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  1. While obviously not a new project for him, there will be a documentary Stephen Hawking in his own words, his life story. 12-1-2021 PBS 1 hour, 10 pm. A thanks to Molecules for the info.
  2. The funny (well, ironic) part is that he and his horse were just waiting there. It was for the awards (he finished third) and it rearing happened after the National Anthem was played. He did mention, and you can see the hoof print, that the horse stepped in the vicinity of Karl's crotch. Karl mentioned that there is a pouch in his riding pants and he has a metal wallet there. It kinda made the hoof slide off of Karl.
  3. Interestingly, I was in the Air Force, but Keflavik is a Naval Air Station (the F-15s were at the west end of the base, away from the main flight line). The wait for housing was 10-11 months. So, many of the Air Force People were up there for a year, unaccompanied. Most other overseas bases required 18 months unaccompanied. Those who had been there had a very good opinion of the place. Many would volunteer to go back. I did, I was up there twice, 85-86 and 89-90. It was different for the Navy people. They would wait for housing and be there for a whole tour and a lot of times, extend for two years. They could have their families there and it still counted as sea duty. So, one tour, with an extension would get them five years of sea duty, with their families. And there were three times weekly tanker flights ( from Kef, to Lakenheath in the UK) so catching a hop to Europe was easy. We didn't have those initiations in the Air Force, although I have been above the Arctic Circle and in the southern hemisphere.
  4. She may be overdressed. Iceland, even in the winter, isn't as cold as people make it out to be. I played softball there, a midnight tee off golf tournament there and spend New Year's Eve in 1985, outside, at the Blue Lagoon. I loved Iceland.
  5. Oh, no. That song was during the divorce from Ryan.
  6. The one I found interesting, and possibly gave some insight to what she was feeling, was her post about Bird Set Free.
  7. In a gorilla suit, with a cheesy blond wig.
  8. Yeah, I'll wait a few more days. In my mind I'm 21. The body is telling me I'm 81.
  9. Happy birthday, chucky, you old man you. And, I get to call you old, I won't be 66 for another 6 days. 🎂🍾
  10. No, there are four more events with points to be awarded. He should make it. Not everyone can make all the events (east coast, west coast split, with one in Mexico). He should be able to make three of the next four and earn enough points to make it.
  11. Sorry, I got busy last night. Karl did not have a good event on Saturday. He retired during his the first run, thus not cashing and not picking up any points.
  12. In Today's (Friday) event, with Fecebell, Karl finished 17. That's not as bad as it sounds, as he and Fecebell jumped clear for the first round, and then he retired in the second round. There are various reasons for retiring, (too many faults, going too slow, injury) another could be he declined to participate in the jump off, to save wear and tear on his horse (he's done that before). But, anyway, officially, he's run three full rounds in Kentucky so far this week, all of them have been clear. Tomorrow is the big one for him. $200k in prize money (today's was 36K) and points toward the World Cup in April, depending on where he finishes. I'll update tomorrow night.
  13. Zosia also brought her horses out to California and is stabling them at Kaley's stables.
  14. I hadn't heard of it either, but one of the articles about her in one of the horse magazines a few years back quoted her about leasing several of her horses. I did some research and found that jumping horses can be expensive, and leasing is a way to lower the cost of ownership. Not just for Kaley, but for other owners also.
  15. You don’t have to be a millionaire to use business. I’ve used some accounting things when I was doing set design. As an actress, my daughter would claim theatre tickets and makeup as expenses. You use the rules that are set. My neighbor has a plastic advertising wrap on his car. He can deduct most of the cost of the lease as an advertising expense for his business.
  16. She does eventually. Leasing is one of those tax things, for the business. Big Bay will eventually buy it, and then she will buy it from Big Bay.
  17. And now, for a laugh, with the forum slowing down, I decided I needed something to keep me busy. I got a drum practice pad for Christmas last year and decided to get lessons and an actual drum kit. Lessons started in August, and I got my kit in September. Here I am, after three lessons, and one day with my kit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CT-NbNIDSf3/?hl=en Yes, I know, it's slow, about 40 beats per minutes. You have to learn to move around the kit. So, a month later, after two more lessons, and quite a bit of practice, at 100 beats per minute.: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVDgZQdDd0x/?hl=en It's been a few more weeks, so there should be another video, but there isn't yet. I've been practicing some actual songs, and still haven't got it all together for any of them. I got an offer to jam with a couple of friends of mine. Neither of them have played the guitar much lately, and I figure they'll be working on things too. If it does come to pass, I'll upload something from it. Oh, and yes, I haven't had a shave or haircut since May of last year.
  18. We call them her horses, but they actually belong (or are leased) to Big Bay City. Tracey, as a partner there, has ridden her horses in the past (Volcan, Escarlata this year for example) so I can see her riding them in the future . Although, Neither Tracey or Kaley have entered any events since May.
  19. LOL, Kaley's name wasn't even brought up, when it came to the end of the article and they mentioned who he had been linked with.
  20. Yes, for most people. But, he was talking about Penny. Penny wouldn't throw those containers in the trash, she would just leave them laying around as she doesn't clean. But, in his mind, there was someone else there, whoever it was that put the containers in the trash. We know it was Leonard, Sheldon didn't. Amy made the connection too. When he first voiced his suspicions, Amy didn't believe it. Then he explained about the containers in the trash, and Amy said, "Poor Leonard."
  21. America’s Sweetheart is in pre-production for Apple TV. Pretty, like Johnny’s “The Squad”, may have been a casualty of Covid. It was announced for CBS in 2019, but nothing since late 2019
  22. More inför on Role Play: https://www.looper.com/650229/role-play-release-date-cast-plot/
  23. It is sad. I was very happy for her and Karl as they seemed to have quite a bit in common, along with letting the other be themselves. To see it all just go away, so quickly, I feel bad for both of them. The rags and it seems some people out there, are looking for a ways to make this out as there was some sort of huge problem in their marriage. I mean, there could have been, but nothing factual reported, so far, indicates it is more than what they stated. I mean angry, bitter, contested divorces are not filed nearly word for word in the petition and response. They way they filed simply indicates two people who agreed to everything for the split beforehand and who simply want to go their separate ways, with no drama.
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