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  1. Tensor

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Dark Lenny Thread

    Actually two things. No Young Lenard. No back to acting for Penny.
  2. Tensor

    [Spoilers] 2018 Comicon TBBT Writers Panel

    As were the other characters barely mentioned last year. Most of the discussion was about BTS stuff. Nothing about even possible plots for any of the characters. Unlike this year when we get specific notification for three Shamy plots. Of course one of them is a tie in to Young Sheldon.
  3. Tensor

    [Spoilers] 2018 Comicon TBBT Writers Panel

    The person who asked about the Young Leonard Show, was dressed like Leonard. Other than the question about Penny going back to acting, and them saying no, because she's happy with her job (something that was actually the opposite of what has been show the last two years), it doesn't appear as if there were any questions. The lack of interest in Lenny, as far as questions go, may have something to do with the writers lack of interest in Lenny.
  4. Tensor

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    Comicon Thread is up.
  5. Tensor

    [Spoilers] 2018 Comicon TBBT Writers Panel

    Kunal says there are no words to say how much the fans mean to them. "We love you so much." That's a wrap. Again, I want to thank Roxanne from The Big Bang Buzz (go listen to their podcast), Kazzie, and fitzsimmons for tweeting. Thread is unlocked.
  6. Tensor

    [Spoilers] 2018 Comicon TBBT Writers Panel

    Molaro talks about the weird time machine they found. Seeing the characters between young sheldon and TBBT. More crossover, currently working on an episode with grown up Tam. Bill says there has never been two TV shows that depict a character at two different times in their lives, running at the same time. Jerry O'Connell says he learned the accent by watching Young Sheldon and trying to sound like Montana. Also said, his son watches Young Sheldon, but didn't know about TBBT. Asked if they act as their characters when they are hanging out by themselves. No, they don't take about work. Sometimes, however, Simon and Kunal hanging out turns into stuff on the show. Kunal says Simon doing Raj, with an american accent is irritating. No snake in boot story this year, but Molaro recapping it from prior panels. First episode is Shamy on Honeymoon. When asked if Amy is wearing a neglige, Molaro says Amy should wear the wedding dress all year. Mayim talking about how hard it was wearing the wedding dress, Kunal pipes up, "Did you have to ride a seahorse for twelve hours as Aquaman? Amy's parents will return in season 12 Said they had a joke about revers cowgirl, but they had to cut it because the rule is you can't google it, and it can be found on urban dictionary. Mayim said it was fun to see what Amy would look like in a strapless dress and let amy feel pretty. Mayim was asked if Shamy would do attachment parenting, she said it was up to the writers. Holland says that while we do know Shamy has kids, not sure if it will be seen in TBBT.
  7. Tensor

    [Spoilers] 2018 Comicon TBBT Writers Panel

    Holland's son had a bad first time driving experience, which is what was used for Sheldon's bad experience. Eric was giving name suggestions for Maria's baby, saying Maria's baby will one day learn her true name. That turned into the naming conversation on the show. Eric offered to name babies or one of the audience. Named one of them Kanotis. Stated talking about the Hulk's waist size, and now Eric talking about the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. audience question want's a Shamy baby with a brain condition for them to investigate. Holland says no current plans for a Shamy baby. Eric says it would be cool if the baby was born able to sing and dance. Question about Penny going back to acting. Holland says no plans as Penny is happy with her current pharmaceutical job. Prady says the first year at comicon they talked about filming there. But, it's hard for them to shoot on Location and they couldn't figure out how to do it. Molaro want Sheldon and Amy to go to a flag convention, Mayim agrees. Bill Prady on the dias Kunal suggested bringing comicon to WB to film. j/k Asked abut the possibility of a Young Leonard show. Answer No. Kunal asked about what superstar would he like to see as a date for Raj. Gal Godot was brought up, Kunal agreed. About Kunal's idea for a spinoff called Fat Old Raj, Molaro says CBS has a history of fat guys, with hot wives. Another suggestion for an actress to play Raj's date was Margot Robbie. Molaro says they don't look too far ahead when writing. Let the characters guide them.
  8. Tensor

    [Spoilers] 2018 Comicon TBBT Writers Panel

    Call the spin off Old and Fat Raj also say it leaves room for guest stars Raj likes not having to straighten his hair. 30 minutes each taping was not fun. Talked about the wedding dress and Mayim is now there. Jerry O'Connell says he got misty eyed at the wedding. Image of Mayim and Kunal on dias Mayim says she tried on a lot of dresses, but wanted one that had all her dreams in wishes in one dress. Didn't want a dress that looked too silly, but writers decided if Amy like it, it wasn't silly. Mayim said if you love us, it's because you love the writers. Kunal said even the actors became fans of the moment, when watching the wedding. Goetsch tried ask the cast of Hamilton and looked around - but no one showed up. Mayim talked about how hard it was filing the wedding with so many guest stars. Saying the vows in front of People she loves and cares for. Saying them as herself and her character. That the wedding was more than the sum of it's parts. Holland says he's asked how they got Teller to speak,..Just asked him. Maria like that they've gotten to write about Parenthood and work anxiety on the show. Things that are important to her as a mother. They write episodes as a group, Holland says it's like a therapy session as they talk about life experiences. Leonard's experience crying when he met Bill Gates was based on Tara's experience meeting Donny Osmond in an airport. She says bring your own tissues. Jeremy says its the first show he's worked on where everyone works together on the script from beginning to end.
  9. Tensor

    [Spoilers] 2018 Comicon TBBT Writers Panel

    Kunal will be Moderating. Replaying highlights from last year. OK, panel starting to come in. Disregard Kunal moderating. Jerry O'Connell is moderating (Sheldon's Brother) View of the Panel. Favorite moments of the past year, Holland's was meeting with Mark Hamill, didn't have script. Maria said she didn't hear a word during Mark Hamill meeting, just thought , If I could reach out, I could touch him. Holland took the inflatable death stars and his lightsabers out of the office before Hamill came in. Still two empty seat at the dias. They were surprised at how funny Mark was. Kunal just walked out, so although not moderating, he's there. Kunal says he loves coming to comicon. O'Connell asks if it's time for Raj to find someone. Ask about being the last one single, Kunal says it leaves room for a spin off.
  10. Tensor

    [Spoilers] 2018 Comicon TBBT Writers Panel

    I want to thank Roxanne from The Big Bang Buzz (go listen to their podcast), Kazzie, and fitzsimmons for tweeting. It appears the panelist will be Bill Prady, Steve Holland, Steve Molaro, Bill Prady, Dave Goetsch, Eric Kaplan, Maria Ferrari, Tara Hernandez, Andy Gordon, Adam Faberman and Jeremy Howe. There is also a water bottle at the end, with no name tag. OK, locking the thread. OK, panel starting to come in. Kunal will be Moderating.
  11. OK, here's where I'll be posting tweets. My original source's phone went down, but I have a couple of other sources. Fell free to comment here, up until the the panel starts (10:15 PDT, 1:15 EST, 15:15 UTC). At that time, I'll be locking the thread, so only I can post things. After the panel, I'll unlock it and you can resume posting. With the way the forum software works(15 minutes between posts), you may have to refresh to see the additions to posts. Tensor.
  12. Tensor

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    Well, if they choose they can get their pay for the whole year. Whether it's enough to get through without a summer job is going to depend on the person. As I said, the figure I used is a bit above the average salary. New teachers make a lot less. There is one teacher I know who spends a lot of the time throughout the school year, directing various plays in area theatre's. And then directs plays during the summer. Others will find a summer job, even if they are getting the money for all twelve months. Overall, most work at various summer jobs (teaching summer school for example) just to have the extra income.
  13. Tensor

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    In our county, teachers negotiate their yearly salary. To make the math easy, lets say it's $36,000 a year (that's somewhat above the average). Normally they would get $4,000 a month, for the nine months of the school year. However, they can choose to receive $3,000 a month, for 12 months. It's a decision each teacher has to make. Other areas may not allow this, but it is a option here.
  14. Tensor

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    There are shades of eidetic memory, but I really don't have one of those. I jokingly call it that (one of our members called it that) but in reality I just have a very good memory, I have a memory that allows me to remember something close enough that it can appear I remember something exactly. For instance, I have memories of being away from my parents in this dark room. Climbing out of my crib, and going from darkness to light with walls on either side of me, then getting pickup up and put back in the crib, then wondering why I couldn't get back out. When I relayed this to my mother, when I was a teenager, she told me I was admitted to the hospital one night for a 105 fever when I was 18 months. The nurses told her I climbed out of my crib, walked into the hall. One of the nurses picked me up and put me back in the crib, then they attached a netting to the crib, so I couldn't get out.
  15. Tensor

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    Let me guess, is it my eidetic light memory?

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