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  1. There are two instances of Leonard and a cute tushy.  Both in season six, episode 21, The Closure Alternative.  There is this exchange, after Penny calls "Buffy the Vampire  Slayer, cute and Leonard objects:

    Penny: What’s wrong with cute?

    Leonard: It just makes things seem small. It diminishes them.

    Penny: So you want me to stop calling your little tushy cute?

    Leonard: You can try, but nobody’s gonna believe you.

    Later in the same episode is this:

    Penny: See, that’s the kind of passion I didn’t think I had. But then I realized I’m passionate about you.

    Leonard: Oh, my cute little tushy strikes again.

    Those are it for Leonard and his cute tushy.

  2. 3 hours ago, vonmar said:

    Solid management teams make these deals happen.  I think they have all been fortunate to have the right people in place when it came down to deal making.  Their people earned their commissions, that's for sure.

    Oh, I know their teams make it happen.  I was just doing a play on words, using the title of the two series that were mentioned.  Deals like this are actors and their teams dream of.   They are the gift that keeps on giving.  

  3. 6 hours ago, Swedish Chef said:

    Kaley doesn't follow Karl anymore on Instagram, could the divorce now be final ??

    There is a six month wait between filing and the earliest a divorce can be finalized in California.  She filed on 3 September, so the Earliest it can be finalized will be 3  March.

     I wonder if she stopped following after getting no response ( or perhaps a request to not comment ) from her comment on his account. 

  4. Hey, they were smart enough to demand a cut of the back end of the show.   Can't fault them for that.  And, as much as Warner Brothers is making off the sale, along with Lorre and Prady getting about ten times more than the actors, along with there being actors in my family, it's hard for me to begrudge them the cash.  

  5. 13 hours ago, Mario D. said:

    Guess TBBT is still popular with the tv audience  It probably could have gone on for another year or two with these ratings

    Look at it this way.  Over the last three years, broadcast television, overall, has lost about 18% of of ratings from the previous year.  Over it's last few years, TBBT generally fell at the same rate as broadcast television.  Now trends can't alway be extrapolated, but if the show had lost 18% of its ratings, for each year since it went of, it would finish this year at a 1.25 rating.  To give you an idea, there are no entertainment shows that are averaging over a 1.0 this year.  The highest was the Fall, Survivor at 0.95.   It would have taken TBBT losing over 25% of its audience, each year for all three years to drop below a 1.0.

    Or, we can go with Young Sheldon as an example.  It has averaged about 21% lost per year, since TBBT went off the air.   That would give TBBT a rating of 1.10, still over one, and still the highest rated entertainment show.  For those who are curious, Young Sheldon has a 0.69 rating this year.  And, as bad as that sounds, it is still the highest rated live action sitcom on broadcast television this season. It's in 15th place.  I say live action as The Simpsons in in fifth place, with an 0.83 rating.

     Call Me Kat has a 0.46 rating and is currently in 45 place, right in the middle of all 90 shows. 

  6. I still follow the ratings and when the new syndicated ratings came out today, I looked a bit deeper.  TBBT is the only syndicated scripted show in the top ten.  Every other show in the top ten, from game shows, to court shows, to entertainment shows produce new content every day. 

    in addition to being the only scripted show in the top ten, it is also the only scripted, syndicated show above a 2.0 household rating.  And one of three shows that are at or above a 1.0.  Last Man Standing (1.4) and Young Sheldon (1.0) are the other two. 

    Here is the top ten and their household ratings:

    Jeopardy                   6.3

    Wheel of Fortune    5.8

    Family Feud             5.8

    Judge Judy                5.3

    Inside Edition          2.5

    TBBT                         2.3*

    Entertain Tonight   2.3*

    Dr Phil.                     1.8

    Kelly and Ryan.       1.8

    Hot Bench.              1.6

    *While they appeared tied, TBBT is rounded down to a 2.3 while Entertainment tonight is rounded up. 

    on TBS, TBBT  can still pull in an occasional 0.7 or 0.8 for the 18-49 demo. (Note demo is different than the Household rating above).  This is on par ( or better)  than the current ratings for most network shows. 





  7. 33 minutes ago, Mario D. said:

    Interesting, I don't know what you mean by biased, to whom?  And as far as accuracy goes I think their articles are to the point especially for Penny and Leonard and their analysis of the last three years of the show where it became mostly focused on Sheldon/Shamy.

    It depends on who is doing the writing.  Generally, Screen Rant is not very kind to the Leonard and Penny pairing in their articles, especially after season six.  There are the occasional nice pieces (such as the one posted) or when they point out the imbalance with Shamy, but overall, they tend to write about the negatives of the Lenny relationship, without mentioning the reason behind those negatives..   

  8. 10 hours ago, SRAM said:

    I had heard it before and really don't  think anything of it.  If Molaro didn't know, then that had to be the first Comic-con, between the first and second season.  They were together for over a year after that, so it couldn't have been that serious of a fight.  Couples have fights, it looks like they got over it and continued.  

  9. 15 minutes ago, TLW said:

    I didn't hardly think so since she was only supposed to be 21 when the show started in 2007, correct? The only person I could think of who would have been 48 was Jim since his birth year was 1973.

    The 74, 82, and 48 were jokes.  He was simply kidding her. 

  10. 21 minutes ago, TLW said:

    Who is Mooks? Kaley's not 48 is she?

    “Mooks” is a nickname the call each other( along with “J” and “K”) .  No, she’s not 48,  turned 36 this past November.   Last year Johnny wished a happy 74 birthday  to his fake wife and later congratulated her on reaching 82.   So, only calling her 48 this year is a bit of an improvement. 😂😂😂

  11. She smoked while she was dating Johnny and there are some reports and pictures of her smoking before even TBBT.  She could have picked it up again when she was shooting Meet Cute with Pete Davidson, who smokes. The following was the first I've seen of her smoking since she was dating Johnny.  It's a shot of her in NYC last August (which was before the divorce) when she was shooting the movie with Pete.  



  12. 2 hours ago, HeWolf said:

    Agree 100%. Many members that come to mind. Notably, Netmouse and Walnut Cowboy. I even have fond memories of the Shenny debates with CBolt.

    CBolt, now there’s a name from way back.  You are one of the few who predate my time on the forum.  I really really still miss Mike.  (Walnut) 

  13. Feeling a bit sad tonight.  I noticed a name on the birthdays, it was someone who was very important to me in my early days here on the forum (there aren't too many people you can have a discussion about how prior probability could affect Bayesian Inference in an analysis of the forum members) .  

    I checked and the last time she was on was May of 2013.  She posted that her laptop had died and it was a struggle using her work computer.  According to her profile, she checked back in the next day, and that was the end, she never came back.  I've had several members like that.  You develop a bond with a member, something happens and they disappear and they are gone.  Some, like mjc45 died, some just got tired of the show, so got tired of the forum,  and some, you don't know what happened.  Anyway thinking about all the people her I miss.

  14. 3 hours ago, chucky said:

    We were in the low 30's last night but looking a lot better till next Wednesday. It's been sunny but cold. The wife gave me a hard time for wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I told her "Hey, it's Florida".

    Not me.  My desk is in what used to be a lanai, so there is no heat there, other than what comes through the entryway from the house.  It's pretty well insulated but I had to finished the last bit of editing on The Unwrapped Consequence last  night, with my jean jacket on.   There is also this: 


  15. On 1/22/2022 at 10:07 PM, TLW said:

    Young Sheldon is now in it's 5th season. But "in universe" (the chronology of the story), how much time has passed?

    If Sheldon was 9 in the first season when he started high school and 11 when he started college. But the start of his college classes wasn't until season 4, correct?

    While TBBT , more or less, had each season equal a year (basically moved in real time), the creators of YS specifically said a season of YS doesn't necessarily equal a full year.   While they may get by with that for a while, having preteens on the show kinda forces the show to move at least somewhat close to real time.

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