after season seven.)
  7. Whether or not that was their intent, how it's how it came across to, quite honestly, a significant amount of fandom, along with critics and reviewers. So, the depiction is on them. These are the same producers who were surprised by questions about whether Penny and Leonard were going to get divorced. That wasn't what their intent was either, but that was what was coming across. Enough that critics and reviewers, not just Lennys, were wondering. Were the writers so wrapped up in their intent, that they were completely oblivious of what was actually being shown on the screen?
  8. Filming the women trying on the dresses, is something that is normally done. What isn't normally done is filming the women changing into those dresses, especially if you have to open the door to film it. That Penny told Amy to stop, and then Amy pushed open the door again, was really creepy.
  9. Tensor

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    The discussion of Leonard donating his sperm has been moved to the dark Lenny thread. There are various negative and/or non-supportive comments (not consulting each other, negative comments about kids, etc) and replies to these comments, to keep it in the Lenny thread.
  10. Tensor

    Character Screen Time

    I should be able to put up the rest of season 11 this week and next, then start on Season 12.
  11. Tensor

    Lenny story: Broken Threads

    Chapter 27 is up. BTW, Chapter 26 is also up. I guess I missed putting it here when I put it up last week.
  12. Tensor

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Yes, there were many fans that were upset by the ending, and let their feelings be known. There was not a fight with the writers, however, Johnny and Simon were mad at Kunal. Kunal pointed out that it wasn't him they should be mad at. Both Johnny and Simon were aware that their anger at Kunal was irrational and quickly got over it. While there were fans that were unhappy, I'm not sure the writers rewrote anything. At Comic-con, Bill Prady said he felt that whatever side you came down on (did they or didn't they), you should be happy with the resolution. Comic-con happens within two to three weeks of the writers going back, so they probably had the first episode roughed out, and there was no need to to rewrite. Now, whether or not they wrote the first episode the way they did because of the reactions of the fans, is something we may never know. For all we know, they had several different resolutions in mind at the end of season four, and they may have chosen one, based on fan reaction or chose another based on their discussion when they got back to work. As it was, many thought the resolution was a cop out. Let face it, if you throw out the legalities, and just go with an in universe hook-up, what exactly does it mean for Penny to help put the condom on? They had kissed, they were naked, she was holding his junk, causing him to orgasm, how different from actually having sex is this? Not much. That said, Penny didn't cheat on Leonard. She was single, he was in a relationship, so she was free to have sex with anyone she wanted. Whether or not she would have wanted to have sex with Raj, if she was unimpaired is another matter. YMMV. As much as I get upset with Lenny's depiction these days, that particular episode did not bother me. As season five went along, I came to see it as a way to keep Penny and Leonard apart, as I don't think the writers (or TPTB) were ready to get them back together again, at the beginning of the season. I mean Leonard made out (and almost had sex with) a woman he had just met, while Priya was in India. If the night with Raj hadn't happened, and Leonard found out Penny still had feelings for him, do you really think Priya would have mattered to Leonard?
  13. Tensor

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Oh, I know that. But John specifically and separately stated how it was played in the TBBT world, and what it legally was in the real world.
  14. Tensor

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    California Law disagree's with you. Then (2011) and now, impaired people cannot legally give consent to have sex, so having sex with an impaired person is considered rape (and people have been tried and convicted in California and other states who have similar laws). Raj's attempt to have sex with Penny, who was legally impaired (blackouts start above the legal limit in California), could be considered rape. That they didn't finish the act leaves it as attempted rape. Now, in the show it was played for laughs, and as a plot point. As John said, in TBBT it's simply considered a drunken hookup. But, in the real world (something John was specific about) and whether or not you want to get into the legalities (such as it wasn't reported, or Raj wasn't arrested) doesn't change the fact that legally, it was attempted rape. The same applies to something that happened to Raj. Although it was played for laughs, Howard's mother, pulling him back into the house to prevent him from leaving, can be considered the felony of, Unlawful Restraint.
  15. The discussion of the Penny-Raj Hookup, and the legalities involved, have been moved to the Non-Season 12 Show Discussion.

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