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  1. Yeah, hard time believing this really means anything, when she still has the pictures from the wedding and the reception, along with multiple pictures of her kissing Karl still up. The last time, all but one or two, of Ryan, were gone before the filing was made public.
  2. That might actually be a bargain. There is another house on the same road as Johnny's, going for $50k a month. A couple more in the same area for 40-50k and one about a mile from his, going for 70k a month. All of these have 5-6 bedrooms and 6-7 baths. Oh, and a pool. He was in Tennessee when the lockdown started, in 2020. He can travel now, but I guess he just hasn't seen a need to leave. To be closer to his son, I would guess.
  3. Yeah, it won't sell or generate clicks without drama. There are only minor differences, word usage, Petitioner/Respondent forms, form legal requirements, etc. none of which indicate any kind of contentious legal proceeding.
  4. He's no longer with Warner Brothers.
  5. It's bullshit. In his response, in section 9, Separate property, section b is checked, stating: Confirm as separate property the assets and debts in the following list. The first thing in the list is: 1) Miscellaneous jewelry and other personal effects It doesn't say a word about him requesting anything. Kaley's has the same wording. The other two items in the list; asking to keep their earning from before, during, and after the date of separation and separate property assets and obligations are mandated by the prenup, are also in both Kaley's petition and Karl's response. Section 10 they both state that all community property and community debts should be divided based on the terms of the prenup, my guess would be both property and debts would be divided 50/50. Like Kaley may get the house, but also the mortgage, or something similar. There are still a bunch of pictures of them together, even their wedding pictures on her IG.
  6. Yeah, these aren’t going to happen. Kaley’s house is somewhere in the community of Hidden Hills which, like her previous residence, is within a gated community. Hidden Hills is well known for containing quite a few celebrities, and they take their security there seriously. Kaley also posts quite a few images of her and her friends out enjoying themselves, without the paps nosing around. Kate Micucci auditioned for Amy and ended up with a recurring role.
  7. I don't know if you get "The United States of Al" or "The Neighborhood" (Not "The Neighbors"). Both of those shows are comedies, but both had very serious episodes this past week. "The US of Al" is about a marine who had fought in Afghanistan and the Afghani interpreter who helped him there. They both now live in Ohio, and the marine has PTSD and the Afghani is learning about life in the US Last Thursday's episode was about getting the Afghani's relatives out of Afghanistan during the recent collapse of the government there. Very intense, very dramatic, and very well done. In Monday's "The Neighborhood", Beth Behrs' character had a miscarriage the week before and her and her husband were struggling, emotionally, with it. Their neighbors were struggling to help her and her husband, as they had had a miscarriage twenty years before, and hadn't gotten over the pain yet. Another intense, very dramatic episode that was also very well done. Comedies don't always have to be funny, to be good. But, I'll concede that not all dramatic episodes of comedies are well done.
  8. The show has been ordered to series, according to Deadline. I know they shot a pilot last month or in July, NBC must have liked it.
  9. She went with her agent, of 20 years.
  10. That would be a coincidence. The two names were taken from the name of Sheldon Leonard. He was an actor and in the 1950s and 1960s, a producer(Make Room for Daddy/The Danny Thomas Show, The Andy Griffith Show, I Spy, and The Duck Van Dyke Show, among others). The creators of The Big Bang Theory, Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre, admired his work.
  11. Remember how crazy the paps went after the People's Choice Awards with the way her and Johnny were acting? LOL.
  12. I don't think is any more unusual than the pictures she put up from the People's Choice Awards with Johnny. 😉
  13. Well, Karl response to the divorce petition is finally public, and it almost reads like a verbatim copy of Kaley’s filing for. He asked to terminate the ability of the court to award spousal support, asked each pay their own attorneys fees and also listed the date of separation as TBD, as Kaley did. He also asked to keep his out earnings before, during and after the marriage(as Kaley did). About the only difference is he requested his personal items be returned to him. They also both asked for division of property be based on the prenup. So this is not going to be contested or very exciting to the paps. https://www.eonline.com/ca/news/1302642/karl-cook-responds-to-kaley-cuocos-divorce-filing-2-weeks-after-split
  14. Karl had a good weekend in Traverse City, Michigan. A first in the trials ( on Ircos IV) and a first in the Main Grand Prix (on Caillou). He’s been to a lot of events this year, and has won quite a few.
  15. By the way, by law, you have to wait for six months before the divorce can be final, even if it isn't contested. Her last one took just over six months, but Ryan was fighting it. I got the impression that she agreed to pay for his trainers (and let him have any of the coupons he had on his person, god that was funny), just to get the thing over with. I mean she probably could have fought it with her prenup in place, but I think she was more worried about having it drag on, than the 195k she ended up paying. I was a bit wrong with the her first one. Since she's already filed, there really isn't anything to prevent her from going out with others. The case is filed, the prenups are in place, and I believe they are just waiting for the required time to pass, before getting the final decree. It's really ridiculous they way some of the press is treating the part of denying spousal support. She requested that neither of them provide spousal support, and they each pay their own lawyers fees. I mean they are both worth over $100 million (not to mention Karl's parents), so neither of them need support or need the other to pay the lawyers. It's something that is needed on the form, so it's not like it's a big deal some of the paps are making it out to be. Now, if Karl's response opposes those conditions, then you have a contested divorce, but it doesn't appear that this is the case.
  16. It takes about a week to a week and a half, mostly for the financial statement part of the filing. It appears that they are just going to part ways, and have already figured out the financial splits, which would indicate there was some weeks of discussion prior to ginning up the filing, but June seems a bit too far back. My guess would be around the end of July, beginning of August for the decision. I mentioned the time frame with the divorce filing from Ryan. She appeared on “Watch what Happens Live”, talking about Ryan and how him Johnny got along. All the time knowing the filing was in work.
  17. Using the same lawyer and both the filing and response on the same day give credence to their press release. You can't use the same lawyer if it's contested, and the response on the same day means he had to know what the filing was going to be, otherwise he wouldn't know what to respond to. They are working together on thi
  18. Actually, the horse is in Japan. It belongs to a stable that provide all the competitors with their horses. All the competitors were seeing their horses for the first time, the German rider just couldn't handle the horse. The stable was not happy about how their horse was treated, either.
  19. The next season will premier on October 7, at 8 PM eastern time.
  20. While there might have been one triggering event, I don't think the release was all just for the press. They both still have pictures of each other up on their IG accounts and they are also still following each other. While they have both removed any reference to the other in their bios on IG, it still doesn't look like there is any animosity between them. When Kaley filed for divorce from Ryan, his pictures were gone that night, and he deactivated his account. I also have a hard time believing either of them had an affair. Prenups usually have fidelity clauses and they both have too much to lose if their prenups become null and void.
  21. You thought well, got both of the names right. With Blackthorn, I don't think there were even in the same country at the same time. Hell, they'll be working overtime to make up shit, just to get page clicks.
  22. Her sister? Although they reduced the number of attendees in July, so there may not be any +1s. I still remember last time, when she was a presenter at the Country Music Awards. As she was leaving, she was standing in line waiting for the limos. One of the country music nominees was standing behind her and must have made a comment, because she turned and laughed. There was this whole string of images, with them appearing to be close together. There wasn’t any othe interactions, they got into separate limos. But the tabloids had them dating. Or the one where one of the tabloids claim she was dating the guy from archer. Trouble was, Archer shot in Vancouver, while Big Bang was in LA. Then, while they were supposedly dating, he was posting IG pictures of him in England for the holidays, while she was in LA. I’m not sure you have your personal assistant shooting pictures of you and a guy if you’re fooling around with him.
  23. Yeah, have a hard time believing that. “After filing for divorce”? She’s in LA, he’s in NY. There were a bunch of photos from off set while they were shooting. Hell, Kaley posted some of those herself, and Kaley’s assistant posted or took some of them. But, if they were doing anything, why bring someone along to take take pictures? I’m not saying it’s impossible, but considering the source, um , yeah, sure.
  24. Shit, fingers moved too fast.
  25. I only know the most important phrase, Ein beir, bitte. And remember, use the thumb, use the thumb.
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