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  1. Sheldon has to be changed slowly since rapid development of the Shamy may disturb the fan base the most. The writing team has to please two large constituencies, the fans who like him as the asexual Wack-a-doodle and the growing Shamy romantics. i'm still not sure how they will pull this off but they are going to have fun trying over next two or more seasons.


    ya know, I don't think that explanation by Sheldon about his problems dealing with the physical aspects of relationships was just his answer to Penny's question. It also signals the writers have permission to develop not only the physical aspects, but also the emotional aspects of his character, no matter how slow that may be, over the next few years and the fans should anticipate this.

  2. She did say she'd been happy lately and that's why she's so freaked about Leonard proposing. Did you notice it was Penny who was worried about Leonard maybe breaking up with her for a change?


    Yep, for the first time in the relationship,  she's become insecure about Leonard.  First, wondering if she has to worry about Leonard running off to Alex and now wondering if he was breaking up with her.   She's become vulnerable since she declared her love for Leonard (which is one thing she was worried about back in season 3).   And let's go back to episode 100 when Leonard was analyzing getting back together with her and he mentioned he could dump her, she stares at him and then she says, "be serious".  Of course, in Leonard's mind, at that time, it's something that Penny wouldn't have considered possible.  She now realizes that she may not be Leonard's only option.  Not that I think they are going to have Leonard dump her.  It's just a way, I think, to show the growth, and vulnerability of Penny.

  3. I don’t think a person’s politics have anything to do with how they look at women.


    And yet, in the very next sentence, you specify a political ideology and how they treat women. Can you say conflicting, I knew you could.  


    Sorry too many so called liberals have a history of treating women in their personal life badly.


    And I live in a part of the country where the majority of people are conservative and the police reports are filled with males being arrested for domestic battery reports daily.  


    I am not here to get into a political argument, but I consider myself a conservative politically.


    Then why go out of your way to make an inflammatory statement about the ideology that is the politically opposite of yours?

  4. I don't think Lorre is a sexist either (but for some fun reading, Google "Chuck Lorre Misogynist"). Politically, he is an old fashion 60's liberal and big supporter of the President. 




     Lorre is as a former feminist whose idealism got shatter by some bad experiences with women. Yeah, I'll go with that. :icon_twisted:


    Heheheheheh,  I'll buy all that and agree with you, except for the Dharma and Greg thing.  He's had nothing but positive things to say about the actors on that show and even the women characters were pretty chill, except for Greg's mother at the beginning, and they mellowed her.  I always find it interesting that Lorre takes a beating for all the problems he has with his female stars, but those problems were always with stars who had oversized egos or drug problems.  If he had so many problems with his female stars, he wouldn't have so many of them make appearances on his other shows.  For instance, all of the primary female characters, except the one played by Cybil Shepard, appeared in other shows run by Chuck Lorre.  All but one of the female stars of Dharma and Greg have appeared in other Lorre productions and that one (Mimi Kennedy) hasn't had anything bad to say about him.  As I've said elsewhere here, Lorre isn't a saint, has his problems and hangups, can be rather sarcastic in his written and verbal communication, but the evidence suggests he isn't the misogynistic, egomaniac, that hates the world as many try to make him out to be.

  5. On the other hand, there is the following (Sarcasm warning for those who are sarcasm impaired):


    Speaking as a man, the vanity card that BangerMain linked to doesn't show the man in a very good light either. It appears the woman is in the relationship only for the security and the guy is in the relationship only because he considers the woman a trophy. Neither individual's characteristics are very desirable, but that's hardly sexist, it's just a crappy relationship by very flawed people.

  6. A lot of times something like acting depends on a lucky break, timing, connections, or a certain moral flexibility. Penny may be a good actress, if the future episode where she's going to be in Streetcar is an indication, and this may turn out to be her lucky break. She may also be a good actress who never makes it through no fault of her own. As for doing a lot of things not seen in the episodes, of course they do... the episode only covers 20 minutes a week of their lives, unless a good part of the 20 minutes is spent in exposition there's no way we could know everything that goes on. They only mention the important stuff. For instance in the last episode Leonard said he proposes a lot. I only recall him proposing once (5-23) before the half attempt at the restaurant. Obviously if he proposes 'a lot', there must have been other off screen events.

    It's not even 20 minutes (I know what you mean, but it's even worse than the 20 minute slice of life.) Leonard and Penny were on screen for less than six minutes TOTAL, for the episode. My daughter made all sorts of contacts in theatre, simply because a couple of shows were done in a regional theatre here in our area, prior to going to Broadway, and they wanted to use some local people to fill out the casts, instead of flying chorus in from out of town. This has helped her get some parts and it's only because the producers of those shows decided to do them here, instead of somewhere else. If not for that, my daughter may not be working on her career right now. Another thing I want to address is that Penny has to be some big star to be a success. Carol Ann Susi has made quite a decent living doing what she's been doing (guest staring roles, voice work, etc), and she's not all that well known, and hardly known by sight. My daughter is on the verge (eight years in, six years after her first show) of being able to support herself pretty well by doing 4-5 theatre shows a year, along with voice over work, vocal work (basically singing), giving vocal lessons and commercials.
  7. I always laughs of that scene in episode  15 season 4 "Benefactor factor"  when Leonard is coming  back in the morning tired, with pulled out  shirt  from his pants, and jacket in his hand from  the "dinner" with Ms. Latham and Penny walks out  from her apartment, when she sees him, she smiles and  says(  I love this :icon_razz: ) "GOOD MORNING SLUT" :icon_mrgreen::icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol:

    Especially with the way she moves her head while she is saying it.

  8. OK, final numbers are in and are showing a drop down to 5.5 in the 18-49 demo and 17.89 million total viewers. This is a drop of .7 in the demo and 1.1 million in total viewers. This was part of a general trend as total television viewing was down 6% from the week before(TBBT drop was larger than the total average at 11%). A 6% week to week drop in total television viewing, on Valentine's Day, has been the average the last five years (2010 is not counted as the Superbowl was held on the 7th and the drop off was very large). Interestingly, Two and a Half Men beat American Idol on it's own in the demo (3.8-3.7)and in total viewers (13.7-12.6 million). Person of Interest also beat Idol in total viewers (14.9 million)

  9. Three quick things for show day. TBBT was the again the highest rated nationally syndicated show last week with over 12 million viewers. TBBT (averaging 11.1 million weekly viewers) leads Wheel of Fortune (10.8 million) for the year. And finally, it's interesting to note that all four TBBT repeats in the Monday 8:30 time slot beat this weeks telecast of "Rules of Engagement" in both the demo and total viewers.

  10. I think there's somesort of big finacial and / or contractual implications that kick in after 10 seasons. I'm guessing it may boil down to $...the show's cost goes up and the ROI goes down.



    It's not that anything in particular kicks in after 10 years.  Production costs on TBBT will, more than likely, seriously increase starting with the 2014-2015 season.   This is due to all of the core 5 having to have new contracts.   This is not to say that the cost of the show does not increase year over year.    For instance, Jim, Johnny, and Kaley are reported to have their salaries increase another $50,000 per episode next year.   But, new contracts tend to increase significantly over the previous contracts.  As an example, Jim, Johnny, and Kaley reportedly went from $60k to $200k  after they renegotiated (both Kunal and Simon reportedly were getting between $100-125k).   Three more years, taking them to the end of season 10 seems very reasonable. 



     I'm not sure of the status of Mayim and Melissa.  Although it would have made sense, (with the timing as to when they became main cast members), to take their contracts to the end of season 7, I simply don't know how long their contracts run.  If, the show were to continue after season 10, there would be another likely large increase in the cost of the show.  It's really got nothing to do with the 10 year point per se, just when contracts are due.   This results in a large increase in costs, with a declining number of viewers (this is the norm, there could be less costs or the show could keep viewers).

    Why stop at 10? They keep breaking records, so go for the record of longevity too!

    It's not likely.   Anything after 10 years is a huge bonus for an American live action sit-com (I specify live action as three of the top four are animated, The Simpsons-24 years, South Park-16 years, King of the Hill-13 years.) The longest running live action American sit-com was "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet", which ran for 14 years, from 1952 to 1966, totaling 435 episodes. Note that they had to have done an average of 31 episodes a year.

    The second longest running was "My Three Sons", 1960-1972 with 380 episodes.  What I find remarkable is that the first season ran for 36 episodes.   I know a lot of people complain about the changes that have happened on TBBT. Well, those are nothing compared to what happened with this show. The first five seasons were in Black and White and ran on ABC.   For the 1965 season, it began to be broadcast in color when the show moved to CBS,  where it stayed until it was cancelled in 1972.  


    As far as show changes go:


    In the fourth season, their housekeeper, the sons' great uncle leaves due to illness and his brother comes in to take over.  In reality, William Frawley (of I Love Lucy Fame) became ill and was replaced by William Demarest.

    The fifth season, the oldest son married and moved away.   The actor playing the oldest son wanted to direct (which the producers wouldn't let him do, except once) and race cars (which was forbidden by his contract) and left the show.  Also that year, to keep the title of the show, a friend of the youngest boy (Chip) was adopted by the family. 

    In the seventh season, the family moved from the midwest to Los Angeles.  

    In the eighth season, the now oldest son, Robbie, gets married.

    In the ninth season, Robbie and his wife find out she's pregnant.  She has triplets, all boys.  

    In the tenth season, the father, Steven finally remarries and adopts his new wife's five year old daughter.   Think about this when you complain that there are too many characters (only 7) in TBBT.  This year of the show had the father, his new wife, her daughter, the oldest son, his wife, their three kids, the middle brother, his girlfriend, and the youngest brother, along with their uncle the housekeeper.  That's 12 characters, not counting recurring or guests.

    In the eleventh season, Robbie leaves for a bridge job in Peru, his wife and the triplets stay.  Chip marries and moves out.  In reality, the actor playing Robbie and the actor playing Chip wanted off the show.    The show finished as the 19th most popular show that year.  

    In the twelfth year, the show was moved from its Saturday 8:30 slot to Monday at 10:00.  The ratings plummeted and it was cancelled in the spring of 1972.   A point of trivia, it was supposed to move to 8:00 PM, but CBS decided to put "All in the Family" in that slot.  


    So to recap the changes.  The show lost 5 characters at various times.  It introduced 10 new characters at various times.  The family moved from the midwest to Los Angeles, and it even changed networks.  And after all that, the show was still in the top 20.


    After those two shows, there are seven shows at 11 years M*A*S*H, Cheers, Happy Days, The Jeffersons, Married....With Children, Frasier, and The Danny Thomas Show/Make Room for Daddy.  


    The Jack Benny Show ran for 15 years, 1950-1965, but it was not a sitcom, as such.  There were situational comedy skits, but there were also songs comments about current news, comedy monologues more in tune with a variety show.  Also, it was not until the 1960 season that the show ran weekly.   In 1953 the show ran every four weeks, in 1954 every three and from 1955 to 1960 it was only on every other week.  Other shows filled the alternate time slot.  I broke this out separately so there weren't complaints about not including it.



     So you can see getting the longevity record will be tricky as only 9 live action sit-coms have gone past 10 years.




  11. Ok, tonight on TBS they had "The Recombination Hypothesis" and the first scene between L & P in bed:


    Leonard: "Help me out here.  How does a miserable date end in sex?"


    Penny:  "I don't know, it's complicated."


    Leonard: "Well, I'm a pretty smart guy.  Right now, my brain has dibbs on the blood supply,  so give it a go."


    That bolded part always cracks me up.  

  12. I would like to see the show run a couple seasons with them married and the last year them all being married. I think the last episode should be Penny having her and Leonard's smart beautiful baby girl.

    I like the way you think. :)

  13. Would Penny take Leonard's last name (if she weds -  she certainly is not rushing to that civil celebrant)? Or would she maintain her independence and remain Ms X. I was jokingly labeling the couple as the Hofstatders on another thread but I think now that might have been presumptuous.

    I don't think it's too presumptuous. While she does have an independent streak, she hasn't mentioned anything about keeping or hyphenating her name when she gets married.  Of course, we have to wait for her to propose first, before we get to the name thing.   :icon_wink:

  14. Yo back together with Leonard.

    Is it just me or does Penny drink a LOT of booze on this show? 

    If you want to see Penny drinking heavily, go back to season four and early season five. Her consumption of alcohol has dropped dramatically since she got back together with Leonard.

  15. I think you mean to reply to Tensor.  Amy did indeed offer to off Alex, but I think that was a one-off, lol.

    It's not quite a one-off. Amy's monkeys are a recurring gag in various situations and she offered to use them to off Priya. AAMOF, they are used in an upcoming episode, just not to off anyone, and get Amy in trouble.
  16. Some people have been concerned that if Raj gets a steady girlfriend that adding another cast member and couple will take time away from the other characters. But I think they can stretch the development of their relationship over time, with not a lot of time onscreen.

    Who knows? Maybe Raj's relationship will be part of what happens in the May sweeps.

    Adding another member to the cast was one of the reasons I was thinking of Alex as a girlfriend for Raj. The comedic possibilities could be better with Alex. Her and Penny meeting on the stairs when she is coming over to confer with Sheldon, or their meeting within the interactions of the group, or the possibilities between the Raj and Leonard (or the rest of the group for that matter), because of the tension between the two women just seem too good to me to ignore.

    If you want to keep Alex for the tension that would be there even if she isn't going out with Raj, AND keep Lucy around, then they have basically added two new cast members. They can kill two birds with one stone by keeping Alex as Sheldon's assistant and as Raj's romantic interest and keep Lucy in a guest staring role to "fix" Raj. Of course, I'm not one of the writers and I think your reasoning is as valid as mine as to what could happen.

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