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  1. Raj finally finding a cure for his selective mutism around women.

    Lose the alcohol crutch, writers... just let Raj speak.

    6 seasons is enough... we can deal with it, let it happen.

    You know, I have no evidence for the following, it's just a feeling I have. With the development of Lenny and the hinted at development of Shamy, I just feel that sometime in the May sweeps that the writers will find something that takes care of Raj's mutism problem. This will be developed in season seven(not exclusively, but gradually. Like I said, nothing concrete, just some thinking.
  2. Ya know, looking at the picture of Kaley, in the picture with Johnny, she looks fabulous in that gown.   There's been discussion about how Kaley has put on weight, or her looks have gone away since she go older.  From that picture, it appears that it's the people running the show and those doing the make-up, hair, and costumes that are creating the older, more mature look for the character Penny and has nothing to do with how Kaley herself, appears.  

  3. Btw... Penny, the mother of all Shamy shippers. They might as well just come out and say they write her reactions with us in mind. 

    I wonder if the recent thread talking about Kaley looking into the camera is based partially on TPTB wanting to capture her facial expressions to the lines. As far as this development, with Amy and Sheldon goes, although I prefer Lenny for personal reasons, these developments make me oddly happy.

  4. Do you think they could have done this over the shoulder with two cameras? ...it's also sort of a nod to the pillow talk closeup scenes.
    I really kinda wished direction would have allowed them to take their time and get comfortable on the couch. It's a very sweet moment, that would have been sweeter, IMO, by allowing the to "snuggle" for a few seconds to give a better physicality to the moment.
  5. What is this forum coming too,,,,,,, Am I the only one who likes sex! What is wrong with sex! It's great!!!!!! I must be an idiot because I like SEX!!!!!   Ok Leonard, it's ok to have sex. Get all the sex you can from her. You'll never get enough of it,,,,,,,,,,, .........................there is no such thing as too much sex...............................
    Check post #17 on the first page of this thread. A couple their age will normally be having lots of sex.
  6.  As for Jim Parsons, hell he has done great work on the stage. He could move to New York and do one broadway play after another for the rest of his life. I expect he will do as much in hollywood as he wants. Don't look for either of these talented people fo fade away.


    Ar Diem's got a very good point.  The examples are numerous.  Don Knotts never really got over Barney Fife.  The rest of his career was some form of a Barney Fife Character.  Max Baer got typecast as Jethro characters and finally dropped acting and went into producing and directing.   The problem is Sheldon, as with the above characters, is such a unique character that the actor gets identified with that character and it's hard to shake.  George Takei makes a facetious  reference to the problem in The Hot Troll Deviation where he and Katey Sackhoff bemoan the fact that all they can get are rolls resembling their Science Fiction roles. 

  7. One of the other members in the 6.12 topic, I think got it right, Kaley in that scene was probably in an uncomfortable physical position during that scene and didn't know what to do with her arms, but Johnny was holding her very affectionately during that scene. The director should have caught that.

    I think I figured out why the director didn't catch it. He saw it, but didn't want to change it because this way it gives all the Shenny's a sliver of hope.   After all, it was awkward because Penny wasn't "comfortable" with Leonard's arm around her, because obviously she wanted to be with Sheldon, not Leonard.  And she only invited Leonard into her apartment because she couldn't stand that godawful cello playing, and it was the only way to stop it.   As for the last scene, Penny's just practicing her hot and smart look on Leonard, so she has perfected the look when she goes for the more difficult to fool Sheldon.


    See how devious the director and writers have become?

  8. No argument its one of the best shows on TV. On a normal Thursday we get 40-45% of viewership, so when there is virtually no competition programming its unsurprising we get 19 million or 66%. Given that L+3 ratings are 19 million normally. Next week we wont get 19 million but I hope we stay in the 18 million range cause when we hit 17 we didnt turn back.

    Ahhhhhhhhhh, OK. I fully agree with you now that your point is clear to me. Your original statement, it appears, was open to different interpretations.

  9. Cool, I'm wearing by red one now! Haha. In fact, I got a comment on it today when I went to Wal-Mart, I met two other people employee's who like the show. One of them says, "Bazinga!" all the time. LOL.



    i got one for christmas --the red bazinga

    hope to wear it at a taping

    I got two. A red one with a black and white picture of Jim with the word Bazinga, in yellow, below it. The other is just black, with the work Bazinga in white across the chest.

  10. Due to no competition programming. 

    The problem with with this claim is that on Wednesday night NBC aired new programming, with repeats on all the other networks, and at 8 and 8:30 NBC didn't even win their time slots. At 9 NBC won, but with only 31% (7.75 out of 25 million) of network viewers. At 10 PM, NBC won with 45% of network viewers. But, total viewers at 10PM were less(at 18.59 million) than there were viewers of TBBT (at 19.25 million). So why didn't any of the new shows on NBC have numbers as big as TBBT, since there weren't any competitive programs against those shows?

  11. Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory set a new series high in total viewers and matched its high in the adults 18-49 demographic. With only CBS airing originals last night, the network performed better than the other four networks combined.



    For those who read my comparison of the percentage of network viewers in the ratings thread, last night (4 Jan. 2013) TBBT had 66.5% of network viewers. Two of every three network viewers were watching TBBT.
  12. Dude, seriously, this has to be boring the crap out of anyone reading it at this point.  I don't care that you have a problem with some of my comments.  At this point you are the holier-than-thou person preaching to me about what a horrible person I am for making a couple of off-hand comments.   This all started with a post about why I would have picked Mayim over Kaley and my reasoning was that I could learn something interesting about her choice of acting over using her PhD.

    If that was all it was, I wouldn't have said a thing. But we both know that isn't what I objected to.


    Of course, I did make the mistake of saying that what I do for a living has a bigger contribution than entertaining.  But I am right.  It does simply for the fact that there are millions and millions of entertainers and probably a lot of people that could entertain but do not.

    And again, not what I objected to.


    I seriously doubt you have made it through all your years without making assumptions based on limited knowledge. 

    No, I have made assumptions. But I haven't (to my knowledge, it's possible I've forgotten it) made a value judgement of someone else's life decision, without trying to understand all the variables that went into that decision.


    I am still not sure I am wrong.  I have heard actors complain about the grueling schedule of making even a 22 minute sitcom each week.  During our imaginary dinner I would have pressed that to learn more.

    And if you would have quoted person A, working on show B, saying it was grueling and Person A left acting because it took too much time away from Person A's kids, I wouldn't have said a thing. But Person A, working on show B has nothing to do with whether or not Mayim Bialik, working on TBBT, finds it allows her to spend more time with her kids.


    Mayim is a stranger to me.  Ultimately I don't care if I am right or wrong because chances are we will never interact and it will never be an issue.  She certainly does not care about my opinions.   I have no idea why you feel the need to defend her honor. 

    Because I objected to the original cheap shot about a mother's decision, without evidently, understanding the reasoning behind that decision.


    I realize the last 2 paragraphs may be contradictory but keep in mind I called her a Wednesday girl which back in my dating years meant I had not lined up anything better for the weekend yet so I would have settled for a PhD actress over just an actress. 

    Again, not what I objected to. Let's face it, you basically berated her for returning to acting and not doing more with her PhD. When her purpose in returning to acting was to spend more time with her kids. Fine, you may not have known about her decision. But why denigrate her decision without knowing why she made that decision?

  13. I noticed the same thing tonight. The moment where they were sitting on the couch and Penny was leaning on him after the discussed her insecurity. Can we say, "awkward"? The passion is totally gone. Is it possible that because she's with someone else now she doesn't feel comfortable getting too comfortable? IDK, but she should work on making it more believable. That was pretty bad. 


    Anyway, GREAT episode. I laughed so hard tonight. LOL.




    I'm not too sure on the comfortable thing.  After all, she didn't appear uncomfortable in 6x5, so unless it all fell apart in the two months between the tapings, I don't see why that would happen now.   Also, you've been to tapings this year and Kaley and Johnny have come out to give props to the crew.   Did those moments look strained?  I re-watched it and Johnny is only kinda half sitting on the couch.  I'm wondering if it was a case of  bad positioning and Kaley playing the insecurity a bit too much that gives the scene its awkwardness.   I didn't notice the awkwardness in the final scene, nor the scene outside the apartments (although in that scene she was mad).   Just wondering.   I did love the episode.

  14. I need to see this episode again, but were they cuddling or was he holding her? Because if they were cuddling, Penny wasn't holding him like she used to in their previous relationship when they cuddled.

    She's leaning on him, with her hear resting on his shoulder and he has his arm around her with his hand rubbing her arm. I would consider that cuddling, but I could see where someone else may not think it fits the description.

  15. I have a question, guys: Is a BOOKWORM ( not in math/science/chemistry, but in literature/history/biography/religions/cultures) a NERD too?
    Sounds like a nerd to me. :) My oldest daughter is obsessed with Victoria lit. Her thesis was on the Brontes. And she's a nerd.
  16. Right.  You research actors and actresses, I don't. 

    Actually, I don't research, I do read articles that happen to pop up.


    When one of them expresses interest in my life I will express interest in theirs.  And I don't need a pass.

    Of course you wouldn't think you need a pass. You have shown that belittling people, without knowing their situation, is perfectly fine for you. Probably goes along with you thinking yourself more important than they are.



    PhDs have kids and acting is a very demanding and time draining career.

    As has been mentioned before, it's so time draining that she chose it over academia to spend more time with her kids. But facts can be ignored when convenient, right?



    While she is working her family members are also celebrities and people similiar to yourself will keep tabs on them as much as possible.

    Actually, all I know is in the one article I read she said it allowed her to spend more time with her kids. I have no idea what any of her arrangements are, I only have her statement. If you have something that shows that statement of hers to be wrong, I'll be more than happy to retract my statement.


    All of this over a comment about her wasting her time acting.  I'd hate to see the reaction if I really attacked her. 

    I pointed out that saying she was wasting her time acting when she chose that to spend more time with her kids was denigrating her as a mother who wanted to spend more time with her kids. Then pointed out that your claim of being more important than her wasn't a valid point when concerning her kids.


    Seriously Francis, lighten up.

    Lighten up? Who's the one that went into an entirely different thread to make a comment? Shouldn't you take your own advice and lighten up?

  17. Does he or she need a reason?  Who appointed you the opinion police around here anyway? 

    Well, they stated anyone else would have given up. I simply asked for an explanation of how that worked, cause I gave an actual example of someone who didn't give up. I was just wondering how they came to that conclusion. If you actually read the exchange, you may have understood that.

  18. Thanks so much for the detailed info! It's interesting to know that TBBT at present even overtakes Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond in terms of viewer percentage. It's an honor for the show, I'm sure.   Just curious, why has the total number of network viewers gone down in the last 8-10 years? Is there any specific reason?
    With the increase and diversification of different channels, there are more viewers watching non-network channels. I remember my first apartment back in 1977. We had the three networks, PBS, and a couple of independent stations, along with HBO. That's seven choices for viewing. I presently have over 200 channels( not that I watch them all) along with Internet usage means there just aren't as many people watching networks.
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