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  1. A couple of days ago, I mentioned that there hadn't been any Live + 7 numbers yet for this year. Well, I saw them today(released yesterday) and the final numbers for the January 3, 2013 episode, The Egg Salad Equivalency, were a total of 23.38 million viewers and a fantastic 8.0 in the demo. This is a increase of 4.13 million viewers and a 1.9 increase in the demo. A couple of points of interest. There were no shows with a Live + 7 demo higher than 5.5, TBBT overnight demo was 6.1, higher than any other show's Live + 7. In addition, the overnight for TBBT in terms of viewers was 19.23. Only one show managed to beat that in Live + 7. Person of Interest pulled in 19.77 million viewers. All other show's Live + 7 viewers were under 18 Million.

    Last night, running out of it's normal time slot, only three shows beat a repeat TBBT, with a 3.2 demo (HIMYM and 2 Broke Girls (both 3.7) and Mike and Molly (3.3). TBBT had 10.45 million viewers, with only 2 Broke Girls (11.47) and Mike and Molly (10.85) beating it. Remember, every other show last night was a first run episode. And, with the exception of the three shows mentioned above, all were at least one hour long, and a couple were two hours long (meaning more chances for viewers to be counted), and yet, a TBBT repeat was in the top three for night.

  2. ha! got it to work! LOL! that's so funny, Penny trying so hard not to laugh when Leonard goes "Teacher! Me! Me!!!"

    Ya know, while she looks as if she was going to start laughing, the look she was giving Leonard with her eyes was adorable.

  3. Where would I find something like that?

    I have it for two of my friends, both TBBT fans. I recorded different knocks on a door and put each knock into my recording software as a loop with three knocks for each one I recorded. I then used those loops and by speaking the person's name, created my own sound file, which I then uploaded to the phone. I've been after them to record their own names to be used after the knocks.

  4. @tensor:

    do the renew work like sports

    they wait until the final year

    is done,or with 1 year to go

    sometime. IN MAY they would

    start it up with lorre and C.B.S.

    could it b 3 years (not 2 years)

    with the high ratings.


    I'm just letting you know that I saw this and am not ignoring you. Shel-Ra-Ho-Le gave an answer I can't improve upon. And I think the show will be renew for three years. I only put "at least two", because I can't see them only renewing for one year, with the number of viewers and huge demo they are pulling in.

  5. To close the circle started by Leonard's "Smart and Beautiful" babies statement in the Pilot, The finale should have the obvious conclusion.

    I can see the series finale being about whether or not Penny is pregnant. The tag at the end of the episode (and series) has Penny telling Leonard she is pregnant. And the final words of the series are from Leonard telling Penny: "Our babies will be smart and beautiful". Blackout.

  6. I did some research and found that some bright thinkers in PETA tried to apply the 13th amendment abolishing slavery to extend its protection to animals. I don't know if that's raciest or just plain looney.
    I'd go with looney, but that's an insult to the Canadian dollar coin. Although it does approach radical.
  7. Monique,

    You should be able to get the tags to them at the following:

    The Big Bang Theory Cast


    Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. in assoc. w/

    Warner Bros. Television

    4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg. 136

    Burbank, CA 91522

    Obviously, you should replace The Big Bang Theory Cast with each of their names, if you are sending them separately, instead of all at once.

  8. Personally, and this is just my opinion, I think people are make way to much about whether or not some one is looking right in to the camera. But then maybe I'm just missing something, I don't know.

    I fully agree with this, that's why I mentioned the "fourth wall". And in all reality, if TPTB didn't like the looks Kaley was doing, they could switch to another camera view during post. After all, it is a multi-camera show and there are other views that could be shown.

  9. Ok, I've been busy with some papers and have only been doing quick check ins. As a result I have fallen down on my ratings reporting and a couple of numbers have been reported in another thread.  In the interest of keeping ratings (and analysis) in one thread, here are some updates.



    Overnight fast ratings are out.   TBBT set new highs for the 18-49 demo with a 6.3 and total viewers with 19.78 million.  Both beating last week's records.  Interesting bit of information is that last night all the network competition was first run episodes.   Last week's record was against all repeats.   These are subject to adjustments, TBBT is usually adjusted up.   If so, it may hit 20 million Live + same day.  

    It's not a "may hit 20 million live + same day", it did hit 20 million live + same day. It also scored a 6.4 18-49 demo. Live + 3 day for The Bakersfield Expedition increased the total viewers to 23.13 million with an amazing 7.9 in 18-49 demo.


    I eat my words - we are gonna push 21 mil in February sweeps...you watch! 

    I'm wondering if the recent "leaks" by different cast members (especially about the Valentine episode) are an attempt to get to at least 21 million, same day. We know the cast members, in the past, have stated they don't see scritps or hear about future scripts, so several different cast members talking about future episodes isn't something that is normally done.

    Back on January 4th, I pointed out the following:


    For those who read my comparison of the percentage of network viewers in the ratings thread, last night (4 Jan. 2013) TBBT had 66.5% of network viewers. Two of every three network viewers were watching TBBT.

    The Bakersfield Expedition got 19.78 million viewers (I'm using the overnights here as I don't have the total viewers for the Live + 3) out of a total of 34.55 million network viewers. While that doesn't reach the 66% of network viewers for the previous episode (The Egg Salad Equivalency, Jan 3 over all repeats), it is rather remarkable that the number that week's episode reached, 57%, was against all first run episodes.

    A few other tidbits:

    One, there have not been any Live + 7 releases for the new year, as of yet. Live + 7 December increases have been higher by about a million viewers than the Live + 3, so the first couple of episodes in 2013 may hit 24 million.

    With TBBT hitting 20 million for same day, CBS was the first network since 2007 to have two scripted series above 20 million viewers(the other series to hit 20 million this week was NCIS), and the first since 2005 (the last year of Friends), to have a comedy be one of the two to hit 20 million.

    TBBT was #1 in National Syndication (and three of the top ten, the other two at #6 and #9).

    The Jan. 17 episode ran up against the premier of American Idol. Idol brought in a 5.6 demo with 16.2 million viewers. TBBT was a repeat and ran a 3.2 demo, with 11.6 million viewers. Those two were the only shows above 10 million and above a 3.0 demo (Grey's Anatomy did run a 3.0 demo, but with only 8 million viewers). And, remember, TBBT was a REPEAT. It will be very interesting to see the comparison with Idol's numbers on the 31st, when there is a new TBBT broadcast.

    Also, in the Repeat category, on Monday, January 14, a repeat TBBT aired in the 8:30 slot. It pulled in a 3.7 demo, with 11.7 million viewers. This was the third highest demo rating for the night. Only How I Met Your Mother (3.9) and Two Broke Girls(4.1) were higher, and they were both first run. Only one show had more viewers and that was Two Broke Girls, with 12.45 million. Think about that, there were 13 shows on Monday. All were new (except for a repeat of the premier of The Carrie Diaries at 9 PM and all shows on other networks were one hour (higher ratings). And a REPEAT of TBBT had more viewers than all but one of the new shows, and a higher demo than all but two of the new shows.

    And, to The God Particle, it doesn't guarantee anything. I'm quite sure that TBBT was in at least two-year renew territory before January, with the numbers they've pulled in since the beginning of this year.

  10. Alex did not need to buy Sheldon a hard hat as he had one for his emergency drills I thought.


    Anyone who has specific Pajamas for each night of the week, or a specific breakfast food for each day of the week, would not take the hard hat out of the storage location for emergency gear to play Giant Jenga.    That obviously requires separate safety gear.    

  11. It's very difficult to determine if someone is actually looking at the camera, when they are facing the "fourth wall".  And, in that scene, Kaley is sitting facing the "fourth wall".    That is the normal location of the cameras, and if a character is turning their head from one side to the other or if they sit naturally, looking straight ahead,  it can appear as if they are looking at the camera.  Or, if an actor is upstage, looking downstage (for non-theatre types, think of this as Sheldon, who is in the hallway leading to the bathroom/bedrooms looking at Leonard at his desk in their living room), they are facing the cameras, again making it appear as if they are facing the camera.   It's much easier to catch someone looking at the camera if the actor is supposed to be looking off to the side, or slightly upstage and looks in the direction of the cameras, without any reason.   The Re-Entry Minimization is a perfect example of Kaley looking at the camera.  From the look and eye movement, it appears a nervous look at what's coming up (face in pie).  

  12. Thanks for the link. Do you think they know something we don't or are they just guessing from the same information we are.
    Since the actors don't see scripts until the night before the table read(during a normal week, they get them after a taping for Wednesday's read) I would say the are going off the same information. But I guess it's possible they've heard something or got information from someone as that show's script will be given out tonight.
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