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  1. Taping Report Thread

    11.05 The Collaboration Contamination Reported by: BigBangFan24 Tape Date: September 19, 2017; Air Date: October 23, 2017 Story: Steve Molaro, Steve Holland and Eric Kaplan Teleplay by: Dave Goetsch, Maria Hernandez, and Jeremy Howe Directed by: Nicki Lorre During a group dinner, Bernadette brings parenting book to Leonard and Penny's, which she forgets. The next morning Penny was reading the book and Leonard asked if she was pregnant, but Penny shuts that down rather quickly. Leonard & Penny use some of the techniques in the book to control Sheldon's behavior. Amy is working on some sort of brain cap, to allow a brain to move robot arms. She needed an engineer and ask Howard, who did have some good ideas for her. While working together, the sing some Neil Sedaka and they start dancing, when Raj walks in on them. Because of the long hours working together in Amy's lab, Raj, Bernadette & Sheldon are lonely/ jealous. BTS stuff: Everybody seemed to be in really good moods, joking and laughing between takes. Kaley's boyfriend was in the audience with us. They were being all cutesy, it was adorable. The picture Johnny posted last night of the audience wasn't actually from last nights taping. Lol... I'm not sure when that was taken but Kaley had her hair down and was wearing a floral shirt last night for the audience talk.
  2. Tensor will be temporarily unavailable.

    Thanks, our insurance adjuster will be here next Monday, and we're going to see a FEMA rep next Friday.
  3. Leonard & Sheldon only

    It was leaked from the start. Chuck mused about releasing it as a DVD special item, it was never done done.
  4. Leonard & Sheldon only

    She was still officially credited for those two shows( her name appeared on the opening credits). Due to copyright considerations, we do not allow links or directions to the failed pilot.
  5. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Please do not bombard those who provide details of the taping with questions. We've had posters who have gotten upset with it. People provide what they are willing to provide.
  6. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    This is the thread, and thanks.
  7. Leonard & Sheldon only

    The Original, failed, Pilot. Penny, Howard, and Raj were not part of the original.
  8. Season 11 Taping Night Chat Thread.

    The Chat Thread is now open for use, for the fifth taping, 19 September. The thread will remain open until after we get any information about the taping. If we still don't have any information by around 2 AM Eastern time (currently 0600 UTC), we will lock the thread. We suggest that users treat a post, in this particular thread, as one line in the former Chat. Of course you can quote, to answer a specific post, something that wasn't available in Chat. The forum rules apply. However, as individuals cannot be kicked out of, or banned from, a single thread, as they could in chat, we have developed a different procedure to deal with unruly posters. If several verbal warnings in the thread, do not stop the poster from becoming unruly, that poster can be issued a Zero point Friendly Warning, the post leading to the warning being hidden, along with their future posts being put on Moderator Queue. When on Moderator Queue, all of their posts(even in other threads) have to be approved by a moderator, before becoming visible. Normally, those put on mod queue for chat violations, will be taken off Moderator Queue, when Chat is locked for the night. However, for particularly egregious offenses, the Moderator Queue could be extended until Tripper and I have a chance to discuss it, usually the next day. This is something new for us, and some things may change as we gain some experience with this type of chat. If you think you have something that may make this better, please drop me a PM and we'll look it over.
  9. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    When you get a grade, for GPA purposes, it is assigned a value, usually. A= 4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0. There's a formula where you multiply the grade value, by the number of credits for that class, then divide by the total number of credits. If you get an "A" in a five credit class, and a B in a three credit class, you would have 5x4 plus 3x3 or, 20 + 9 or 29. This would be divided by the eight total credits, 29/8 gives you a GPA of 3.62.
  10. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Community(because they serve the local community) or Junior (because they only issue two year, Associate" degrees) Colleges are institutes of higher learning. In most cases, these schools are less exclusive, in that they accept those with a lower GPA from high school and also accept lower test scores. They are also used for "continuing" or "Adult learning" classes. I did this, as I ended up doing programming for my job, and I took some programming classes. For local students, it is convenient for several reasons. In some cases, there is only a need for an associates degree (our local school also offers Nursing degrees and certificates). My daughter, the actress, has an associates degree, but didn't feel the need to continue, since she's working as an actress. She may revisit this down the road and work on a four year degree. But she has two years of credit. Also, those families that do not have the funds to attend a four year school, with the tuition, room and board or for students who are not ready, socially, to leave home, the student can stay at home, while accruing college credits. After getting a two year degree, they can transfer to a four year school, to finish their Batchelor's degree. Since most of the first two years are general studies courses, it really doesn't matter where your get them at. Also, these Junior colleges generally have smaller class sizes, for those who may be struggling with their studies. Most in-state classes are accepted at the states four year schools. \ In general, these days, most school systems have one of two tracks. There is the Elementary-Middle-High School track or the Elementary-Jr High-High School track. The differences are basically what grades are in the middle/Jr High school. In the former, Elementary is grades kindergarten through fifth grade. Middle is sixth through eighth grade, and high school is ninth through twelfth. In the other, Elementary is kindergarten through sixth grade, Jr High is seventh through ninth, and High School would be tenth through twelfth. When I was growing up (I was one of the baby boomers), our school system only had two high schools, and if they would have had the ninth grade students in them, would have been dangerously overcrowded. They had plenty of room in the elementary and "Middle" schools, so what the city did was to have the Jr High system, with grades seventh and eighth, along with the first year of high school, ninth, in what was called a Jr High. They now have more capacity for students (more schools, less students) so they have now made changes to where they use middle schools, and moved ninth grade into the high schools.
  11. Comparing Shows

    Oh, look, Leonard and Red both wear pants. And Bernadette and Lori both have blond hair, isn't it amazing how much the show's are alike?
  12. Taping Report Thread

    11.04 The Explosion Implosion Reported by: Notwonderland Tape Date: September 12, 2017; Air Date: October 16, 2017 Story: Bill Prady, Maria Ferrari and Tara Hernandez Teleplay by: Steve Holland, Erice Kaplan and Jeremy Howe Directed by:Marc Cendrowski Ok here we go this is crazy long because i typed up everything i could possibly remember, most of it in the uber on the way back lol but if something doesnt make sense feel free to let me know. First scene howard and bernie she's getting scanned, the nurse asks if they want a boy or girl they say their first baby they really wanted a girl this time they just want it to be healthy, its a boy... turns out they did want a girl. Goes straight to the gang on the couch howard stressing he doesn't know how to raise a boy, eventually the convo goes to model rockets sheldon is happy. Amy asks if they've thought of names sheldon gets annoyed cause it took such a long time to get off the baby topic (essentially lol) Next it goes to penny and leonard hes complaining his star trek uniform has green paint on it penny says "well if you didn't make me wear the paint in bed" and he replies its worth it, as he leaves his skype goes off its beverly, penny answers they have a awkward conversation about what Beverly did the night before. Next it goes to howard, raj and sheldon in howards garage going through his model rockets. Howard and sheldon bond over their fathers but raj can't relate, his father gave him a car and holidays, so he goes in to see Bernadette. Howard suggests him and sheldon build a rocket together(its one his father gave him) sheldon says like a bonding experience and howard seems happy but sheldon says oh you think that's a good thing ( they did this scene so many times i dont think rajs joke was really getting the right reactions, they kept changing it, but jims facial expressions at the end had everyone losing it laughing) Next it went inside to raj and Bernadette, shes sorting out Halleys old baby clothes to get rid of. Raj asks why they cant keep them for the new baby and Bernadette holds up a onsie that says daddys little girl on it raj says add magnet to the end and its good to use, next she holds up a red dress, he says take the tutu off and put a lightning bolt on it and it's baby flash and add another shirt underneath and its baby sheldon. Bernie says hes good at that (making the clothes suitable) and asked did he used to get his sisters hand me downs and raj looks all shifty eyed and agrees. Im a bit rough on the rest so i dont think its in order but it goes to sheldon and howard in the car talking about peanuts, then them in the desert ready for their rocket launch sheldon bickering during the countdown, the rocket explodes. Goes back to penny and beverly talking penny says they need a third girl to diss and beverly says isnt sheldons fiancé dower, penny says oooh dower meow. Then you see the boys in the desert trying to collect the pieces of the model rocket sheldon is listing reasons for something (i cant remember what sorry) Over to penny and leonard penny texting beverly she said beverly enjoys talking to her she thinks she reaching out to someone, leonard asks did she get tired of talking to the mirror on the wall, then penny says Beverly also told her that shes proud of her, leonard is upset cause shes never said that to him. Then we go to Bernadette and raj again, raj is on the sewing machine and they're chatting about her pregnancy, bernie says she had all brothers so thought it would be better if halley had a sister.Theres a line about a boy being either sensitive or rough but i cant really remember it but kunal was hilarious when he said it. Next is amy on the computer leonard walks in and complains that penny is talking to his mother, amy isnt really bothered until leonard asks if shes ok with penny having a new best friend. Amy says you can only have one best friend and its her, they both start talking about their problems with it, Amy thinks she's been neglecting penny because of work and wedding planning, it ends with Amy yelling why cant she just let me have my life (or something similar), this whole exchange was funny reminded me of early seasons Amy, she says good talk and leonard leaves. Back to sheldon and howard in the car, they're talking, sheldon asks to drive howard says he doesn't even have a license, sheldon says he does, hes had it for 3 years and was on a licence kick he is also a commercial fisherman, howard asks him why doesn't he drive and why he wants to now, i can't remember the first answer (i think it was barely passed) but the second was the road was straight there was little traffic and howard didn't want to live. Howard says he does and sheldon says your making this harder (or something). Back to leonard he skypes his mother she thinks its penny but talks to him he ends up crying because she tells him shes proud of him and likes penny (to sum up the convo) Sheldon is now driving, hes smiling and having fun howard tells him to change lanes and sheldon asks why, howard says because this street only has 2 lanes and theyre not in either of them. Sheldon says howard is a good father or teacher i cant remember which. Howard gently punches him in the shoulder and sheldon goes ow and gives him a look. Sheldon asks if he can go faster and then basically floors it lol hes having a great time he says he doesn't know why he was ever scared. Tag scene is sheldon pulled over with a police car behind him, he leans over to howard and says heres the plan howard says no before he can start. The police officer asks if he knew how fast he was going to which sheldon replies 112 then he hands his license over and says you can keep that. BTS: jim was super friendly all night with everyone he smiled and waved at the audience a couple times and was laughing watching the playback while waiting for his scene. He was also talking to simon in between takes i heard him saying stuff was broken and things like that. Looked like mayim had her boys there she bought them out during the taping to see one of the people in the front row, after the show simon, kunal and mayim were out taking pics with some people. Kaley and Johnny came and did their chat to the audience but other then chatting to each other with kaley swearing at him when he made her mess up we didn't see them much.
  13. I don't think it's fitting. Leave those characters in the 90s. Bringing those two on wouldn't be graceful, it would be disgraceful, pathetic and an act of desperation.
  14. [Spoilers] The "Dark" Lenny Thread: Season 11

    No it isn't quite common. I don't know of any friends who have forgotten their anniversary. I haven't forgotten any of the forty my wife an I have had. And that includes those times when I was Iceland, Saudi Arabia and other places while my wife was here in the states. Especially by anyone as clued in as Leonard is about Penny. I might see it happening with Penny, not with Leonard.
  15. Tensor will be temporarily unavailable.

    Yes we have power. We were right around that. It was funny, in a way, we were a small enclave of non-power. Two blocks west, had power. Three blocks north and south had power. 10 blocks east, power. The only thing that is getting us right now, is the interesting smell from the carpet that got soaked (and is still damp). But we can't do anything about that until the adjuster comes next week.