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  1. That would be a coincidence. The two names were taken from the name of Sheldon Leonard. He was an actor and in the 1950s and 1960s, a producer(Make Room for Daddy/The Danny Thomas Show, The Andy Griffith Show, I Spy, and The Duck Van Dyke Show, among others). The creators of The Big Bang Theory, Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre, admired his work.
  2. Remember how crazy the paps went after the People's Choice Awards with the way her and Johnny were acting? LOL.
  3. I don't think is any more unusual than the pictures she put up from the People's Choice Awards with Johnny. 😉
  4. Well, Karl response to the divorce petition is finally public, and it almost reads like a verbatim copy of Kaley’s filing for. He asked to terminate the ability of the court to award spousal support, asked each pay their own attorneys fees and also listed the date of separation as TBD, as Kaley did. He also asked to keep his out earnings before, during and after the marriage(as Kaley did). About the only difference is he requested his personal items be returned to him. They also both asked for division of property be based on the prenup. So this is not going to be contested or very exciting to the paps. https://www.eonline.com/ca/news/1302642/karl-cook-responds-to-kaley-cuocos-divorce-filing-2-weeks-after-split
  5. Karl had a good weekend in Traverse City, Michigan. A first in the trials ( on Ircos IV) and a first in the Main Grand Prix (on Caillou). He’s been to a lot of events this year, and has won quite a few.
  6. By the way, by law, you have to wait for six months before the divorce can be final, even if it isn't contested. Her last one took just over six months, but Ryan was fighting it. I got the impression that she agreed to pay for his trainers (and let him have any of the coupons he had on his person, god that was funny), just to get the thing over with. I mean she probably could have fought it with her prenup in place, but I think she was more worried about having it drag on, than the 195k she ended up paying. I was a bit wrong with the her first one. Since she's already filed, there really isn't anything to prevent her from going out with others. The case is filed, the prenups are in place, and I believe they are just waiting for the required time to pass, before getting the final decree. It's really ridiculous they way some of the press is treating the part of denying spousal support. She requested that neither of them provide spousal support, and they each pay their own lawyers fees. I mean they are both worth over $100 million (not to mention Karl's parents), so neither of them need support or need the other to pay the lawyers. It's something that is needed on the form, so it's not like it's a big deal some of the paps are making it out to be. Now, if Karl's response opposes those conditions, then you have a contested divorce, but it doesn't appear that this is the case.
  7. It takes about a week to a week and a half, mostly for the financial statement part of the filing. It appears that they are just going to part ways, and have already figured out the financial splits, which would indicate there was some weeks of discussion prior to ginning up the filing, but June seems a bit too far back. My guess would be around the end of July, beginning of August for the decision. I mentioned the time frame with the divorce filing from Ryan. She appeared on “Watch what Happens Live”, talking about Ryan and how him Johnny got along. All the time knowing the filing was in work.
  8. Using the same lawyer and both the filing and response on the same day give credence to their press release. You can't use the same lawyer if it's contested, and the response on the same day means he had to know what the filing was going to be, otherwise he wouldn't know what to respond to. They are working together on thi
  9. Actually, the horse is in Japan. It belongs to a stable that provide all the competitors with their horses. All the competitors were seeing their horses for the first time, the German rider just couldn't handle the horse. The stable was not happy about how their horse was treated, either.
  10. The next season will premier on October 7, at 8 PM eastern time.
  11. While there might have been one triggering event, I don't think the release was all just for the press. They both still have pictures of each other up on their IG accounts and they are also still following each other. While they have both removed any reference to the other in their bios on IG, it still doesn't look like there is any animosity between them. When Kaley filed for divorce from Ryan, his pictures were gone that night, and he deactivated his account. I also have a hard time believing either of them had an affair. Prenups usually have fidelity clauses and they both have too much to lose if their prenups become null and void.
  12. You thought well, got both of the names right. With Blackthorn, I don't think there were even in the same country at the same time. Hell, they'll be working overtime to make up shit, just to get page clicks.
  13. Her sister? Although they reduced the number of attendees in July, so there may not be any +1s. I still remember last time, when she was a presenter at the Country Music Awards. As she was leaving, she was standing in line waiting for the limos. One of the country music nominees was standing behind her and must have made a comment, because she turned and laughed. There was this whole string of images, with them appearing to be close together. There wasn’t any othe interactions, they got into separate limos. But the tabloids had them dating. Or the one where one of the tabloids claim she was dating the guy from archer. Trouble was, Archer shot in Vancouver, while Big Bang was in LA. Then, while they were supposedly dating, he was posting IG pictures of him in England for the holidays, while she was in LA. I’m not sure you have your personal assistant shooting pictures of you and a guy if you’re fooling around with him.
  14. Yeah, have a hard time believing that. “After filing for divorce”? She’s in LA, he’s in NY. There were a bunch of photos from off set while they were shooting. Hell, Kaley posted some of those herself, and Kaley’s assistant posted or took some of them. But, if they were doing anything, why bring someone along to take take pictures? I’m not saying it’s impossible, but considering the source, um , yeah, sure.
  15. Shit, fingers moved too fast.
  16. I only know the most important phrase, Ein beir, bitte. And remember, use the thumb, use the thumb.
  17. That was my thought when I saw she was leaving. He's going to the midwest, she's going to Berlin, who knows when they would have been in the LA area again, for the press release and the filing.
  18. I think the key phrase in the release is this: With their schedules the last few month, keeping them apart. Now, Karl leaving for a string of shows in the Midwest and getting more involved in the sport. Kaley has the second season of the flight attendant starting after Karl gets back, along with other projects Yes, Norman has coming up. And, not just as an actor, but the EP. After discussion and consideration the two two of them may have just decided it wasn’t going to work. At least that’s how the release reads to me. As for all that went into that decision, except for them, I don’t think anyone will really know.
  19. Kaley's ranch is in Hidden Valley, the house is in Hidden Hills. From the house, she is a half-hour drive from Warner Brothers and a half-hour drive from her Ranch. Her ranch was not built with Karl, it was built for her Big Bay City LLC (with Tracey Wade), for her and Tracey's horses. Karl's ranch is in San Diego and it would seem to make the most sense for him to be in San Diego, and have Kaley, with some financial considerations, keeping the house. But, that is up to them. I'm sure they both have a pre-nup and the only terms we'll hear about will be only things outside the pre-nup, like the house. Probably in six months as, based on the press release, I don't see this being contested.
  20. Please remember our speculation rules. Unless it is reported in legitimated ( if you’re not sure ask) outlets, don’t repeat it or make up your own.
  21. Fun little panel here. Emmy nominated producers from Warner Brothers. Chuck Lorre( The Kominski Method). Kaley Cuoco(Ghe Flight Attendant), and Bill Lawrence (Ted Lasso). discuss producing these shows and have basically a love fest. The link to the panel is at the end of the article. https://www.nerdsandbeyond.com/2021/08/31/the-big-bang-theorys-kaley-cuoco-and-chuck-lorre-reunite-for-funny-you-should-ask/
  22. I'm not saying it's fun, but if you want to make it work, you make it work. And, I think Kaley and Karl make it work. What I would have given to have the internet, or video calling in those days. On my first trip to Iceland, we were going to another base after my return and we would have to sell our house. We couldn't do that through letters (which could take a week or two to get there), so we had to talk on the phone about price, offers, getting things done, etc. Our last two phone bills were over $1200, but we did manage to sell the house. On the bright side, for them, the winter circuit will start in California shortly after the midwest shows, so they will be together. Unless Karl takes the horses to the other winter circuit here in Florida. He was rather critical of the California Circuit in one of his "Walking and Talking" videos a couple of months ago.
  23. Speaking of Karl, ironically, early today, he put up a post on IG, about getting ready to go to the midwest for another group of shows. Looking at the show sites it looks like he'll be there 4-6 weeks, depending on how many show he plans on being in. So, he'll be leaving Souther California, about the time Kaley is headed back there. Although, she may stop at the show site. As for being apart and making it work. I get it. I think everyone here knows I was in the Air Force. Most don't know my wife was also in the Air Force (no, we didn't meet there, we were married before I went in, she went in two years later) while we were married. We both spent time on TDY (temporary duty, usually 2 weeks to two months at a place somewhere other than your home base). So we spent a lot of time apart. Even after she got out, there were the two non-consecutive years I spent in Iceland without her, and the eight months I spent in Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm (DS) and the other two, five month separations after DS.
  24. It's more than likely that the talks were in progress long before it was reported on June 21. When they film could be dependent on the availability of where they are shooting. From what I've seen, my guess would be they are using the streets of New York for a large chunk of the filming. If the availability of certain landmarks is limited, they may have had the shooting schedule ready before they finalized the cast and script. Prinicple filming usually takes two to three months (depending on the who, what, why, when, and how). With the movie centered on Pete and Kaley's characters, they will probably be in most of the shooting days, with days off, here and there, as the scenes they are not in are shot without them. I think Karl is just fine with it. He is rather low key and seems to be able to handle the craziness (in a good way) that is Kaley. Besides, he has his own profession to worry about, one that also involves and requires traveling at specific times (and spending s large chunk of the week when they are home, in San Diego). After all, in late spring, he spent a month and a half in the midwest doing shows, while Kaley was back in LA, with all the award announcements.
  25. Congratulation on winning the……er……sorry.
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