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  1. From her IG posts, she appeared to be down over the last few days.  Now, she looks like she's feeling better.  She was out with her sister on Thursday night, did some horse riding, and also some more weapons training.  

    And, to answer SRAM, from what I saw, while not quite  John Wick level weapons training, it looks like she was getting well and safely trained.    

  2. Today, a new book about the show was announced by Grand Central Publishing.  The title, "The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series", written by Jessica Radloff .   She did all new interviews with the cast and the creative team.  The release date is currently scheduled for Oct 11th.  

    Here’s a link to The Hollywood Reporter article.

    Here's a link to the publisher's site.

     Below you will find posts with links to the IG posts of the cast members, who agreed to help launch the book.  

  3. Sounds as if Kaley is going through an emotional rough patch again.  A few post about getting cheered up( Bri brought her flowers, a comment about not surviving without Dumps, a friend giving her shoes that made her smile, a quote about better days being ahead).  Also appears she may  have hurt her neck, based on a comment she posted. 

    With her friends helping, she’ll get through it. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Mario D. said:

    This was awhile ago. The other episodes he listed as his favorites: S3 E19 "Wheaton Recurrance", S4 E15 "Benefactor Factor", S6 E8 "The 43 Peculiarity", S7 E23 "The Gorilla Dissolution" and as mentioned S8 E22 "Graduation Transmission"  I guess you can tell most of them were with Kaley.

    As much as we hate The Wheaton Recurrence, the actors loved it as it gave them a chance to do some acting that was a bit meatier than their usual work on the show, hence Johnny's selection.  I remember one of the episodes, Mayim put out about how excellent it was and, of course, many Shamys went ballistic when it was a bad Shamy episode, but Mayim and Jim got an opportunity to really do some serious acting.  I think Johnny's selection of The Benefactor Factor had to do with his chance to work with Jessica Walter more than anything else. 

  5. I was watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament tonight and saw something interesting, so I did some checking after the game (Go Badgers).  In addition to the second season of TFA premiering on 21 April on HBO Max, the entire first season of TFA will premiere on TBS, starting with two episodes on 27 March.  

    In November of 2020, TBS broadcast only the first episode on Sunday, three days after it premiered on HBO Max on Thanksgiving Thursday.  This is going to be the entire first season being broadcast, just before it  premieres on HBO Max.  My guess is to get people who are not customers of HBO Max, to sign up to see the second season.  I would also guess that there will be some cuts, re-recording of some audio, to make it safe for broadcast, although it is a cable channel.  It will also be done with limited commercial interruptions.

    For the producers (and a little bit for the actors), this is a chance to earn some extra money, without having to do anything.  

  6. 16 hours ago, Meri78 said:

    So true Tensor! This is my experience as well. Tell me, do you like my little stories?

    To be honest, I haven't read them.  Several reasons for that.  I've been cast in a play and am working on my lines. Real life has been keeping me busy (A wife with a degernative hip, some work around the yard I have to get to, a drumming gig that is coming up, and I was in a recent car accident).  But, the biggest reason is I've been working on my latest story and I don't read while I'm writing, to keep from, even unintentionally, using someone else's  ideas.   However, as your stories don't seem to be too close to mine, I may get to them later this month, once I have my lines down and my drumming gig is over. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Mario D. said:

    Once again your explanations make these topics understandable


    7 hours ago, chucky said:

    Thanks for the info. You, my friend,  are a wealth of knowledge or you're very good at searching for information. Either way I learn a lot reading your posts. 😊

    Thanks to both of you.


    7 hours ago, chucky said:

     You, my friend,  are a wealth of knowledge or you're very good at searching for information. Either way I learn a lot reading your posts. 😊

     chucky, it's a bit of both.  As you might be aware, I have a really, really good memory (called eidetic light by some here) that if I can't remember specific details, I can get close enough to know where to look for those details.  If I'm unsure, I always look it up, as I try to give the most accurate info I can.

  8. 8 hours ago, Steffix said:

    Did you look up the Tennessee laws? None of the parents, mother or father, is favored for custody in front of the court. Yes, sure if the couple is unmarried the mother get the sole custody but if the father proves paternity he has a assert to his legal parental rights which is custody or parenting time. The father does not need to step away from custody because of the mother.

    An unmarried mother automatically get legal and physical custody of the child.  If the father wants to be in or play an active role in the child life, and the mother disagrees, the father would have to petition the court to determine paternity.  Once that is determined, if the mother and father disagree, then you would have to petition the court for parental visits. .

     This is where you are confusing the laws with the latitude judges have when making a ruling, based on those laws.  It isn't an automatic that just because the father is declared the legal father, the ruling is the child splits the time equally between the mother and father. The father would have to again petition the court, presenting evidence for visitation rights (the term varies from state to state) .

    The mother would also have to present evidence, there would probably be some input from the child(depending on age), along with others who could be called and then the judge would decide, how much time each parent would have, in what they feel is in the best interests of the child. However, the judge can, and some have, make what seems like an illogical decision. There have been many instance of what many thought of as silly judgements.  Like one case where the child was given to the mother, even though she was an addict or in a couple of cases, convicted of murder.

    8 hours ago, Steffix said:

    If he will get everything what he is asking for is written in the stars.

    I have no idea what you are trying to say here.


    8 hours ago, Steffix said:

    I would never say it's easy or uncomplicated or even I am an expert. It can get messy between the parents.

    But if the father really want to be involved in his child's life he can do something.

    He can try to do something, if the mother is fighting him, it would require he show he is the better parent and even that may not matter.  

    8 hours ago, Steffix said:

    Just because it's not written in the press it doesn't mean it's not already happened in 2020 behind close doors. Johnny stays under the radar for years now. A lot of stuff could already happened.

    A couple of things here.  One, What you don't seem to realize is that an agreement, behind closed doors, is not legally binding.  For the agreement to be legally binding, it would have to go through court, probably family court.  Any decision from such a court would be publicly available through the state or county records.  If you don't think quite a few of the gossip mags haven't already done records checks with the State of Tennessee, within family court, using Johnny's name,  you don't know how these things work.  Hell, they do several different records checks each day in and around LA, that's how a couple of mags found out about Kaley's filling for divorce from Ryan.

    Speaking of which, if you, personally, want information on either of Kaley's divorces, Mayim's divorce, etc, you can pay the County of Los Angles the required fee, and they will send it to you. Same thing if you know of any records of Johnny's in Tennessee.  It's all public information, by law.  And, even if there is some reason to seal the records, it would still show that there was something done in court.   BTW, a custody agreement would not be sealed, which of course the rag papers would find and publish.  So, no, there would not be any legally binding agreement, behind closed doors.

    Two, a lot of stuff could have happened.    All we can go by is what is in the public record.  That includes any verifiable stuff on TV,  Radio, magazines, State records, news, etc.  And, if it is in any of those records, you can be sure it will be published.  You can't prove or disprove a negative and that is exactly what you are trying to do by saying this or that could have happened.  And, anything that is legally binding would have to go through a court, which would all be in public records.  

    Again, I merely put that in to dampen speculation that they could be some change.  I don't think it's likely, both Alaina and Johnny seem to be on good terms, but that doesn't mean their might be problems, however unlikely, down the road. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Steffix said:

    Why it should be? He is the father and has the right to be with his son and have joint custody etc. There is no reason to change things when Avery is completely fine.

    Joint custody is legal declaration in a divorce settlement.   AFAIK, they weren't legally married, so in the absence of a separate legal document, there is no joint custody.  Just a verbal agreement, which has no legal force.

    1 hour ago, Steffix said:

    They both live in the same city btw. 

    Well aware of that.  However, since the city is over 500 m^2 (1300+ k^2), which is larger than both New York City or  LA.  They could be well over an hour away, by car, from each other. 

    1 hour ago, Steffix said:

    There is no replacement for a father when the father is around and loves, cares and is good for his kid. 

    Won't disagree with you here.  By all accounts, Johnny is a doting father.

    1 hour ago, Steffix said:

    The mother can't change things like she wants it.

     You are obviously not aware of how the legal system, here in the US, in the absence of a fixed legal agreement,  normally gives more weight to a mother's desires. Not to the point of keeping Avery away  Not that there is anything to indicate (nor am I saying) she wants to change the arrangement. 

    Just as an FYI for you, that comment about not changing the agreement was put in there to tamp down speculation there might be a change. 






  10. Don’t know if anyone else saw this, but Alaina Meyer, the mother of Johnny’s son, is now engaged to her boyfriend.  I don’t think it means any kind of change in their agreement in regards to Avery. 

  11. It could be tough, other authors are struggling to get any kind of reviews. For my last multi-chapter story, I was getting a rather consistent number of readers(indicating that number was reading) but very few comments.  In my experience , at best, only  around 1 percent of readers actually leave a comment, even back when the show was on.  These days its still only about 1  percent, and there are fewer readers, which means even less comments.  While I love getting comments, I’ve had to start looking at the number of consistent viewers as a guide as to whether people like the story. 


    3 hours ago, TLW said:

    Maybe it's a double standard. Didn't Penny admit to sleeping with one brother while dating and sleeping with another brother while in high school.


    2 hours ago, NeckShotLime said:

    It was mentionned in an episode ( season 5 maybe ?? ) where she says you can use sex to break bad news to people if i remember correctly. 

    Season 5 (good call, NSL), Episode 16, The Vacation Solution.   Penny: You know, I’m a big believer in breaking bad news to a guy when you’re in bed with him. That’s how I told my high school boyfriend I slept with his brother.


    1 hour ago, Mario D. said:

    I recall her saying that about her friend Christie who came to stay with her in Season 1 Didn't she say "she was engaged to her cousin while sleeping with her brother.......so she is sort of family"

    Penny was talking about her friend Christie in  Season 1, Episode 7, The Dumpling Paradox.  Penny: " Well, she was engaged to my cousin while she was sleeping with my brother, so she’s kind of family."


  13. Kaley giving some support to Pete Davidson.  After Kanye West's latest video (which shows a clay doll, with an appearance like Pete being kidnapped, tied up, and buried alive), Peter Gunn offered the following post on IG: "For the record, Pete Davidson is one of the nicest, sweetest guys I know. A truly generous, tender & funny spirit, he treats everyone around him with respect,"

    Kaley answered Peter's post with this:  "Fact ❤️"

  14. There are two instances of Leonard and a cute tushy.  Both in season six, episode 21, The Closure Alternative.  There is this exchange, after Penny calls "Buffy the Vampire  Slayer, cute and Leonard objects:

    Penny: What’s wrong with cute?

    Leonard: It just makes things seem small. It diminishes them.

    Penny: So you want me to stop calling your little tushy cute?

    Leonard: You can try, but nobody’s gonna believe you.

    Later in the same episode is this:

    Penny: See, that’s the kind of passion I didn’t think I had. But then I realized I’m passionate about you.

    Leonard: Oh, my cute little tushy strikes again.

    Those are it for Leonard and his cute tushy.

  15. 3 hours ago, vonmar said:

    Solid management teams make these deals happen.  I think they have all been fortunate to have the right people in place when it came down to deal making.  Their people earned their commissions, that's for sure.

    Oh, I know their teams make it happen.  I was just doing a play on words, using the title of the two series that were mentioned.  Deals like this are actors and their teams dream of.   They are the gift that keeps on giving.  

  16. 6 hours ago, Swedish Chef said:

    Kaley doesn't follow Karl anymore on Instagram, could the divorce now be final ??

    There is a six month wait between filing and the earliest a divorce can be finalized in California.  She filed on 3 September, so the Earliest it can be finalized will be 3  March.

     I wonder if she stopped following after getting no response ( or perhaps a request to not comment ) from her comment on his account. 

  17. Hey, they were smart enough to demand a cut of the back end of the show.   Can't fault them for that.  And, as much as Warner Brothers is making off the sale, along with Lorre and Prady getting about ten times more than the actors, along with there being actors in my family, it's hard for me to begrudge them the cash.  

  18. 13 hours ago, Mario D. said:

    Guess TBBT is still popular with the tv audience  It probably could have gone on for another year or two with these ratings

    Look at it this way.  Over the last three years, broadcast television, overall, has lost about 18% of of ratings from the previous year.  Over it's last few years, TBBT generally fell at the same rate as broadcast television.  Now trends can't alway be extrapolated, but if the show had lost 18% of its ratings, for each year since it went of, it would finish this year at a 1.25 rating.  To give you an idea, there are no entertainment shows that are averaging over a 1.0 this year.  The highest was the Fall, Survivor at 0.95.   It would have taken TBBT losing over 25% of its audience, each year for all three years to drop below a 1.0.

    Or, we can go with Young Sheldon as an example.  It has averaged about 21% lost per year, since TBBT went off the air.   That would give TBBT a rating of 1.10, still over one, and still the highest rated entertainment show.  For those who are curious, Young Sheldon has a 0.69 rating this year.  And, as bad as that sounds, it is still the highest rated live action sitcom on broadcast television this season. It's in 15th place.  I say live action as The Simpsons in in fifth place, with an 0.83 rating.

     Call Me Kat has a 0.46 rating and is currently in 45 place, right in the middle of all 90 shows. 

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