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  1. Sorta like how they tossed an unrealistic bone to the fan base that was waiting for a Nobel?
  2. 43984 I'm watching, so I can change the title of the thread.
  3. Yeah, instead of 1203 showing Penny didn’t want kid, they had her tell Leonard she was pregnant. She would have been due in May, and they could have spent the season with a story here and there about her pregnancy. The caveat, to that would be that Leonard and Penny wouldn’t have been able to make the trip to Sweden.
  4. Hey, a Happy Birthday to @Swedish Chef
  5. But, that doesn't change the difference in how they were portrayed. Penny, and Dr Plimpton are implied to be sluts for looking for a quick lay, while Leonard is for some reason celebrated for the same thing. Or for another example, Amy is somehow sex starved because she wants sex, but Howard is creepy for the same thing. But, that isn't something that's specific to any one episode, most of the women have been portrayed that one at one time or another.
  6. Tensor

    Episodic Errors

    From Legal Zoom: So, with an annulment, the marriage was never valid, and so, never existed. If they had divorced, it would have meant they were married at some point.
  7. They had to finally have been OK with each other. She was at the apartment for dinner, and was evidently part of the girls night movie watching. She also went to Vegas on the party bus (The Empathy Optimization).
  8. First of Die, that was a great list. As for Yvette, I believe they intended her to be recurring for Raj. However, back in 2014, Molaro, did several interviews, after that episode aired, and when asked, hinted that they didn't think the character was a good fit for the show, which puzzled me. They are the writers, why write a character that wasn't a good fit for the show, which got me thinking (which is dangerous). One thing TPTB were very protective of, was the chemistry of the cast. If they thought an actor was a good fit, and they saw that during the week, they tended to bring them back, even if they were supposed to be a one shot. Melissa and Mayim both were supposed to be one-shots, and they ended up as main cast. Zack was supposed to be a one shot, and he ended up recurring. Melissa was asked the Friday after the table read if she was available for more shows, and they offered Mayim main cast, when she thought her arc had run it course. I bring those up, because I got the impression that it was possibly the actress who maybe didn't mesh with the rest of the cast. This is speculation on my part, but from the interviews, that's what I got. This is not to say she was a bad actress or there was something wrong with her, or she was a diva, none of that. It could simply be TPTB didn't like the interaction or chemistry between her and the cast, and wanting to protect that cast chemistry, simply pulled the plug on her character. Or, they could have decided the character wasn't a good fit, either way, the result was the same. We probably will never know for sure. Emily was introduced the second episode after the appearance of Yvette, about three weeks production time. Now there's a case of bending over backwards to make sure she was available, when they wanted her. Which, in the end, didn't matter as that character also ended up disappearing.
  9. In what way? I have some nit picks about the final, but hardly disappointed.
  10. Oh, I get it. One of the reasons I struggled with the end of Chew Toy, was they way there were treating Lenny in season 8. The shit we were getting on screen, for Lenny, really sapped the desire to write. That might have been a good episode, say around season 10 I'll reply, like I replied to one of Stephen Hawking's posts: Groan. 🙄😂😂😋
  11. While I don’t believe there will be a season 13( too easy for confusion) forum, there could possibly be an after the show section( Tripper and I haven’t discussed anything yet). However, that kind of thing(a plot for each episode) could be in one topic, with discussion and plots, or two, one for each, enabling those that want to avoid it, to avoid it.
  12. BTW, Happy Birthday skull. Damn you're getting old.
  13. Stage slaps ( not punches) can actually be done by slapping the person. Using a very loose wrist, it makes a great sound, while not actually hurting. A couple of shows ago, I got slapped four times a night, didn’t bother me in the least, and sounded great.
  14. Look, I lived in Iceland for two years, pickled herring is nothing (and I actually enjoy it). After you've eaten Hàkarl, come back and we'll talk.
  15. I'm very satisfied with the pregnancy, as a stand alone item. Still not happy with a lot of the past five years, nor the complete flip, by Penny, in 12.03 or the silly donation story, although Penny didn't seem or act so adamant about no kids, at the end of the second episode of that story.
  16. Yeah, they couldn’t have Leonard stand up for himself, because then he would be a jerk. They already had Sheldon, being an equal opportunity jerk to everyone.
  17. Well, you get to see Leonard and Penny talk about Penny being pregnant. That's almost enough right there. Although, truth be told, you can find all of the scenes, about the pregnancy, on you tube already. If you get the whole season, you have to contend with 12-03 and Penny not wanting kids, and the bizarre donation plot.
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