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  1. Try 11.01 The Proposal Proposal. He is insulting to Amy's coworkers, and Amy, and also makes some negative comments about her work, when he calls Stephen Hawking. Or, 7.05, The Workplace Proximity, there 's a couple of zingers towards Amy (He asks her what she's doing, she explains it, and he says, "So, nonsense".
  2. Tensor

    Sheldon's Kids

    Well, it is part of whether or not his spontaneity, or lack of such, will allow his children to have any fun. I could always point out that he approves of Beverly's method of raising her children. As a means to get JEJ to attend his convention. He found out where JEJ was going to be eating, then went there to ask him to attend the convention Sheldon was trying to arrange. That's planning. Sorry, from the transcripts of the show: Sheldon: Raiders of the Lost Ark, with 21 additional seconds. If I can’t see it, no one else can see it. He planned to take it, so others couldn't see it. He was simply being vindictive. If this is the case, then nothing he did was spontaneous, it's just what the writers created. Which is exactly what I said. You can find examples to support your contentions, and I can find examples to support mine. In general, he is rigid and plans things out. His examples of being spontaneous are far outweighed by his sticking with his schedules and plans, because of his fear of change.
  3. Tensor

    Sheldon's Kids

    That was planned. Remember, he did research and planned to go to the restaurant, because he was trying to get Jones to appear at his convention. Everything about the night was spontaneous, only because Jones did it, Sheldon didn't suggest anything they did and if you remember, Sheldon wasn't happy with some of those choices. This one, I'll agree with. Planned, to spite the others. Only because he wasn't himself. In both cases he was under duress (Lack of his haircut and trying to replace Amy, respectively). Planned, as a way to relieve his brain from thinking about the graphene sheets. Offered to be a part of something he loved is not really spontaneous. It was to his advantage. If so, then please explain his lining up his cereal by fiber content. Or, his wearing of pajamas on certain days. Or having specific meal nights. Or his fixation on doing his laundry on Saturday, or his three knocks. Or, to bring back the bongos, his inability to have his hair cut by anyone other than Mr Denofrio. Or, perhaps his insistence on have the thermometer set at a particular temperature. Or, how about planning out everything about the trip to Sweden? Maybe you could also explain his aversion to any change in his routine. All those indicate he lives a rather planned, rigid, life. You mean like when they went shooting (and Leonard shot himself), or the farmer's market, or when they went to get a Christmas tree. or the Valentine's day episodes. See, there are enough examples and counter examples to make anyone's point. In general, Leonard and Penny didn't do much of anything, simply because the writers chose not to (or they were unable to ) write anything more than that for them. Writing something funny for a narcissistic, pain-in-the ass, is much easier than trying to actually write something about a regular run of the mill couple. I don't like, to watch narcissistic, pain-in-the ass, people, hurt their friends. It's understandable when the person is doing it, without knowing they are hurting others. But, by the latter half of the show Sheldon definitely knew he was hurting them, and yet he continued. Making him nothing more than a jerk. That the others stood by him, and only occasionally lashing out back at him, says much more about their love and understanding of his problems, than anything he can do. What's interesting to me, is that many of his supporters talk about his having Asperger's, and point to the depiction of his scheduled, rigid life. Yet, those same supports say nothing about his being narcissistic, where one of the key points in describing a narcissist is: a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, and a lack of empathy for others. Sounds a lot like Sheldon.
  4. He has the ranch, as he calls it, (his property in central California) up for sale. They have been staying, off and on, somewhere in Tennessee. I don't know if they own the property there.
  5. Avery’s hair is coming in nicely.
  6. Tensor

    Penny's Last Name??

    Or, it could simply be the writers forgot about the Bob comment, and named him Wyatt, when he actually appeared on the show. Continuity wasn’t the writers strong suit, at times. Besides, we all know her name is now Hofstadter.
  7. The second pregnancy for Bernadette was due to Melissa becoming pregnant. Previously she had had a miscarriage and she (and I assume to the producers agreed) didn't want to take a chance of her losing another baby. As a result, most of her scenes were filmed with her in bed. This was explained, in show, as her being put on bed rest, due to Bernadette trying to do too much. Interesting point, Melissa's baby was born a month or two before Bernadette had her baby. Melissa didn't require a prosthetic for most of the TV pregnancy, however, for the last month or two on TV, she needed one, because she had had her baby.
  8. It's also the top she wore in "The Recombination Hypothesis". When Leonard asks her out. Pilot, End, and getting back together with Leonard.
  9. It was also used in the100th episode, when they get back together. Leonard sees her through the door, surrounded by boxes, like in the first episode.
  10. There are some that think the first three seasons, with more emphasis on the science and SF were the best. Others think the first three set up the best seasons of 4-7, with an emphasis on the group. Others think the later seasons, with the emphasis on Sheldon and/or Shamy were the best. What anyone thinks are the best seasons is going to depend exactly what interested them in the series.
  11. I’ve had Verizon since 2002. I e never had a problem with them. With the various find my phone apps, a stolen phone can be locked remotely. Stealing the number can’t be stopped if the carrier approves, so yeah.
  12. I'm missing a lot of people here. Many are just stopping in to check, nowadays. Hope you had a lovely holiday Stephen.
  13. In one of the articles about it, she was asked if the amount and type of language bothered her. She just laughed and said no. I thought of the Peoples Choice awards when Johnny reminded her to keep it clean...
  14. They did. There was a scene shot, after the Shamy wedding where he sent Shamy a watch. The scene was cut for time. You can see it in the season 11 extras.
  15. Well, we were talking about Sheldon, so I’m not sure what either of them have to do with it. I’ll be more than happy discuss the foibles of those two, in separate posts, so it doesn’t deflect the Sheldon discussion.
  16. I see, when it to his advantage, he has an eidetic memory. When it's not to his advantage, they play fast and loose with it. This has nothing to do with Sheldon, so it really doesn't mean anything here.
  17. Actually, it’s closer to the Löwenbräu lion. The color is closer too.
  18. Really? So, you are saying you have to use the word slut, to be slut shaming someone? You do realize that the phrase slut shaming simply mean shaming someone for their sexual activity, right? Can you explain how disagreeing, with my agreeing with you, exactly works? it seems like you think my agreeing with you is wrong. As for the rest, if you can give another explanation for Sheldon to continue to say mean things, after it was explained to him that it’s wrong, after all he had an eidetic memory, right, by all means I’m listening.
  19. I might, if the mailboxes weren't the same size as the ones for the regular mail. Not to mention it was shown a package for Penny, was left on the table just below the mailboxes. The other problem is that there is a fifth floor, referenced in at least two episodes. The labels should have read 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D through 5D. And yeah, the whole thing is flawed Penny's apartment (all of the 'A's for that matter) hang out over the street.
  20. But Sheldon continued to say them, even when it was explained to him that it wasn't proper. And, he would continue to know it was wrong because of his eidetic memory. So, he knows it's wrong, but he continues to do it, it's intentional. You don't have to use the word slut, to be slut shaming someone. I don't believe she was kidding either. Neither was Bernadette, after all, they did a fist bump. However, everyone fantasizes at some point during sex, during their lifetime.
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