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  1. I've found the majority of people argue from emotions and are entirely unsusceptible to rational discourse. That's the way it is. They cannot distinguish between a fact: the character Sheldon is changing. And an emotion: I don't like new Sheldon.

    See, you've just stated that posters can't distinguish between facts and emotions. Is that a fact, or your emotion?

    If you think Amy and Sheldon don't have chemistry as a couple you will be drowned out, not by a cogent discussion but by an emotional response: leave, you're wrong. OMG I love SHAMY!!!!

    Well, I've asked for examples from you to support statements you've made several times, and you've never responded. I didn't give an emotional response, just asked for examples. And yet, you've decided not to provide those, but then complain you don't get cogent discussion. Do you think that if you provided some objective facts or examples to support your contentions, you might get cogent discussion?


    There are smart people here but I'd say they're emotionally invested with the ships so that's why we cannot have an objective discussion. If we say the show is changing and mainstream, the new fans feel insulted that the old fans are 'smarter.'

    Actually, no. The insult is the insinuation that those who like the direction the show has been going are somehow not as smart as those who prefer the first few years because, in the poster's opinion, the show has been dumbed down since the first few seasons. And what, exactly is your definition of mainstream? I'll be more than happy to agree the show has changed. But, unless you give us your definition of mainstream and examples that support your definition of mainstream, you haven't given anything objective. Your statement is nothing more than opinion and emotion. So, how about giving us your definition of mainstream, with supporting evidence, and we can have an objective discussion?
  2. Sometimes I can't help but mention or reference TBBT when talking to friends....to the point where I have to stop and think is it too much? LOL.

    Heheheheheh, yeah, I can totally relate to that. On a victory front, I've gotten my daughter and her husband hooked on TBBT. They've been catching the episodes whenever they show up on their TV. Now, they've borrowed all five season's DVDs from me to watch in order.
  3. I don't know much about Lorre, just the odd thing I pick up here and there. He's probably not different to any other writer in the business. Creative people have run-ins, it comes with the territory. I've been in bands most of my life and it's a similar thing with music, you get used to it.

    It's not a problem, it's just that Chuck gets a lot of bad press about the run ins. I just think its fair to point out that all the run ins are with people who have ego problems. The actors without ego problems (or drug problems) seem to enjoy working with him and tend to return to work with him again. If he was such a terror, why do the non-ego types keep returning to work with him.

  4. Who knows? Lorre does has a reputation for being a difficult man though. He's had run-ins with stars in the past.

    Lorre has a reputation of having run ins with stars who are Divas. Cybill Shepard acted up and had a run in with Chuck. From the same show, Christine Barinski has worked with Chuck again with no problem. He had run ins with Rosanne, but a large chunk of the TBBT supporting cast of TBBT came from Rosanne. Charlie has blown up on couple of times, but no one else on the cast has bad mouthed Chuck(Angus blasted the show content). Dharma and Greg had no problems, and no divas. Same with Mike and Molly(although Swoozy Kurtz or Mellisa McCarthy have the career/awards to be considered stars, and there hasn't been a problem.). I'm not claiming Chuck is an angel, but most of his casts like working for him. It just seems the ones that have problems with Chuck, also have rather large egos and think everything should revolve around them.

  5. Here we have Australian football which is similar to but not like Gaelic football.

    Back in the 80s, ESPN would show taped Australian Rules Football games. I loved watching those games until ESPN was able to afford to actual bid against the major networks for sporting events and they took ARF off the air.
  6. Chuck Lorre has a history of hiring people he has worked with well, and have done good work for him before. Johnny Galeki, Christine Barinski(Leonard's mom), Laurie Metcalf(Sheldon's mom), Sara Gilbert(Leslie Winkle), Judy Greer(Dr. Plimpton) are a few, just from TBBT. But, after all, he did give major roles to relative unknowns Melissa and Aarti Mann. If Briana did a good job( and Jon Cryer said it went well, despite his not being comfortable dancing) and got along well with the production company, she's made a good impression which usually leads to more work.

  7. Holy crap on a cracker. The seven main cast members dressed in football gear. Leonard has his shoulde r pads out side his uniform. Jim saying "I think the shoulder pads go inside the uniform". Johnny says, "Really?". Kaley says "the cup too". Camera zooms out and you see Johnny with the cup on outside of his pants.


  8. Briana Cuoco has had parts on the shows "The News Room"; "The 112th Congress" and "The Nightmare Room". Not to mention she did the choreography for the flash mob dance that provided over 20 million hits on YouTube.  I don't know, but to me, that makes her worthy of a cameo appearance, sister or not.

    She also has a recurring part in The Lydia Bennet and did the choreography for the musical number in Two and Half Men ,a few weeks ago. So, she has a work history with Chuck Lorre Productions.

  9. Because Penny works at the Cheesecake Factory, the highest grossing per capita restaurant chain in the USA, she should be making around 40K a year, maybe more. Calif minimum wage for Waiters is $8/hr and if her tips average to $12/hr, thats how I get 40k for a 2000 hr year.


    I know I'm making some incorrect assumption somewhere. :icon_wink:

    The incorrect assumption would be that even though minimum wage is $8 hour, restaurants generally pay less than minimum with the assumption that their tips will get them to minimum wage. Here in Florida, minimum wage $7.79/hr waitresses generally get between 3.75-4.50 an hour, with tips making up the $3-4/hr difference. So instead of the $20/hr you have, it's more likely $15-16/hr. of course, on good nights. My daughter(who works at Outback, can make 30-40 an hour, but that's only for 5 hours. That would be about $25 an hour for 8 hours, $4 of which would be their hourly pay.

  10. Most people on this board watch TBBT theory for the ships, a minority of us watch it as it was a show celebrating a bunch of uber geeky guys & nerd culture & the normal girl who hangs out with them and gets sucked into their geeky world. I loved it, I thought it was funny, witty, different.

    I saw the science first, then the ships. It's a combination of the two that makes the show.


    It really has changed now. The Wil Wheaton episode, the Bakersfield episode and tonight's all make fun of nerd culture & Sheldon is massively no longer the Homo Novus of 5 seasons. The series is now about normalizing geeky guys into mainstream culture & the women are used to do it. Ugh....

    Press releases before the first show talked about how the guys bring the pretty girl into their world, and how the pretty girl opens the mainstream culture up to the guys. That all seems to still be going on.


    The money situation was also unbelievable, just stupid. The guys have plenty to throw away on toys and if they want to buy a 3D printer,why not? You can just see that Bernadette is moving towards saving for baby shoes and a SUV. This kind of thing sends me to cable...

    The actual amount that Bernadette and Howard make is unrealistic. The situation where Bernadette was angry Howard spent $5,000 without at least talking to his wife about the expenditure is quite realistic.
  11. It started with the first show, I saw. I couldn't believe that they actually had the equations they did on the whiteboards. Nobody put those on television, ever, because no one understood them.

    And yet, there they were. Then, as I watched, it just turned into a humorous replay of my life, hobbies, friends, school, work, and, of course, my then girlfriend, now wife. When the scene where Penny is yelling at the group for blocking the stairs with the time machine, comes on, I have to change channels or leave the room due to how painful it can be to watch. This is due to how accurately it reflects a very similar event between my wife and I.

  12. You are correct. I looked up the average cost of a two bedroom apt in Central Pasadena last year and the price was around $2300/mo. A one bedroom was about $1700. Penny would be paying about $600/mo more than Leonard's share of the two bedroom.


    This is TBBT economics we are talking about, of course. Leonard would be making somewhere between two to three times more than Penny, yet he has to have a room mate and she does not. I find it best not to try to run the numbers. :icon_wink:

    Well, we always have Leonard's rundown of what Penny owed him in The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification. Leonard:"Well, okay, with the Indian Food, the pizza, the Thai food, the tank of gas, the frozen yogurt and your rent, uh, a little of $1400". In the episode he mentions the share of the pizza is $6, and her share of the Thai food is 12. Estimates for the Indian food is ~$12, the tank of gas at ~$30 (that's ~$3.00 a gallon(in 2010) for the 10 gallon gas tank on a 1980 rabbit), and ~$5 for the yogurt(figuring it was a container, not just a cone or cup), If you add the food and gas up, it comes to ~$65. That would mean her rent was about $1350 two years ago. I would go with the lower price, only because I would think the rent in a building with a inoperative elevator would tend to be lower. Especially if the apartment is on the fourth floor. Of course, that would mean the price of the guy's two bedroom would be around $2000.
  13. Live ratings were down from last week. 18-49 went from 6.4 to 5.4. Total viewers dropped from 20 million to 17.8 million. There shouldn't be an concern about this. This was the first non repeat to go head to head with American Idol this year. And Idol only scored a 4.5 in demo with 4.5 and 13.8 million viewers. So TBBT beat idol rather handily.

    Ok, I've edited the above numbers to show the finals for the Live numbers (and taken out the notice on when the update will be out).

    The good news, 30 Rock was up .5 from last week. This suggests, that some viewers did what Tina Fey suggested and DVRd TBBT. It will be interesting to see how the Live + 3 and Live + 7 work out. Also, the 17.8 million was the highest rated TBBT against Idol. TBBT was adjusted up a tenth (the numbers above reflect this) in demo, with total viewers up from 17.5 to 17.8 (rounded). TBBT usually gets about 2.5 million more viewers for +3, and I would expect that number to be higher this week. The show will have no problem passing the current weekly average for the season (18.6 Million) and should hit 20 Million again this week in Live + 3 and possibly be over 22 Million with Live + 7.

    Idol was not adjusted at all and Idol's 13.8 million is the LOWEST total viewership for that show since the first season. Since Idol is mostly a "watch now" show (although this week was still the auditions and not subject needing to watch for voting), it will be interesting to see how the DVR numbers change the Live view numbers.

    Two other things. Last weeks's repeat finished 9 overall for the week in total viewers and all four repeats (two on Monday, two on Thursday) since the last new episode, finished over a 3.0 in demo and 11 million total viewers.

  14. Live ratings were down this week. 18-49 went from 6.4 to 5.3. Total viewers dropped from 20 million to 17.5 million. There shouldn't be an concern about this. This was the first non repeat to go head to head with American Idol this year. And Idol only scored a 4.5 in demo with 4.5 and 13.7 million viewers. So TBBT beat idol rather handily. There's other good news in the numbers(DVR for instance)but I'm on my phone. I'll have a more thorough analysis up in about two hours.

  15. Live ratings were down this week. 18-49 went from 6.4 to 5.3. Total viewers dropped from 20 million to 17.5 million. There shouldn't be an concern about this. This was the first non repeat to go head to head with American Idol this year. And Idol only scored a 4.5 in demo with 4.5 and 13.7 million viewers. So TBBT beat idol rather handily. There's other good news in the numbers(DVR for instance)but I'm on my phone. I'll have a more thorough analysis up in about two hours.

  16. For some one that is suppose to be the tops in her field she did an absolutely miserable job with Leonard's formative years.

    The classic good with theory, worthless in a practical sense. I really, really dislike Beverly's character traits. I like the conflict the character brings to the show, and I really, really love Christine Barinski. I too, am looking forward in seeing Wyatt again.

  17. A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof would have been less of a challenge to include/refer to in a comedy : it ends well-ish and there are funny moments. But A Streetcar... Whether Penny plays Blanche or Stella, it is not a happy adventure.

    Cat.... would also have been a nice callback to The Thespian Catalyst. Where Penny mentions Cat... as being a classic of American Theatre.
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