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  1. Your point is not completely valid.  Penny did try and have sex with Raj which was a betrayal of her own feelings.  Also, the show could still introduce cheating.  Just because they haven't gone there completely yet doesn't mean they won't.  Amy suggested it in the very last show.
    Feelings possibly, commitment no. At the time, Penny was not committed to anyone, Leonard was. And as far introducing anything, Sheldon could get introduced to drugs and become an addict. We could discuss all sorts of silly things that could happen. My point was based on previous history, much like idea of Sheldon not becoming an addict is based on previous history. Maybe you think it's possible that Raj is going to move back to India and join the Indian army, also.
  2. That is one thing that bothered me, are we seeing less intimacy between Penny and Leonard because Kaley and Johnny find it awkward? Is this the fallout when two actors get involved and we are now seeing the impact to the show?
    If that was the case, I would think it would have been awkward in season three, right after they broke up. As for not showing bedroom scenes in season five, except for the marriage proposal(and the daydream), they weren't having sex. And the lack of a scene there, makes sense as Penny trying to escape from the situation.

    As for this season, I really can't think of a scene that would have supported a bedroom scene. Date night wasn't bedroom night, after taking him to bed in 6x02 wasn't a good "talk" place. Penny needed to be seen dragging Leonard off when she meets Alex in 6x03. Game night, sex in the lab and tardis, she was texting with Cole, etc. I just think the lack of bedroom scenes for L/P is in the context of the show so far this year.

  3. He better be careful with that... Raj is still available to service her.

    Not while she's dating Leonard. While both Leonard and Penny can be indiscriminate with whom they sleep around with, both are pretty scrupulous about not fooling around when dating. Leonard came closest with April, but couldn't bring himself to finish the act. Penny has broken it off when she discovers the guy is married and basically gave up sex while carrying a torch for Leonard during the second half of S4 and into S5. L/P would have officially break up first, and even then I don't see her jumping into whatever bed is available, with Raj, just to have sex. The break up would be too traumatic for her at this point. And besides, as she admits, sex with herself is pretty great.

  4. I would think with ratings so high the actor's agents would be talking to CBS about additional seasons either right now or very soon.
    And the agents and actors are probably looking at getting a piece of the syndication money, in their next contract.
  5. Editing it because I haven't read it properly and thought you forgot to add the theater hand holding.


    I though Margo's gonna be guesting for only 3 episodes? And it's rather petty for the writers to go through six seasons then shifting to make all their fanon dreams come true, don't you think? I mean, it's not like the characters here are like in Glee where they're free to mix and match couples all they want, (hetero or homo) and have a Ryan Murphy mentality. Chuck Lorre can be a perv and use his characters to make cheap shots here and there, but it's not like he's writing high school drama.

    Jeana, did you perhaps intend for the second paragraph to be an answer to Rick? And just didn't quote him?
  6. Think whatever you want but they have made her into a girl that brings nothing but sex, good looks, and love to the relationship and in reality that is a recipe for divorce after 3 or 4 years.  I will try and pretend that their relationship is still believable too.


    Hmmmmmm, so you're saying a frigid, non-attractive woman who doesn't love me would be the recipe for my long-term marriage?  There's more to then just those three things.   Penny has tried to understand Leonard's hobbies, to the point that she can, and has, quoted different aspects of various science fiction universes.   She's returned to college to be a better partner.  She's taken an interest in Leonard's work.   The three things you mention and the three things I mentioned are about what my wife and I had at the time of our marriage(well, she had the good looks, not me), and we're still together after 30+ years.  I'd much rather love the woman who loves me and work on the rest of it.  At least you can work on the rest of it, if you have the love between you.  It's awfully hard to work on the rest of it, if there isn't any love there.    

  7. wow, that is amazing that jim took the time to take the picture and send it back.  So how do you get his address to send things to, I wonder??


    You can send them to CBS, who will than forward them.  Or Warner Brothers, or Chuck Lorre Productions.  Or, you can find Jim's management team or agent or publicist.   I would be willing to bet that he has his mail screened also.  

  8. I think you can still see the chemistry, even if they aren't romantically involved with each other.   I think it cute that among the taping reports, in the spoiler thread, are mentions of Kaley and Johnny whispering to each other in between scenes, them thanking the audiences together, etc.   Even though they may have broken up and are seeing others, they seem to have come out of their romantic relationship with a pretty strong friendship.  

  9. Oh man. Tensor is right. Ratings bump around week to week.

    Please take note now, the ratings will fall after the Feb sweeps when daylight time returns, probably back to high 4s. It happens to all shows, every one. It's not an indicator that whatever happens in the Feb sweeps was unpopular.


    Yeah, let me clarify a little bit.   I'm not saying that there can't be a drop caused by viewers tuning out.   But you just can't look at the numbers and make that arugment.  Let's use the difference between say 6x08, The 43 Peculiarity(43P); 6x10, The Fish Guts Displacement(FGD); and 6x11, The Santa Simulation(SS)(I'm skipping 6x09 for clarity).  The drop from 43P to FGD was ~ half a million viewers.  That is statistically significant, meaning that there was a drop off between the two episodes, even if you include the inherent errors in measurement.   In the case of the drop between FGD and SS, it was only ~ 160,000 viewers, less than 1% of the TBBT viewers and about 0.5% of the number of viewers watching all five networks that night.   That is well within the errors found when making these kind of measurements.    But either way, just because of a drop, doesn't mean the audience was unhappy with the episode.  As Sursonica pointed out, some larger ratings areas were preempted due to the football game.  The show might have lost ~160,000 viewers just in the Philly area Thursday night.  


    To put it in a more understandable manner, let's say you try to keep $2 worth of change in your pocket by paying or receiving change for all your purchases during the day.    You count your change every night, to see how close you came to the $2.     The number of viewers that the dropped between FGD and SS represents is a difference of about 1 penny (probably  a young, blond penny), from the previous night.     Which could have been due to simply not having the exact change, when you go to pay with your change.   

  10. huh? ratings have nothing to do with it. All of CBS shows went down on ratings the night Fish Guts aired because many CBS affiliates didn't air the episode because of football. The same happenned this week. Not to mention most of the audience doesn't even know what the episode will be about before it airs.
    Yeah, she obviously doesn't know about error bars or statistical noise. The drop in total viewers is within the range of both. Not even counting the possible loss due to preemption due to the football game.


    hA PDA? Amy can get her own, she has money... or am I missing something?

    Public Display of Affection. Shamy's held hands on a darkened street with no one else around and in a darkened theatre. And a couple of kisses, only one was witnessed by someone else(Penny in The Shiny Trinket Maneuver).

  11. And how is that different from being personally attacked for criticizing the show

    Well, there is a difference between liking the show and criticizing the show. And if someone was just criticizing the show, I don't think there would be much of a problem. But being unnecessarily degrading and/or insulting to the show, over and over again, to the point of it looking as if that is your only purpose, well, if you can't see the difference, it goes to your lack of perspicacity.

  12. In the halloween episode where Sheldon and Amy are deciding which couple costume to wear one of the suggestions on Amy's side is Blossom and Joey (The characters from her old TV show Blossom)


    Dharma and Gregg are also on that list.  it was a TV comedy series created and Produced by C. Lorre.    The actor who played Gregg in the series is Thomas Gibson who has been on Criminal Minds for its entire run.  

  13. I don't see sleeping with 30 people over 10 years as an intended character assassination. Some may find that unacceptable, but not everyone does. 


    Hell, I was aware of some girls in college back in the early 70s for whom 30 partners in a SCHOOL YEAR was not out of the question (boyfriend of the week and all).   And I don't recall anyone judging them as sluts (well, OK, the one or two who where playing duck, duck, goose with a different dorm room each night, yeah).   I wasn't active in that area at all during that time frame (I was 16 when I started my freshman year and socially inept), but I was aware of what was happening around me.   So 30 over 10 years looks virginial, in some respects.   After all, that's basically getting laid about once every four months.

  14. Usually that is the problem, but this time it is the phones fault because I was using a stylus to type.

    What point I was trying to make was that if the writers are having Penny responding like that when the subject of other men are brought up, then they must be fully invested in moving the L/P relationship along, which to me means no future breakup.


    Actually, I did get that out of your post.  As for the rest, I tend to be a smart as here and there.  My wife says all the time, but you can't trust her on this, you have to trust me.  :icon_twisted:

  15. I know we're used to continuity errors with this show, but I found another one in this episode.   When the women and Raj are out at the club, he says "...I'm always attracted to women I can't have, I do it all the time, I did it with the two of you."   To which Amy replies, "The two of them, I don't understand."  And Raj tells Amy how he ended up in bed with Penny.   Yet, in The Skank Reflex Analysis Amy was quite aware of what happened between Raj and Penny ("I heard who you did"), and then Penny stayed with Amy for a while, to get away from her apartment and possibly seeing Leonard.   Not to mention the talk between Penny and Raj happening in Amy's apartment.   And how could Amy have failed to hear about Raj's infatuation with Bernie, since it was a point of contention between Bernie and Howard, not to mention the confrontation between Bernie and Raj in "Skank".   Even before that, in The Herb Garden Germination, the group, except Howard, was pretty much aware of Raj's infatuation with Bernie.   In this episode she acted as if she had never heard of what happened between Raj and Penny or Raj's feelings for Bernadette.   

  16. It's funny. People at that site are getting on leonard for saying how he could have been having sex with penny...oh what a dog. Ah...excuse me...Penny was the one who brought up the Sex in the opening scene with Leonard..


    I'm not sure I get what the problem is, on that site, for either of them mentioning having sex.   They are in a committed relationship, they like sex with each other, so who cares if either mention they could have sex?   If Bernadette had brought up sex in the first scene, and then Howard would have said he could have been having sex with Bernadette, I'm sure no one would mention or care, after all, they're married.  But, Leonard and Penny wanting to have sex with their committed partner, within their committed relationship is a problem, why?   Oh yeah, they don't like Leonard being with Penny cause that interferes with their fantasy of Sheldon and Penny.  I keep forgetting how silly they are.  

  17. Sheldon Leonard was originally an actor in movies and on radio in the 1940s and 1950s.  He was part of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin's radio show.  He is best known today as the creator, producer, and writer of four iconic American TV series of the late 50s and 60s.  The Danny Thomas Show, The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and I Spy.  He also produced My World and Welcome To It, Gomer Pyle USMC, and Shirley's World.   He also directed several episodes of My Favorite Martian.  Chuck Lorre is a fan of Leonard's work, hence the names of the main characters.   Here's a clip of Sheldon Leonard.  You might guess from his voice, that he played several mobsters in the movies and on radio, although he was Jewish.  


    Both Cooper and Hofstadter  were Nobel Laureates.   Leon Cooper won the 1972 Nobel Prize (along with two others) for their work in superconductivity.  The effect is described due to Cooper Pairs named after, Leon Cooper.    Robert Hofstadter won the 1961 Nobel Prize (shared with one other) for his work in electron scattering by atoms.   Hofstadter was an American, although his grandparents came from Germany.  I haven't been able to find any reference to Cooper ancestry, but he was born in New York City in 1930.  

  18. I haven't been involved in TBBT fandom, until I found this place.  However, the Shenny shippers remind me so much of a group of oddballs on another forum I frequent.   These posters seek to explain how modern science is wrong, and their brilliant insights will revolutionize science.  They remind me of the Shenny fans as they cherry-pick their examples, ignore contrarian evidence, or refuse to get into details.  They will also try to pick out any kind of error or failure of current theory to explain observations as proof their idea is correct, much as the Shenny fans try to find something wrong with the current episode to hold on to their misguided belief in a Sheldon-Penny hook up.     

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