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  1. This thread is for discussion of Season 12, and spoilers are allowed. Discussion of ideas from previous seasons, unless they pertain to season 12 topics, should go into the non-season 12 Show Discussion thread. We do allow some latitude, but if posts not about season 12 go too far off topic, or continues too long, we may move them.
  2. This thread is for Season 12 related discussion of perceived problems with the Lenny paring. Please remember, this is not a ship thread. While it is primarily for Leonard and Penny, comments about or concerning other characters can be referenced, and be replied to. If anyone doesn't want to talk about other characters, the best bet is not to refer to other characters here. Use the Shipping Lanes thread.
  3. You may actually have a point. This panel took place in season 7, and there were still a good number ( and content) of Lenny in the show. The next season everything fell apart for Lenny’s, reduced time(Shenny had more for more until the final) , reduced involvement ( the island) . What it doesn’t explain though are the negative things they introduce that year, (return to groveling, wore her down, Leonard’s kiss, etc), unless you go with the idea of tearing them down, to make Shamy look better.
  4. 'Bout that time again! In this thread, you'll find all the information you need for attending a taping of the Big Bang Theory. You can always check this first post for updated information on when tapings will be held and when tickets will be available for them. If you are looking for members to attend with, or are looking for extra tickets for your party, or just have questions about tapings or suggestions based on your own experience, comment here! I want to give a shout out to one of our Valued Contributors, fitzsimmons, for coming up with the idea for this thread several years ago, and for keeping it up for the last several years. Getting Tickets Where to get tickets: Audiences Unlimited When to get tickets: Tickets are available on the AU website 30 days before the taping at approximately 8:30 am PST. (That's 9:30am Mountain, 10:30am Central, and 11:30am Eastern.) This only applies to weekdays, so if the calendar shows 30 days prior to a taping is a weekend, it will fall on the Monday. Tickets going up at 8:30am is a loose guideline; they have been known to go up as early as 7:45am or as late as 8:50am. It does vary. Click here to see what time it is in Los Angeles so you know how that compares to your time zone. How to get tickets: Make sure to only submit for one ticket at a time, one for each name in your party. You cannot submit a ticket request for multiple guests. Warner Brothers needs each party's name individually, so if you're getting multiple tickets, do them one at a time and select 1 ticket. The following are the current taping dates, along with the date Tickets should be available: Taping Tickets Available. Aug 21, 2018 23 Jul, 2018 Aug 28, 2018 30 Jul, 2018 Sep 05, 2018 06 Aug, 2018 Sep 18, 2018 20 Aug, 2018 Sep 25, 2018 27 Aug, 2018 Oct 09, 2018 10 Sep, 2018 Oct 16, 2018 17 Sep, 2018 Oct 30, 2018 01 Oct, 2018 Traveling to/Staying in Los Angeles Where to fly into: Use the Matrix website to search flights out of and into multiple airports (if you have several options) as well as multiple travel dates to find the cheapest and best option for your travel. Fares tend to be the lowest if you search between Tuesday and Thursday. Weekends are when airlines tend to raise the prices of travel. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is located at 1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, and is approximately 25.8 miles away from the Warner Brothers Studios. It is more likely to have better flight options, possibly better prices, and more options for international travelers. Downside is its distance from Warner Brothers and travel to and from LAX can be brutal on weekday rush hour times, so be sure to allow a lot of time for travel. Bob Hope Airport (BUR) is located at 2627 N Hollywood Way Burbank, CA 91505, and is 4.2 miles away from the Warner Brother studios. Flights to and from this airport may be more expensive, less frequent, or unavailable depending on point of origin. But it is an option to consider if you are traveling domestically. **Southwest Airlines allow you to change your flight dates with no penalty, so if you are concerned about booking flights in case your taping is rescheduled or canceled, this is a good way to go! (Thanks delsino for this information.) Read their refund policy here and their no change fees policy here. Where to stay (and who recommends it, if any): This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are tons of hotels, hostels, and other options for your lodging in the city. There are just a few suggestions to start you off, but feel free to check Google Maps, Hotels.Com, or other travel sites like Travelocity or Expedia for other options. You may also look into using an AirBnB for your stay. Tangerine Hotel (3901 W Riverside Dr. Burbank, CA 91505) ★ Most members use this hotel 0.4 miles north of Warner Brothers 30.3 miles northeast of LAX Airport 3.5 miles south of Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) http://www.tangerinehotel.com (818) 843-1121 Approx. $140-160/night. Best Western (3910 W Riverside Dr. Burbank, CA 91505) 0.4 miles north of Warner Brothers 24.9 miles northeast of LAX Airport 3.5 miles south of Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) http://book.bestwestern.com (818) 842-1900 Approx. $180/night. Travelodge Burbank Glendale (1112 N Hollywood Way Burbank, CA 91505) 1.8 miles north of Warner Brothers 26.6 miles northeast of LAX Airport 1.8 miles south of Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) http://www.travelodge.com/ (818) 845-2408 Approx. $98/night. Portofino Inn Burbank (924 W Olive Ave, Burbank, CA 91506) 2.3 miles northeast of Warner Brothers 29.2 miles northeast of LAX Airport 2.9 miles southeast of Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) http://www.portofinoburbank.com/ (818) 848-5100 Approx. $128/night. Burbank Inn and Suites (180 W Alameda Ave Burbank, CA 91502) 3.4 miles northeast of Warner Brothers 28.8 miles northeast of LAX Airport 4.1 miles southeast of Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) http://www.burbankinnandsuites.com/ (818) 842-1114 Approx. $139/night. Best Inn Hollywood (1822 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028) ★ Rick71 3.6 miles south of Warner Brothers 24.7 miles northeast of LAX Airport 5.1 miles south of Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) http://www.bestinnhollywood.net/ (323) 467-2252 Approx. $90-110/night. Ramada Burbank Airport (2900 N San Fernando Blvd. Burbank, CA 91504) ★ kazzie 4.2 miles north of Warner Brothers 36.1 miles northeast of LAX Airport 1.2 miles north east of Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) 1.0 mile east of Hollywood Way / Winona Metro 222 bus stop http://www.ramadaburbank.com (818) 843-5955 * info@ramadaburbank.com USA Hostels Hollywood (1624 Schrader Boulevard Hollywood, CA 90028) ★ notchinc 3.8 miles south of Warner Brothers 13.6 miles northeast of LAX Airport 7.6 miles south of Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) 0.4 miles east of Hollywood/Highland Metro Station, 0.4 miles west of Hollywood/Vine Metro Station http://www.usahostels.com/hollywood (323) 462-3777 * hollywood@usahostels.com Approx. $45/night Banana Bungalow Hollywood (5920 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028) 4.7 miles south of Warner Brothers 22.7 miles northeast of LAX Airport 7.8 miles south of Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) http://www.bananabungalowus.com/ (323) 469-2500 Approx. $25-30/night. Hollywood Youth Hostel (for international travelers only) (6820 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028) 3.5 miles south of Warner Brothers 12.4 miles northeast of LAX Airport 7.1 miles south of Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) Across the street from Hollywood / Highland Center and Metro Station. http://www.ushostel.com/ (323) 463-2770 Approx. $25-30/night How to travel: SuperShuttle: Service to and from LAX and BUR. Cheaper than a taxi. You can arrange for it to pick you up anywhere and take you to the airport for when you need to arrive for your flight. You can also arrange for the shuttle to pick you up for free from North Hollywood Station if traveling to Bob Hope Airport in Burbank. Primetime Shuttle: Service to and from LAX and BUR. Similar to the SuperShuttle, prices may vary between services, so check them both and see what's best for you. Rent a car: Both LAX and BUR have car rental services at the terminal. Uber/Lyft: These are ridesharing apps you can download on your mobile phone. They are cheaper than taxis as they use local drivers (vetted by the companies) to pick you up and drive you to your destination for a price lower than cab fare. You can use this for local transportation between destinations or even to the airport if necessary. Public Transportation: The 222 Metro busline between Sunland and Hollywood/Highland station stops right outside of Gate 3. Other buses within walking distance are nearby as well, depending on your point of origin. There are also a variety of car rental services available in Los Angeles. Taping Day Information Where things are located: Line up for Big Bang Theory Taping: Gate 3, Warner Brothers Studios, Burbank, CA (approx. 4301 W. Olive Ave, Burbank, CA 91505) Warner Brothers VIP Tours (approx. 3400 Riverside Dr Burbank, CA 91505) Tickets available at: www.wbstudiotour.com. Where to line up: Depending on what time you arrive, the line may be in one of two different locations. If you arrive in the morning or early afternoon, the line (both guaranteed and standby ticket-holders together) will be outside in the parking lot next to the parking garage. Sometime around 3:30, Audiences Unlimited staff will arrive to bring the line inside the parking garage where the benches and bathrooms are located. They will split the line into two: one for guaranteed ticket holders, and one for standby ticket holders. This is the view of the parking structure from across the street. If you drive, you will pull into the garage where it's marked on the right below. The middle section is where the elevator and stairs from the garage come out. The left is where you will go line up early in the day. If you arrive after the line has moved, you may enter where it is indicated in the middle below. Here is a close up of the gap in the trees where you will enter to find the line in the parking lot. This is directly across the street from where you enter for the line. Good landmark and photo opp! This is what the line will look like when you arrive. The line starts at the benches and snakes around to the sidewalk. Please note: if the line is outside, it is standby AND guaranteed TOGETHER. Audiences Unlimited will split the line when they arrive around 3:30 and move you inside. You may also watch this virtual tour video for a better sense of where things are located and how to get around! Tips for taping day Here is some information about what to expect on taping day, along with a few things that seasoned vets recommend for your experience. Food and beverage: Bring snacks and drinks for your wait in line. There are also vending machines and water fountains inside the parking garage, so bring some change or bills if you'd like to have that option. There is a snack machine, cold beverage machine, and hot beverage machine (with coffee and hot chocolate). There are many restaurants in the area that you may choose to go to during the day (as long as someone is willing to hold your place in line!). Many people like to visit the Starbucks or Chipotle for fuel. There are lots of other options in the area, so check out a map and see if there's something you might like. There are also a number of places that will deliver food if you're afraid of leaving the line. You can use GrubHub (download for Apple or Android phones) to find a cuisine that you like. They accept PayPal, Credit Cards, and Cash. Use the 4301 W. Olive Ave address for where they should deliver, and they can meet you out at the bus stop. Pizza and a small bottle of water will be served roughly halfway through the taping. If you have allergies (lactose, gluten, etc) and think you may need to eat during the taping, bring something alternative with you. I've never seen them confiscate food, so you should be able to bring it in. Just don't make a mess! Bathroom breaks: There are men's and women's restrooms inside the parking garage structure that you may use all during the day while you are waiting in line. As you are being brought into the studio, there is sometimes an opportunity to stop and use a bathroom on the way in. This is typically only an option if you are guaranteed or one of the first few groups of standbys let in. As they get closer to taping time, there isn't time for them to stop and let the group use the restrooms. So be aware that while it is possible to use the bathroom on the way in, it doesn't always happen. Your best bet is to use it while you are in the parking garage. Once you are in the studio, there will not be an opportunity to use the bathroom until after the first scene is filmed. This is because they need to have an accurate head count while filling the audience, and if people are coming and going, that's not possible. So if you are brought into the studio at 4pm, your next break may not be until after 6:30pm. So plan your breaks accordingly. You can use the bathroom during the taping; however, it is very likely that you will miss a portion of the scene. Bathrooms are a walk, and even if you are quick and you return in a short amount of time, they may not open the stage doors until the scene is done filming. You just have to decide if you want to miss part of the taping to use the bathroom. My own personal rule is "no liquids after 3pm" (a slight modification of Sheldon's advice). That allows me to take my last bathroom break by 4 or 4:30pm and not have to interrupt my enjoyment of the show. Obviously everyone's needs vary, so do you! Seating: There are approximately 246 seats in the stage. A maximum of seventy-five of these may be reserved for VIP (sometimes fewer, and on very rare occasions, they may make an exception to go over). The audience is broken into four sections that are six rows deep. The two middle sections are much wider (approximately 15-16 seats wide) and the two sections on the ends are shorter (approximately six seats wide). The middle two sections of the audience will be filled first before seating will begin on the wings. Standby will be let in once all VIP and guaranteed ticketholders present have been brought into the studio. Once that happens, they will assess how many empty seats are available and begin to bring in standby ticketholders in groups of about ten at a time. More VIP or guaranteed may show up during this time and jump the line, but they will not take your seat from you once you are "in." The amount of standby that get in varies from show to show. It's been as high as 70 and as low as three. It all depends on how many guaranteed ticketholders and VIP show up. Generally, a good 25-40 get in, but this is by no means a guarantee. There are truly no "bad seats" in the house. If you're off to the side, you may have a better view of the "swing sets" (sets that come and go based on the needs of the episode). Penny's apartment, the hallyway, and the boys' apartment are always center stage. The other sets for the episode will be set up on the sides. If you don't have a good view of a particular scene from where you're sitting, there are monitors all around the studio on which you may watch the action. Autographs: There is not an official opportunity to meet the cast. However, some members have gotten lucky running into them in the parking lot after the taping, or they may sometimes hang out at the barrier after the curtain call. Do not bring merchandise or other items to get signed. They will confiscate it from you at the security checkpoint, and you will have to pick it up after the taping. Handicap access: Call or email Audiences Unlimited ahead of time if you think you may need handicap access. The walk from the parking garage to the stage is very long, so they have golf carts they may take you over in. There is also a lift in the studio that you may use if you are in a wheelchair or use a cane or just cannot take the stairs. Handicap access seats are located stage left (meaning the far right of the audience) in the front row. This gives you a good view of the boys' apartment, as well as whatever swing set may be off to that side. Miscellany Bring a watch! You may find yourself wondering what time it is, only to realize you don't have your phone on you. Tapings are generally 3-4 hours long. This depends on how long the scenes take to film and how many of them were pre-taped (more pre-taped scenes means it will go more quickly). If the scenes are few but long, it will also go more quickly. If the scenes are short and many, it may take longer because each set up will take time. Cell phones cannot be brought into the stage. If you need to have your phone for safety reasons (traveling alone, no car, etc) you must give your phone with photo ID to security when you enter the stage. Phone must be powered down completely. You will get it back after the taping. You may be asked to participate in a few fun activities that keep the audience entertained while filming is not taking place. Participation is completely optional. However, be prepared to possibly: dance, sing (if you're from another country), imitate a barnyard animal, share a weird talent, talk about why you love Big Bang Theory, and much more! These activities can be fun and you have a chance to win candy or a color photograph of the cast. If you have any other information that you think would be helpful to this post, please comment below or PM Tensor
  5. This is the Season 12 thread for Shamy. This is a Ship Zone and contains Spoilers.
  6. This is the Season 12 thread for Lenny. This is a Ship Zone and contains Spoilers.
  7. Oooooohhhh, oooooohhhhh, ooooohhhh, is bricolage the word of the day?
  8. Well, I'm of the opinion that they are going to use this to get Penny to change her mind about kids. I still think it was an error to have written 12-3 the way the did. On the other hand, since we didn't get an answer to whether or not Leonard is going to donate, and since I'm going to the next taping, what I'm I'm hoping for is that she will be part of the next taping, when Leonard decides he doesn't want to donate. Then have Penny decide she want's Leonard's kids. I can dream can't I?
  9. What I find interesting is she's appeared on The Conners and Living Biblically. Both shows Johnny's been on and produced.
  10. Well, you can attend twice a year. If you get into two shows on Standby, those are probably your two shows.
  11. I'll answer for Kev. Yes, current rules only allow you attend twice PER SEASON. If you look at the taping Kev attended, you will find one in season 10, one in season 11 and one in season 12. So, he's only attended once each of those seasons. It used to be that you could only get two regular (what are erroneously called guaranteed ) tickets per season, but were also allowed to attend on standby as long as you were there early enough to be part of the standby ticket holders that made it in. Toward the end of season 5, there were complaints that there were people who were getting more than two regular tickets. That wasn't the case, though there people who were attending more than two per season, which was allowed if you were attending more than the two on Standby tickets. There was one person who attended every episode from 3.18 throughout 5.24. They would get their two regular tickets, then use standby tickets, and just get their early (around 8 AM) every taping Tuesday, so they were getting in with standby tickets. Another was was to get two tickets, then write in to change the name on the ticket. After 5.24, while they didn't outright limit anyone, they were watching more closely. Basically, if they started to recognize you, and you got another ticket, they would send an email telling you you had attended too many and your ticket had been rescinded. In season seven, there was a problem with some regular ticket holders who didn't get in (there were a lot of VIPs that day) and Bill Prady had a huge problem with that. So, Audiences Unlimited, the company that handles the tickets, started limiting tickets. While you could still get two per season, when signing in to get tickets, you could only get one per person, (for most shows you are allowed to get four tickets per attempt). After you got your ticket, you had to re-sign in, to get another one. And, names on the ticket could no longer be changed by writing to Audiences Unlimited. They also started watching much closer to how many shows you attended, and two was pretty much it (although there were people here and there who got in for more than two, they were relatively rare after season seven.)
  12. Whether or not that was their intent, how it's how it came across to, quite honestly, a significant amount of fandom, along with critics and reviewers. So, the depiction is on them. These are the same producers who were surprised by questions about whether Penny and Leonard were going to get divorced. That wasn't what their intent was either, but that was what was coming across. Enough that critics and reviewers, not just Lennys, were wondering. Were the writers so wrapped up in their intent, that they were completely oblivious of what was actually being shown on the screen?
  13. Filming the women trying on the dresses, is something that is normally done. What isn't normally done is filming the women changing into those dresses, especially if you have to open the door to film it. That Penny told Amy to stop, and then Amy pushed open the door again, was really creepy.
  14. Tensor

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    The discussion of Leonard donating his sperm has been moved to the dark Lenny thread. There are various negative and/or non-supportive comments (not consulting each other, negative comments about kids, etc) and replies to these comments, to keep it in the Lenny thread.
  15. Tensor

    Character Screen Time

    I should be able to put up the rest of season 11 this week and next, then start on Season 12.
  16. Tensor

    Character Screen Time

    My summer project is going to be tracking all the screen times for all the seasons. I've gotten some requests for various seasons I haven't done. And having done a few seasons, I'm going to redo them, so they will all match with the classifications below. I've locked this thread, so if you wish to discuss this, I've created a discussion thread for this. First off, I'm going to track how much time, each of the main cast, is on screen. Doesn't matter if they are by themselves, with their SO, or if all seven are there. If a character is in a scene, even if they they don't talk, or aren't seen in the scene all the time (think of al seven in 4A and the camera focuses in on one person), they count as being in the scene, and they get screen time. As for further breakdowns, here's where it gets tricky, Where I have a couple, or a couple with others. My plan is to go several different ways: 1. I break out romantic couples in three categories. 1A. A couple can be an official couple. In this case, they are officially boyfriend/girlfriend (Examples: Shamy after "Flaming Spittoon", Lenny in season three and after "Recombination" or Howardette, after "Hot Troll"), or the couple is engaged or married. If a couple is official, and they are onscreen, it counts as couple time. But, see section four below. 1B. A couple can act as a couple, even if not official. Example: Shamy in most of "Herb Garden" They weren't an official couple at the time, but they acted as if they were a couple during that episode. 1C. A couple isn't an official couple, nor are they acting as one. An example: Leonard and Penny in the pilot or most of the first and second year. 2. One kind of screen time, for couples, is alone: 2A. If a couple is on screen alone together, they get credited as a couple, even if they are not acting as a couple. NOTE: This overrides some categories. An example would be Penny and Leonard when Leonard is talking to Penny about Alice or Shamy in the lab during "Alien Parasite". They are not a couple, they are not acting like a couple, but since they are alone, they get couple time 3. Another kind of screen time, for couples, is with others: 3A. If a couple are on screen with others and are acting as a couple even if they aren't official, it counts as couple time. Think of near the end of "Herb Garden", with Sheldon and Amy in the kitchen. At that point, they weren't official, but they were acting as a couple. Or Lenny, near the end of "Spaghetti Catalyst". They weren't a couple, but were acting like a divorced couple. 3B. If they are with other characters, and are not a couple or are not acting like a couple, they would simply get individual character screen time. Think the pilot scene, when Penny, Sheldon and Leonard are talking. 3C. If there are two couple on screen, then each couple would get couple screen time. Think of "game night" with Lenny and Shamy. Or the double date with Howardette and Raj and Emily. 4. If there are four or more characters, with only one couple (or even more than one couple with additional characters), it's really going to depend on how the scene goes: 4A. For example, when they are all sitting in 4A eating or say in "Closet Reconfiguration" where everyone is telling Howard their version of what was in the card. There weren't really any couple time there, it was all individual characters, so I wouldn't really give any of the couples, couple time, Or, like the beginning of "Hesitation Ramification" the guys, and Amy were eating, but the guys were all looking at their phones, there really isn't Shamy time there, nor is there really any Lenny time when Penny comes in. All of the characters would get their own time, of course. 4B. This would change if something couple-y happens. For example, in "Friendship Turbulence" The cold open and the first part after the break is the group talking about Penny. Then Leonard and Penny start fighting. Up to that point, it's individual screen time. After and Penny talks about turning down an acting job. Lenny fight. When the fight starts, they would also get couple time. NOTE 4A and 4B are exceptions to if an official couple is on screen, they get couple time. 6. I will do non-romantic couples. Raj and Howard, Leonard and Sheldon, Penny and Sheldon, Penny and Amy etc. In these cases, it will only be when they have scenes alone. 7. I will count larger groups , within reason. Something like "Girls"(Amy, Bernadette and Penny), or the guys (Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj). I might even count the women, and Raj, as a group, as that has happened several times. But most of the time, if there are three or more individual characters in a scene, they won't be broken out as a separate group. I plan on calling a scene that has all of them together as "cast", to see how much time the cast is together. 8. I won't be giving each minor characters their own screen time. For example, parents or siblings, Kripke, Burt, other friends etc. don't get their own time, but I will track how much time Minor Characters are on screen. Exceptions: Stuart gets his own time starting in season six, as he became main cast then. Melissa starting in season three (although she didn't become main cast until season four) and Mayim staring in season four (even prior to her becoming main cast). 9. There will be limited cases where guest stars or recurring will get their own time. Lucy or Emily when they was dating Raj. Priya when she was dating Leonard, etc. I might count Dave and Amy, we'll see. I think this covers most things. If anyone sees something they think is wrong or you have another suggestion, please PM me. I realize that some of this is going to be a judgement call. But, I'm trying to set the rules out, so I can be as consistent as possible. Also, I realize that some people really don't care about screen time, they are more concerned with quality of screen time. The problem with that is simply not everyone agrees on quality. Screen time, for individuals, is something that can be measured and I feel that using the above to determine will at least give us a consistent measurement. I'll be starting with season 10, then moving to season 9. I will then go to seasons 2, 3, and 4. After that, I'll do season 1, then seasons 6, 7, 8. Those last three are because I have some times for 6, 7, and 8 and I've been asked about seasons 2, 3, and 4. I'm starting with seasons 9 and 10 as I have both of them on my DVR, but I'm thinking seriously getting rid of cable and going with streaming. If I do that, I'll lose those two years, due to losing my DVR. I want to get those done before that happens at the end of June. The rest I have on DVD. Tensor
  17. This thread is for any Show Discussion, not related to season 12. If a discussion in a season 12 thread starts discussing something from another season, it will be moved here.
  18. Tensor

    Lenny story: Broken Threads

    Chapter 27 is up. BTW, Chapter 26 is also up. I guess I missed putting it here when I put it up last week.
  19. A new Lenny Story. Think of it as a prequel to another Lenny story. Plan on putting up new chapters on Mondays.
  20. Tensor

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Yes, there were many fans that were upset by the ending, and let their feelings be known. There was not a fight with the writers, however, Johnny and Simon were mad at Kunal. Kunal pointed out that it wasn't him they should be mad at. Both Johnny and Simon were aware that their anger at Kunal was irrational and quickly got over it. While there were fans that were unhappy, I'm not sure the writers rewrote anything. At Comic-con, Bill Prady said he felt that whatever side you came down on (did they or didn't they), you should be happy with the resolution. Comic-con happens within two to three weeks of the writers going back, so they probably had the first episode roughed out, and there was no need to to rewrite. Now, whether or not they wrote the first episode the way they did because of the reactions of the fans, is something we may never know. For all we know, they had several different resolutions in mind at the end of season four, and they may have chosen one, based on fan reaction or chose another based on their discussion when they got back to work. As it was, many thought the resolution was a cop out. Let face it, if you throw out the legalities, and just go with an in universe hook-up, what exactly does it mean for Penny to help put the condom on? They had kissed, they were naked, she was holding his junk, causing him to orgasm, how different from actually having sex is this? Not much. That said, Penny didn't cheat on Leonard. She was single, he was in a relationship, so she was free to have sex with anyone she wanted. Whether or not she would have wanted to have sex with Raj, if she was unimpaired is another matter. YMMV. As much as I get upset with Lenny's depiction these days, that particular episode did not bother me. As season five went along, I came to see it as a way to keep Penny and Leonard apart, as I don't think the writers (or TPTB) were ready to get them back together again, at the beginning of the season. I mean Leonard made out (and almost had sex with) a woman he had just met, while Priya was in India. If the night with Raj hadn't happened, and Leonard found out Penny still had feelings for him, do you really think Priya would have mattered to Leonard?
  21. Tensor

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Oh, I know that. But John specifically and separately stated how it was played in the TBBT world, and what it legally was in the real world.
  22. Tensor

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    California Law disagree's with you. Then (2011) and now, impaired people cannot legally give consent to have sex, so having sex with an impaired person is considered rape (and people have been tried and convicted in California and other states who have similar laws). Raj's attempt to have sex with Penny, who was legally impaired (blackouts start above the legal limit in California), could be considered rape. That they didn't finish the act leaves it as attempted rape. Now, in the show it was played for laughs, and as a plot point. As John said, in TBBT it's simply considered a drunken hookup. But, in the real world (something John was specific about) and whether or not you want to get into the legalities (such as it wasn't reported, or Raj wasn't arrested) doesn't change the fact that legally, it was attempted rape. The same applies to something that happened to Raj. Although it was played for laughs, Howard's mother, pulling him back into the house to prevent him from leaving, can be considered the felony of, Unlawful Restraint.
  23. The discussion of the Penny-Raj Hookup, and the legalities involved, have been moved to the Non-Season 12 Show Discussion.
  24. @djsurrey hope you have a happy birthday.
  25. Actually, no they're not. The Schrödinger thought experiment is dependent on having two separate states. If before the end of the show, TPTB have her say she may or may not want kids, then you would have a situation that would be a Schrödinger situation. Right now they have specified that Penny doesn't want kids. If the show ends, without TPTB changing Penny's desires as far as kids go, there is no Schrödinger situation, just Penny not wanting kids into eternity. There is no paradox. Schrödinger Cat is a simplification to try to explain the collapse of the wave function in Quantum Field Theory, in a human language. The Cat thought experiment ends in result A or result B, but the result won't be known until it's observed. For real particles, say, one electron in orbit around a nucleus, the electron could be in any position, in any of the orbitals (many more results than in the cat experiemt), but it's actual location isn't known, until it's observed. In the case of Leonard and Penny's kids, there is only one state, no kids. So, until TPTB say she either wants kids at some point, or says she may want kids, there is no Schrödinger situation to compare to the cat experiment.

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