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  1. I do realize the seriousness of the damage to the Notre Dame cathedral, and the loss to history in general, but even with that I can’t resist this: https://www.theonion.com/investigators-trace-cause-of-notre-dame-fire-to-cathedr-1834116819?utm_campaign=SF&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_content=Main&utm_source=Facebook
  2. They broke me also. The only one I’ve seen all of, since 12.02, was 12.13, and that’s only because I was there for the taping. I will probably watch the final.
  3. It’s a bullshit plot device. A Neurobiologists, with no formal training in string theory, possibly the most math intense theory in Physics, would be incapable of any contribution, on the spur of the moment. The math used for string theory, has won two people the Fields Medal and is used mostly, in theoretical investigations in Math. Not something a neurobiologist would be able to look at and understand at first glance.
  4. That’s the plan. At this point, some of the VIPs, who are all friends and family of the cast and crew, or upper level execs at CBS or Warner Brothers, would have to not show up for any standby to get in. Here’s an example, at the last taping, Kaley’s glam crew, who have been friends of hers for years, were there. It was their last taping. Friends of Kaley’s for years, were not going to get into either of the last two tapings. This is not to say you won’t get in, because there might be a case of some emergency keeping someone from making it. But, at this point, the chances of getting in are slim and none, and slim just left town.
  5. Chapter 40 is up. As I've been a bit slack updating this thread, chapters 37, 38 and 39 are also up.
  6. It's going to depend on the topography of space. Is it curved or flat. If curved, does it have positive or negative curvature. Is it bounded or unbounded? Is it simply connected or is it not? The math can get does get frightful. So simply, if the universe has positive curvature, it could be unbounded. Think of sphere or a torus as positive curvature with no bounds (no edge). If that is the case, there is no edge to the universe. The only experimental evidence we have at present, is that, within experimental error, the universe is flat. As for the rest, we simply don't know. So we really don't have an answer to that question, at this time.
  7. I don't claim Jim and Kaley aren't good friends, I'm just pointing out that by the evidence, Kaley is closest with Johnny. I'll let Kaley tell it in her own words.
  8. Actually, it was after they broke up. They broke up in 2009.
  9. But it does indicate they had to have talked about it together. I haven't seen any indication that Jim and Kaley have gone out as friends, other than having something to do with TBBT, something like the Fallout 4 launch Johnny and Kaley attended, for example. Then there was the case of Kaley repeatedly walking into Johnny's dressing room, while he was in the shower, something that occurred after they broke up.
  10. Here's the first trailer for the final installment of Star Wars: https://twitter.com/starwars/status/1116749912983707650
  11. Actually, I do have an idea for one. That trip home for the holidays that Leonard paid for, but he didn’t go?
  12. Hmmmmmmmm, an idea to steal for when my current story gets me down. 😝
  13. Joyce, I was referencing the spanking, that Amy seemed to enjoy( there was a gif of that in the post I was answering.) I agree, that if anyone treated me, as Sheldon treats Amy, I’d be gone. Of course, that would apply to Sheldon’s treatment of Leonard too. He should have heeded Sebastian’s warning, and taken his advice.
  14. It’s not mistreatment if the receiver is into that and enjoys it.
  15. It's also on the NBC site, but there it's only the current season.
  16. This was amazing DJ. Whoever put this together did a great job. I get to go see Weird Al on June 5th, a Christmas present from my daughter.
  17. Die, have you seen “The Good Place”? Some of my twitter friends kept recommending it to me, finally checked it out and now, I’m getting hooked on it.
  18. On Instagram, jamiemakeup and bricuoco both have clips, in their IG stories, of the comments Johnny and Kaley made tonight. Not all, but some. You can hear Kaley breaking up a bit.
  19. I miss the adult characters in seasons 5-8. The wildly inconsistent characters (all of them) we've had since season 9 are a struggle to enjoy, at times.
  20. TV show or not, it was a huge thing for me to get into a taping. But, it depends on what it means to you. For me, it was more than just a TV show. I've made friends from this show, it resembled a part of my life, it help me get through physical and mental issues, it started me writing, and getting to go to a taping was, outside of my family, one of the biggest things in my life. I've never cared about a TV show as I've cared about this one.
  21. If it was only Leonard that said he wanted kids, and that one time, I'd be right there with you. Neither of my daughters want kids, and I'm fine with that, that's their decision and they were both up front with their partners, saying they didn't want them. Not, saying they wanted them multiple times, before dropping the bomb about not wanting them. If they want to get into issues like being child free, they ought to have done it correctly, have them talk about it before marriage. If either of them didn't want kids, let that be known before committing to each other in marriage. Not, have one (it doesn't matter if it's male or female, I know people of both genders who didn't want kids and gotten divorced because it wasn't mentioned or someone changed their mind.) drop that little nugget of information after they were married. They could have handled this much differently, and it would have been a great foray into being childless, and how anyone can change their mind after they are already married, but they didn't write it that way. I was, "I know I said I wanted kids, but now I don't, deal with it." Is she allowed to change her mind? Sure, no one should be forced to have kids. But, there is a responsibility that goes along with changing your mind, especially if you are married. You have to let your husband/wife know that, when you come to that conclusion. From Penny's reaction, she came to that conclusion a while back, and didn't say anything. My issue isn't that they are not going to have kids, my issues is the piss poor way they got to that point. Not to mention the additional bullshit of the donation arc. At the end of the first episode it was brought up, they showed Leonard being accepting of it. If they would have left it that way, I would have been unhappy, but Leonard accepted it, so fine. In the donation arc, they showed he was not happy with it. So, now they are left with either Leonard being unhappy, without kids, or Penny being unhappy, with kids. Neither of them can win in that situation.
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