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  1. In one of my other forums. I spend a couple of nights each week (not on Thursdays), going through the different astrophysical papers that are due to be released the next day to pick four to six that I think might interest the posters in the other forum. Well, I just happened to pick this paper on Wednesday night. For those that are interested, below is the entry for the paper. The link is to the abstract of the paper, which then lets you chose the format (PDF, HTML, PS) to read the paper. I then include the title of the paper and the authors. Finally, I write a little blurb about the paper. So, here's the entry: http://arxiv.org/abs/1211.6429 An Over-Massive Black Hole in the Compact Lenticular Galaxy NGC1277 Remco C. E. van den Bosch (1), Karl Gebhardt (2), Kayhan Gültekin (3), Glenn van de Ven (1), Arjen van der Wel (1), Jonelle L. Walsh Observations show that a typical galaxy has a central black hole mass of ~.01% of the central bulge mass. NGC 4486B has the largest current published black hole mass at 11%. This paper looks at NGC1277, who’s black hole mass is 59% of the central bulge. Four other galaxies with similar properties may also contain black holes with a larger than normal mass relation. It also references three galaxies with smaller than normal black hole mass. Whether these over and below typical mass black holes represent the ends of the distributions or separate classes of objects is currently unknown. So, enjoy.
  2. I don't know if anyone saw this, but the Live + 7 numbers for 6x5 (The Extract Obliteration) and 6x6 (The Habitation Configuration) are showing the show hitting a 7.2 share for the 18-49 demo for both weeks. A share increase, from live viewers, of 2.2, from 5.0, and 2.0, from 5.2, respectively. In terms of total viewers, the two weeks averaged 20 million viewers (20.16 and 19.84 respectively) with an increase of 4.34 from 15.8 and 3.93 from 15.9 million respectively. The Live + 7 numbers for 6x7 and 6x8 are not out yet (they take until about two weeks after airing) but it's interesting that the live 18-49 share was 5.2 and 5.7 with live viewers at 16.6 and 17.6. During those two weeks, live viewers set year (AND SERIES) highs. And, while Modern Family currently has a small lead on BBT in Live + 7 for the year, during the week of Oct 29-Nov 4 (6x6) BBT scored a 7.2 share for 18-49 compared to Modern Family's 6.3, with almost 5 million more total viewers than Modern Family.
  3. Disgusted may just be letting us know so we don't wonder what happened. Another forum I post in has a "Missing Members" thread where posters will ask what happened to whoever. People leaving the board will usually post when they are leaving.
  4. I'm not sure about this. All of the hitting on Leonard that he noticed was rather overt. Leslie had to be specific and clear before Leonard understood her double entendres. Dr Plimpton has to undress before he get it. Priya grabbed him to kiss him the first time we see her. Mrs Latham grabbed him to kiss him in the car. The only one I'm not sure of is Dr. Stephanie, as they were already kissing when the scene shifted to them. Although Stephanie's statement that Leonard "hadn't finished seeing her tonight", and his rather surprised response indicates he wasn't aware of her specific intentions. Understanding being hit on subtly doesn't seem to be one of Leonard's strong suits
  5. Speaking of watching a different show, there was this nugget in that mess of thread that Slick linked to: "This could have been a golden show but for a mystery reason they don't want characters to elvove. They are stuck. S Yeah, cause I just wish something would have changed since the first season. Maybe they could bring Raj's sister back (what was her name?), for I don't know, a love interest for Leonard. Except Raj would probably forboded....fobadded....forbooded... stopped it. This would make Penny realize she shouldn't have broken up with Leonard. Oh, wait, they would have to start dating first. Or, what could really shake things up, how about the writers find a girlfriend for Sheldon. Nah, that would never happen. The writers are too lazy and besides, Sheldon has Penny, right? Here's a good one, how about that sleaze-ball Howard find a girlfriend, propose, and get married? What am I saying, who would ever put up with his creepy candy coating? Well, I can see why they may not want the characters to evolve, it's obvious they don't want to work at it or they are just too lazy.
  6. So having Amy as a girlfriend has cured his nightmares?
  7. The final ratings for Thursday gave the episode another two tenth increase, giving the show a 5.7/17 for 18-49 demo, with total viewers on Thursday at 17.63 million.
  8. Ya know, I thought of that last week when the Live + 3 hit 20 million. Johnny was in a group interview thing (with other best actor nominees, but no Jim) a couple of years ago and was talking about how, on Rosanne (which was #1), they were disappointed if they didn't hit 30 Million. The others in the group were just shocked at that number. Well, back then, they didn't have, nor count DVR viewership. Not to mention the field is still even more fragmented than it was then. I'm expecting the Live + 3 to hit 21-22 million and the Live + 7 to get near 24 million. Which in this day and age is just astounding.
  9. As much as everyone seems to dislike the text from Alex (put me in that category), I'm grateful that (according to the taping reports) they used "She's such a friendly girl" instead of the alternative "Uh Oh".
  10. Thanks Puppy Chow for the dates. Good to see I wasn't too far off.
  11. Not next week. Next week(Nov 22) is the American Thanksgiving. Probably the week after (Nov 29) or they may wait to have three episodes (6x9,10,11) for the first three weeks of December. That would put the episode with the Santa sides(6X11) on Dec 20.
  12. I think the worry about the fallout from Penny's ILY is a bit premature. After all, that episode will air on 11/15/12 (for those outside the US, it's 15/11/12) and that is the last episode for November sweeps. The fact that they've not mentioned it over the next two taped episodes could simply mean that they are saving it for the new year. I don't think they are going to wait until the February sweeps to address it, but they may not address it until the second half of January, as a lead in to something bigger in the February sweeps. As much as I want to find out, I do realize that networks, and as a result the when of the resolution of conflict within shows, are driven by the ratings and advertising rates that drive profits. edit, I see shire mentions something similar. I should have let the phone ring....
  13. As far as being in trouble with Penny, she doesn't look too happy in that picture.
  14. From the pictures the outside of his shoes look pretty much the same from the first season to the fifth. I would like to think that they have a bit bigger budget for the show than we do for our plays that run for 10-14 days. For instance, as the set designer, I am basically the Production Designer, Art Director, Set Dresser and I supervise the construction of the set, and anything over and above construction and painting the walls, I have to do (I had to build the appearance of the cabinets and put the tile in for a kitchen set ). For all that, I get less than $1000, about two day's pay for an average set dresser or a day's pay for an art director. Not complaining, except for set design. costume design, director and stage manager, everyone else is a volunteer.
  15. I did four shows at our local theatre with the same pair of shoes. It was the only pair of tennis/running shoes in my size that they had and my own personal pair were used for set painting at the theatre and furniture staining at home, so they looked terrible. By the fifth show, I had bought a new pair and used my own in the show and kept the others for paint/stain work. For Leonard, they probably got a hold of two or three pair of those decided those are "his" shoes for "his" costume and will be for all of time.
  16. Let's go back to your post, #118, shall we: You were all up in arms demanding evidence that SKJ's post wasn't just opinion, wanting proof, claiming these are subjective issues with no right or wrong, yet you are so unsure of SKJ's position that you have to use the qualifier "maybe". If you had to use the qualifier "maybe" after evidence was provided, it's rather obvious that you didn't know what he meant by his statement. And without his qualifying his statement to mean creatively( or anything else), there is no other way to take his meaning. So coming back and trying to change the meaning of the question after the evidence you asked for was given is nothing more than trying to move the goalposts. How about instead of trying to adjust the meaning of the statements to save your argument, you try to provide counter evidence to support your claim? But there is evidence. The first few years, except for 12 episodes of the third season, there were only five series regular characters. Starting in season five, there were seven, and now this season there were eight. Well, I wasn't requesting he provide evidence, I was just replying to your demand for evidence. But, if you want to step aside and don't want to provide the evidence, that's fine.
  17. Well, the statement by SKJ that "...It is high time to get back on track... Otherwise it will not be long until the show dies unnoticed..." Is provably wrong. If it "will not be long until the show dies" when that show set the highest series ratings for the episode he was talking about, it will not die unnoticed. If it takes a while for it to die, then it may die unnoticed. You can't have both at this point, it's illogical. Of course, it could die unnoticed by SKJ.
  18. Sheldon is not going to break up with Amy nor is Penny going to brak up with Leonard. If in the very unlikely and far out event that it should happen, there is no way that Penny would get together with Sheldon. Ya know what would be a real handy smiley, especially in this forum? A smiley holding a sarcasm sign.
  19. Kyzzx, I agree with you whole post, except for a minor disagreement with this. That moment in Episode 100(there are two, beginning and end of episode, but they are really the same moment) when Leonard is looking into Penny's apartment at Penny. I realize that it's supposed to be very similar to the pilot, but the look he gives her, for me anyway, is better than the look he gives her in the pilot. One born of a greater knowledge of what exactly she means to him and what they have already shared. The look she gives him back was also wonderful, and something that she couldn't have done in the pilot.
  20. Well, isn't it a good thing that we don't have to worry about that for this show for a few more years, at least?
  21. Can you define a real gig, Fruit Loop? He's worked every year since 1981, and multiple times every year since STNG ended. Whether you like him or not, almost every actor out there would love to have that kind of career.
  22. I about died when Sheldon handed Wil the Wil Wheaton action figure and said "Here, play with yourself."
  23. Remember, the babies will be smart and beautiful. Not to mention imaginary. That's what I'm going by anyway.
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