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  1. The setup for this episode had the characters suddenly become other forms of themselves that defied previous developments:


    - In the previous episode Leonard all but asked Penny if he could buy

    an action figure and she said sure if you think that's cool. Leonard

    read her face and voice expression and immediately knew that the real

    answer was no. Now we are to believe he makes the far bolder decision to

    move in with her and suddenly he is blind to her discomfort and did not

    really discuss it with her before hand.

    I fully agree with you here. Leonard should have noticed her vocal and facial expressions and realized she had a problem with it. The only thing I can think of is that Leonard was so upset and focused on Sheldon, he missed it.


    - Penny has had no problem letting Leonard know when he is pushing

    too hard. We saw her go off when he redid her history paper. Suddenly

    she holds her fire because she does not want to hurt his feelings. Then

    she becomes Penny again at the end of the episode an tells him he should

    have asked her if she was ready.

    To be fair, Leonard, by the time Penny went off, had been made aware of Penny's feelings, by Amy and Sheldon. She no longer had to worry about hurting Leonard's feelings, that had already been done.


    - Maybe we can believe that Leonard has not read any Harry Potter

    novels, despite his geek credibility, But he did not know that

    Dumbaldore had died despite that being from an book from 2005 and a

    movie later on. Did he selectively censor the internet for 7 years?

    One or two years I could have bought. Seven years? That's a bit iffy.


    - Penny, the slow reader, who only goes to rom-com movies has read

    all the Harry Potter books and/or seen all the films? This is the second

    time she has made a Harry Potter deep inside reference (Harry's wand

    vs. Thor's hammer). When did she become this Potterhead and how come

    Leonard did not know this?

    Heheheheheh, my wife, who is a slow reader, was/is a complete Potterhead, as was my daughter(which is where my wife got it from). While I scorned it, as a children's book, until the sixth book and never really became a Potterhead.


    As for the rest, yep, yep, yep.

  2. Here is a video of Johnny and Mayim I shortened from BlossomFanChannel.  I hope it's okay to link it here.  They are so young.

    You do know that the kiss in that clip was the first kiss for both of them, right?
  3. In retrospect, this wasn't the first time Amy has voiced her frustration with Sheldon.  Off the top of my head, Amy has called out Sheldon numerous times already...Shiney Trinket, Weekend Vortex, Date night variable, fun with flags v2.  I think the writers used these episodes ( plus the hand holding, snuggle bunny one) as groundwork for Amy 4 year marriage gameplan.

    What's interesting about those examples is that after Amy spoke up, all of them moved SHELDON forward, just a little bit, in the relationship. Those examples were things a SO wouldn't (or shouldn't) do to someone they were in a relationship with, and Amy (with some help from Penny) got Sheldon to acknowledge it. This episode was different in that after voicing her frustration, there was no forward movement. Everything went back to the status quo (if you don't count her knowing he didn't want her to move in and he didn't voice that information). Probably indicating that while Sheldon doesn't mind the small steps forward, this giant leap was a bit much for him.
  4. The real reason probably has something to do with the dialog between the cast and avoiding situations where a cast member's face is turned away from the camera while speaking.  So if there was a lot of dialog back and forth between Howard and Raj it makes more sense for them to be seated across from each other.  I could be wrong though.  I am far from an expert on those kinds of things.

    Bingo. The best examples are at the Cheese Factory, when Penny is working, and the other six are there. One person(usually Leonard) is facing the camera. Shammy and Howardette sit together. The final seat has the actors back to the camera. This actor usually has no lines in that scene and Raj is the one ussually sitting there. However, Raj has been on one of the chairs next to Leonard, depending on which actor has no lines.

  5. Yes. It was expedient and practical for him to move to Penny's. Girls love it when guys make those sort of assumptions, without consultation. Wait till they plan the wedding. OMG.

    He got off lightly and she was very nice to him, all things considered. IMHO

    And, considering her previous reactions to something of this nature, a level of increased maturity.
  6. Also I also liked the what might be the theatricality of the movements in the lobby/foyer. Lots of up down stage stuff that I now think reminded me of a play, or a play staged for television.

    Eg penny crossing to Sheldon from Leonard, Amy's exit past Penny. We don't see so much movement usually do we?

    No, not as individual crosses to other characters. We usual get one person crossing as an entrance or exit. If it's multiple characters, moving, they're usually moving together (think the stairs).

  7. I've just watched the episode where Amy gives a painting of Penny and herself to Penny.

    She was upset when Penny took it down, yet at the end of the episode they are returning to Penny's apartment to re-hang it.

    It is never seen again.

    It was hung in a spot that is normally off-camera.

    You can see the picture in "The Countdown Reflection" (5x24)when Amy opens the door when Howard goes to tell Bernadette he is going to pick up his mother. There is a shot from over Howard's shoulder looking into Penny's apartment. The picture is hanging on what is the "fourth wall" of Penny's apartment. Like Anomaly said, normally off camera.
  8. Really good news on the ratings front this week. The Final Same Day ratings worked out to a 6.2 in the 18-49 demo, with 18.98 Million total viewers. TBBT is the only scripted series to hit above a 6.0 in that demo and one of only three show to hit it (the other two were Sunday Night Football and the premier of American Idol). The demo was up .8 and total viewers were up 1.2 million. TBBT dominated the night as it beat Idol in the demo 6.2 to 4.1 and in viewers 18.98 to 13.2 million. However, those numbers for Idol are for the entire hour, since Idol is on for an hour,it has more chances to have viewers. In the common half hour (8:00-8:30), TBBT beat Idol in the demo 6.2 to 3.8 and in viewers 18.98 to 12.32 Million. Interestingly, the 13.2 million for the entire hour is another low for Idol, since its first season.

    Another side note, TBBT was again the #1 show in national syndication. With Weekend showings coming in at #5 and #6 for the week. Average weekly viewership is over 12 Million viewers, 3 million a day. This does not count local TV station showings.

  9. Yeah at first I thought "Old Penny", but that short scene with Sheldon was like the writers were saying, don't worry, Penny still loves Leonard, she is just not ready to move in with him yet.

    What I would really, really, really, love would be for the writers to have an episode where something happens(sorry for the vagueness here, but since we don't know why, we can't know what would trigger what follows) and as a result Penny explains to Leonard why it was such a struggle for her to take those serious relationship steps with Leonard, when she absolutely knew he loved her and she absolutely knew she had very strong feelings(if not love)for him. I realize we've had hints, but we don't actually have an actual reason for her reticence.
  10. Yeah, I wasn't sure about the whole "Penny not wanting Leonard to move in" thing when I read the taping report. I absolutely loved the way they worked it out with Penny basically stating while she loves Leonard, she't not ready for the moving in step yet, but didn't say anything because she didn't want to hurt him. I can also see this as part of why Leonard turns over the marriage proposal to Penny. Sort of an I'm ready, let her figure out when she's ready type of thing.

  11. I have a gig that I just booked this next week so I will be MIA for a while. See ya later this month.   :)  Wish me luck! :)

    While I won't be MIA, I may be a bit scarcer than normal starting in a couple of weeks. I've just been cast in a show at a community theatre. And no, it's not Streetcar.... It's "Chapter Two", by Neil Simon.
  12. Also, a good long lasting relationship has to be able to withstand outside threats.  It might be a twisted way of looking it but she actually did Penny a favor.

    Hehehehehe, nah, it's not twisted. It's what I was trying to say, but you said it far more succinctly.

  13. You might want to go back and watch the episodes. Her actions forced Penny to realize that there are women who may find Leonard attractive. This leads to Penny realizing she can't just ignore Leonard, because he has other options. And it was through her invitation to dinner that there is now more balance in the Penny-Leonard relationship, because Leonard knows that Penny can be insecure about the relationship. This has put their relationship into a far better position than it had been. This due to Alex's actions. I can understand how you might see Alex as a threat to the L/P coupling, but to hate her, when she has helped(probably unintentionally, but still)the relationship is a bit much.

  14. I know I'm about six hours late, but why don't we let the different couples( Leonard-Penny, Sheldon-Penny, Sheldon-Amy, Penny-Amy, etc) have their happy threads where there's no bashing of the thread couple. We could then have one thread where bashing of all the couples is allowed. We could call that thread "Battle'ships'". If we keep everything in the appropriate threads, it won't clutter up the majority of threads.

  15. Two things , one it makes sense for Penny to be in FWF as Sheldon was doing the Nebraska flag, and Penny is from Nebraska. Two, I'm quite sure Leonard was the first person Penny asked to attend the show, even if if took place off camera.

  16. Let's not forget, it was Chuck Lorre put Penny in bed with Raj in 4x24.

    Yep, and the cast has been bad mouthing Lorre since.....oh, wait, no they haven't. AAMOF, all I've ever heard from this cast is nothing but praise for Lorre. If a y member of the cast was having problems with Lorre, while they may not say anything about him( to prote t their jobs), they certainly wouldn't be praising him.

    Chuck has problems with those actors who have ego or drug problems, which describes no one in this cast.

  17. Krys, do you want someone to PM you with the vauge details, so you don't have to worry about seeing something you don't want to see? I'd volunteer, but the post probably won't be till after I go to bed.

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