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  1. If the writers go with a breakup, there would still be plenty of storyline.  Dealing with the dynamics of the group now that Amy's friendship is solid with Penny and Bernadette.  Also, it would be nice to see Sheldon "date"  Amy without a RA.

    I like those point Shamy. That opens up quite a few plot lines. Howard and Bernadette worked out their issues in season five. Leonard and Penny seem to have worked out (or will work out) most of their issues in season six. Why can't Sheldon and Amy work out their issues in season seven?
  2. I don't think it has to be a full blown break up(or whatever it would be in the Shamy world). Let Sheldon do something to get Amy pissed enough to not talk, skype, call, etc. him for six or so episodes into the seventh season to get him to recognize her need for companionship and some physical intimacy (I'm not saying full on sex or even heavy kissing here). Enough of a separation to let him know that if he wants her in his life (and we know he does), he needs to at least take the small step of at giving her the hand holding, hugging, and the occasional kiss. Relationships are about compromises. Sheldon hasn't learned that yet and I don't think he will until Amy does something to get him to understand he has to give, if he wants her around (and again, we know he does).

    Now, that said, the writers have the problem of having sheldon not moving too fast. They can do that but they seem to have been wildly inconsistent this year in his movement this year. I am not a Shamy shipper by any means, but I do think they're relationship is cute and one of the more original on TV. I would hate that it would completely fall apart and I think that writers have done a wonderful job with Lenny this year. I'm not that worried about them messing up Shamy, even if there are some rough spots ahead for them.

  3. As for the Shamies, Chuck Lorre has said that he is "fascinated" by the Sheldon/Amy dynamic. That can only be good for you.  :icon_twisted:

    TBS has been showing episodes from season three, tonight. Intrestingly, you don't realize how much Leonard and Penny are shown to be fighting just prior to 3.19, "The Wheaton Recurrence".
  4. Confusing because I am not sure what the writers are trying to do with Penny, in re passions and her career. In one episode, they show us how good she is at acting. Now they tell us that she does not feel passionate about anything (including her chosen profession, I would assume), except for her lover and friends.

    I'm not sure you can assume she isn't passionate about her career. According to the taping report, she does talk about knowing she will become a star. And Disgusted makes a good point about her now having a solid foundation to leave from and safe haven to return to both literally and figuratively.
  5. Unless someone takes a poll of ALL the 20 million viewers and computes a statistical chisquare of how many men and how many women actually watch it and like it, there's no way one can make a judgment other than pure chauvinistic bias.:

    There's always those alligator priors.

  6. There really can't be anything until they work out the next set of contracts. How long the show runs after season seven may determine what happens. Fed instance, if they only extend the show for one year, I could see a proposal from Penny next year with a marriage at the end of season eight. Bernadette getting pregnant at a time where the baby is born near the end of the series. I have no idea what they're doing with Shamy at the moment, so I'll pass there. Raj, with a cured mutism and dating. This is just one rambling example, I'm quite sure there are others.

    Of course, with the current success, and the comments from the cast indicating a desire to continue, less than a three year extension would surprise me.

  7. Sheldon is working on Supersymmetric String Theory (which isn't really a theory, but onward). The particle found at CERN at the 99% confidence level fits the properties of the Standard Model (which is a theory, go figure)Higgs Boson. It is possible, at lower levels of confidence, that the current particle may be a state or resonance of a Supersymmetric Higgs, but the properties, as currently found, put it into the area of confirmation of old physics. This thing was predicted in the 1960s, it's just that it's taken until now to have the equipment powerful enough to cause events that create it.

    Sheldon is more in the category of the person who would have predicted the particle, not discovered it. In the case of the Nobel Prize, the person who predicted it and the person who discovered it would get the prize. In the case of a team, the lead researcher, who put the team together would get it. There could be ( and probably would be) other divisions of the prize.

  8. Forbidden Broadway, possibly? One thing that is interesting(at least from my point of view)

    Is that the entire cast is appearing, when I don't see full casts for other shows. I realize that there is the many, many more qualifier at the end, but if there were other current show stars appearing, they would 't need to include some of the not as well known now stars,

  9. I have heard she has a bad scar from breaking her leg a few seasons ago, so that may be why she doesn't wear shorts. The stockings she wears with the hot little dresses she's worn lately probably hide any scarring.

    It really doesn't matter if she wears shorts or short skirts as the scarring is actually near her foot and ankle and is visible. On the inside of her left leg, just above the ankle is a twice the size of a quarter (US coin) scar. This is where the bone came out. You can see it in the hallway scene of "The 43 Peculiarity" and a few other episodes. On the outside of the leg, more toward the front, is about a six inch long (but very thin) scar, where they went in to reconstruct the bones and put the pins and rods in. It can be seen briefly in the several episodes. It's easier to film around this one (and harder to see) as the scar where the bone came out is darker than the surrounding leg. It's been surmised that the missing short shorts is simply a change to a more mature wardrobe as Penny has gotten older.
  10. I don't know, since they associated it with the dead goldfish she forgot she had, I sort of think it suppose to something she had forgot about too, a while ago.  I don't really see it meaning she was using her vibrator now.

    That was my take also. Which is why I was thinking 6.2 as the latest. After that a d it would be more of a chance she'd remember where it was.

  11.      Only a day and a half late.  Yay.   As I mentioned last week, Daylight Savings Time started in the US, and ratings were down.   TBBT did a 4.8 in the demo with only 15.9 million total viewers.  The last time TBBT was under 16 million viewers was November 1, 2012, three days before daylight savings time ended in the fall.  However, this year's episode was up one tenth and 400,000 viewers over last years first episode during daylight savings time.   Network viewing was down by almost 4 million viewers from last week.  It will be interesting to see how this week turns out when the DVR numbers are factored in.  Those shows during the beginning of the season, during daylight savings time, were right around 4.0 million additional viewers and an average of between 19 and 19.5 million total viewers with DVR viewers.  We'll see how it goes.

         What was interesting this week was that TBBT was delayed or pre-empted this week due to conference basketball championship games.   In the case of delays, the demo rose by three tenths and the total viewers by 300,000 from the fast overnights.  In the case of pre-emptions, this probably cost the show another three tenths and about another 300,000 (Please note, that the numbers for the pre-emptions are estimates based on the areas of the country where the pre-emptions occurred).  If we include the estimates, the ratings would have been over 5 in the demo (5.1) and over 16 million in total viewers(16.2).  This would have been been some rather nice numbers considering the drop in total network viewers.

        As for the rest of the shows.  Person of Interest was at 14.3 million and Two and a Half Men at 12.1 million.  Both, along with TBBT beat Idol, which had only 11.9 million viewers.  As far as the demo, Two and a Half Men was at 3.3, Idol scored a 3.1 and Person of Interest had a 2.9.  Interesting point is that both the demo and total viewers were all time lows for a regularly scheduled first run Idol. 


    CBS has announced that the season finale of The Big Bang Theory will air opposite of the season finale of the American Idol, where they announce the winner for the season.  CBS has a lot of confidence in TBBT to put the finale opposite the finale of Idol.    

  12. I agree that it probably hasn't been used in a while.


    Well, they got back together in 5.14 (The Beta Test Initiation) and it took another ten episodes before they tried to have sex (and didn't finish 5.23 The Launch Acceleration) and possibly (as we don't have anything concrete) as long as another two episodes into season six(6.02 The Decoupling Fluctuation).  So, it may have gotten some use as late as this season.  15 episodes and five months ago, but still possibly this season.


    I find it hard to believe that Penny would let Sheldon loose on her closet knowing her vibrator was in there.


    I like how it fits with the comment in The Beta Test Initiation, as Leonard and Penny walk up the stairs after their get-back-together dinner:


    Penny: That was a really nice dinner.  I'm glad you asked me out again.


    Leonard:  Me too.  I missed you.


    Penny: You see me all the time.  You sure you just don't miss the sex?


    Leonard:  Well, yeah, sex with you is pretty great.  Have you ever tried it?


    Penny:  I have, you are not wrong.


  13. Thanks so much for taking notes, phanta! As soon as the lights went down and it started I forgot all about jotting anything down. Ooops! This is exactly why I'd be TERRIBLE at doing taping reports. 

    I was trying to tweet or post here but I simply couldn't operated the keyboard on my phone fast enough to keep up

  14. When they asked which character was most likely to win a Nobel Prize, Molaro was quick to say, "Penny".  Chuck and Bill congratulated him on his quick thinking.     And Kaley saying that when they have a scene where they get mail, they have to put just Penny on the mail, cause putting a last name on the mail freaks her out.  And Kaley has a last name that she thinks is Penny's.  At least when she thinks of Penny's last name, she thinks of the same one all the time.

  15. I really liked that both Bill and Chuck had a moment of praising Steve Molaro for his work this season. I've really enjoyed the longer story arcs, funny/heartfelt moments, and the more personal moments this season and I'm glad that they like it too. 


    Yeah, I thought it significant that both of them alluded to Steve being in charge both in the writer's room and in the day to day running of the show.  I also thought it interesting that the cast thought very highly of this years writing, with several, with Jim being the most vocal, thinking it has been the best.

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