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  1. As have I. I’ve decided that being old is just having to go through a lot of medical procedures.
  2. Colonoscopies area normal for those that are over 40, here in the US. I've had one about every 5-7 years since I turned 40. They are a good way to check for colon cancer. However, I think this goes back to Chuck Lorre, who, in his thirties was a mostly out of work musician, trying to raise a family. He had intestinal problems, but couldn't afford a colonoscopy to check to see what was wrong. The only thing he could do was to go to a teaching hospital and get a colonoscopy, without anesthesia. They figured out what was wrong with him and it was treated. Although I think it left a mark on Chuck, (anesthesia free colonoscopies are not fun) hence all the colonoscopy jokes.
  3. Because he can and is allowed to. If you don’t like a post, move on. If you feel it violates our rules, report it. With that in mind, chucky, I strongly suggest that you refrain from responding.
  4. She also had them get cancelled, but also new ones. Check near the beginning of "The Spaghetti Catalyst". She has this line: Penny: Oh, damn, they cancelled my Visa. Oh, yay, a new MasterCard!
  5. Yes, Shirley is still alive. She has Shirley, Ruby, Dumps, and King. I think her and Tom have a blended canine family as he has several of his own.
  6. No, the planning for her Ranch had begun before she met Karl and it wasn't just Kaley. Kaley and Tracey Wade, her equestrian trainer, are both involved in running Big Bay City. I believe Kaley is the majority owner, but Tracey also is invested and brings a much broader Equestrian knowledge to the ranch. Except on a temporary basis (moving horses around or going and returning from shows), Kaley and Karl never shared or owned a ranch together. As others have pointed out, protecting her assets (and Karl's, in his case) were the reason both of them had pre-nups drawn up.
  7. Karl’s. Kaleys ranch was still not fully completed at the time.
  8. They never owned one together. Karl’s is in San Diego and Kaley’s is in Hidden Valley, Southwest of Thousand Oaks.
  9. Several posts have been hidden, both original and posts that quoted the original. Per our rules (specifically section 3C), anything from social media has to be linked, not uploaded as an image. Any uploaded image from anyone social media account will be removed. A reminder that multiple instances of failure to follow the rules can result in suspensions.
  10. Can you point out where I said she blamed Johnny? I said other reasons. And, guys are triggered list as much as women and they will blame the girl.
  11. You were good with this. 👍 A quick quote from a book or magazine article is fine. We don't allow the whole page though. 🙂
  12. Kelli hasn't followed Johnny since spring of 2014 and she indicated to me in a DM on IG that she quit following him for reasons other than she had started dating someone else. She didn't meet the musician, until 2015. I exchanged texts with the other, she would prefer I keep the matter private, she's not interested in bringing more of her private life into the public eye. I will honor her request.
  13. Season 2, episode 15, The Maternal Capacitance. This is Beverly's first time on the show. The scene is in the school cafeteria, Leonard brought his mother to show her his lab and work, the four guys are Beverly are sitting at a table in the cafeteria and the dialogue is: Howard: So, Dr. Hofstadter, Leonard rarely talks about his incredibly successful brother and sister. Leonard: Please, don’t go there, Howard. Howard: I understand that unlike Leonard, they’re at the top of their respective fields. Leonard: Boy, you suck. Beverley: Well, Leonard’s younger brother, Michael, is a tenured law professor at Harvard, and his sister just successfully grew a human pancreas in an adolescent gibbon.
  14. I wasn't referring to either of them, but let's look at them. I didn't consider Naomi a girlfriend of his , so I don't see where she applies. Arielle may be following Johnny again, but I notice he isn't following her.
  15. Depends on what you mean by friends. Since that podcast, I know of two that have broken contact with him. This isn't to say they dislike him and as far it's known, they didn't have a problematic breakup. It's just for their own, personal reasons they no longer have any contact with him, which would make it difficult to be friends.
  16. Or pictures of Emma or Jayden Moon with her daughter, in her trailer.
  17. A few years ago, I got a slightly angry PM at fan fic. Seems the person was upset because they had been having a discussion about a particular something or other concerning Penny and Leonard. They were upset when they found out what they were arguing for, was only in my "Chew Toy" fan fic. They said it sounded rational and authentic and they took it as it actually happened. You can be sure I was quite pleased by that. 😁
  18. That was "The Pants Alternative". The one before Leonard and Penny broke up. 😢
  19. glad you doing better, Chucky.
  20. There's a lot Johnny and Kaley don't write or talk publicly about.
  21. The base and unit his father was stationed at, Klein-Brogel; 701 Munitions Maintenance Unit, supports US munitions for the Belgium Air Force. It was a tenant unit, reporting, until 1994, to the 36 Tactical Fighter Wing, Bitburg Air Base, Bitburg GE. In 1994, it began reporting to the 52 Tactical Fighter Wing, at Spangdahlem GE (about 10 miles from Bitburg) and as of this year, Klein-Brogel was still active. I was stationed at Bitburg from 1990 - 1993 and had an Air Force friend who was stationed at Klein-Brogel.
  22. I hesitate to say that. Johnny was thought to have gotten married, because some saw what they thought were wedding rings, when he and Alaina were in Vegas. So, until they confirm it, I’ll remain skeptical.
  23. I don’t even have a guess for you.
  24. By scrubbed I mean she’s deleted all but 11 posts. A couple are related to Smirnoff, a couple are related to her acting and producing work, and the rest are related to Tom.
  25. She’s also scrubbed her IG account.
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