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  1. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    She will be on Young Sheldon, the episode when it returns on Nov 2. This will be the sixth Chuck Lorre show Vernee Watson has appeared on. Mike and Moly, TBBT, Two and a Half Men, Dharma and Greg, and Grace Under Fire are the others.
  2. Season 11 Ratings Thread.

    Week Four Live + 7, Week of 16 October, 2017 Based on week Two numbers (October 02-09, 2017). This is the second Live + 7 this week, due to last weeks being delayed. This is properly the week four Live + 7, the previous one this week was week three. CBS broadcast TBBT new episode, 10.01 "The Proposal Proposal" on Monday at 8 PM. Premieres are designated with a "P". Demo Show Live + 7 Lift Show Live + 7 Total This is Us 2.4 This is Us 5.5 The Good Doctor 2.1 TBBT 4.9 TBBT 1.8 The Good Doctor 4.3 Will and Grace 1.7 Grey's Anatomy 3.7 Grey's Anatomy 1.6 Will and Grace 3.7 Modern Family 1.3 The Voice (Mon) 3.3 The Gifted (P) 1.3 Modern Family 3.2 The Orville 1.2 Empire 3.0 Designated Survivor 1.2 The Gifted (P) 2.8 Empire 1.1 Scandal (P) 2.5 Viewers Show Live + 7 Lift (000) Show Live + 3 Total (000) The Good Doctor 7.21 TBBT 19.18 This is Us 6.15 The Good Doctor 18.12 Designated Survivor 5.20 NCIS 17.40 TBBT 5.14 This is Us 17.21 Will and Grace 5.65 Bull 14.45 Chicago Fire 4.36 Blue Bloods 13.67 Blue Bloods 4.19 NCIS:NO 12.69 Criminal Minds 3.99 Seal Team 11.93 Chicago PD 3.96 Grey's Anatomy 11.89 NCIS 3.89 Hawaii Five-0 11.55 Tensor
  3. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    I'm not asserting that People have stopped watching for any other reason than the general decline of network television viewing. That decline has been well documented over the last five to six years in various polls, studies, and articles in the trade papers and national news. Many of those reasons were articulated by Tonstar (however, see below). The documented declines in viewership, match the numbers in the studies, etc. Now, if you want to assert there is another reason for those declines, by all outside, or in lieu of what's already been documented, then by all means, give us a cite for your contention. In place of any evidence to the contrary, what's already been documented, is the most logical answer to why broadcast TV has been documented. Tonstar, in the US, there is no TV license for the viewers. They can pick up any broadcast they want, for free, by using an over the air antenna. Now, if you want cable channels, you have to pay for those cable channels. Premium TV, here in the states is like HBO, Showtime, and other stations that require additional payments to watch. Most cable carriers also carry broadcast television stations. The price of cable has had a lot to do with the rise of streaming. Those Millennials, (in fact many of them) who wish to watch, have have never owned a TV (they use their computers) nor do they need cable (as they use streaming), to view what they want, but what they are viewing isn't broadcast, as it isn't available to them. You're right that TV isn't what it used to be back in the day. From the fifties to the seventies, there were basically three to five channels available to people (the three networks, a PBS and possibly a independent station). This began to change in the eighties and nineties when cable channels began proliferating and the glut really started in the 2000s. Now, there are over 400 possible channels to watch, the internet (I'm on here, instead of watching TV) and streaming. All this, and those, as you mention that have rejected TV altogether, has cut the number of people watching broadcast. And streaming has even impacted cable, as those people (like me) who stream all their viewing, have no need for cable or the cable company (except for, possibly, their internet). And the simple fact is, if there are fewer people watching broadcast television, there are fewer people watching the shows on broadcast television. Are there some that aren't watching because broadcast TV is terrible? I'm sure there are, but there aren't enough of them in the numbers to make for a sizable reason for not watching.
  4. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    I've been linking to polls, surveys, and studies for the last four years(possibly five) showing the declines are for network television overall. The reasons are mostly to cut the cord, , internet, streaming, etc. Not once have I seen it's because people think network TV is awful. It's pretty silly to think that with all of network TV losing audience overall to streaming and cord cutting, and shows in general are losing audience all at around the same rate, that TBBT, is losing audience for some other reason. Especially as TBBT, has maintained ratings that have been 2.5 times the average network show for the last five years. Now you could be right and I eagerly look forward to you providing support that millions of people are leaving due to network television being so awful. Failing that, it's much simpler to go with documented reasons people are watching less network TV.
  5. Character Screen Time

    OK, here is the spreadsheet. You'll note some minor differences in my addition in the post above, and the spreadsheet. Your best bet is to assume the spreadsheet is correct. I'll make corrections when I do the post next week. Anyway, here is the spreadsheet:
  6. Character Screen Time

    Here is this weeks character times. 11.04 The Explosion Implosion Here are the results for this week, with the season totals: Week Total Season Total Show 20:50 81:55* *"Previously on The Big Bang Theory" one minute total Commercials 10:10 41:05 Minor Characters (MC) 4:15 14:10 Sheldon 10:10 42:20 Amy 3:00 28:25 Leonard 6:20 31:15 Penny 5:40 25:30 Howard 11:00 25:25 Bernadette 4:25 18:40 Raj 5:15 21:30 Stuart 0:00 6:00 Shamy (Total) 0:00 16:05 Shamy (Alone) 0:00 10:40 Lenny (Total) 1:50 10:15 Lenny (Alone) 1:50 3:45 Howardette (Total) 0:20 4:10 Howardette (Alone) 0:20 2:55 Guys 0:55 1:35 Girls Gang 1:05 3:35 I you want to know how I'm getting the times, you might want to go back look at how I've defined things It's the system I used for seasons 1-10. While I'll be tracking everything the same way, I will be putting up some of the results weekly. Every four weeks, I will put up the spreadsheet, so all the times, for all the pairings, can be viewed. Well, this is the fourth week, so I'll be putting up the spreadsheet either tonight, or tomorrow, as I haven't set it up yet.
  7. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    We know older viewers are dying. We know younger viewers are not bothering with network or cable, as they want to be able to consume the content, where ever they are and whenever they want. We know some in the middle are moving to netflix and other streaming services to get different content, but that doesn't mean network TV is awful. There are shows I watch that I miss, when I am on the internet, thus losing me to viewing. You are going to have to come up with some proof that the people moving to streaming because network TV is awful. As that hasn't shown up in any of the surveys of those moving to streaming.
  8. Season 11 Ratings Thread.

    Week 04, Syndicated ratings, Week of 16 October, 2017 Based on week one numbers , 02-09 Oct, 2017 Top Ten in Households: Show Household Rating Judge Judy 6.5 Family Feud 6.2 Jeopardy 5.9 Wheel of Fortune 5.9 TBBT 4.6 Law and Order:SVU 3.4 Dateline Weekly 3.3 Dr Phil 3.1 Entertainment Tonight 3.0 Family Feud (Weekend) 3.0 Top ten in 25-54 Women: Show 25-54 Women Rating TBBT 2.8 Judge Judy 2.6 Family Feud 2.4 Law and Order:SVU 2.3 Wheel of Fortune 1.9 TBBT Weekend 1.8 Modern Family 1.8 Dateline Weekly 1.8 Jeopardy 1.7 Modern Family Weekend 1.6 I've gotten the question as to why the 25-54 rating. For daytime shows, the women 25-54 is the more important ratings. As you can see, TBBT still does rather well with this demo. There is a also a show called Weekend Adventure. It is a group of nature programs broadcast during the day on weekends for kids. I've pulled it as it is not late Afternoon/early evening programming. Tensor
  9. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    That's what I mean when I say network television is down. There are, in general, fewer people watching network television. There are simply less people watching, which is why shows are down, in general, by about the same amount. As for why, some of the older ones are dying off, and the younger ones aren't replacing them due to streaming. In addition, some of the middle aged (and older) people have taken to streaming, and are not watching network television as much. I obviously can't give you an exact reason for each of the 23 million who are no longer watching network TV, but if all shows are down, and total viewing is down, it's a general trend which leaves you with fewer people watching network television.
  10. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Well, not personally here where I live. I know quite a few on line, but that shouldn't be surprising.
  11. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    But that's not what you said, is it? Here, I'll help: I was just pointing out that you have heard reasons, not just comparisons. And, why would an explanation as to the reasons have to cover every eventuality? People move away from shows for various reasons, but if you have less people watching network television, you are going to have lower ratings for every show. Here's an example. On Monday night, during 2004-2005, the total viewers, at 8 PM for all networks was 61 million people and last week, Monday night at 8 PM came in with 38 million people, that's 23 million less people watching network television. Both those hours, in 2005 and 2017 contained the number one entertainment show, so is it really a surprise that rating are lower, when there aren't as many people watching? BTW, the number one show in 2004 (American Idol) had 44% of the total viewers at 8 PM. TBBT is right in the ballpark at 40% of the viewers at 8 PM.
  12. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    That's why I said, "In general..." There are exceptions. I, for instance, only have coax cable running from my antenna, to each of the televisions via a splitter. I get network, and local over the air through the antenna. As for cable, I recently replaced all the TV coax with Cat6A network cable. That connects to my cable service, and then through the router to my Roku, Playstation four (my other streaming device) for my Playstation Vue and my Netflix and Amazon. I also have my desktop, and my wife's laptop (although she can disconnect an use wi-fi) physically connected to my home network. I still have wifi for our phones, our other laptop, my daughters laptop and phone, and our apple TV. I don't know any other 61 year olds doing all that streaming and that have cat6A network cable through their house (that they ran no less.). My friends think I'm nuts. Some even still have landlines for their phones. But I took my first computer class in 1969 (I was 14) and bought my first computer in 1978.
  13. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    I've given you reasons before. More channel choices, internet, streaming, are all reasons (based on surveys) as to why network viewership is down. In general, older people watch more network television, as they were brought up on network television. Middle age people tend to watch both cable channels and network, while younger people tend to stream, and not watch network. Those that watch the most network television are dying off, and the younger people, with their streaming habits are not replacing them as viewers of network television. As a result, you have fewer viewers of network television. That's why all show's ratings are dropping, and why you have to compare the various ratings.
  14. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Others have answered, but since you quoted me, here I go... Ratings are used by the network, to decide which shows to keep on their schedule, and the advertisers, to decide where to spend their money. To do this, they compare the ratings of all the shows to make those determinations. If the other shows ratings are meaningless to you, then so are TBBT ratings, because you're using them not as they are designed to be used. Comparisons are the whole purpose of ratings, if you choose not to compare them, then you're misusing them. An example that breaks down. Would you be happy if everyone in the class got "A"s, if everyone in class got an extra 34 unearned points added to their class average? Here's a better example, the physics department has been lowering grades for the last 17 years, by taking away 2 points, per year, off of the student's class average. At this point, they are taking off 34 points off of each students grades and are only passing along the top 10 students. So, yes you should be happy as your daughter is at the top of her class, because of what the department is doing. Because that is the exact situation for TBBT. Network viewing has been dropping for the last 17 years or so, all the shows are dropping, and still TBBT is at the top of the ratings. Look, TBBT was an iffy renewal, in 67th place, back in 2007, with a 3.26. It was number one last year with a 3.10. CBS would much rather have the number one show at 3.10 rather than the 67th ranked show at 3.26. If you want to rail on about the ratings, that's fine, but you should use them properly, which requires comparisons.
  15. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    And, so? It's done that five of the last seven years. And, if you count the double episode on the premiere of season seven as one (there were two, back to back), it's gone down six of the last seven. So what? Almost every show does the following, the premiere scores high, and it comes down for a few weeks. It settles in in November - Feb, and then in March it drops when Daylight savings time starts. What's important, to the network, to the advertisers, is what is it getting compared to all the other shows on. You want a show that cratered, look at Empire. It's first show ever pulled in a 3.8, it's finale that year, a 6.9 and averaged 5.09. It's second year, it's first show had a 6.7, it's finale had a 4.1 and it averaged 4.42. Last year, it premiered at 4.2, it's finale was 2.5 and averaged 2.75. This year, it premiered at 2.4 and it's last two have been 2.0 and 1.9. In just over two years, it went from a 6.7 show rating, for it's 2015-16 premiere, to a 1.9 last week. In the case of TBBT, it went from a 4.7 j, to a 2.9 it's third week, in the same amount of time(I don't have Empire's fourth week yet, so I'm keeping it to three, for a valid comparison). Networks and advertisers would much rather have the decline of TBBT, as it's actually fell less than TV viewing overall, than a show like Empire, which has fallen to 28% of it's rating, while TBBT has fallen to 61%. If they kept TBBT on, for another two years and it fell by the same percentage, TBBT would still be higher than the average new network program now. In two years, this would be the 2019-2020 season, it would have a 1.8 rating, and that would put it in the top ten this year (tied with Will and Grace; and Modern Family which both had a 1.8 last week and Empire was only a tenth ahead of that.)