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  1. This thread is for discussion of Season 11, and spoilers are allowed. Discussion of ideas from previous seasons, unless they pertain to season 11 topics, should go into the non-season 11 thread. We do allow some latitude, but if posts not about season 11go too far off topic, or continues too long, we may move them.
  2. This is the Season 11 thread for Lenny. This is a Ship Zone and contains Spoilers.
  3. This is the Season 11 thread for Shamy. This is a Ship Zone and contains Spoilers.
  4. Chit Chat: Season 11

    This is the topic is for off-topic posts from specific season 11 discussion topics . Extended off-topic, non-show discussions may be moved here. It is recommended that if you wish to start a non-show topic, that pertains to the entire forum, use the Chit Chat Topic in the Chit Chat Forum.
  5. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    In one of my fan fics, I have Penny mention she didn't like the actress that played Billie on Charmed.
  6. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Which means what? How does that translate into more acting experience? And a big movie doesn't mean much of anything, for experience, unless you're saying they knew it would be a big movie while they were shooting it. Actually, the entire last season of Charmed was built around Kaley's character. This was because there was talk of doing a spin off, which was to be based on Kaley's character.
  7. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    There are actually three tiers of names. Johnny and Jim are first, and were equal pay wise, as they with the project from the beginning. Johnny's name appears first, as he was the more well known. Then you have Kaley, Simon, and Kunal. Kaley was obviously the more well known. Simon had done a couple of TV shows and a couple of shorts, while Kunal, I think, had one credit, NCIS. As a result, the names appear Kaley, Simon, and Kunal. Kaley got equal pay with Johnny and Jim, probably due to her being more well known than Jim. Then you have the interesting one. Mayim and Melissa. Melissa appeared on the show before Mayim, was made a main cast member before Mayim, but Mayim appears before Melissa, probably due to a combination of them being made main cast so close together (five episodes), and Mayim's previous work, which was much more well known than Melissa's. That may be, but I was referring to the comment about who was the more experienced actor.
  8. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    If Mayim was the only character to appear, or she had a major production role (like Roseanne, you might have a point. But there were other actors who were part of the show and others that took care of production. (and yes, titular is a word) How exactly? I would argue, at least from my experience and talking to other actors, that it's tougher and you gain more experience by having all those guest staring roles. Playing the same role week after week, after the first or second season hardly strains your acting ability. It's something you have done repeatedly before. Paraphrased, Kaley said she can drop into Penny in about five minutes. If you have to create a new character every three or four weeks or so, you gain far more experience. You also have to look at different mediums. Mayim had much less experience in movies (either TV or regular motion pictures). Johnny had 25 of those prior to TBBT, Mayim had 4. Her and Kaley also did not have significant theatre experience, whereas Johnny appeared on and off Broadway. If the claim is the most experiences actor, Kaley had the most work and Johnny had the most diverse resume. I want to stress this isn't a knock on Mayim, she did good work prior to TBBT, and a lot of it. But, the conversation was about who was the most experienced actor prior to their time on TBBT and Mayim had neither the most or the most diverse.
  9. Paleyfest 2018

    For those who can't be in LA, you can view the live stream here: https://www.facebook.com/PaleyCenter/videos/10157288509327571/
  10. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Actually, prior to TBBT, the most experienced was Kaley. She had 251 episodes (in 23 series) of television series appearances, compared to 187 (28) for Mayim and 139 (15) for Johnny(although, by the time Mayim started with TBBT, Johnny and Kaley both had another 63 episodes, so Kaley was over 300 and Johnny over 200. Johnny had 25 movies and TV movies, compared to 16 for Kaley and 4 for Mayim. All three were tied in the "Other" category (videos, games, shorts). Also, prior to TBBT, the only cast member to appear on Broadway was Johnny, in "Little Dog Laughed." But, as Chucky said, it really doesn't matter at this point.
  11. Character Screen Time

    11.17 The Athenaeum Allocation I still haven't gotten to putting up the spreadsheet, but then, I've been too busy IRL to do the ratings anyway. Here are the results for this week, with the season totals: Week Total Season Total Show 20:40 345:20* *"Previously on The Big Bang Theory" 2:40 total Commercials 10:20 180:40 Minor Characters (MC) 2:00 48:40 Leonard 6:55 140:35 Sheldon 9:55 179:45 Penny 3:10 109:20 Raj 3:30 122:30 Howard 7:10 129:55 Bernadette 6:40 66:15 Amy 7:55 116:50 Stuart 0:00 19:05 Ruchi 8:30 Shamy (Total) 7:15 62:50 Shamy (Alone) 3:35 47:10 Lenny (Total) 0:55 43:15 Lenny (Alone) 0:00 18:20 Howardette (Total) 5:10 28:15 Howardette (Alone) 4:30 17:35 Rachi (Total) 6:40 Rachi (Alone) 4:45 Guys 1:00 13:55 Girls 0:00 0:30 Gang 4:00 25:45 I you want to know how I'm getting the times, you might want to go back look at how I've defined things It's the system I used for seasons 1-10. While I'll be tracking everything the same way, I will be putting up some of the results weekly. Every four weeks, I will put up the spreadsheet, so all the times, for all the pairings, can be viewed. Tensor
  12. Character Screen Time

    My summer project is going to be tracking all the screen times for all the seasons. I've gotten some requests for various seasons I haven't done. And having done a few seasons, I'm going to redo them, so they will all match with the classifications below. I've locked this thread, so if you wish to discuss this, I've created a discussion thread for this. First off, I'm going to track how much time, each of the main cast, is on screen. Doesn't matter if they are by themselves, with their SO, or if all seven are there. If a character is in a scene, even if they they don't talk, or aren't seen in the scene all the time (think of al seven in 4A and the camera focuses in on one person), they count as being in the scene, and they get screen time. As for further breakdowns, here's where it gets tricky, Where I have a couple, or a couple with others. My plan is to go several different ways: 1. I break out romantic couples in three categories. 1A. A couple can be an official couple. In this case, they are officially boyfriend/girlfriend (Examples: Shamy after "Flaming Spittoon", Lenny in season three and after "Recombination" or Howardette, after "Hot Troll"), or the couple is engaged or married. If a couple is official, and they are onscreen, it counts as couple time. But, see section four below. 1B. A couple can act as a couple, even if not official. Example: Shamy in most of "Herb Garden" They weren't an official couple at the time, but they acted as if they were a couple during that episode. 1C. A couple isn't an official couple, nor are they acting as one. An example: Leonard and Penny in the pilot or most of the first and second year. 2. One kind of screen time, for couples, is alone: 2A. If a couple is on screen alone together, they get credited as a couple, even if they are not acting as a couple. NOTE: This overrides some categories. An example would be Penny and Leonard when Leonard is talking to Penny about Alice or Shamy in the lab during "Alien Parasite". They are not a couple, they are not acting like a couple, but since they are alone, they get couple time 3. Another kind of screen time, for couples, is with others: 3A. If a couple are on screen with others and are acting as a couple even if they aren't official, it counts as couple time. Think of near the end of "Herb Garden", with Sheldon and Amy in the kitchen. At that point, they weren't official, but they were acting as a couple. Or Lenny, near the end of "Spaghetti Catalyst". They weren't a couple, but were acting like a divorced couple. 3B. If they are with other characters, and are not a couple or are not acting like a couple, they would simply get individual character screen time. Think the pilot scene, when Penny, Sheldon and Leonard are talking. 3C. If there are two couple on screen, then each couple would get couple screen time. Think of "game night" with Lenny and Shamy. Or the double date with Howardette and Raj and Emily. 4. If there are four or more characters, with only one couple (or even more than one couple with additional characters), it's really going to depend on how the scene goes: 4A. For example, when they are all sitting in 4A eating or say in "Closet Reconfiguration" where everyone is telling Howard their version of what was in the card. There weren't really any couple time there, it was all individual characters, so I wouldn't really give any of the couples, couple time, Or, like the beginning of "Hesitation Ramification" the guys, and Amy were eating, but the guys were all looking at their phones, there really isn't Shamy time there, nor is there really any Lenny time when Penny comes in. All of the characters would get their own time, of course. 4B. This would change if something couple-y happens. For example, in "Friendship Turbulence" The cold open and the first part after the break is the group talking about Penny. Then Leonard and Penny start fighting. Up to that point, it's individual screen time. After and Penny talks about turning down an acting job. Lenny fight. When the fight starts, they would also get couple time. NOTE 4A and 4B are exceptions to if an official couple is on screen, they get couple time. 6. I will do non-romantic couples. Raj and Howard, Leonard and Sheldon, Penny and Sheldon, Penny and Amy etc. In these cases, it will only be when they have scenes alone. 7. I will count larger groups , within reason. Something like "Girls"(Amy, Bernadette and Penny), or the guys (Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj). I might even count the women, and Raj, as a group, as that has happened several times. But most of the time, if there are three or more individual characters in a scene, they won't be broken out as a separate group. I plan on calling a scene that has all of them together as "cast", to see how much time the cast is together. 8. I won't be giving each minor characters their own screen time. For example, parents or siblings, Kripke, Burt, other friends etc. don't get their own time, but I will track how much time Minor Characters are on screen. Exceptions: Stuart gets his own time starting in season six, as he became main cast then. Melissa starting in season three (although she didn't become main cast until season four) and Mayim staring in season four (even prior to her becoming main cast). 9. There will be limited cases where guest stars or recurring will get their own time. Lucy or Emily when they was dating Raj. Priya when she was dating Leonard, etc. I might count Dave and Amy, we'll see. I think this covers most things. If anyone sees something they think is wrong or you have another suggestion, please PM me. I realize that some of this is going to be a judgement call. But, I'm trying to set the rules out, so I can be as consistent as possible. Also, I realize that some people really don't care about screen time, they are more concerned with quality of screen time. The problem with that is simply not everyone agrees on quality. Screen time, for individuals, is something that can be measured and I feel that using the above to determine will at least give us a consistent measurement. I'll be starting with season 10, then moving to season 9. I will then go to seasons 2, 3, and 4. After that, I'll do season 1, then seasons 6, 7, 8. Those last three are because I have some times for 6, 7, and 8 and I've been asked about seasons 2, 3, and 4. I'm starting with seasons 9 and 10 as I have both of them on my DVR, but I'm thinking seriously getting rid of cable and going with streaming. If I do that, I'll lose those two years, due to losing my DVR. I want to get those done before that happens at the end of June. The rest I have on DVD. Tensor
  13. Chit Chat: Season 11

    Baseball players with a sense of humor, and pi day:
  14. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    The discussion of Stephen Hawking's death is in the Cast, Crew, and TBBT News thread.
  15. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    I want to apologize for not getting the taping chat thread open tonight. I had rehearsal and was out.
  16. Cast, Crew, And Bbt News

    It is being reported by the British press Association, from a family member, that Stephen Hawking has died.
  17. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    Don’t forget the rainy part, though that was yesterday.
  18. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Here's what were going to do. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about the show, so there is no need to make that point explicitly in a post. In fact, it's condescending, so stop it. Whether or not you feel someone doesn't have enough knowledge to make a point, doesn't need to be in a post. Refute the POINT you believe isn't valid, don't comment on the other poster. If you feel like leaving the discussion, just leave it, there is no need to announce it. Snarking comments about whether someone comprehends a point aren't needed either. I may have missed something so the easiest way to think about this is, don't comment on other posters, comment about the show. A thanks to April for trying to calm things down.
  19. This thread is for science stories that the guys, or girls might be interested in. This ones for you DJ.
  20. Behind the Scenes Drama?

    That is sexist, as you are assuming that the only thing Kaley brings to the show is her hotness. Kaley also bring impeccable comedy timing, to the show. She makes it look so easy, and it's not. Sheldon is useless, without those others to play off of. Those running the show obviously disagreed with you, otherwise they wouldn't have paid Kaley and Johnny the money. For me, losing those two would be fatal for me and would be the end of my watching the show. You take Kaley and Johnny out and Sheldon loses, not only those whose reactions make Sheldon funny, but his foils, which makes him worthless. Besides, I would watch a version of TBBT without Sheldon, more than I would watch a version of TBBT without Kaley and Johnny. YMMV.
  21. Sexual health?

    Is there any indication they didn't get checked? All we have is silence, so anyone is free to assume that they've been check and found to be free from disease, or that they all have some sort of desease. Take your pick.
  22. Season 11 Taping Night Chat Thread.

    The Taping Chat thread is now closed. Peg, first off, I hope you enjoyed seeing the taping, and thanks for any info you provide. Could you please put the report in the season 11 discussion thread. Join us next Tuesday for the next taping.
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