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  1. This is the Season 11 thread for Shamy. This is a Ship Zone and contains Spoilers.
  2. This thread is for discussion of Season 11, and spoilers are allowed. Discussion of ideas from previous seasons, unless they pertain to season 11 topics, should go into the non-season 11 thread. We do allow some latitude, but if posts not about season 11go too far off topic, or continues too long, we may move them.
  3. Chit Chat: Season 11

    This is the topic is for off-topic posts from specific season 11 discussion topics . Extended off-topic, non-show discussions may be moved here. It is recommended that if you wish to start a non-show topic, that pertains to the entire forum, use the Chit Chat Topic in the Chit Chat Forum.
  4. Character Screen Time

    My summer project is going to be tracking all the screen times for all the seasons. I've gotten some requests for various seasons I haven't done. And having done a few seasons, I'm going to redo them, so they will all match with the classifications below. I've locked this thread, so if you wish to discuss this, I've created a discussion thread for this. First off, I'm going to track how much time, each of the main cast, is on screen. Doesn't matter if they are by themselves, with their SO, or if all seven are there. If a character is in a scene, even if they they don't talk, or aren't seen in the scene all the time (think of al seven in 4A and the camera focuses in on one person), they count as being in the scene, and they get screen time. As for further breakdowns, here's where it gets tricky, Where I have a couple, or a couple with others. My plan is to go several different ways: 1. I break out romantic couples in three categories. 1A. A couple can be an official couple. In this case, they are officially boyfriend/girlfriend (Examples: Shamy after "Flaming Spittoon", Lenny in season three and after "Recombination" or Howardette, after "Hot Troll"), or the couple is engaged or married. If a couple is official, and they are onscreen, it counts as couple time. But, see section four below. 1B. A couple can act as a couple, even if not official. Example: Shamy in most of "Herb Garden" They weren't an official couple at the time, but they acted as if they were a couple during that episode. 1C. A couple isn't an official couple, nor are they acting as one. An example: Leonard and Penny in the pilot or most of the first and second year. 2. One kind of screen time, for couples, is alone: 2A. If a couple is on screen alone together, they get credited as a couple, even if they are not acting as a couple. NOTE: This overrides some categories. An example would be Penny and Leonard when Leonard is talking to Penny about Alice or Shamy in the lab during "Alien Parasite". They are not a couple, they are not acting like a couple, but since they are alone, they get couple time 3. Another kind of screen time, for couples, is with others: 3A. If a couple are on screen with others and are acting as a couple even if they aren't official, it counts as couple time. Think of near the end of "Herb Garden", with Sheldon and Amy in the kitchen. At that point, they weren't official, but they were acting as a couple. Or Lenny, near the end of "Spaghetti Catalyst". They weren't a couple, but were acting like a divorced couple. 3B. If they are with other characters, and are not a couple or are not acting like a couple, they would simply get individual character screen time. Think the pilot scene, when Penny, Sheldon and Leonard are talking. 3C. If there are two couple on screen, then each couple would get couple screen time. Think of "game night" with Lenny and Shamy. Or the double date with Howardette and Raj and Emily. 4. If there are four or more characters, with only one couple (or even more than one couple with additional characters), it's really going to depend on how the scene goes: 4A. For example, when they are all sitting in 4A eating or say in "Closet Reconfiguration" where everyone is telling Howard their version of what was in the card. There weren't really any couple time there, it was all individual characters, so I wouldn't really give any of the couples, couple time, Or, like the beginning of "Hesitation Ramification" the guys, and Amy were eating, but the guys were all looking at their phones, there really isn't Shamy time there, nor is there really any Lenny time when Penny comes in. All of the characters would get their own time, of course. 4B. This would change if something couple-y happens. For example, in "Friendship Turbulence" The cold open and the first part after the break is the group talking about Penny. Then Leonard and Penny start fighting. Up to that point, it's individual screen time. After and Penny talks about turning down an acting job. Lenny fight. When the fight starts, they would also get couple time. NOTE 4A and 4B are exceptions to if an official couple is on screen, they get couple time. 6. I will do non-romantic couples. Raj and Howard, Leonard and Sheldon, Penny and Sheldon, Penny and Amy etc. In these cases, it will only be when they have scenes alone. 7. I will count larger groups , within reason. Something like "Girls"(Amy, Bernadette and Penny), or the guys (Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj). I might even count the women, and Raj, as a group, as that has happened several times. But most of the time, if there are three or more individual characters in a scene, they won't be broken out as a separate group. I plan on calling a scene that has all of them together as "cast", to see how much time the cast is together. 8. I won't be giving each minor characters their own screen time. For example, parents or siblings, Kripke, Burt, other friends etc. don't get their own time, but I will track how much time Minor Characters are on screen. Exceptions: Stuart gets his own time starting in season six, as he became main cast then. Melissa starting in season three (although she didn't become main cast until season four) and Mayim staring in season four (even prior to her becoming main cast). 9. There will be limited cases where guest stars or recurring will get their own time. Lucy or Emily when they was dating Raj. Priya when she was dating Leonard, etc. I might count Dave and Amy, we'll see. I think this covers most things. If anyone sees something they think is wrong or you have another suggestion, please PM me. I realize that some of this is going to be a judgement call. But, I'm trying to set the rules out, so I can be as consistent as possible. Also, I realize that some people really don't care about screen time, they are more concerned with quality of screen time. The problem with that is simply not everyone agrees on quality. Screen time, for individuals, is something that can be measured and I feel that using the above to determine will at least give us a consistent measurement. I'll be starting with season 10, then moving to season 9. I will then go to seasons 2, 3, and 4. After that, I'll do season 1, then seasons 6, 7, 8. Those last three are because I have some times for 6, 7, and 8 and I've been asked about seasons 2, 3, and 4. I'm starting with seasons 9 and 10 as I have both of them on my DVR, but I'm thinking seriously getting rid of cable and going with streaming. If I do that, I'll lose those two years, due to losing my DVR. I want to get those done before that happens at the end of June. The rest I have on DVD. Tensor
  5. This is the Season 11 thread for Lenny. This is a Ship Zone and contains Spoilers.
  6. Season 11 Ratings Thread.

    Week Twelve Live + 7, Week of 11 December, 2017 Based on week Ten numbers (November 27 - December 03, 2017). CBS broadcast the new episode 10.09 The Bitcoin Entanglement, on Thursday at 8 PM. Premieres are designated with a "P". Demo Show Live + 7 Lift Show Live + 7 Total This is Us 2.0 This is Us 4.8 The Good Doctor 1.8 TBBT 4.2 TBBT 1.7 The Good Doctor 3.5 Modern Family 1.4 Young Sheldon 3.1 Young Sheldon 1.0 Modern Family 3.0 Chicago PD 1.0 Empire 2.7 Law and Order:SVU 1.0 Law and Order:SVU 2.5 Empire 1.0 Survivor 2.5 The Orville 1.0 Chicago PD 2.3 Designated Survivor 1.0 Chicago Med 2.2 Viewers Show Live + 7 Lift (000) Show Live + 7 Total (000) The Good Doctor 6.66 TBBT 18.54 This is Us 5.65 Carol Burnett Anniversary Special 17.18 Designated Survivor 4.83 This is Us 16.60 TBBT 4.70 The Good Doctor 15.91 Blue Blood 4.54 Young Sheldon 15.72 Chicago PD 4.19 Blue Bloods 13.41 Chicago Med 3.82 Hawaii Five-0 11.71 Young Sheldon 3.61 Chicago Med 11.68 Modern Family 3.52 Chicago PD 11.14 Hawaii Five-0 3.12 Mom 10.59 Tensor
  7. Season 11 Ratings Thread.

    As the season starts tomorrow (actually the first shows of the new season were tonight), this is the first post in the Season 11 ratings thread. Similar to the last couple of years, here are the plans for the ratings, while TBBT is on Monday: I hope to have the Live + 3 and the Live + 7 on Mondays. However, last year, due to some consolidation of online television sites, I lost the Live + 3 and Live + 7 at times. I'm hoping to get those all the time this year. While they will be dated for Mondays, they may get updated over the weekend. Tuesday will have the the Live + Same Day ratings. This includes the overnights, including households, demo, and viewers, along with the final daily ratings for TBBT. Households is usually out around 9:30-10 AM EST. The overnight demo and viewers is usually out around 11:30 AM EST. The final daily ratings are usually out around 4:30-5:30 PM EST. I've been looking around, hoping to get some more breakouts, but it isn't easy. Wednesday will have the top ten programs for the previous week for demo and viewers. Also, around noon, although it may go up earlier. This is really put out on Tuesday, but with the overnights and finals, I may not get to it until Wednesday. Thursday will have the syndication ratings for two weeks previous. Again, around noon. This is similar to the the top ten from the previous week. It actually comes out on Wednesday, and if I'm not occupied, It'll go up then, but I'm not going to claim it will be up on Wednesday. Friday will usually be an off day, but I will occasionally write a post on some kind of ratings information. Other members, if they have the data, have provided the ratings for other countries. In the past members have provided ratings from Canada, Germany, and The United Kingdom. Once TBBT moves to Thursday, the week of 31 October, the order changes a bit. The post for the top ten programs for the previous week moves to Tuesday. The syndication post moves to Wednesday, and the overnight and final ratings posts, for TBBT, move to Friday. Thursday becomes the day where an informational post will go. While the date and times listed above are the usual times I get the ratings, holidays, and various other things sometimes delay the information. If it will be delayed (or even not available), I usually try to let everyone know with a post. I usually have tried, for the last several years, to start this thread a week or two before the season. I do that so I can put up a post on what exactly those terms (Live + SD, Live + 7, demo, etc) mean, and how the ratings are gathered, so new members, or those who don't know those terms, will be able to follow along. I'll also normally have a post on how TBBT did last year (I did one at the end of the year, but I'll put a shortened version here), compared to 2014-15, 2015-16, and 2016-2017 along with how it did compared to other shows last year. There will also be some information on how TBBT repeats did last year (hint, the repeat ratings were higher than the average of all the first run shows). Unfortunately, this year brought Hurricane Irma and has thrown my schedule off a bit. I will get to the those post I mentioned later this month and the beginning of October. I apologize for the delay. Also, sometime toward the last week of September, to the first couple of weeks of October, , I usually get an estimate of the ad rates for the coming year and I have done a post comparing the previous years and the ten shows with the highest ad rates. Fortunately, those aren't out yet, so I'm not behind. If there are any questions, feel free to ask, in the thread, and I'll do my best to answer them. Tensor
  8. Character Screen Time

    11.11 The Celebration Reverberation Here are the results for this week, with the season totals: Week Total Season Total Show 19:55* 223:15* *"Previously on The Big Bang Theory" one minute this episode, two minutes total Commercials 11:05 117:55 Minor Characters (MC) 0:00 31:40 Leonard 7:45 91:20 Sheldon 9:10 117:25 Penny 4:45 71:45 Raj 6:55 78:50 Howard 8:05 84:25 Bernadette 0:15 41:10 Amy 5:20 72:00 Stuart 2:50 12:55 Ruchi 8:30 Shamy (Total) 4:50 41:00 Shamy (Alone) 4:50 29:50 Lenny (Total) 4:25 31:35 Lenny (Alone) 4:15 12:05 Howardette (Total) 0:10 14:50 Howardette (Alone) 0:00 7:45 Rachi (Total) 6:40 Rachi (Alone) 4:45 Guys 1:50 4:15 Girls 0:00 0:30 Gang 0:20 10:25 I you want to know how I'm getting the times, you might want to go back look at how I've defined things It's the system I used for seasons 1-10. While I'll be tracking everything the same way, I will be putting up some of the results weekly. Every four weeks, I will put up the spreadsheet, so all the times, for all the pairings, can be viewed. Tensor
  9. This thread is for discussion of Season 10, and spoilers are allowed. Discussion of ideas from previous seasons, unless they pertain to season 10 topics, should go into the non-season 10 thread.
  10. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    We had this discussion back in season 7, when she was engaged and married. She's an actress, they do what is written and she is getting a lot of money to act the character, as written. Back in season 7, while she was engaged and married, the amount of kissing was less, the characters were still kissing. In the first half of season 8, they went though 8 or 9 episodes without kissing, but they kissed in the second have of the season, again when she was married.
  11. Final Ratings for 15 December, 2017, for broadcasts on 14 December 2017. This episode brought in a 2.0 demo (18-49), with 11.64 million viewers. This was even in demo, and up 20,000 viewers from the overnights. It was down two tenths in demo, and down 850,000 viewers from last week. It's standing compared to other shows last night can be found here.
  12. Season 11 Ratings Thread.

    Week 12 Final Ratings For Friday, 15 December, 2017. For broadcasts, 14 December, 2017 Shows with and "*" are repeats. At 8:00 PM, CBS ran a new episode of TBBT, 11.11, The Celebration Reverberation, which brought in a 2.8 2.6 with a 11 share and 14.41 13.74 million viewers. This was even in demo, and share, and up 190,000 viewers from the overnights. This was down two tenths in demo, even in share, and down 670,000 viewers from last week's show. In first place, for demo, was TBBT with that 2.6, that was down two tenths from last weeks number one show.. In second was Young Sheldon with a 2.0, even with the overnights and down two tenths from last week. There was a tie for third between Mom and the special Olaf's Frozen Adventure with a 1.4, even with the overnights and last week's number three show. For viewers, TBBT was number one with those 13.74 million viewers. Young Sheldon was second with 11.64 million, up 20,000 viewers from the overnights but down 850,000 viewers from last week's number two show. Mom was in third at 8.65 million viewers. This was up 20,000 from the overnights, but down 130,000 from last weeks third place show. Tensor
  13. [Spoilers] The "Dark" Lenny Thread: Season 11

    Going back three years to season eight, we've gotten so little Lenny. And most of what we have gotten hasn't been all that great, that yes, that's what makes a great Lenny episode now.
  14. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Here , here and here.
  15. Household, Overnight ratings and Demo Breakouts for 15 December, 2017 For this episode, Young Sheldon pulled in a 7.3 household rating. In share, it had a 12. The full Ratings post, for households, can be found here. This episode brought in a 2.0 demo (18-49), with 11.62 million viewers. In the 18-34 demo, it had a 1.0. In the 25-54 demo, it had a 3.1. The full ratings post, which includes comparisons with the rest of the shows last night, can be found here.
  16. Season 11 Ratings Thread.

    Week 12 Overnights and Demo Breakouts for 15 December, 2017 Shows with an "*" are repeats. CBS ran a new episode of TBBT 11.11 The Celebration Reverberation. It pulled in a 2.6 demo, with a 11 share and 14.25 13.55 million viewers. This was down two tenths in demo, even in share, but down 700,000 viewers from the last week's show. TBBT was number one in demo with that 2.6. In second was Young Sheldon with a 2.0, down two tenths from last week, and in third was Mom with a 1.4, even with last week's third place show. For viewers, TBBT was first with the 13.55 million viewers. In second was Young Sheldon, with 11.62 million, down 840,000 from last week and in third was Mom with 8.63 down 190,000 viewers from last weeks number three show. In the 18-34 demo, TBBT was in first with a 1.3, down a tenth from last week's first place show. In second was Young Sheldon at 1.0 down two tenths from last week's second place show. In third was Mom at 0.6 down a tenth from last week's number three show. In the 25-54 demo, TBBT was first with a 3.9 demo, down two tenths from last week, In second, was Young Sheldon with a 3.1, down two tenths from last week's number two show, and in third was Mom, with a 2.3, even with last week's number three show. Tensor
  17. Season 11 Ratings Thread.

    Week 12 Early Household Ratings; 15 December, 2017 Shows indicated with an asterisk (*) are repeat. There are no comparison for last week as the Household numbers were not available. TBBT, ran a new episode last night. At 8 PM 11.11 The Celebration Reverberation had a 9.0 Household Rating, with a 15 share. The HH rating was down two tenths and share was even from last week. In households, number one for the night was TBBT with that 9.0. In second was Young Sheldon, with an 7.3 Household rating, down six tenths from last week. In third, was Mom, with a 5.7, down two tenths In share, TBBT led with a 15 share. In second was Young Sheldon, with a 12, down a point from last week and in third there was Mom with a 9 share, down a tenth from last week. Tensor
  18. Happy Birthday DJ, you youngster....

  19. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    This would be fine, all by itself... This would be fine, if you can provide some factual basis for your claim. This is not OK, it's nothing more than your opinion. We don't allow condemnation of others opinions, based only on someone else's opinion. Also, you haven't provided anything to define cheating, not to mention providing something that everyone can define as cheating. Again, use the links above to read our rules. Just for your infomation, I send anything I do, to our Admin (BTW, I'm a moderator, not an admin), who reviews it. So it's not just one person. Yep. Sheldon and Amy are characters on the show. You are referencing an idea of someone here on the forum, without providing any kind of evidence. Negatory comments about the show or characters on the show are allowed. Negative or derogatory comments about other member's posts or ideas, simply based on an opinion by the person making the negative or derogatory comment, isn't allow.
  20. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, if you want to refute the other persons idea, that would be fine. If you simply call another person's Idea bullshit, that isn't allowed. That's why I gave you links to the rules. As far as your hidden posts, some of them had a snarky or snide comment about other posters or their posts, which isn't allowed. Several were hidden because you quoted other posts that had been hidden. And several other posters had theirs hidden. Yes, and they've seen your posts hidden prior to those starting an hour ago tonight.
  21. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Kripkerules, since you haven't bothered with the PMs that have been sent to you, I strongly suggest you read the forum rules and the updated forum rules.
  22. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    My daughter suggested that Amy's is going to find out she's pregnant in February or March. She seems to think that Shamy are going to get back at Howardette for them getting pregnant in Sheldon's bed.
  23. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Nope, this year the final episode was it taped on April 25th, and aired on May 10th. This year it will tape on the 24th of April, and air on May 10th. There will be only three episodes, total, from the 25th of January to the 22nd of March. But from the 29th of March, to the end of the year on May 10th, there are seven straight new episodes.
  24. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Posts hidden. Keep the comments about the show and characters, and not speculation or derogatory comments as to why others are posting.