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  1. There is an unconfirmed rumor that Kaley has sold her currently house, the one her and Karl bought for $12 million in Hidden Hills CA.  I say unconfirmed as there is only one outlet reporting it.  There is another report,  but it is simply a copy and paste of the first one.  So, until we verify and approve the discussion, please do not post any discussion or speculation.  Any such posts will be hidden. Thanks.  

  2. 23 hours ago, TLW said:

    How many floors tall was 2311 North Los Robles? I know it was at least 5. Since Alicia lived in 5A.

    I found a picture online of a layout of the fourth floor apartments. It seems like an odd floor plan. Especially since the B side apartments have nothing underneath them on the ground floor. The apartment on Penny's side and all the other B side units. Because the door that corresponds to a B side door on the ground floor is the exit door. Does that make sense?

    Also the A side apartments do not appear to have closets. I don't know if this was supposed to be an official floor plan or just some persons interpretation of what it might be.


    Screenshot 2022-02-19 010422.png

    A couple of things.  The fact that 4B is out over the street has been mentioned by many people before.  

    There are only five floors in the building (only four with apartments, floors 2-5).  In 11-19, The Tennant Disassociation, Leonard and Penny are talking to the guy in 5B and you can see the door with "Roof Access" on it.  

    There isn't  any openings, on the first floor,  for there to be any  building on the A side. There is no where for the laundry room to be as  It would seem to be by the hallway to the left of the mailboxes, but in S5E7 The Good Guy Fluctuation, you can see down that hallway and it ends in a door.  Now, that could be the laundry room door, but from the shots inside the laundry room, it can't be that door. 

    We have to accept that there can't be an accurate floor plan.  The hallway to the bedrooms looks to be much larger than in the show.  There is a closet in Sheldon's room, just to the left of  where Leonard's bed is (FWIW, Sheldon's room is larger here, than shown in the show). There is a closet in Leonard's room where the triangle formed by Leonard's room, the kitchen and the hallway is.  We've seen Leonard's closet in several episodes.

     There is also a closet behind the couch and there is or is not a closet in the hallway, by Leonard's bedroom's door, depending on which episode you are watching.   In S1E5, The Hamburger Postulate, there is a shot of Sheldon's door, a picture in a frame, and another door, presumably a closet right next to Leonard's bedroom door.  However, in S2E3 The Barbarian Sublimation, there is no door next to Leonard's, in the hallway, all you see is Sheldon's Bedroom door.  And, in  S5E15 The Friendship Contraction, you can clearly see a door, in the hallway, right next to Leonard's bedroom door with the frame of a picture.  I believe there is one episode that has a short hallway to a door, next to Leonard's door.  

  3. She had some more hand to hand training today.  They started slow, then sped up. At one point Kaley zigged when she should have zagged and got a light punch to the face. 

    During a sword choreography rehearsal before a Shakespeare show, one guy moved wrong and got stabbed, in the arm, by a sword.  Had to take  him to the hospital where everyone gathered around, never having seen a sword wound before. He was fine after some stitches.  

    I saw that piece and, like you, my admiration for increased.   

  4. 3 hours ago, BigBangEnthusiast said:

    Has anyone had any luck getting tickets to see a taping of Call Me Kat? 1iota had tickets available through next week, then the show disappeared from their site. 

    The reason it disappeared from their site is that the show has finished filming for the season.  If they are renewed, I would expect you would start seeing ticket availability from 1iota about 1-2 months before they start filming.  

  5. 5 hours ago, HeWolf said:

    Sounds like someone was trying make a play on words: Penny Teller - Penn and Teller"... Nothing to see here. Everybody go on about their business...

    Yeah, go on about their business.  You should see how hostile some people get when you point this out.  I had an interesting experience trying to edit Wikipedia, showing Penny’s last name was Hofstadter.  One person claimed the show never specifically said she changed her name.  I pointed out she was called Mrs. Hofstadter on several occasions, and provided a screen cap of Penny’s badge in The Convention Valuation.  I was told screen caps didn’t count, so of course I was on it when that person used the package screen cap to claim her maiden name was Teller, I pointed out that, according to them, screen caps didn’t matter.  Naturally they were pissed off when I point out their Hypocrisy. 

  6. 12 hours ago, TLW said:

    I can't recall the episode, but when Leonard starting dating Priya, he mentioned he had some American Indian ancestry (Native American). I suppose they were talking about what her parents would think of her dating someone who was not from India. And he said something like he had an ancestor who was Indian, but the wrong kind. Does anyone recall what episode this is?

    It wasn't when they started dating, that was S4 E16, as Mario pointed out.  


    12 hours ago, Mario D. said:

    I think it may have been S4 E16 "The Cohabitation Formulation"

    However, the line comes from S4 E6 The Irish Pub Formalization.  After spending the night with Leonard, he mentions moving to India so they can continue dating and there is this set of lines:

    Priya: Mm-mm. And besides, I could never bring a white boy home to my parents. They’d have a cow. Which is a much bigger deal in India.

    Leonard: I’m not that white. My great-great grandmother was half Cherokee. I know that’s not the right kind of Indian but it is something.

    Priya: Aha, you’re funny.

    And, not sure why Leonard would put it that way.  If his Great-great-grandmother was half Cherokee, that would mean either his great-great-great grandmother or great-great-great grandfather was full Cherokee.


    On 4/5/2022 at 11:17 PM, Sliktronik said:

    Penny’s real name is Bridgite Penelope Hennessy…

    Nope, her maiden name has never been revealed.  The only last name the show has officially mentioned for her is Hofstadter.  You can find reports or comments in various places on the internet claiming her maiden name was "Teller", due to the screen cap of the label, on the package Sheldon brings to her in S2 E18 The Work Song Nano-cluster.  However, the creators, producers, and writers insist her last name has never been divulged.  Which would mean, at least to me, that the prop people put a wrong name on the label to complete it and it would not be considered her real name.  Which means  the company that sent the package, in universe, put an incorrect name on the label. 


  7. 17 hours ago, chucky said:

    Well,  here we go again. Right now we're under a Tornado Watch for the next 6 and a half hours. Nasty weather coming to town. Watch out Tensor, it's probably headed your way later. Mississippi and Alabama getting hammered now and headed to the East to Georgia and South toward Florida. 

    The front came apart as it moved lower in Florida.  It's now off the coast, in the Atlantic, the majority of the weather is off of North and South Carolina.  We're not supposed to get anything on Wednesday.  


  8. Kaley will be having a visitor shortly.  No, not Johnny, Zosia Mamet will be in LA for TFA2 press.  She showed various things she was packing, mentioning this will be her third flight in five weeks with the note “I’m coming for you @kaleycuoco.  She then showed more packed stuff before showing off her riding clothes. 

  9. 24 minutes ago, Mario D. said:

    Any idea who her co-star  husband is?

    Nope. This one is flying under the radar.  There hasn’t really been anything since last year when they announced the director and that they would start filming after TFA2 was finished. 

  10. 5 minutes ago, SRAM said:

    Well based on what we’ve seen of her training for this part her secret, in the role she is playing, appears to be that of a bad-ass, who can fight and shoot.

    Hehehehe, sounds like she was part of the Special Operation Center in the CIA Operations Directorate.   

  11. 12 minutes ago, Mario D. said:

    OK  Thanks

    I can be hard to try and figure out exactly what is scheduled to start first.  One may get held up for a variety of reasons, and they have to shift to the next, if it is ready.   There have been instances where stars pull out of projects, in cases where delays would have pushed the stars into their next project, so they drop out.  

    However, I believe this was announced last July or so, before the Doris Day project.   Yes, Norman is not the lead production company on this one, and it was scheduled for after TFA 2 was finished shooting.  But, I would think Doris Day would be the next project for her.  


  12. On 1/18/2022 at 2:51 PM, TLW said:

    I have a question. On a thread I was reading last night, someone had a GIF that showed up on all their posts (since it showed up on all I guess it was part of their signature, but I don't recall the user name). The scene that was shown in the GIF was Penny sticking her head out from behind the periodic table shower curtain and yelling "LEONARD!". What episode is that scene from?

    Edited to add: I recall the user name now. It was VeeJay.

    I just saw this tonight, that gif is from  episode 9.13,  The Empathy Optimization.   Sheldon is trying to apologize to everyone for being a jerk when he was sick (Amy was at a conference).  He was apologizing because the gang wanted to go to Las Vegas on a party bus.  He tried to apologize to Penny while she was in the shower.  

  13. 1 hour ago, SRAM said:

    Really, do you know what the plot for Role Play is about?

    I don’t know the full plot, but putting several descriptions together gets you an action-thriller about a married couple whose secrets about things in their past are revealed, which messes with their lives. 

  14. 26 minutes ago, Mario D. said:

    Supposedly her next project is the Doris Day Biopic and then Role Play. Could these instructions/training be for one of these?

    I think Role Play is first, now.  It’s an action-thriller, so the weapons and martial arts training make sense for that project. 

  15. 23 minutes ago, Mario D. said:

    Wonder if this training is for a project not yet announced. It seems to be pretty intense training

    It looks more like choreography, than training, because they keep running the same move.   And, from the speed and intensity, this is nearing the final form.  You start out e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y slow, planning out each move, without contact, then incrementally speed it up and adding contact.  

    During a few Shakespeare shows I’ve been in, the director would hold auditions three months prior to the show. We would start the sword fight choreography immediately, using plastic tubes, gradually increasing speed.  After a month, we would start using swords, back at our very slow speed. By the time regular rehearsals started, and then the shows, we would have to be there a half hour early to run each fight, starting slowly and building up speed.  But, boy did it look and sound real.  

  16. 12 hours ago, chucky said:

    Well,  what a scary night. Storms driving through during the night. Got woken up at midnight to the Tornado Warning alert and had to go to the safe room. There were some damages in Milton, FL but none near my house. Thank God for that. 

    We’re going to get that mess tonight. 


  17. After talking with Jessica, she suggests that if you are planning on getting the book that you should watch through the series before reading.  This way, you'll have the show fresh in your mind when you read what was going on with the actors or situations behind the scenes (BTS) for a particular scene or a particular arc.  

    Another way of doing it, (or after getting through the book), would be to find those individual stories that interest you and find out what happened BTS, then watch those particular scenes or arcs.  She mentioned it should give you a new insight into some of the major and/or iconic scenes.    Think of it as audio commentary on the DVDs, except you have to read it.  

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