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  1. The Guitarist Amplification, Raj, arguing with Howard: "I had to make chicken and rice with a vegan guy. Do you know what vegan chicken and rice is? Rice!!!!!! I also noticed at the beginning of the episode, when they are playing the game Sheldon created, Research Lab (The physics is theoretical, but the fun is real), I noticed the paths that the pieces move are the same as those in The Big Bang Theory Game:Fact or Fiction.

  2. I believe Lorre is #1! Ultimately nothing happens without his final approval.
    No I'm aware he's the top. That doesn't mean that it was his idea and since Molaro is running the writers now, and he was the one who said that he had a meeting with the writers, I was just asking to see the spoiler that SRAM saw. I just wanted to compare them, that's all. Not saying Lorre isn't the one, just didn't see it from the one I saw.
  3. I hope they stick to the routine, they have followed all season, and fix this latest L/P drama before the end of the episode. Why couldn't they have had a nice funny Valentines Episode. One of the spoilers said Lorre had a meeting discussing all the rotten things that could ruin Valentines Day to come up with something funny. He really is a broken toy, isn't He..
    I saw a spoiler where Molaro said the writers got together to discuss bad valentines experiences, but nothing about Lorre. Molars runs the writers now, can you link to that spoiler about Lorre?

    The article used "How I Met Your Mother" as an example of good continuity management . This is a show that I stopped watching about three years ago but I do remember they were pretty good at that.

    I don't think HIMYM is a fair comparison, for any sitcom. After all, the whole premise is looking back from the future at the already completed story. It's basically one long flash back, with smaller flashbacks. All other sitcom generally are creating the story as they go along. And, in the case of TBBT, some of the early to mid first season isn't really a good continuity comparison as the characters were developing. That said, the ducky tie, in HIMYM, was a brilliant execution of continuity.
  5. Seriously? Penny not knowing what the Cold war was,not knowing how to spell Asthma or knowing what altruistic means or the latest doozy about the "sun coming up in space". She is one dumb ass.
    None of that indicates dumb, it indicates a lack of knowledge. The two aren't the same. You could easily say that the four guys are dumb because the can't rebuild internal combustion engines, hook worms, or gut fish or kill spiders.. All of which Penny can do. But, then, that's was the premise of the show, wasn't it.
  6. Is there some tension between Johnny and Jim?  I thought they seem to get along nicely...
    No there isn't any tension between Jim and Johnny. That's why those two were used as an example as to how much tension there was between Kaley and Mayim, i.e. none.
  7. Watching TBS this week I'm reminded of two other moments. In the Spaghetti Catalyst:

    Penny: You're just coitusing with me, aren't you?

    The other is from The Vegas Renormalization.

    Penny: I went in there a few weeks ago when you guys weren't there, and I forgot it there.

    Sheldon: You went in...why wou...what are you saying?!!

    Penny: It's no big deal, I was making coffee and I ran out of milk.

    Sheldon: YOU'RE THE MILK THEIF !!!!!!! Leonard said I was crazy but I knew the carton felt lighter.

  8. Well, I met Keith Carradine, that's one.   However, if you want to go by working with, my number is a 2 in various combinations.    I worked onstage with Molly Grant Kallins (State Fair, at a dinner theatre; Comedy of Errors at a regional theatre.), who worked with Dakota Fanning in the 2005 movie Hide and Seek.  And Dakota worked with Jim on Stand Up For Cancer in 2010.     Dakota also worked with (well at least they were credited together) Mayim, Danica McKellar, and Wil Wheaton on a special Biography on child stars.   I've also worked on stage with my daughter. She worked with Colleen Houlehen (who did technical production for Godspell here in Florida), Who was the Technical Supervisor for The Normal Heart, in which Jim appeared. 

  9. Yep, during their conversation in the laundry room. After the first bowling match.
    I was just on the Shamy thread and they had what was supposed to be a side from the next (or at least a future) episode. http://www.4shared.c...O/gretchen.html If true I hope Leonard's just helping Penny one up the other couple because I think it's too soon for a real proposal.
    The season six spoilers thread has a discussion and several interpretations on those sides.
  10. I don't even think this Matt has to be a past romantic interest. If Bernadette knows them he could have just been a jerk. Then they obviously know Gretchen though so that throws a wrench in that theory. I'm just saying if it was a past love interest, Leonard would be way more insecure and tense in those scenes in the sides imo. 


    I would tend to agree with you about Leonard's insecurity normally.  But if the Penny and Matt relationship ended badly and Penny is still angry at him because of the circumstances, Leonard may not be as insecure as he normally is, in that situation.   But, as I said, it may just be an overactive script analysis exercise. 

  11. Take the following with a grain of salt.  It's just from the lines in the side.  It sounds plausible to me, but then it could be a residual effect of having taken those damn script analysis classes:


         It appears to me that Matt and Gretchen are from Penny's past, that either Penny or Penny and Leonard meet Matt, leaving Penny to explain the backstory (and it appears that Bernie knows the story also).  I say meet Matt because of the comment about Gretchen losing weight.  If Penny had seen Gretchen before, she wouldn't have made the comment.   Matt could be someone she dated in the first or second season, and they quit dating because of  something that happened between Matt and Gretchen, leaving Penny out in the cold .   I get this from her comments as she doesn't seem too fond of Matt and really dislikes Gretchen and the two of them seem to really upset Penny.

         From Leonard's comment and action, ("Two can play at this game" as he gets down on one knee), it looks like he may be making a spontaneous move, trying make Penny feel better about having Matt and Gretchen in the same place, and having Matt propose to Gretchen.   By doing this, Leonard probably thinks he is showing that Penny is very desirable and found someone despite M & G actions.   I say may here because if he is making a serious attempt at making it appear that he is proposing, he would have to have a ring with him.  Which means he was planning on proposing to Penny sometime during the night and this may be an actual proposal.  Of course, it cuts off there and we really don't know what Leonard is actually doing.   

         Another thought is that maybe Matt is another of those reasons that Penny had difficulty saying ILY to Leonard.  Along with Kurt, she could have said it to Matt, then he cheated on her with Gretchen.      

  12. Overnight fast ratings are out.   TBBT set new highs for the 18-49 demo with a 6.3 and total viewers with 19.78 million.  Both beating last week's records.  Interesting bit of information is that last night all the network competition was first run episodes.   Last week's record was against all repeats.   These are subject to adjustments, TBBT is usually adjusted up.   If so, it may hit 20 million Live + same day.  

  13. I can't believe that the writers put that in by mistake. They had to make her say 5 years for a reason.

    I think she wanted to establish a stronger claim on Leonard by claiming that she's known Leonard for more than the two years the had actually been dating. They had known each other for five years(if you assume show time equals actual time), at the time of the statement to Alex.

  14. They are all so awesome. They seem as good friends in real life as their characters are on tv. This could totally be a still from an episode where they're messing around in a photo boot. Melissa just cracks me up.


    I found it interesting that Simon mentioned the story about coming in early and finding everybody else already there.  I've seen a clip of Kaley saying the same thing and also read about Johnny doing the same.  It has always appeared to be a fun and supportive set and there seems to be a lot of good feelings toward each other as a group, even if they individually have favorites among the other cast members (Jim and Mayim, or Johnny and Kaley for example).

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