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  1. At the end of what season? From season six or seven on, there were a lot of episodes that had different plot lines. A plot, B plot and possibly C plots were the norm, once Mayim and Melissa joined the cast, along with Raj's girlfriend of the year and Stuart and Denise later. When you have seven-plus actors, having them all in the same plot isn't normally possible.
  2. That possibly turned dark real quick at the end. For some reason, I can't help think about the turn the season four ending for TBBT had.
  3. I’m not sure what you mean by a coupon, but it really doesn’t matter. The show ended in 2019 and there are no more new shows being produced. If you want to see how it was done, I suggest you look into the the last few season specific areas. Near the beginning of each of them there are threads about attending a taping.
  4. Brian Thomas Smith ( Zack for those who forgot) will be starting a recurring role on The United States of Al, tonight May 6, 2021 at 8:30 PM on CBS. https://www.instagram.com/p/COgfmjkpIQh/?igshid=pd4fe4m8y7kq
  5. Fun interview with Kaley, with a misleading headline. Also, good comments for those of us who live the Johnny-Kaley friendship. https://www.eonline.com/news/1266678/kaley-cuoco-hints-a-big-bang-theory-reunion-show-could-be-coming-sooner-than-you-think
  6. Doesn't change the fact that in that instance Sheldon was jerk. Are you still claiming I'm Seeing things that aren’t there? Are you saying Sheldon didn’t say anything about Penny being a chicken pecking corn, or miming oral sex? Because it’s right there in that episode.
  7. Seeing things that aren’t there? Are you saying Sheldon didn’t say anything about Penny being a chicken pecking corn, or miming oral sex? Because it’s right there in that episode.
  8. I've said this before, but I can pinpoint exactly when I could no long consider Sheldon's words or actions innocencent for me. Season 6, episode 8. During his conversation with Leonard about Penny and the British guy. When he said something about Penny thinking she was a chicken pecking for corn, and then mimed Penny performing oral sex, they couldn't go back to claiming he didn't understand. When they tried that, it was no longer believable for me.
  9. About their new animated show, and another show they write the music https://www.indiewire.com/2021/04/waffles-and-mochi-songs-michelle-obama-netflix-1234630379/
  10. Nice article about the two, about writing the music, along with info about their new animated show, Steps. https://www.indiewire.com/2021/04/waffles-and-mochi-songs-michelle-obama-netflix-1234630379/
  11. Not quite sure who it was. Could have been all of them, or they just thought it funny. Sheldon was shamed for not trying to get laid, which is a form of reverse slut shaming.
  12. Yeah, this is false. I've been to two tapings and there weren't any cue cards in sight. All the actors have mentioned having, at times, their scripts handy, (or Jim having all his note cards in his pocket) like under cushions, behind cushions, in drawers, in refrigerators or stoves, behind different pieces of furniture, etc. to use in between takes. But, there aren't any cue cards.
  13. Johnny and Avery.... https://www.instagram.com/p/CNEAVZjjtK2/?igshid=100s2vgwm2lx1
  14. Jessica Walter Dies: Emmy-Winning ‘Arrested Development,’ ‘Archer’ Actress Was 80. She was Mrs Latham, Leonard’s benefactor. https://deadline.com/2021/03/jessica-walter-dead-actress-arrested-development-1234721873/
  15. What kind of error message? What are you trying to do?
  16. I just thought you were upset, because you keep saying you’re moving on, or are done, but keep answering. Lorre had previously decided the show would end, ( and this wasn’t through the grapevine, it was actual quotes) if either Kaley, Jim, or Johnny left. Jim decided to leave, triggering that decision. Is there something wrong with Jim deciding to leave? Nope. But, there no denying it was his decision to leave, that brought the show to an end. If Johnny or Kaley had decided to leave, that would have triggered the end of the show.
  17. You didn’t have to be there. Lorre mentioned it before Jim made his decision, so Jim was aware. And being aware Jim knew the consequences of his decision. There’s nothing wrong with his decision, I’m not blaming him for leaving. The show ending was simply a result of his decision. There’s nothing wrong with that. So, I’m not quite sure why you seem so upset by this, and want to deny the known facts.
  18. That’s not an answer to my question. Do you deny Jim made his decision, aware of what Lorre had said about what would happen if he left?
  19. Do you deny Jim made his decision, aware of what Lorre had said about what would happen if he left?
  20. Look, all we can go by, is what is actually known. Prior to Jim’s announcement, Lorre had stated the show would not go on if Johnny, Kaley or Jim left. We also now know, from Kaley, that Johnny and Kaley were looking toward, and expected a 13th season. Jim, knowing what would happen if he left, made a valid personal decision to leave the show, effectively ending the show. I’m not condemning Jim for leaving, because after 12 years there are all sorts of valid personal reasons for leaving. Those facts are out there. To deny his leaving ended the show, or conversely, to condemn Jim for a
  21. Which has nothing to do with the fact that Jim was well aware that his action, of leaving the show, would trigger the show’s ending. Jim may well be only responsible for his actions, but he was aware of the consequences of his actions, before making his decision.
  22. Sorry, it was not a response. If Lorre had made the decision to end the show, after Jim made his decision, that would be a response. However, Lorre had made it clear, before hand, that if any of Jim, Johnny, or Kaley left the show, the show would end. So, Jim was well aware by leaving the show, the show would end. jim certainly had valid personal reasons for leaving, and no one can begrudge him that. But, that doesn’t change the fact that he knew if he left, that would trigger the end of the show.
  23. Effectively, yes, it was. Chuck had already told the cast the show would end if any of Jim, Kaley, or Johnny had decided to leave. I can't comment about anyone else, but I would think it would have continued if any of the others had decided to leave, with the possible exception of Mayim. Jim knew that his leaving would cause the show to end. That said, I don't begrudge Jim the decision to leave. Twelve years is a long time to run the same character. As to whether all the stories had been told, Jim wasn't a writer on the show. He has said many time that he couldn't come up with th
  24. I would have thought the hiding of a bunch of post would have given everyone a clue as to not discuss the ending, or who was responsible for the ending of the series in a thread dedicated to Kaley's The Flight Attendant. To make it simple, don't do it. if you wish to talk about something else, either find a thread the something applies to, or start a new one. That said, 17 post were moved here.
  25. The interesting thing, for me, is that the Doris Day estate, and the son of the book’s writer, are also involved. Meaning it’s got the official okay/dokay.
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