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  1. Tensor

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    Speaking of Star Trek, I saw an ad for the following. Most here will get it:
  2. I had a boss at one point who's last name had 12 letters in it, his boss, and eventually all of us, when not needing to be formal, started calling him B+11. I guess I could have gone with I + 12. 😛
  3. Look at it this way skull, in 8.24, they took a whole year to fix the problems that kissed caused, but it was fixed. There is no year available to fix 12.03, and to some unknown number, but more than a few, of Lenny fans, the "donation" arc, has simply made it worse. They still haven't talked about it, so when is that going to happen? We got seven episodes left to tape. And, as it+11 pointed out, now we have Penny knowing Leonard was not all right with not having kids. And now, Penny's upset because she is disappointing the two most important men in her life. And, to top it off, at some point, Penny is going to have to watch Leonard see his closest friends raising their kids, kids he wanted and won't get, at this point. All of that doesn't make me, or quite a few other fans, happy about the show.
  4. More info from Nicole: the babies are in car seats (since the book suggests doing the experiments when they're in the car, they just did them in the car seats in the living room). They pre-taped one of the scenes where you can see Michael's hand, in the other scenes they have dolls in the car seats (a larger one for Halley) so you can "see" the tops of their heads. As for Sheldon needing to warm to kids, I got the impression it came from his comments in the last few episodes about not caring to be around Howard and Bernadette's babies. ALSO - we get to hear Halley speak!
  5. Here’s a few more Lenny bits: Leonard and Penny, only had the first part of one scene together, but in my opinion it was very cute. We got them saying I love you and hugging. It was when she was leaving for the conference. There were jokes on his end about being worried she might not come back - since she packed a lot of clothes, which she did because she was nervous- but it wasn't anything serious, just their bantering back and forth that they've been doing over the past few seasons.)
  6. Here’s a short description of the taping last night. It’s from Nicole, and if there are any questions I can pass them along: Alright so episode is called The Conference Valuation. In addition to the main seven, we have Stuart, Beverly (though that scene isn't going to be filmed until later in the week) and a few one off characters. The A storyline is Penny and Bernadette at a conference for the drug they were working on together. Penny is an amazing saleswoman and the other drug companies take note of that. One rival company offers her a job with them. She (briefly) entertains it because she's flattered, Bernadette is upset at the idea that she might take it, but she turns it down and says she's very happy where she is. B storyline is while Penny and Bernadette are gone, Howard is responsible for the kids (there is a line I really loved where he says he can handle babysitting and Bernadette goes "you're not babysitting, they're your children, you're parenting.)" He has Shamy + Leonard + Raj over for board games, and they end up "doing experiments" on the babies from a book Sheldon found at the bookstore, which includes testing to see which hand is dominant, object permanence, etc. Leonard realizes that this was his entire childhood. We find out later that Amy purposefully had Sheldon find that book and then come over to get him interested in babies. The tag is him admitting he wants kids, but they have to be great in number and be divisible by three so he can do the experiments he wants on them.
  7. Tensor

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome FordE. I started watching with third episode, back in 2007. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  8. Tensor

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    Not surprising. It started with you claiming Jim was equal to Bob Newhart and objecting to my comment that the Emmys award quirky characters. When I provided evidence for my position, you made a different comment. We know from your previous statements, you don’t think Jim is a legend yet. Although I agree he may be. Look, if it’s your opinion that you think Jim is great, that’s fine. What I was replying to were you flat statements you were using as evidence for your contention, which were easily refuted.
  9. For those who know Nicole and Roxanne, they both got a picture of themselves, sitting on the couch. Photo cred for the picture was by Johnny Galecki. And another with Johnny. Unless posted by either Nicole or Roxanne, images from their IG accounts will be removed, so please don't link. Do feel free to visit Nicole's IG account.
  10. Tensor

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    I'll give you the Normal Heart, as for the rest, they are not individual awards. And, I'm not sure how any of this refutes my contention that quirky roles get more consideration in comedy than centered character roles. And? Did he win any awards? What exactly do you mean by close to? Kaley had 61 acting credits, Johnny has 54, Jim has 38? Johnny has more producing credits, than Jim, but Jim has more than Kaley.
  11. I haven't been putting up the ratings this year. Several factors have come together to keep me from doing it. But, I have some info for the year so far. Here are all the scripted series shows, on each network. You'll note that there are only two series that are above a 2.0. This is Us at 2.170 and TBBT at 2.290. You know CBS wanted to continue TBBT. Almost two thirds of CBS' shows are below a 1.0. CBS has a 1.011 average for all it's shows. If you take out TBBT from their schedule, the average for CBS drops to a 0.950. I can see the rest of Thursday night dropping a bit, without a TBBT lead in, so it's possible CBS may be closer to a 0.9 next year. The CBS table offers reasoning as to why Mom got a two season pickup. When TBBT leaves next year, Mom becomes the number 2 comedy on CBS.
  12. Tensor

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    Actually, I spent about 10-15 minutes, 20, if you count the time to type it in. Multiple awards for the same character doesn't really mean anything, either. Don Knotts won five Emmy's playing Barney Fife, moved to movies and other than those movies where he played another version of Barney Fife, can you tell me off the top of your head, what other movies was he in? Not to mention, it took him over a decade to return to series television, where he played another version of Barney Fife. There's a pattern in the others who won multiple awards. They win for a specific character, then nothing. Richard Mulligan is a rare actor won for two separate characters, but they were very similar. The one guy I have to give credit to is Ed Asner. He won two comedy awards for Lou Grant, on Mary Tyler Moore. After that show ended, he (and the character) moved to another show, the drama Lou Grant and won a drama award, for the same character. Although, I would argue that the character in the show Lou Grant, was the same character in name only, as the character was quite a bit different than the character in MTM. I've got news for you, anyone (even those small guest staring roles) on a broadcast series is a good actor and any role takes a lot of dedication and work. It doesn't matter if they are classically trained (Like Jim, Simon, and Melissa or got there through experience (or as called by Mayim, feral actors like Johnny, Kaley and Mayim). And writing has a huge amount to do with how characters comes across. I'd point out the I don't think Jim could do what Johnny does with Leonard, nor could he have pulled off early Howard. In addition to being a good actor, every casting director has an idea of how an actor can fit into a role. Lorre wanted Johnny for Sheldon, but Johnny wanted Leonard, due to the romantic angle, something he didn't normally get cast for. So, Lorre went with Johnny for Leonard and Jim auditioned for and got Sheldon. It may be different for me as I usually rerun the show several times, looking at the acting choices they make, looking at their motions and movement. I usually get cast as CPA or Professor types, but the three roles everyone comments on are the three quirky roles I played. Do actors have to bring that writing alive, sure. But, without the writing, there is nothing for the actor to bring alive. You're trying to make quirky as something that requires something special, when in reality the majority of it is the writing.
  13. Tensor

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    I liked him early in the run, as the writers had him more of an innocent, than unlikeable. It's only after they started making him aware of what he was doing, and he kept doing it, did he become unlikeable for me. The big draw, for me, was the differences between his innocent reactions and the reactions of the others, who didn't get he really didn't understand what he was doing, socially. And that is based on, what exactly? Perhaps you can point out what exactly the rating would have been if he had been unlikeable. How about we tighten it up then. Lets see, Starting in 1965, when the comedy and drama awards were separated Don Adams, Maxwell Smart Get Smart 3 times Jack Klugman/Tony Randall Oscar Madison/Felix Unger Odd Couple 3 awards. Carroll O'Conner Archie Bunker All in the Family 4 awards Jack Albertson Ed Brown Chico and the Man Alan Alda Hawkeye Pierce MASH 2 Awards Richard Mulligan Bert Campbell/Dr Harry Weston Soap/Empty Nest Robert Guillaume Benson DuBois Benson John Ritter Jack Tripper Three's Company Craig T Nelson Hayden Fox Coach Micheal J Fox Alex Keaton Family Ties 3 Awards Ted Danson Sam Malone Cheers Kelsey Grammar Fraiser Cane Fraiser 4 awards John Lithgow Dick Solomon Third Rock From the Sun 3 Awards Alec Baldwin Jack Donaghy 30 Rock 2 Awards Tony Shalhoub Adrian Monk Monk 2 Awards Jim Parsons Sheldon Cooper The Big Bang Theory 4 awards Jeffrey Tambor Maura Pfefferman Transparent 2 awards. That's 39 out of the fifty years it was awarded from 1965 to 2015. The list here are the obvious ones, and there could be ten more, but that may get into a discussion of what exactly is quirky. The list for best supporting actor is even more loaded towards quirky and includes such actors as Don Knotts (with five awards), John Larroquette with four (all consecutive and he refused to be put up for any more awards, after the fourth) five actors with three, and eight with two. And, again, only the obvious ones, there cold be another 4 quirky characters. Again, I'm not saying Jim didn't deserve the award, an actor still has to play the role. But, they are, in comedy, far more likely to be awarded to a quirky or oddball character than a calm eye of the storm type character. But, in my opinion, awards are overrated. Does anyone really think that Jon Cryer deserved his Emmy for acting the year he won, or was it just pity due to the circumstances?
  14. Tensor

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    Blossom is a good definition of a cult classic. Not very well regarded or highly rated when it was on, and mostly remembered by a small group of people.
  15. I would say, no joke, between 6 and 7 AM. If you go to the first post, of this thread, there are descriptions as to where to line up.

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