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  1. Ok, more fun ratings information.  I saw this article and for those who don't want to bother going there, I'll review it.  This year, first run episodes of TBBT (when including the Live +7 day after DVR) are AVERAGING 20.3 million viewers week.  When including in time slot repeats (those fill in reruns on Monday don't count), the average drops a bit to 19.05 million viewers a week.   This, the article states is in "Friends" territory.   The last season of Friends, in 2003-2004 averaged 20.8 million viewers.  The biggest half-hour comedy since then was just a year later (2004-2005) with Everybody Loves Raymond, with 17.4 million.  So TBBT, at 19.05, is pretty huge (just for the record, the Live + 7 now is considered the equivalent of Live viewers in the timeframe of 2003-2005.  

         That is great, but then I wondered, about the number of network viewers now vs then and what percentage of network viewers TBBT is pulling in presently.   So I went back and checked.   One caution is the following Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond numbers are the final ratings numbers for the particular year.   TBBT numbers that follow are an average for Thursday nights during Nov-Dec of 2012.  With that in mind, in 2003-2004 Friends averaged 20.84 million viewers out of 60.72 million network viewers.   Raymond had 17.4 million out of 58.85 million network viewers.   This works out to a percentage of network viewers of 34% for Friends and 29.5% for Raymond.    For the time frame of Nov-Dec, TBBT is pulling in 19.12 million out of 38.42 million.    Which works out to 49.72%.  Just about half of the viewers of network television, on Thursday night, are tuning in to see TBBT(and on a first run night, over half).  That's how huge TBBT has gotten. That kind of percentage is something  Cosby, All in the Family, or I Love Lucy did.

  2. She didn't SAY I love you. She let it slip out.

    Which is actually a more honest reaction.


    Ofc I can see she is slowly developing stronger feelings for Leonard, which is more than expected - it's been SIX seasons now!

    And, so?


    But I seriously do not see their relationship working, she is too critical of him,

    Examples? I can provide refutations for your contentions.


    she does not show feelings for him...

    Examples? I can provide refutations for your contentions.



    Anyone else would've given up already!

    You want to explain how that works to me? I waited around for my wife for almost as long. She even broke up with me at one point. So, tell me exactly how we've managed to stay married for more than thirty years, when according to you I should have given up.

  3. My daughter is working through auditions for regional theatre while supporting herself, with her own apartment, as a waitress, is she a loser kutra? Or is the loser the daughter of our neighbor who's been out of college for six years, isn't working, and livi g with her parents? Or, perhaps it's you just don't like Penny.

  4. I don't really believe this. If two actors are dating how can they kiss each other without some degree of passion. Almost everyone has kissed a stranger, so could you kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend like you kissed that stranger. Actors are only human. Kaley said, in an interview, that making out on screen with Johnny was a lot of fun. That doesn't sound very cold and professional.


    Kissing on screen (or what's more familiar to me, on stage), there really is no passion.  You can't have passion when you are thinking about: the exact timing of the end of the kiss, are you in the light, can the audience (or camera) see your face, what your next line is, when you have to say it, your blocking (where you and your arms and legs are supposed to go and when they are supposed to go there), not to mention you have the crew and audience watching you.  With all that going on, it's enough of a problem to remember the mechanics of the kiss, much less worrying about any passion.   And, if you aren't thinking about your partner in any kind of passionate way, there isn't going to be any passion.  It can be EASIER to do a kissing scene with someone you are familiar kissing as the mechanics come more natural (or doesn't have a habit you find objectionable, Alyson Hannigan, while getting along good with Jason Segel really dislikes kissing him as he's a smoker and she objects to smoking), but that doesn't mean there will be any passion with it.

  5. TBS Update:   Season 5 begins on next Monday (January 7th) which is unusual for TBS to be airing TBBT on a Monday unless there is a schedule change on TBS because of Cougar Town's cable premiere on the network.
    Just to verify, Verizon's guide is also showing TBBT on the 7th. However. I had to look at it twice as it's showing the time as 9 PM. I would guess that you're in Central Time Zone.
  6. Will CBS wait till season 7 to sign the actors and extend the show for additional seasons or will they do it before the end of this season?


    I'm willing to bet that negotiations are ongoing at this time for at least two, probably three years.   It would be plain silly to wait until next year before starting negotiations.   Unless the cast does a "Friends", there are 7 different negotiations that will have to be done and waiting until next year, to start, could lead to a short time to get it done.   I'm thinking that Kevin Sussman, who may be on the production side of possibly two new shows, will not be a problem, even with his current status as a regular.  

  7. You think you have me pegged but you are absolutely wrong. 


    Have you pegged wrong?  Well, let's look at your comments:


    Yep.   I would.  She could be making a difference in mankind and instead she is an ordinary entertainer.  If your only skill is acting go for it.  If it lies elsewhere that can help you are wasting your time.




    Let's see, she's also a mother and she left academia to return to acting because acting allowed her to spend more time with her children.  Is wanting to spend more time with your children wasting your time?  Seem's like you think so.  Either that or you should have known the entire story before making such a comment. 


    A lot of people do things that make little to no money for the greater good.  They have my respect much before entertainers.



    She provides a diversion.  I actually do work that helps industries.  I may make less but I am more important than she is.  She can have my autograph anytime she wants it.

    Those people have my respect also, that doesn't mean I think I'm more important than others, or belittle others who make a choice based on their wanting to spend more time with their children.  As for autographs,  I'd rather have one from someone who doesn't think so much of their own self importance. 


  8. I found this rather interesting, so I thought I'd share.  We've gotten pretty used to seeing the show have over 16-17 million viewers with a mid 5 number for the 18-49 demographic.  So, this past week's numbers of 12 million with a 3.3 demo doesn't really look all that impressive.  However, the following is a list of shows during the last week of new shows (Dec 10-16) that beat either the total viewers or demo attained by this weeks (shown on 12/27) repeat:

    Big Bang Theory                       12.0        3.3


    The Voice (Monday)                  12.3        3.8

    Two Broke Girls (9 PM)                            3.7    Total viewers were below 12 Million

    Two Broke Girls (9:30 PM)                       3.8    Total viewers were below 12 Million

    NCIS                                          17.5                 Demo was below 3.3

    NCIS  LA                                    15.1                 Demo was below 3.3

    The Voice (Tuesday)                                3.6    Total viewers were below 12 Million 

    Criminal Minds                           12.0                Demo was below 3.3

    Modern Family                                         4.2    Total viewers were below 12 Million

    Big Bang Theory                        16.7       5.4  

    Two and a Half Men                   13.3       4.1


    (If you are puzzled as to why there could be a lot of viewers, but the show didn't beat TBBT demo, think of it as there were a lot of people who were older than 49 watching the show.   If a show beat a demo number, but didn't have more viewers, think of it as the number of 18-49 viewers was larger.   It's not quite that simple, but it will help you decipher the numbers if you think of it that way.)   


    That's it.  10 first run shows, out of approximately 70 for the week (not all shows that week were first run) that beat one or the other number of a REPEAT of the TBBT.   Only three shows could beat both numbers, and one of those was a new TBBT and another had TBBT for a lead in.  The other networks would love to have those repeat numbers for their first run shows.  As a matter of fact, there were a couple of nights, on a couple of networks,  where TBBT repeat had more viewers than the entire night on another network.  And during the above week, CBS ran a repeat of TBBT on Monday night (out of it's normal time slot), getting 10 million viewers with a 3.0 demo.  Those numbers were an increase from 6.2 Million viewers and a demo of 2.2 over the previous week when a repeat of 2 Broke Girls ran (whose numbers were better than most other first run shows).  


    There are a couple of caveats here.  One, Football (American football for our international posters) is almost double TBBT in the demo and almost 10 million viewers larger.  For instance, for the week in question, CBS had the late game, which normally overruns into primetime.  The rating for that was 26.5 Million viewers with a 9.2 demo.   This helps whatever network on the nights it has a NFL overrun.  As an example, 60 Minutes can have its viewers increase by up to 10 million and it's demo increase by 3 points, if football runs late and is a direct lead in to 60 minutes.                 

  9. leonard and penny do have a lot of sex and talk about it a lot but i dont think its a problem bc they are in a relationship


    Yeah, I'm not sure what the problem there is either.  Back in the dark ages (I am a bit older than many of you), right after my then girlfriend and I got back together, we were in a relationship, cared about each other rather deeply, were in our early mid 20s, and, yeah, we had a lot of sex.  That lasted for quite a few years for us, so even considering Leonard is supposed to be in his early thirties, lots of sex can be the norm.  Even up to the point where it appears to be the only basis for the relationship.       

  10. I look almost the same as I did in my senior picture. Don't know if that's good or bad... :p
    That's a good thing, and I would look pretty much the same. If I shaved the beard. Couldn't grow one in high school, or college for that matter, or up until my mid 30s.
  11. Thanks for your insight I can accept that.

     It warms my heart that there is hope for this world yet. That more people would like to see 3 beautiful women try to make a point to their men rhetorically then want see someone make their point violently. Happy Holidays Everyone! :)


    I'm not sure making a point is the reason for watching that particular clip.  Here, let me fix it so you understand where I would be coming from:


    That more people I would like to see 3 beautiful women   :icon_eek:  try to make a point to their men rhetorically then want see someone make their point violently.


    There, how's that?   :icon_lol:


    Happy Holidays to you.   :icon_mrgreen:

  12. when you start talking too yourself like that,its a sign of going crazy. please get help. :icon_eek:

    Actually, since he quoted you in the post you are referencing, it's quite obvious that he is quoting you. You either need to see an ophthalmologist(to recognize that there was writing preceding your comment), or look at one of the fine tutorials offered on the quoting function(to understand he wasn't talking to himself).

  13.  You may not see it this way but for some people it was like a betrayal. 


    How is it a betrayal?   Because two single people tried to have sex and one of them regretted it?   And it turns out they never did have sex anyway?  

    Of those a percentage will never watch the show again,


    Man, just think, if they had that percentage, they might be hitting 19.5 million viewers a week, instead of the 19.25 they have now.   They might have even become the number 1 comedy or even made it to the number 1 non-sports show.   It's quite obvious that the Raj-Penny thing was a complete disaster.  Better cancel the show.  


    others may watch but never get over it, and the rest, like myself, will never trust the show as much as before.


    Not to be pedantic, but If you never trust the show as much as before, that means you'll never get over it.  The latter is a subset of the former.      


    It was also nice of them to bring it back up right before the winter break.  It is great they have really learned their lesson, not.


    What lesson?  Oh yeah, that the Raj-Penny thing just destroyed the show.    Yeah,  shame how the ratings have tanked since then, isn't it?

  14.    the point is after screwing raj..there is nothing diferent between penny and the whore of omaha.


    Really?  Can you point to where Penny accepted anything of monetary value from Raj, after the fact?   Can you point out exactly where the whore of Omaha regretted what had happened with Howard, before meeting his mother?   

    she has alot of work to do. if she want to be worthy of leonerd. right now all penny deserves is to be told


    Yeah, cause she was single when she had her intent, but Leonard wasn't single when he intended to have sex with Alice.  He didn't, but you've been on an intent kick, so let's bring in Leonard's intent.  


    every day what a worthless skank and whore she is, and when accepts that.she can start becoming the women she was in s1 s2.


    I notice you completely give Leonard a pass on his behavior, but not Penny.   Me, I'm willing to give them both a pass and understand they BOTH have issues to work through.   Penny has never cheated within a committed relationship and broke off one relationship when she found out the other person was cheating.   And if you want to bring up she shouldn't have done it within Raj, cause he's Leonard's friend, then where's your condemnation of Leonard for getting involved with a woman he knew his friend (Howard) was interested in.   And before you jump up and down about how it shouldn't matter cause Stephanie wasn't interested in Howard, well, Leonard shouldn't have been interested in Penny, because he had a girlfriend at the time.   It's obvious you have some problem with Penny, but damning Penny for her behavior and saying she isn't worthy of Leonard when he behaved the same, in not worse, is wildly inconsistent.  

  15. You said it right, as much as I loved the pillow talk from earlier seasons I feel like they've sort of moved on from it. I mean its not always easy to fit in and with the way the season has been going there hasn't really been a spot for it... after what we see in the next couple episodes I'm sure well see some form of it before seasons end tho


    The other part could be the fact that during season 3, there was only 5 main cast characters, now there are eight and there is less time for "Pillow Talk".  Unless it absolutely can't be accomplished somewhere else.   

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