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  1. You can also change the color to the background color and if someone wants to view the spoiler, they have to highlight the colored text (as if they where going to copy).  You then point out there are spoilers, that you need to highlight to view them, and where the spoilers end.  Such as:


    Spoilers follow, highlight to show:


    This is hidden spoiler text


    End of spoilers.


    See how that works?



  2. Silly Jimmy, "urethium" is NOT an element... :D
    From the location in the song, and the pronunciation error of Jim's, he probably meant Ruthenium. After almost three years, a slight error in similar pronunciation is very understandable.
  3.       This isn't so much an Easter Egg as an extremely silly nitpick that I just caught tonight on The Hot Troll Deviation.  When Howard is in Penny's apartment, after he explains why he and Bernadette broke up, he starts asking Penny to talk to Bernadette.  Penny is walking around her apartment, and Howard is following her.  They stop near her refrigerator and as a result, there is a close up of the brick column next to the refrigerator.  The pattern of the bricks is wrong.   That is a corner and there should be the long side of the brick visible, on one side, and the short end of the brick, on the other side.  The next level, up or down, would be the opposite.  

          That is not what appears on that column however.  One of the levels is made up of what looks like a brick with only long sides (it would be a square brick in other words).   Another level looks as if the brick was cut about half the width of the short side of the brick.  I do understand how that happens.  I do set design for local theatres and those brick patterns come in sheets of 4 ft by 8 ft.   They are not quite wood, but not as flimsy as cardboard.   They are attached to supporting framework with screws or nails, on one side, then the pattern is supposed to be matched up and attached on the other side.  It simply appears that when the column was put together, the patterns were not matched up.   How's that for nitpicking?

  4. I don't think Zazzy was on last night (I may have fallen asleep, though...), but it's in that one that he first really looks skeletal, especially around his jaw and neck.


    It was.  It was the last episode last night.  

  5. Awww. It's ok. Its embarrassing I know.

    That how much we love our show.

    It makes us do crazy things :)


    Yep, you got that right.  I just can't believe I can see most of my early to late 20s on TV almost every night.  I'm a Leonard and Penny fan for a very good reason.  

  6. Thank u, Id gladly accept this award

    I start dec 10 :)

    I tried to hold in my fan girling w new ppl now

    I have gone tbbt crazy and maybe scared a few ppl in the past when they mentioned they like the show.

    The sad part I'm a early 30 something yr old mom and wife. So sad I know


    I try to hold in my fan girling w new ppl now

    I have maybe scared a few ppl in the past when they mentioned they like the show.

    The sad part I'm a mid 50 something yr old dad and husband. You want some lessons in sad?   :icon_redface:

  7. Both from The Recombination Hypothesis, episode 100:


    Bernadette: Boy, I don't know if I could be friends with Howie if we broke up.
    Howard: Why not?
    Bernadette: I'm a very vengeful person.
    Howard: Really?
    Bernadette: With access to weaponized smallpox.


    While Bernie is great when she starts yelling (I'm nice to everybody), I like it much better when she is so sweetly evil.


    And then at the beginning when Penny looks up to see Leonard staring at her from across the hall.   The slight smile, the facial expression and then the cut back to Leonard who is now smiling.  I simply love those looks.  

  8. That is interesting. I assumed only live (+SD) actually matter because that's what tvbythenumbers seem so obsessed with. I know the networks want to appear as if as many people watch their shows as possible, but if I was an advertiser, I'd be pretty leery about paying for DVR'ed ads. Even if Nielsen can tell, the numbers that don't FF must be pretty small.


    The advertisers accepted Live + 3 grudgingly, as sort of a nod to the forced ads that appear on networks web sites, if you choose to watch programs there.  In 2007, Nielsen was not able to track DVR ads, as they can now, which is why the networks are pushing for Live + 7.   While the DVR non-FF ads may be small, there are some and the networks want to count those, since they can now be identified.   Timing is the sticking point and whether networks should give a credit for a time sensitive ad that is pushed beyond the event date or whether days 4-7 should be retroactively charged.  Along with changes in the technology that Nielsen is using to track web, live, DVR, streaming, etc.

  9. Wow, if Leonard found out Penny wanted to break up with him before, that could undo everything that has happen since then, even the ILY. I sure hope the writers don't go there.


    IDK, after all, it was after she decided NOT to break up with him that she put more effort into the relationship (going to and getting more interested in his work, getting worked up over Alex, going back to school).  It's quite explainable, by Penny, that she realized the problem was her not putting enough into the relationship and now that she has put more effort into it, she is more invested in the relationship than ever, to the point where she actually said ILY, even if it scared her afterward.  

  10. I don't know if anyone saw this, but the Live + 7 numbers for 6x5 (The Extract Obliteration) and 6x6 (The Habitation Configuration) are showing the show hitting a 7.2 share for the 18-49 demo for both weeks.  A share increase, from live viewers, of 2.2, from 5.0, and 2.0, from 5.2, respectively.  In terms of total viewers, the two weeks averaged 20 million viewers (20.16 and 19.84 respectively) with an increase of  4.34 from 15.8  and 3.93 from 15.9 million respectively.  The Live + 7 numbers for 6x7 and 6x8 are not out yet (they take until about two weeks after airing) but it's interesting that the live 18-49 share was 5.2 and 5.7 with live viewers at 16.6 and 17.6.  During those two weeks, live viewers set year (AND SERIES) highs.   And, while Modern Family currently has a small lead on BBT in Live + 7 for the year, during the week of Oct 29-Nov 4 (6x6) BBT scored a 7.2 share for 18-49 compared to Modern Family's 6.3, with almost 5 million more total viewers than Modern Family.      


    Ok, first off, a correction.   in the above, episode 6x5 should be "The Holographic Excitation" and 6x6 is "The Extract Obliteration", sorry for the error.  The numbers for each episode are the same, just the titles change.  Second, I have the Live + 7 numbers for 6x7 "The Habitation Configuration" and 6x8 "The 43 Peculiarity".  6x7 increased from a 5.1 share to a 7.1 share for the 18-49 demo and 6x8 went from a 5.7 to a 7.5.   In total viewers, 6x5 netted 20.9 million viewers, up by almost one million viewers and 6x8 had 21.5 million.   A couple notable items, one, 6x8, "The 43 Peculiarity",  was the first time the "Big Bang Theory" has ever passed 20 million viewers for the Live + 3 metric.   Second, BBT is averaging 19.4 million on Live + 3 this year.  Only Sunday Night Football (20.7) and NCIS (20.6) have more viewers.  


    After reading some of the preceding posts, I hope the following will clear some things up.   Live + Same Day (SD) is no longer used to set advertising rates.   Live + 3 day DVR is now the standard and was implemented in 2007.   This year, networks are pushing to start using Live + 7 day DVR.   There are now 14 shows that pull in more than three million viewers in the seven days after broadcast.  BBT and "Modern Family" have no trouble pulling in over four million.   The ad buyers are pushing back on this as sales, movie premieres, etc can be time sensitive and the ad buyers don't want to pay for ads that are not being seen prior to the event.   And, as a BTW (and something I didn't know until I was looking something else up for this post), Neilsen now track not only the viewers for shows, but also the viewers for ads on DVRs.   If ads are fast forwarded, they are not counted as viewed.  

  11. Penny stalking Alex and Leonard in the university and after Leonard leaves

      Penny -   "I would keep my distance cause his girlfriend is a pretty scary girl"

                                                           Alex - "I thought he said she is a very sweet girl"

                                                           Penny - "Oh that's just for him, she'd go all nebraska on anyone's ass if they try anything"


    Leonard sees all this....from the corner of the university... Penny sees him...and asks.... "Do you still love me??"


    Next Day..Penny coming upstairs ... Leonard leaving his apartment


    Penny : Hi

    Leonard : Heyyyy, I thought you were out in the university going nebraska on everyone's asses

    Penny : come on , I am sorry

    Leonard : I can't believe , you don't trust me

    Penny : of course I trust you

    Leonard : Then why did you embarass me in-front of my friend who by the way knew exactly who you were

    Penny : she did?

    Leonard :  I have a picture of us in my wallet that I showed her...

    Penny : You know I'm starting to really not like this girl


    Now here comes the twist...


    Leonard goes and hugs her and says -- "Penny If you don't like this girl , I will never talk to her again, if it scares/hurts you even a little bit... I love you and you are the only one for me"

    And they kiss  :D  :D

    Too Cheesy right  :D   :D

    Too Cheesy right  :D   :Dlol. that's cute, but too cheesy because those lines were already exchanged between P and L.


    Also cheesy because Alex and Penny have already met.  Alex knows Penny is Leonard's girlfriend. 

  12. Howard and Sheldon have never been really friendly with each other. Tertiary and acquaintance is what Sheldon calls him. I love the dynamic because in real life Jim and Simon are best friends so I bet they get a kick outta being 'mean' to one another. :p

    Yeah, Mellissa and Mayim probably had a ball during this one.

  13. No but when Penny and Sheldon both get sick in 3.15 The ‪Large Hadron Collision,‬ he wanted soup and she said "I'm sick!" and he says "not my problem" So he wouldn't do it for everyone.


    Well, if Sheldon was so into starting something with Penny, wouldn't he have taken care of her and not take care of Amy?   I know, I know, I'm making sense.  Can't do that where Shenny's are concerned.  

  14. That's my reaction when I see the taping report is uploaded

    It's about 3am when it's ready

    Yeah, I know THAT feeling. Due to an ailment I do not sleep well and on taping nights it's even worse. Those nights, every time I wake up, I grab my phone to see if its posted. East coast time sucks in this case.

  15. Wow I'm really impressed.  I always hated the "3 Stooges".  It made me cringe.


    Nothing to be impressed with, connecting the dots wasn't that difficult.   I don't have a problem with physical or slapstick comedy, in relation to and as part of COMEDY.     I have major problems dealing  with that same physicality or slapstick, outside of comedy. For instance, I simply can't watch horror, my psyche doesn't allow it.  Penny getting hit, the Stooges, Keystone Kops, etc I think are frigging hilarious.  If this is schizophrenic, then so be it.   As long as I know it's comedy, physicality is, to me, simply hysterical.  

  16. Then Sheldon getting decked over it by Leonard should even  be more funny, right.


    Blame Penny for what, trying to calm the girls down?????


    Seriously finding humor in anyone being hurt is sadistic.  I really don't want any the characters hurt and I don't want the writers to hurt the characters for laughs.


    I'm guessing you don't like the original "Three Stooges", right?  I only specify the originals as the recent movie attempt was no where near the level of the stooge's genius.

  17. She is going 3 eps.

    She did the first one when she met Leonard and the gang

    The 43 episode when she flirts w Leonard

    And I think ep 12 or 13

    If they add more IDK.

    Thanks. I wasn't losing it. As far as adding her to more episodes, well, there is precedent. We'll just have to wait and see.

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