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  1. One thing that annoyed me about the Dr. Plimpton situation was how Penny said: "We broke up". I was like, excuse me but you dumped him. There was nothing mutual about it, so she really had no place in criticizing him for it especially given how she has historically behaved after her break ups with the 36 hours of meaningless sex.


    Actually, I think it was more shock that Leonard had slept with someone before she did.  I found her discombobilation rather humorous. 

  2. (and thank God for the internet then so I could go rant about the stuff I liked online and not scare people off, lol!). To this day I can only manage a handful of people at a time in my life and only if they're worth my time. So, like I said in another thread, it was nice for me to finally see a show that celebrates this type of lifestyle instead of degrading it or forcing characters to strive to "fit in". 



    I guess the trait really comes along with us fangirls... that when we're into something, we have the potential to get obsessed with something and that it's all we think and talk about. I'm on my last semester in college and until now I don't have a real "group" and "friends" because they can't stand a girl who is obsessed with something besides Kpop (ugh!). It does relate us to Sheldon back in episode 6.08 where he said that he finds it hard that he cannot talk about trains with everyone all the time, right?


    Part of my problem, and something the internet has, to a certain extent relieved, is the feeling of being all alone in your obsession.   (This is going to sound like one of those "When I was a kid.....  but bear with me for a second).   I only knew a handful of people who were into comic books, science fiction, or math and science as a teenager.    And most of those didn't go to my school.  Some things, nobody had yet heard of (I was playing Dungeons and Dragons, before it was Dungeons and Dragons).  At least now, after a couple quick google searches, you can find a whole group of people, usually with a forum page, that you can argue with, agree with, and simply love your shared obsession.  Don't forget, there wasn't a public internet in the late 60s, early 70s and you could only reach those who you met.   And of course, asking anyone if they were into your obsessions, was usually a way to get beat up, so you just didn't say anything. 

  3. Tensor, thank you for sharing that. I don't want to be the one who pointed out the obvious but the last part there reminded me of Leonard and Penny.

    So, I guess most of our emotional attachment to the show stems back to the fact that we are similar to at least one of the characters and could totally relate to their experiences, past or even the present ones being done in the series. And with this, they are not just "stereotypes", they're just as real as we are.


    Which is why you'll see me rant against those who think the whole Lenny story is bogus.  A hot girl would never go for some nerd with a multitude of insecurities, the guy wouldn't have that many social problems, etc.   If not for my then girlfriend, I could never have dated anyone after breaking up.  

  4. I know no one really comes back into season five but i m still kinda new on the forums and just wanted to put here that I love love love this episode. As a huge L/P fan this episode almost made me tear up a bit. It was done amazingly well and I loved the way they brought the two back together after Leonard started to realize how much he over thought things


    Heheheheheheh, it's my favorite also.  

  5. I agree that Penny was not at fault for season 3 break-up. Frankly it was more of a Leonard's fault..he kept on pushing her and combined with Will's comments she broke up with him.


    But the things that the writers made her do after the break-up in season 3 were very bad... the whole bashing/judging Leonard for sleeping with Plimpton... I agree that it was bad of Leonard to sleep with her...but it was none of Penny's business...


    Which, she states.   Not quite sure where you think she bashed Leonard.   She asked him, when he waffled about it, simply stated if he wanted to sleep with Plimpton, it was none of her (Penny's) business.  Then he  tried to blow it off as a something that just happened, which was flat out silly.    And if Penny worrying about Leonard sleeping with someone else is so wrong, why is it so ok for Leonard to get upset about Penny driving home with Bernadette's old professor (Glenn) in The Love Car Displacement?


    And the season  3 finale.... I for few minutes thought that they were to going to write Penny out of the story..that's how bad it was....the fact of her showing no regret about the things she did in that episode and her not showing any kind of care or sympathy towards Leonard just left a bad taste.. I mean how hard it would have been to squeeze a small scene like after shoving the door she says something like "I'm sorry Leonard" like they did in the season 2 finale...... so that we as the audience know that she regrets the things she did and still cares for Leonard


    I thought the regret was obvious, the morning after.   It was Leonard who tried to push it, after being told not to.   And Penny wasn't all that far from breaking up with Leonard (four episodes prior), so I don't think she had crystalized her regret in her mind yet.


    And the whole thing about not able to break-up with him in season 6 just contradicts her past.....Actually nothing happened in 6-02 , the sole purpose of that episode seemed to be make her character unlikable... All the progress/growth her character had after breaking up with Leonard , after seeing him with Priya, after getting him back was dumbed down in that one single episode 


    The contradiction of her past WAS the purpose of the episode.   She broke up with him because she was sure she couldn't say ILY to him, and it wasn't fair to him to stay with him, if she couldn't.  Here, in addition to not being able to say ILY to him, (and even worse for Leonard, he proposed to her) she wasn't even sure she wanted to be with him.  However, she stuck with him, to see if it would work.  Opposite to what she'd done in the past.  


    I hope she makes up for all the thing she put Leonard through..now that she told she loves him they are in a good and stable place in their relationship now


    Well, between the break up and them getting back together, it's Leonard who has had more sexual partners (I include intent, even if it wasn't consumated) so I'm not sure who's put who though more.  But I like where they're at and where they've been going.  


    And, don't get me wrong.  Penny did and does have a lot to work through.  I just don't see these referenced problems with Penny as problems.  But YMMV and we both have our own opinions.  

  6. Yes, I am aware they are playing it for laughs, but from the sound of it it might hit a few nerves in me. Like in The Weekend Vortex, when Amy said that she's good at throwing coins because she used to wish for friends... Boy, I bawled at that moment because I KNOW how it feels like. This is the type of thing people overlook and say how the characters are just stereotypes but the fact that a lot could relate to how one of the characters feel sort of peels that "stereotype" branding away from them.


    Thank you for that, too, MJ. Words of empowerment. 


    I fully feel both your's and Monique's pain.  I was a handy outlet for anyone frustrated enough to want to beat on someone, all through school.  My birthday is Nov. 14 and our school district allow you to start kindergarden at 4, if your birthday was before Nov. 15th.   I then was skipped from first to third grade.  As a result I was close to two years younger than many of my classmates. I started my freshman year in High School at 12.  Awkwardness around girls or women doesn't always come from not being social, because you're involved in Comic Books, Science Fiction or other typical nerdy or geeky things.  In my case, a lot of it had to do with simply being so damn young.  How many senior girls are going to want to go out with someone who is 15, but looks about 12?  For that matter, how many freshman girls would want to go out with someone who looked younger than many freshman?  I was never comfortable with women in school, or even my early college years.   I was never accepted into any kind of group or clique and so retreated into my own little world.  And a lot of 16-18 year old guys are offended if a pre-pubesentent guy makes them look bad.  Which made me look silly to all those girls.   It took a beautiful woman, who was wonderfully patient and quite understanding of my geeky, nerdy quirks  to get me over my major problems interacting with woman.    


    Interestingly, she broke up with me, but we stayed friends for about a year, while dating other people, then started back dating,(where have we heard that before?) ending up getting married and have been now for 30+ years.

  7. and number 4 yes she dumped him, she ran because she was scared and learned a lot from the experience.  She realized how much she missed him through season 4 and in 5/6 shes been able to not only reestablish but reinforce her new and current relationship.


    Ya know, a lot of people jump all over Penny for breaking up with Leonard in S3, I don't.   She was scared and she had bad experiences when she'd verbalized her love.  And, one thing I don't think is brought up enough, is that Penny broke up with Leonard to lessen the pain she would cause him, if she strung him along and broke up with him later.  While, at that time, she may not have been able to say ILY, she was certainly concerned about Leonard's feelings.   And, yes, Wil was messing with her mind at that point, but in her mind, it was much fairer to Leonard to break up with him right then, since she didn't know if she could ever totally commit to him (or at least verbalize a total commitment to him).  


    Overall i think shes in a good place compared to where she was in season 3. 


    Yep, yep, yep. 

  8. Yes, that's it!  Thanks.   I used to be this way about TXF--even though I owned all the eps on DVD, I still got a thrill out of seeing it on TV whenever it aired. :) I have all the TBBT DVDs and I still watch it whenever it airs, between the local FOX affiliate that shows it every weeknight at 6:00 and 6:30, plus the TBS episodes, plus other times when it's on--like last night in the middle of the night...   ADDICTED!!! :icon_eek:
    Yep, me too( I'm watching Barbarian Sublimation right now). My family insists I have all the episodes memorized. While, like you, I tend to watch every episode that is shown on TV, lately I've taken to watching individual scenes on the inter tubes. I go to get a life.


    Oh, and isn't there a rerun on tonight after 2 Broke Girls or whatever it is that runs at 7:00pm (or 8pm Eastern, I guess...)???


    At 8:30 PM EST, right after HIMYM.   It's The Transporter Malfunction.

  10. 1. Which of the Teams Playing Did You Root for the Guys or the Girls?  Guys.

    2. Which of the Games Do You Think You Would Have The Best Chance to Win?  Wrestling

    3. Which of the Games Do You Think You Would Most Likely Lose? Pie Eating

    4. Which BBT character Would You Pick As Your Teammate for Game Night?  Leonard

    5. Which BBT character Would You Most Like To Wrestle Against?  Penny.

    Bonus Question: Where's Waldo?  There ^  he is.    There > he is.    <There he is.   

  11. I've only been here for a short time, so if someone else has posted this, my apologies.  I did do a quick scan through all 60 pages to check.    This video , from September, 2010,  has quite a few pictures from a TV Guide photo shoot with the five originals.  It also has some videos with Kaley as a child, Johnny as what looks like a pre-teen, and Jim from Garden State and from something where he looks as if he's in his late teens, although with his youthful looks, it's hard to tell.    The video also has some musical accompaniment to it. 

  12. I understand that. I just don't agree with some things that I read in response to post  #1576....especially "Leonard is Sheldon's slave".


    Well, I don't agree with that either.  



    If any of these characters are "slaves" they are slaves to their own insecurities. Sheldon has NOTHING do with it. 


    Anyway, as already stated by everyone: NONE of them are perfect and they are perfect for each other. Some how it just works and I enjoy watching every minute of it. 




    Can't argue with any of that.   :icon_biggrin:

  13. Sheldon might be a "giant pain in the ass" but the fact that they all put up with him instead of kicking him out of their lives speaks volumes. There is more to Sheldon than just being a pain in the ass and his friends, unlike some who watch the show apparently, understand him. Different life experiences shape different kinds of people and personalities. Cleary, the good in him out-weighs the bad and that's why they care to keep them in their lives.




    Monique, I don't think anyone is disputing that he brings a lot to his circle of friends.   The pain in the ass comment was directed at the sentiment in post #1576.  That the other guys basically didn't deserve Sheldon because he goes out of his way to help all his friends all the time, while his friends don't go out of the way to do anything for him.   This,of course, ignores all the things that his friends do for him, despite his attitude toward them, i.e., his being a pain in the ass.


    I think it would be fun to show her doing all kinds of random roles for all kinds of things, especially if she had to do weird things for commercials (think of all the stupid, wacky things you've seen on commercials) like wearing stupid costumes, dancing with a mop, getting splattered with something.



    You mean like nursing on wolves?

  15. this is so true and I'm with you

    1) about the attraction (the only way congenitally insecure and  needy Leonard could pull a beautiful woman is if he were a billionaire and bought one.)


    I covered this earlier.  


    and 2) the story writers having fun and making drama with the Lenny.


    Well, yeah, that fun and drama makes comedy, which is what this show is all about. 


    3) Yes, more feasible is that Penny would have feelings for Sheldon who is the tallest, best looking and most successful (intellectual Alpha male),


    According to whom????????  You???? Just because you think it is so, doens't mean everyone thinks it's so, even those other fictional people have different opinions. 


    as I pointed out this is a classic Hollywood trope [innocent intellectual male and gorgeous street-smart woman]found in such great comedies as "The Lady Eve", "Bringing up Baby" and "Ball of Fire",


    You do realize that Leonard, and Howard, and Raj also fit the bill here, right?  Any of them could fulfill the innocent intellectual male trope.  


    followed by Raj who is also handsome, cultured, intelligent and wealthy.


    Not to mention the endearing quality of not being able to talk to women. I bet you could name a lot of women who would just love to jump on someone with that trait.  And it must work for Raj, after all, look at all the serious relationships he's been in during the run of the show.


    I love this season there are many classic episodes but the pairings don't work. I've predicted that the writers are forecasting L/P will break up and so will S/A. We'll see who's right.


    Yeah, we get it, you just love the idea of Sheldon and Penny.  But, the logic you're using to come to that conclusion is totally flawed.   Love on Shenny all you want to, but try to come up with some actual solid reasoning instead of unsupported assertions or superficial, frivolous things such as looks.  

  16. I SERIOUSLY CANNOT BELIEVE HOW EVERYBODY SEEEMS TO HAVE THE SAME OPINION ABOUT THIS. As I have said on other postings' date=' I believe Leonards to be the most awful character (only equalling Howard)  [/quote']


    Seriously?  Leonard awful?   Holy crap on a cracker.    Let me guess, a Shenny shipper, right?


    and I have never found the Penny/Leonard relationship feasible. She may not be that intelligent but she's good-looking and the sort of woman guys hit on a lot. 


    Which has what, exactly to do with who she likes?


    I believe she would only ever have had Leonard as a friend and possibly a drunken one night stand. I don't see how all these people cannot see through what is blatantly the writers' attempt to have a bit of 'will she/won't she?' drama. It doesn't gel for any thinking person.


    Well, if you get beyond the weak, immature idea that the only reason anyone goes out with anyone else is only because of their looks or shouldn't stay with someone because of what you perceive to be shortcoming on someone else's behalf, then sure, it may not gel.  However, there is much more going on in a relationship, most thinking people get that.  


    Really people have a good long think about it. How can that stocky little neanderthal get any woman' date=' let alone an attractive one? [/quote']


    When we first met,  my wife and Kaley could be sisters, Leonard is better looking than I was (Leonard,  Johnny, when not in character is far above in the looks department to the early 20s me)  and it took me quite a while to get over my insecurities from my teenage years(try starting your senior year in high school at 15).   But hey, we ended up together.  Good thing we didn't spend too much time overthinking it, eh?


    Far more feasible a storyline would be for Penny to have very confused but real feelings for Sheldon. He is by far the best looking on the show (followed hotly on the heels by Raj) with the best body 


    You sound as if you're eighteen years old and part of some sort of "I should get all the girls because I'm better looking" clique.   Grow up.  


    and it stands to reason that Penny would fall for him as she gets to know him. 


    You mean like when he denigrates her for her lack of education?  Or, makes fun of her because she's a only a waitress?  Or tells her she doesn't know the purpose of gasoline in the internal combustion engine, etc, etc, etc.    Yeah, why not go for that instead of someone who willing to stand up for you (even if you don't know it); or is willing to talk to you, to try and make you feel better, when things are going bad for you; or wants to keep you in his life, even if you're the on that broke it off and he's dating someone else, etc, etc, etc.   


    The Penny/Leonard thing is the one wrong note on this show and I personally - along with many friends - find it nauseating!


    Yeah, make an issue of someone else's looks, and others problems and totally ignore the qualities that someone, other than yourself, may find attractive. What I find nauseating is someone who appears to be as shallow and ignorant as you appear to be from your comments.   

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