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  1. Here’s the link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CjlnNuMvQkV/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  2. Another forum, or another thread in this forum?
  3. There are several new pieces coming out over the next week. One will be in Glamour on Monday (go to the Glamour website to find it. And, of course, the book is due out on Tuesday. Jessica also mentioned (I don't know if it's going to be in the Glamour execerpt or not) that in the later seasons there was a plan to have Leonard and Penny break up, but the writers reversed course on that at the last minute.
  4. Here’s another excerpt (at The Hollywood Reporter) about the casting of Katie and the first table read.
  5. Just make sure you read the acknowledgements. 😉
  6. That is not an interview for the book, it’s an excerpt from the book. It’s from the Kaley-Johnny chapter. The chapter, in the book, has more from the two of them.
  7. Lost internet (both my Fiber Optic and phone data) for a while. Didn't have power until five tonight, two days without it. I did have a generator, so we had the fridge, a room air unit, and enough power to keep my wife lift chair working, and most important of all, to make coffee in the morning. We are fine, as is the house and yard.
  8. There's this: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ci-FsrurED_/?hl=en And this: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ci_em6Tjj4b/?hl=en As I said, until I lose the internet (either my network or through my phone data plan) I'll be updating there.
  9. The track has been steady for the last 4 runs, it looks like it’s going in around the Big Bend area. This beats the hell out of having it make landfall right on top of us, like an earlier run showed. That said, as you pointed out, the right side will be the stronger side. Looking at it, it looks like the center will be 100-120 miles off the coast. that should get us a short period of tropical storm force winds (39-74 MPH)
  10. This is moving in your direction @chucky , you take care.
  11. That was the Golden Globes. You can tell how early that was, they were sitting in the corner.
  12. None of the other actors won Emmys. The show won several multi-cam editing Emmys.
  13. Here’s a review of Mete Cute. Nice comments on Kaley.
  14. Here’s some glowing comments about Kaley( and Pete Davidson) from the director of Mete Cute. I fully agree ( and have said so many times) with his comments on Kaley’s timing.
  15. Leslie Winkle was obviously modeled on Gilda and Chuck probably saw it as a way to get the character into the actual show. After the original pilot was rejected, the actress playing Gilda (Iris Bahr) moved to Israel for a couple of years before returning to the US to continue her acting career. So using Several bits and pieces from the original pilot made it into the regular show. Besides parts of Gilda, Leonard coming out with the lightsaber after hearing a noise, when Sheldon went over to Penny's at night, in The Big Bran Hypothesis is one. It's almost an exact copy of him coming out upon hearing a noise in the unaired pilot.
  16. Those scenes were good for Jim. Out of his four Emmy submissions, three of them were of drunk Sheldon.
  17. Most of the time, in visual arts (television, movies, theatre), it is a collaborative effort between the actor and the director. Usually, the director will give the actor a general idea of what they want or are thinking of, then the actor will add their own ideas for the scene. After they run the scene, they'll talk about it and add this or take out that, then run it again. This will happen over the several days of rehearsal, until they get what they want. For example, in this scene, Mark Cendrowski could have told Kaley he would like an upbeat dance with the French Toast. Kaley does a dance and adds the "uh" and throws her head back. Cendrowski likes that and tells her to keep it in, then asks for a bit of shimmy in her dance. Kaley adds this, but adds more than the director was thinking of and he tell her to pull it back some. This goes back and forth until the director gets what he wants. I mention this as I'm just about done with the rehearsal process in a show, we open this Thursday. A director will, at times, be very specific with what he wants, but the actor still has to provide it. Unless you were there watching it's very difficult to separate what the director said from what the actor did.
  18. We don’t usually allow screen shots of IG stories, but I asked and was given permission to use the following:
  19. Something I found humorous tonight. Karl's jumping Team, Team Helios, won for the second straight competition (this is a competition outside of the regular jumping competition). Karl didn't ride tonight (the five members take turns jumping with the team), so Karl was doing VoiceOver work on the team's IG channel during the competition. It must have been interesting for him as the final rider for Team Helios came out and Karl had to announce his horse's name: Classic Penny.
  20. Not really. They had just been renewed for three years when Lorre broke them up, so he was looking at the long term situation. They got back together in Season Five, but really weren't on solid footing until mid season six. Lorre was probably looking at ten years at that point. Live action sitcoms cycle out around ten years, so getting them back together around six would have been about right for ten seasons (their wedding was in season 9). That they got renewed for another two seasons cause the delay in breaking up Sheldon and Leonard. Writing of a series doesn't happen in a vacuum. They have to time things as a series approaches the end of it's run.
  21. It wasn't Chuck Lorre, it was the network that axed her. AAMOF, everyone except Johnny and Jim were axed the the show retooled (not to mention their apartment was axed as being too dark). Amanda fit Katie better than Kaley did and Penny was awfully close to Kaley personality.
  22. Because it allowed the writers to show Penny still had enough feelings for Leonard to hook up with him, but she didn't want to get back together with him, yet. There was a lot of that in season four and early season five, showing them having feeling for each other, but not getting back together.
  23. https://archiveofourown.org I have two stories over there, one not on Fan Fic and very explicit.
  24. I'm currently working on moving some of my stories, (mostly the one shot or 2 to 3 chapter ones) over to AO3. Basically, I'm rewriting a bit and editing some of the wording of the stories I have at Fan Fic, then putting them up at AO3. The Cohabitation Reversal is already moved and the next one will be either The Ring Revisitation or The Vacation Surprise. They may have to wait a bit as I just got cast in a play and won't be able to work on them until I have my lines down. Note: A few of the posts have been hidden. Bashing of other ships or things others may like isn't allowed.
  25. Found this article on my alerts this morning. Some pictures that most of us have seen before, but there are a few that were new to me, so I thought I’d share
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