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  1. Since birthright citizenship is part of the constitution, stopping it would require a constitutional amendment, and I don't see that getting enough states to ratify it.
  2. Citizenship discussion moved to the Chit Chat thread.
  3. Of course they wouldn't need Zack. But, they didn't seem to have any problems with writing Lenny in season 6 (and the latter half of season 5) as funny and working through problems. Even season 7 was like that, for the most part. But, after that, it was rare that we got any king of positive Lenny. It was mostly, the wear her down, their issues, etc, that got written about. Evidently, for the most part, they could write about Lenny's problems and make it funny, but not their successes or solutions and make it funny. Unlike being able to do that for the other two couples.
  4. Of course it would have been better, I would have loved to see her reaction, her telling Leonard, etc. But, that would have required the writers to get off of the Nobel and Shamy storyline, and we all knew that wasn't going to happen. But, we have to differentiate between what we would like to see, and what we were shown. Penny didn't seem unhappy with being pregnant at anytime in the final episode (well, maybe when she was throwing up). If she was unhappy, they could have simply made her unhappy, they didn't. Which means, she wasn't too upset by it. Since they decided not to show all the discussion, all we have to go by, is that she didn't use medication to prevent or terminate the pregnancy, and she was happy with being pregnant. You're preaching to the choir (see below). But, that would have required the writers to, you know, actually write a serious Leonard and Penny scene, when all they seemed capable of, the majority of the time, was to write "I/he wore her/me down" or "Leonard is bad in bed" type jokes. Because crumbs is all Lenny fans have been getting for the last four-five years. How often have we complained about how little Lenny we get. How often have we complained about the storylines we did get? How often did we get any good Lenny storylines. When get nothing over and over, crumbs is what you look for. Again, we're used to this, and we complained about it. In season 8 Sheldon and Penny had more time alone on screen together, than Leonard and Penny, through 23 episodes. You know what brought Leonard and Penny ahead of Sheldon and Penny? The conversation, in the car, about the kiss. Yay for Lenny. Shamy had over twice as much time alone, on screen. How about this for a crumb, in season eight (I don't think you were here yet) Lenny (who were engaged) went for over half the year without kissing, on screen. We complained about it, vehemently. You know what we were told? Some variation on either "It will get better in the second half" (it didn't), or "that kind of stuff happened offscreen" or, my favorite, "He kissed her cheek, that counts. No one is defending what should have been. I believe I speak for quite a few Lenny's here when I say we would have loved to see such discussion and reveals. Of course, that would have the writers to write something other than a major plot points for Shamy. Cause, when you get one for Lenny, it's, the majority of the time, to stress how incompatible they are, or to highlight the problems in their relationship (see The Romance Recalibration.) We have to ask why, the writers chose to write a sperm donation story, rather than such a pregnancy discussion. I believe they struggle writing things for Lenny, unless it's a joke like their problems or wearing them down. The good things we get are few and far between, so we hold on to those. Would we love to see such discussion? Sure, but it's not something we expect. Look at a few things, no discussion about marriage during their engagement. We got two episodes of Shamy trying to work through living together, nothing for Lenny. Before season 12, we got bits and pieces of a discussion of pregnancy, with Penny saying she was fine with kids. What we got this season, was no discussion with her husband before her decision to not have kids (and I really don't understand those that say Penny NEVER wanted kids). My theory is the writes don't know how to do it, and make it funny. They haven't proved to me otherwise, since season 8. But, again, none of this overrides the fact that Penny seems happy with being pregnant. Just because they didn't show the discussion, doesn't mean she didn't work through them, as indicated by her seemingly being happy about it.
  5. Yeah, those are always appreciated and useful. /s 😛
  6. Yep Oh, I know that. But, by not taking that route, they, probably unintentionally, show she was happy about becoming pregnant. While sadly true in come circumstances, the fact that something like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, or Orange is the New Black, among others, is easily available, not to mention some of the dialog on TBBT, I don't see why it would be too much. Also, I'm not sure that we qualify as a classically liberal democracy any longer.
  7. We saw two reactions on screen. Sheldon's and Bernadette's. Bernadette's was excited and happy, So who is the normal person there, her's or Sheldon's? I could have understood his saying something about Penny not wanting kids, but to ignore it completely and just get up and leave, is not a normal reaction. This is one of the things I don't understand about someone saying the Penny was so dead set against having kids. If Penny was so against having a baby, why didn't she take the morning after pill (or depending on her preference, the Abortion Pill)? Either would have more than likely (above 95% according to studies) have prevented or ended the pregnancy. Also, Medical Abortion is legal in California, so that would have been an option, if she was so against having kids. If she did decided to leave things to fate, that doesn't indicate that she was all that set against kids, knowing becoming pregnant is a definite possibility.
  8. Oh, I have no doubt that there are issues. But Die was of the opinion that the issues didn't go away. But, all we have to go on, is her behavior in the final episode, and I don't see any regret or unhappiness by Penny, so obviously, those issues went away, for Penny. Was she unhappy when she first found out, the came to be happy with it? Did she change her mind, again, and decide she wanted kids? Did she change her mind after that last episode? We don't know any of what happened, only that she doesn't exhibit any regret or problems with her being pregnant, in fact, she seems happy with it. If someone doesn't believe the issues went away, there has to be a reason for that, and since we only had her actions in the final, and Penny doesn't seem to have any of those issues. That's why I asked. Now, there could be unhappiness with not exploring either the changes or what happened after they found out. But, none of that can be known. All we have is her actions in the final. Yeah, imagine how constipated some of them have to be, to not take a crap for 12 years.
  9. I'm wondering, what, in the last episode, makes you think Penny didn't work out those issues? I didn't say you thought they were perfect. Like you, I said most fans. As I mentioned in the rest of the post, the same words you used to describe Lenny, can be used to describe all the couples, albeit with different examples. All of the couples have problems, and there are examples for all the couples to illustrate those problems, just as there are counter-examples to refute those problems. Along with examples to show each of the couples truly love each other Which the writers promptly ignored in the very next episode. So, do they actually use it, or is this just another case of inconsistency by the writers?
  10. Remember, derogatory comments about other members are not allowed.
  11. Exactly like the reason some fans can't forget all the jerky things Sheldon's done and said to Amy, and simply believe that everything is perfect for them. After all, Sheldon has supposedly been learning and getting better, but in the last episode, Amy leads with the crusher about simply tolerating him, at times. I won't even go into the various things each of the group has done to each other, yet still remain friends. While I have no doubt that things are not perfect for Shamy, I don't see them as anything but solid. The same with Lenny, and just to be an equal opportunity commenter, Howardette and the group interactions, also. The writing was more than inconsistent enough, (hail the almighty joke) that anyone could pull a lot of counter examples to just about anything anyone wants to say as either support or a refutation for a couple, or individuals.
  12. For the upper class, marriage was a very iffy thing through the middle ages. In ancient times, you had harems and concubines. Think of all of Solomon's wives (700) along with his concubines (300). That's a rather loose definition of marriage, if you ask me. Yeah, you had to be married to have legitimate children, but mistresses were the norm. You also had Droit du seigneur whether the lord was married or not. Couples in California can register as a Domestic Partnership, this is not a marriage. Even civil unions require a ceremony, (however brief it may be), which domestic partnerships do not. They do not even have to have the same address, if they don't file a confidential domestic partnership (hide the date, or that they are even in a partnership). The couple does not have to wait a certain number of weeks, they could start dating, and go in and file. One of the big drawbacks it that, unlike marriage, it is not recognized at the federal level, so you are not eligible for any federal aid, based on your partner (things like social security or medicare).
  13. Cool, thanks for clearing that up.
  14. But you said, and here's the exact words your used: "Well, gotta say, I ain't no ho so don't agree" If it goes for you, then why say I ain't no ho? There's a contradiction between your two statements. Does it go for you, and your previous post, implying those who have a lot of sex, was in error, or are your repudiating your previous comment, by changing it to saying it only goes for you. It's got to be one or the other, which is it?
  15. But, that's just it, I didn't say it, those are your words, implying that those who have a lot of sex, are ho's. Are you denying you typed that message?
  16. Discussion about topics, not directly related to season 12, have been moved to the Chit Chat thread.
  17. But, but but, you implied others are this, if they have a lot of sex. Your reply after I added Quantity to Quality: You say you wouldn't call anyone else a ho here, but in an earlier post, you labeled someone who had a lot of sex with that derogatory term.
  18. The proper definition of Whore, is a prostitute. Informally, and derogatorily, it can be used to mean someone who has a lot of, supposedly, improper sex (out of wedlock, as or with an adulterer). I'm not sure what this has to do with anything, if those involved in the act are consenting. The act of consenting indicates that the person at least thought of these (even if they didn't.). My complaint about the whole things wasn't that this person wanted commitment, or that person did, or this other person objected because of religion. I was questioning applying a derogatory term (ho), to people who didn't follow what another person deemed moral.
  19. Well that's fine, but I'm not quite sure that someone else's sex life, is any business it is of yours, to the point that you call them a paid sex worker.
  20. If they are unattached, consenting adults, what's marriage have to do with it?
  21. So, people who like a lot of sex, are a ho? How are giving counter examples and refutations to your examples ripping you apart?
  22. Not arguing there, (except to say quality AND quantity).
  23. Even when it's bad, sex, like pizza, is still pretty good. 😋
  24. No, I don’t, but i didn't claim the writers were emphasizing the pregnancy either. If you see them breaking up, But not the others, that makes them, by default and English, the unhappiest. What part don’t you understand, there are several places, and you didn’t specify.
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