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  1. I really liked the Halley part of the story, but having _______________ (no spoilers) save the lecture, was something I really loved.
  2. I try, sometimes I succeed. Thanks. 🙂
  3. I'm not saying that isn't still a possibility. There are some open areas out where some of the other ranches are at. So, there could be a house on the BB City ranch property. I mentioned those other areas, simply because in some of the pictures I saw (on the IG stories), there seems to be a few other homes in the area near the house.
  4. A bit of both. I spent a lot of time in the LA area in the 80s and 90s. I've also had training in analysis (traffic analysis, and how disparate facts can be linked together), so I can apply that to my research.
  5. That's a strong possibility. The pictures we've seen indicate a less populated area, than their current house. If I had to guess, I'd say north of Medera road, and west of the Regan Presidential Library. There are some houses there on the scale (and larger) than what they have now and what we've seen in images she's put up. Another possibility would be Tierra Rejada valley, the west end of Simi Valley, there are quite a few stables (boarding, breeding, and riding) in the area.
  6. It's depressing how accurate something written in 1953, like the quotes in this article.
  7. That's not quite true. Yes, it's been evaded, but not for that reasons. For one, it doesn't say quorum of cabinet members. The wording of the amendment, says "The Vice-President and the principal officers of the executive departments..." (there's another possibility, that the congress passes a law designating another body as the deciding group, but that's not likely with a split congress, and not enough to override the for sure veto). Anyway, back to "The Vice-President and the principal officers of the executive departments...". It doesn't distinguish between a senate approved secretary and an acting secretary, principal, could be deemed, the one in charge. Now, I'm sure that there would be some sort of legal challenge, if the president decided he wasn't going to go, on whether or not the acting secretary is the principal of that department. Not to mention that as there are a lot of "Acting" heads of departments, those are quite loyal to Trump and won't vote him out. It's really a moot point, right now. Note the phrase, "The Vice-President AND, the principal..." The Vice-President would also have to agree, and at this point, Pence is not going to try to get Trump removed from office this way. That Pence refuses to act is the biggest reason the 25th Amendment hasn't been invoked yet.
  8. LOL, now it's gone even farther. Evidently, The National Inquirer sent a message to Kaley asking if the would like to comment about a story they are doing. It's about how her marriage has only survived because her and Karl live separate lives. She made some snarky comments (I'd ask my husband, but don't know where he is), and some derogatory comments about the magazine, then ask Karl if he had any comments. He also made some snarky (thanking the Inquirer for letting him know his wife's name) and derogatory remarks. Go to both of their IG stories (that's why there is no link, because we don't allow links to IG stories)., their responses are kinda funny.
  9. I'm sure it's something they talked about, before getting married. He has his stable in San Diego, she's building her's in the Simi Valley. He's currently in Kentucky riding, she rode in California this past week. They get home together when they can, they are pursuing their careers. According to Kaley IG, she has someone who watches the dogs, and takes care of the house if they are both gone. I don't see it being that big of a deal. My daughter has spent more than half this year, living away from her husband (come to think of it, about half their married life). She's a singer/actor and she goes to different cities for two to three months at a time for work. At one point, she also was in Europe, on cruise ships for 6-7 months at a time, so for them (and KC2) it probably seems normal. Hell, I was usually gone for 3-5 months a year, two to four weeks at a time, during my time in the Air Force. Twice I was gone for a year, and at another time, I was gone for a year, came home, spent two months moving my family to Germany, then was gone for another five months. And these days, with Skype and email and text messaging, it's much easier. I'll be married for 43 years on my next anniversary.
  10. The headlines, of the article and the clip are a bit misleading, as anyone who follows her on IG knows. As she points out in her IG stories, it must be a slow entertainment news day: https://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/ny-kaley-cuoco-marriage-20190815-dl7sz2tixzbpjjmyr2ldzrrmee-story.html And this
  11. Since birthright citizenship is part of the constitution, stopping it would require a constitutional amendment, and I don't see that getting enough states to ratify it.
  12. Citizenship discussion moved to the Chit Chat thread.
  13. Of course they wouldn't need Zack. But, they didn't seem to have any problems with writing Lenny in season 6 (and the latter half of season 5) as funny and working through problems. Even season 7 was like that, for the most part. But, after that, it was rare that we got any king of positive Lenny. It was mostly, the wear her down, their issues, etc, that got written about. Evidently, for the most part, they could write about Lenny's problems and make it funny, but not their successes or solutions and make it funny. Unlike being able to do that for the other two couples.
  14. Of course it would have been better, I would have loved to see her reaction, her telling Leonard, etc. But, that would have required the writers to get off of the Nobel and Shamy storyline, and we all knew that wasn't going to happen. But, we have to differentiate between what we would like to see, and what we were shown. Penny didn't seem unhappy with being pregnant at anytime in the final episode (well, maybe when she was throwing up). If she was unhappy, they could have simply made her unhappy, they didn't. Which means, she wasn't too upset by it. Since they decided not to show all the discussion, all we have to go by, is that she didn't use medication to prevent or terminate the pregnancy, and she was happy with being pregnant. You're preaching to the choir (see below). But, that would have required the writers to, you know, actually write a serious Leonard and Penny scene, when all they seemed capable of, the majority of the time, was to write "I/he wore her/me down" or "Leonard is bad in bed" type jokes. Because crumbs is all Lenny fans have been getting for the last four-five years. How often have we complained about how little Lenny we get. How often have we complained about the storylines we did get? How often did we get any good Lenny storylines. When get nothing over and over, crumbs is what you look for. Again, we're used to this, and we complained about it. In season 8 Sheldon and Penny had more time alone on screen together, than Leonard and Penny, through 23 episodes. You know what brought Leonard and Penny ahead of Sheldon and Penny? The conversation, in the car, about the kiss. Yay for Lenny. Shamy had over twice as much time alone, on screen. How about this for a crumb, in season eight (I don't think you were here yet) Lenny (who were engaged) went for over half the year without kissing, on screen. We complained about it, vehemently. You know what we were told? Some variation on either "It will get better in the second half" (it didn't), or "that kind of stuff happened offscreen" or, my favorite, "He kissed her cheek, that counts. No one is defending what should have been. I believe I speak for quite a few Lenny's here when I say we would have loved to see such discussion and reveals. Of course, that would have the writers to write something other than a major plot points for Shamy. Cause, when you get one for Lenny, it's, the majority of the time, to stress how incompatible they are, or to highlight the problems in their relationship (see The Romance Recalibration.) We have to ask why, the writers chose to write a sperm donation story, rather than such a pregnancy discussion. I believe they struggle writing things for Lenny, unless it's a joke like their problems or wearing them down. The good things we get are few and far between, so we hold on to those. Would we love to see such discussion? Sure, but it's not something we expect. Look at a few things, no discussion about marriage during their engagement. We got two episodes of Shamy trying to work through living together, nothing for Lenny. Before season 12, we got bits and pieces of a discussion of pregnancy, with Penny saying she was fine with kids. What we got this season, was no discussion with her husband before her decision to not have kids (and I really don't understand those that say Penny NEVER wanted kids). My theory is the writes don't know how to do it, and make it funny. They haven't proved to me otherwise, since season 8. But, again, none of this overrides the fact that Penny seems happy with being pregnant. Just because they didn't show the discussion, doesn't mean she didn't work through them, as indicated by her seemingly being happy about it.
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